BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1867


Chapter 1867 – The Battle Starts

Ten people were standing on top of a huge sword. With only ten of them, the sword looked very empty. Right next to the huge sword were numerous cultivators flying in the air.

Jian Wuya looked at the others and said, “Once we attack the Heavenly Demons, we must make sure that we cooperate well. This is a communication token. Using this, we would be able to communicate faster than sending jade sword messages.” Then he took out several metal discs engraved with formations. They looked quite delicate.

Zhao Hai and the others received the metal discs and then branded it with their spiritual force. Soon after they did that, mist appeared from the discs and formed characters for some time before disappearing.

Once everyone received the discs, Jian Wuya said, “Although the discs couldn’t transmit sound, it would turn your voice into characters that could be read. We’ll communicate using this method.”

Everyone nodded. Zhao Hai looked towards the distance. The army was still heading towards the Heavenly Demons. Then he turned to Jian Wuya and said, “Sect Master Jian, if there’s nothing else, I’ll head back first. If there’s anything, feel free to contact me. If I can, I would definitely offer my help. After all, this is the Great Realm of Cultivation’s final battle against the Heavenly Demon Realm.” After he said that, Zhao Hai cupped his fist towards Jian Wuya and the others before he disappeared.

Although Jiao Hualong and the others disliked Zhao Hai, they knew that Zhao Hai was right. This was indeed the decisive battle against the Heavenly Demon Realm. No matter what they were planning, the most important thing was to repel the Heavenly Demons. Otherwise, all of their plans would be useless.

Jiao Hualong and the others didn’t say anything. They also cupped their fist towards Jian Wuya before turning around and leaving. Jian Wuya also returned the salute. Then he continued to drive his sword forward.

One shouldn’t underestimate the communicators that Jian Wuya took out. Although they were crude, these kinds of communicators weren’t used in battles. Apart from jade sword messages, other methods would become useless on the battlefield. Because of the amount of clashing energies in the battlefield, all kinds of methods would be swept up by the chaotic flow of energy. If ordinary communicators were brought to the battlefield, they would be affected by the turbulence. It was because of this that jade sword messages were the most commonly used method in the battlefield.

However, although jade sword messages were quick, it was still too slow for the abrupt changes in the situation of the battlefield. On the other hand, Jian Wuya’s communicators transmitted the message instantly. It might be crude, but it was much better compared to jade sword messages.

Zhao Hai returned to the Hell King’s Ship. Laura and the others were also present inside. Besides them, representatives of the other sects were also there. It must be said that the troops of the Freedom Alliance were having the best treatment among the ten armies. Everyone rode inside their own large artifacts. It was unlike the cultivators from the other armies where some would fly behind the large artifacts.

When he returned to the Hell King’s Ship, Zhao Hai waved his hand and released a large number of Undead behind the Freedom Alliance’s army. These Undead numbered no less than 100 million. However, one could see that the individual strength of these Undead wasn’t great. These Undead held rifles in their hands. There were also Undead beasts that carried cannons on their backs.

After releasing the Undead, Zhao Hai nodded towards Laura and the others. The women also understood Zhao Hai’s meaning. Lizzy and Megan stood up and then took communication tokens and began issuing orders.

Shortly after the order was given, the people of the first army discovered that the Undead swiftly formed into a cube formation.

As soon as they saw this, the subcommanders of the Freedom Alliance realized that Zhao Hai was serious when he said that he would hand the command over to his wives. Only they could have the ability to command the Undead.

Zhao Hai released a hundred million Undead all at once. The originally tiny army of the Freedom Alliance immediately became the largest army on the side of the Great Realm of Cultivation. From a distance, the first army looked like a huge cloud that was pressing forward.

Before long, another dark cloud appeared in the distance. The dark cloud was no less bigger than the Undead army, it looked even bigger. Naturally, it was the Heavenly Demon Army.

The ten armies of the Great Realm of Cultivation immediately separated and attacked different sides of the Heavenly Demon Army. Zhao Hai was tasked to attack the easternmost side of the enemy. The Heavenly Demons were now in a huge spherical formation, ready to defend against attacks from all sides.

Both sides had large numbers of troops, so they could see each other from a distance. Zhao Hai slowly commanded the Freedom Alliance’s army to move forward and then they stopped around a few kilometers away from the Heavenly Demon Army. Both sides became tense for a moment.

This didn’t mean that Zhao Hai was afraid of taking action. Zhao Hai reached an agreement with the nine sect masters that they would attack at the same time. They were currently waiting for Jian Wuya to use the communication token.

Although Zhao Hai had no respect towards Jian Wuya and the others, he knew that making a spontaneous action during such a huge scale battle wouldn’t bring any advantages to anyone. Therefore, he complied to waiting for the signal.

Zhao Hai looked at the Heavenly Demon Army with neither happiness nor joy in his eyes. He might not have lived a long life like those old monsters, but his experience was very rich. He lived for more than 20 years on Earth before he transmigrated to the Ark Continent. Then from then one, he battled nobles and expanded his power. Then he fought gods and demons before entering the Underworld. In the Underworld, he fought countless Undead before ascending. All major steps he made were filled with battle. Zhao Hai discovered that ever since transmigrating, he was fighting all the time. He might have some downtimes to develop the Space, but battle would always follow soon after.

He already participated in these kinds of battles more than once in his life. Therefore, Zhao Hai was able to face the incoming situation with a calm mind.

Laura and the others were right beside Zhao Hai in most of his journey. Therefore, they have the same experience as him. And just like Zhao Hai, they weren’t anxious about the battle. They calmly looked at the Heavenly Demon Army as they waited for the signal to attack.

But the same couldn’t be said about the cultivators of the Freedom Alliance. They weren’t as mentally strong as Zhao Hai. Seeing the Heavenly Demon Army, they couldn’t help but have a shortness of breath. It was clear that they were nervous about the battle.

Seeing everyone’s mental state, Zhao Hai knew that if he didn’t eliminate their anxiety, their performance in battle would be cut in half. This would result in more deaths. 

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai immediately said, “Everyone, get out of the large artifacts and line up.” Following his voice, the cultivators of the Freedom Alliance immediately flew out of the large artifacts. Then they lined up before long. Their formation was only a normal army formation, which was far from the cube formation of the Undead.

Once everyone had lined up, Zhao Hai scanned them and said, “Brothers, today is the day we fight against the Heavenly Demon Army. This battle will affect the future of the Great Realm of Cultivation. If we lose, it would be very hard to drive them out of the realm. In the future, we could only guard against them while they run rampant in our territories. Do you want that?”

The eyes of the cultivators turned red. Zhao Hai could see the passion coming out of them as they replied, “We won’t! We won’t accept it!”

Zhao Hai nodded and added, “Good. The Great Realm of Cultivation is for the cultivators. Why should we share it with the Heavenly Demons? That is completely unacceptable. We need to drive them out. The entire Freedom Alliance will be watching our performance. Brothers, will you disappoint them?”

“We will not!”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he noticed the communication token that Jian Wuya gave. Mist came out and spelled, “Start the attack!” Zhao Hai wished the cultivators luck. Then he pointed towards the Heavenly Demons and said, “Charge!”

“Kill!” All cultivators roared as they charged towards the Heavenly Demons. Although they were charging, their formation wasn’t chaotic. The subcommanders of the army were given detailed orders by Lizzy and Megan. And they wouldn’t dare neglect their words.

Zhao Hai also followed behind the cultivators. At this moment, all ten armies of the Great Realm of Cultivation began to attack the defending Heavenly Demons.

The Heavenly Demons also began to move. Their formation slowly rotated and then began to contract. It seems like they were going to be on the defensive.

Zhao Hai himself didn’t join the charge. However, he released Hu Wei and his immortal-level Undead. They followed the immortal experts of the nine super sects to attack the Heavenly Demons. Zhao Hai also asked Cai’er to pay attention to Hu Wei’s group. If they were to come into danger, Cai’er would immediately pull them into the Space. They would only be released once they escape danger.

Zhao Hai has no other choice but to do this. Hu Wei and the others were his most powerful troops. They also provide Zhao Hai with a very rich amount of Faith Power. Therefore, Zhao Hai wouldn’t allow them to suffer an accident.

At the same time, the Heavenly Demons also carried out their plan. Their immortal experts didn’t leave the army and instead coordinated in the defense. With their defensive advantage, they were able to hold down the immortal experts of the Great Realm of Cultivation as well as Hu Wei and his army.

The Heavenly Demons went on a fully defensive state. It seemed like they had no intentions to fight. It wasn’t only against Zhao Hai, but also the other nine armies. They didn’t even retaliate against the Myriad Demons Sect.


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