BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1869


Chapter 1869 – Gather!

Immortal Experts, whether they be from the Great Realm of Cultivation or the Heavenly Demon Realm, were important figures. Without an immortal expert, even if they have a lot of transcending tribulation experts, a sect wouldn’t be considered a great sect. 

Because of this, during battles, immortal experts form their own teams. They could also choose not to listen to the army commander. And if they fight, they can retreat if it becomes too intense.

But things are different this time. The immortal experts of the Heavenly Demon Realm were going all out against the immortal experts of the Great Realm of Cultivation and Zhao Hai’s Undead. Because of the cooperation between the immortal experts of the Heavenly Demon Realm, the Great Realm of Cultivation’s immortal experts and Zhao Hai’s Undead couldn’t do anything to them.

As both sides clashed, the battle became more and more brutal. Without Cai’er’s help, Hu Wei and the others might have suffered losses. 

Zhao Hai also discovered that the immortal experts of the Great Realm of Cultivation were stronger compared to the Heavenly Demons. They were even stronger than Hu Wei and his army. Immortal experts from the Soaring Dragon Realm were indeed special.

But in spite of this, the Heavenly Demon Realm’s reaction was abnormal. They were planning to sacrifice one for one. This wasn’t good for both the Great Realm of Cultivation or the Heavenly Demon Realm.

At this moment, the battle between the armies began to slowly ramp up. The intensity of the attacks increased. The Myriad Demons Sect have been deceived before, so the nine super sects were quite cautious. However, they were still attacking with great vigor.

Zhao Hai looked at the battlefield and knew that this battle would last a long time. If it were small battles, both sides would fight and then retreat when night comes. But in this battle, there were a lot of troops present. This allowed the frontlines to fight hard while the cultivators at the back would rest and then rotate in shifts with those at the front. This would preserve the strength of the armies, making the battle last longer than usual.

Neither side would dare to stop. This was because the attackers were afraid of losing any advantages they were able to acquire. Meanwhile, the defenders wouldn’t want to miss any opportunities to counter-attack. Therefore, both attackers and defenders continued to fight.

But as he analyzed the situation, Zhao Hai knew that the Great Realm of Cultivation was losing. The Great Realm of Cultivation has been divided into ten armies. This caused more people to be involved in the fight. The number of people taking a rest was also less.

As for the Heavenly Demons, only the outermost troops were fighting. Besides those who were helping the immortal experts deal with the enemy, most of the troops were preserving their energy. The longer the battle goes on, the Great Realm of Cultivation would become more and more exhausted.

Zhao Hai frowned. He knew that this couldn’t go on. Otherwise, the foundation of the Great Realm of Cultivation would be damaged.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t immediately make a move. He was still waiting for the Heavenly Demon Realm’s next move. And while he was waiting, Zhao Hai was beginning to receive the fallen immortal experts to be turned into Undead.

During the duration of the war, both the Great Realm of Cultivation and the Heavenly Demon Realm have lost people. The total immortal experts of both sides decreased from 2000 to around 1500. This means that nearly 500 immortal experts have been killed. Of the five hundred, the Great Realm of Cultivation lost nearly 300 while the Heavenly Demons lost around 200. It can be said that nobody was able to grasp the advantage.

There was only one person who benefited from this. This person was Zhao Hai. His number of immortal-level Undead has increased. 

The battle continued for a whole day and the skies were beginning to grow dark. But there were no signs of the battle ending. Darkness has little to no effects on both the cultivators and the Heavenly Demons.

However, Zhao Hai has no plans to make a move. The losses of the Great Realm of Cultivation were very heavy. The Heavenly Demons had 150 million troops while the Great Realm of Cultivation only brought around 130 million. The cultivators already lost about 30 million people, which meant that it only had 100 million or so left. As for the Heavenly Demons, they have lost 20 million, which leaves them with 130 million troops.

The immortal experts of both sides have been reduced to 1000 people. The Great Realm of Cultivation has more than 400 immortal experts left while the Heavenly Demons also have around 500 experts. And this was under the cooperation with Hu Wei’s army. Without Hu Wei and his troops, the losses of the Great Realm of Cultivation would be greater.

Although the Great Realm of Cultivation was the one on the offensive, they have been defeated. They lost more people.

Such loss was something that the nine super sects couldn’t bear. However, they couldn’t retreat. They wouldn’t dare go back. They were going all out from the very beginning because they knew that if they reduced their intensity, then the Heavenly Demons would overwhelm them. Then they would be pushed into becoming more passive.

In the beginning, Jian Wuya’s communication token kept sending messages to coordinate with each other. However, as time passed, there were no longer any messages coming through. It was at this point that Zhao Hai knew the nine super sects didn’t know what to do next.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai took out the communication token and said, “Everyone, there’s no longer any point to the battle. If you want to retreat, gather around me. However, those who are close to me should retreat last. Wait for the sects that are far away to move first. Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai had no choice but to do this because the nine super sects were now at a passive position. Only the Freedom Alliance was able to hold against the Heavenly Demons. In fact, the Freedom Alliance was having the upper hand. He needs the 100 million troops of the Great Realm of Cultivation to center around him so that he could help them. Zhao Hai didn’t want those near him to come over first because it might cause the Heavenly Demons to react. This would leave those far from the Freedom Alliance to be on their own for a long time.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t sure whether the nine super sects would act according to his words or not. After all, his relationship with the nine super sects wasn’t that good. With their pride, the nine super sects wouldn’t bow to him.

Sure enough, after Zhao Hai sent his message, there was a long period where nobody replied. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shake his head. He expected that the others wouldn’t easily listen to him. He no longer cared about them. In any case, it would be them who would lose.

But to Zhao Hai’s surprise, at this moment, the communication token emitted a mist that spelled out: The Myriad Demons Sect will follow Mister’s words. We will be approaching Mister’s location. Jiao Hualong.

Zhao Hai read the message and couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t expect that the first person to agree would be Jiao Hualong. It should be known that the Myriad Demons Sect and the Black Tiger Gang shared a deep enmity. 

After Jiao Hualong’s message, the communication token resumed its silence. The other sects didn’t seem like they would gather around Zhao Hai. But to Zhao Hai, it doesn’t matter if they came or not. In fact, it would save him some trouble if they didn’t come.

Then Jiao Hualong followed up: Everyone, the longer we fight, the more losses we would suffer. At this point, our army is inferior to the enemy. Our immortal experts aren’t doing well either. This is the last chance we have to retreat! Jiao Hualong.

Jiao Hualong was actually helping Zhao Hai convince the others. This surprised Zhao Hai. Then soon after, another message arrived: Heaven Sect is heading towards the Freedom Alliance. Jian Wuya!

Wonderful Sound Pavilion is heading towards the Freedom Alliance. Gui Lingzi!

Ten thousand Buddhas Monastery is heading towards the Freedom Alliance. Abbot Numu!


The rest of the sect masters began sending similar messages. It seems like they had been convinced to gather around Zhao Hai. Seeing their messages, Zhao Hai gave a smile as he waved his hand. This time, the Undead that he released were quite special. These were all Undead Heavenly Demons arranged in a cube formation. 

Naturally, the Heavenly Demons noticed the Great Realm of Cultivation’s movement. They wanted to prevent it but they were too late. By the time they reacted, the Heaven Sect and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery that was the farthest from Zhao Hai were already close to the Wonderful Sound Pavilion and the Eastern Saint Academy. The ten armies were beginning to close into Zhao Hai’s direction. Before long, the Heaven Sect grouped up with the Wonderful Sound Pavilion while the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery had grouped with the Eastern Saint Academy. Then the two groups began to head towards the Myriad Demons Sect and the Southern Saint Academy. With each step of the way bringing more troops, the Heavenly Demons simply couldn’t stop them in time.

Finally, the armies of the nine super sects have become two huge armies that were slowly heading towards the Freedom Alliance. Knowing the Great Realm of Cultivation’s goal, the Heavenly Demons began to increase their attacks towards the Freedom Alliance. But at this moment, Zhao Hai ordered the cultivators of the first army to retreat while his Undead went forward. With the tenacity of the Undead as well as the rifles, the Heavenly Demons were held back until all ten armies were able to group up.


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