BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1866


Chapter 1866 – Three-day Preparation

In a void was a giant throne. The throne was jet black with two horns on either side. Carved on the two handrests were the heads of devils. The entire throne looked devilish.

Sat on this throne was a man about 1.8 meters tall. The man was handsome. He has long jet-black hair that casually spread out behind him. His skin was white and his eyes were blood red. He wore black robes that paired well with his long and slender body. He exuded a devilish charm.

Opposite this man was a large number of Heavenly Demons. These Heavenly Demons were standing respectfully. Clearly, this man was the leader of the Heavenly Demons.

The leader of the Heavenly Demons was actually a man? If the people of the Great Realm of Cultivation were to know about this, who knows how startled they would be. Actually, the leader of the Heavenly Demons also had a demonic appearance in the beginning. But after reaching the peak of his cultivation, he was able to gain a human appearance.

The leader of the Heavenly Demons looked at his troops and said, “I received a message from our spy. Three days later, the cultivators of the Great Realm of Cultivation are going to attack us with all their strength. They divided themselves into ten armies. The Freedom Alliance is its own army. Tell me your thoughts.”

The complexion of the Heavenly Demons was quite heavy. They don’t know what to say. They knew the weak point of the Heavenly Demon Army and that was their lack of immortal experts. They had half the amount of immortal experts compared to the enemy. This was their biggest disadvantage.

If there were no immortal experts, then the Heavenly Demons would certainly be confident in defeating the Great Realm of Cultivation. After all, the cultivators weren’t as strong in combat compared to the Heavenly Demon Race. But they were stumped by the fact that they didn’t have enough immortal experts.

The Heavenly Demon leader looked at the others and said, “What? You don’t have anything to say?”

The Heavenly Demons lowered their heads. Besides his strong commanding ability, the Heavenly Demon leader was able to get his position because of his strength. Even among the immortal Heavenly Demons, he was at the top ranks. This was the reason why the Heavenly Demons were afraid of offending him.

At this time, a Heavenly Demon commander said, “Leader, I don’t think we should care about how many armies the Great Realm of Cultivation has. We just have to know where to penetrate.”

The Heavenly Demon leader looked at this person and couldn’t help but pause. The Heavenly Demon who opened his mouth was Mo Like. It must be said that among the commanders present, Mo Like was the one who accomplished the least. Originally, the other commanders looked down on his lack of results. However, thinking that he was faced with the Heavenly Demon Realm’s greatest headache, Zhao Hai, the other commanders couldn’t help but shut up.

The Heavenly Demon leader looked at Mo Like and said, “Why do you say that? Explain.”

Mo Like elaborated, “The Great Realm of Cultivation divided their troops into ten armies, this is their greatest mistake. With their divided army, their troops would be scattered. This would reduce their threat towards us. Meanwhile, our side is one cohesive force. We can use this advantage to eat their armies one by one. We can also group our immortal experts to utilize their full strength. This way, we can make up for our lack of immortal experts.”

When Mo Like opened his mouth, the other commanders held a little disdain towards him. But as he continued on, they couldn’t help but nod.

After Mo Like explained his idea, the Heavenly Demon leader said, “Mo Like. Your plan is good. However, because the Great Realm of Cultivation divided their army, this would mean that we would be attacked on all sides. This would be disadvantageous towards us. Have you thought about that?”

Mo Like nodded, “I have considered it. As long as we use our immortal experts properly, we wouldn’t have to fear the immortal experts of the Great Realm of Cultivation. This way, we could offset the advantage of the enemy. We can deal with the nine super sects first, then we can face Zhao Hai’s Freedom Alliance. It might seem like the Freedom Alliance is the least threatening among the ten armies, but Zhao Hai has countless troops in his hands. With his undead, Zhao Hai can be considered as the most powerful force among the ten armies. On the other hand, the nine super sects aren’t as big of a threat to us. With this, we can defend against Zhao Hai and eight other armies while we clean out the Myriad Demons Sect.”

Mo Like stopped at this point. Then he scanned everyone before continuing, “The Myriad Demons Sect and the Freedom Alliance are both in the Northern Divergent Province. With the rise of the Freedom Alliance, many sects that would have taken the side of the Myriad Demons Sect went to Zhao Hai’s army instead. This affected the military strength of the Myriad Demons Sect. Among the ten armies, they should be the weakest one. As we defend against the other armies, it shouldn’t take us a long time to cripple the Myriad Demons Sect. Then we would move towards the other sects one by one. And once the nine super sects retreat, we can go against Zhao Hai with all our strength.”

The other Heavenly Demons listened to Mo Like’s analysis and thought that it made sense. Just as Mo Like said, their biggest problem was their lack of immortal experts. However, if they could use their other advantages to offset their deficiency, then they might be able to get the upper hand.

The Heavenly Demons were naturally aware of the Northern Divergent Province’s state. Although there were smaller sects present in the province, they weren’t a match against the nine super sects. Because of this, they have no choice but to listen to the nine super sects. It can be said that apart from the Myriad Demon Sect, the Freedom Alliance’s existence didn’t affect the other provinces at all.

The Myriad Demons Sect was now weakened by the Freedom Alliance. Compared to the other super sects who control their respective provinces, the Myriad Demons Sect shares the Northern Divergent Province with the Freedom Alliance. Moreover, with Zhao Hai present, the Myriad Demons Sect couldn’t lord over the Black Tiger Gang. Because of this, the Myriad Demons Sect became the weakest among the ten armies. This made them the best target for attack.

The Heavenly Demon leader didn’t make a noise but instead closed his eyes as he pondered over Mo Like’s words. He was thinking to see if there were weak sides to Mo Like’s plan. He was also thinking of alternative actions. But after thinking for half a day, he couldn’t think of anything better. Finally, the leader opened his eyes and said, “Alright, let’s go with Mo Like’s plan. Have the army retreat ten kilometers. Then prepare for the incoming battle in three days.”

The various Heavenly Demon commanders understood their leader’s plan. The ten kilometers would be a buffer zone. Then the Great Realm of Cultivation wouldn’t be able to see what they were doing. Moreover, they would use these three days to train the army’s actions. This way, they would gain an advantage in the battle against the Great Realm of Cultivation.

The sudden movement of the Heavenly Demons caused the Great Realm of Cultivation to be nervous. They immediately sent people to see what they were doing.

However, after sending people to scout the situation, they failed to see anything. Although the Heavenly Demons have retreated, they left a number of troops behind to intercept any scouting groups.

Although they were surprised by this, the Great Realm of Cultivation didn’t make any rash actions. What they needed to do right now was to stick to the plan. 

The sole person who knew what happened to the Heavenly Demons was Zhao Hai. However, he didn’t say a word to the nine super sects. The plan of the Heavenly Demons would result in the weakening of the nine super sects. To Zhao Hai, this was only a benefit without fault. Moreover, even if he informed the nine super sects, the nine super sects might not believe him. They might even think that Zhao Hai was plotting against them. Therefore, Zhao Hai kept quiet.

For some people, three days was short while for some it was long. During this time, the cultivators meditated to prepare themselves for the battle, which was essentially doing nothing. As for the Heavenly Demons, they trained tactics to deal with being surrounded on all sides. Although the results weren’t ideal, it was better than having no preparation at all.

On the other hand, the nine super sects had no training done over the three days. During this period, they were still wrangling about the number of people allocated to each of their armies. The Myriad Demons Sect was aware that they didn’t have enough strength. Therefore, they wanted the other super sects to send them troops as support. This way, they could handle the Heavenly Demons better.

However, the other super sects didn’t agree to the Myriad Demons Sect’s request. The reason they divided into ten armies wasn’t only to surround the Heavenly Demons, but also because they didn’t want to be subordinate to others. Although the nine super sects were united, they didn’t fully trust each other. They were afraid of being schemed by the others and were on guard. In this case, how could they lend troops to the Myriad Demons Sect? Instead of training their troops, the nine super sects were bickering about this for the last three days. They have done nothing to increase their chances to win in the battle.

Zhao Hai was very disappointed at the nine super sects because of this. However, he didn’t go and stop them. Not that he could stop them. The nine super sects were the most guarded against him. If he inserted himself into their matters, then they might get suspicious of him. As he sat in the Space looking at the nine super sects bickering, Zhao Hai strengthened his resolve to clean them up in the future.

Compared to ten thousand years ago, instead of progressing, the Great Realm of Cultivation became weaker instead. The greatest reason for this was the nine super sects. Once a genius emerges from the other sects, the nine super sects would always find a way to kill them off. While the other sects get weaker from this pruning, the nine super sects become stronger as time goes on. But with the weakening of the other sects, the overall strength of the Great Realm of Cultivation has decreased as well. This was caused by the selfishness of the nine super sects.

Zhao Hai wants to break this cycle. He wants the Great Realm of Cultivation to develop and become stronger and stronger.


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