BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1864


Chapter 1864 – A Huge War Is Coming

Zhang Feng wasn’t thinking wrongly. Zhao Hai did indeed have arrangements for the Black Tiger Gang. Moreover, like what Zhang Feng thought, Zhao Hai has more than 1000 immortal-level Undead. Besides Hu Wei and his troops, Zhao Hai handed the rest of the immortal-level Undead to Cai’er. When necessary, Cai’er could use them to support the Black Tiger Gang.

When Zhao Hai returned to the first army, he immediately called the sect representatives to the meeting room.

All this time, the first army recuperated in the Hundred Flowers Valley. Additionally, the troops continued their training. With new recruits being sent to the first army and having idle time, the veterans of the army were able to train with the newcomers.

To be honest, the veterans weren’t much stronger compared to the newcomers. After all, these newcomers were elites from the other sects, they were all quite strong.

However, in the first army, Zhao Hai’s word was law. Nobody would dare to violate it, not even the newcomers. They have already experienced Zhao Hai’s power and influence. They knew that even if Zhao Hai killed them, their sects wouldn’t do anything. No sect in the Freedom Alliance would dare offend Zhao Hai. After all, offending Zhao Hai might lead to their sects being eliminated.

It can be said that besides the nine super sects, no other sect would exchange words with Zhao Hai. Even the nine super sects would have to watch their words against him. 

Because of this, the training of the first army went very smoothly. Nobody dared to complain or do anything else. 

The sect representatives in the Hell King’s Ship’s meeting room were stunned when they entered. This was because, besides Zhao Hai, there were also several beautiful women inside. All of them were standing respectfully behind Zhao Hai and talking in whispered words once in a while.

Although the representatives felt that it was strange, none of them mentioned it. These cultivators had already solidified their hearts through cultivation. A few beautiful women wouldn’t shake their minds. 

Once everyone arrived, Zhao Hai said, “First of all, let me introduce my wives to you all. They have been in the first army all this time. It’s just that you all haven’t seen them.”

Zhao Hai’s words caused the sect representatives to be confused. All of them looked at Zhao Hai, they didn’t understand what he was saying.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and then smiled as he said, “Let me be honest to all of you. Although my wives aren’t very strong, their commanding ability is formidable. In the previous battles of the first army, they’re the ones sending the commands. But for convenience, they used my voice.”

This information caused the room to buzz with discussion. They didn’t expect that the commands they received came from Zhao Hai’s wives.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Settle down. From now on, you will listen to my wives during battle. Don’t let me hear any complaints.”

Everyone immediately shrank their necks upon hearing this. They also understood that no matter who was in command, Zhao Hai would still be the leader of the army. Moreover, in the first army, only Zhao Hai had the right to speak.

Seeing that everyone behaved, Zhao Hai nodded. Then he continued, “My wives will be by my side from now on. What they say will be the same as my commands. If anyone dares to ignore their commands during battle, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

The cultivators simultaneously answered, “Yes, Commander!”

Zhao Hai gave a satisfied nod. Then he said, “Secondly, I brought good news. As everyone already knows, the nine super sects approached the Freedom Alliance to ask for help. And we managed to knock them down a peg. However, you shouldn’t think that it wouldn’t affect the first army. In two days, the first army will be at the frontlines against the Heavenly Demons. You also couldn’t count on me. I have conditions before I can release my Undead. Therefore, the first army will depend on you to fight. But since you’re all going to the frontlines, the alliance made sure to give you enough materials to fight. After you go back, make sure to get the materials for your people. If you dared to take it for yourselves and I found out, you will pay.”

The representatives didn’t expect to receive benefits at this time. All of them nodded with a happy expression. They all looked at Zhao Hai with bright eyes.

Seeing how everyone was looking at him, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh. Then he said, “Alright, go back and get your benefits. Once you return, tell everyone to get ready. We will be departing soon.” Everyone nodded. Then they lined up to receive the resources.

Zhao Hai placed the supplies inside spatial bags, so the distribution was very quick. Before long, everyone received their spatial bags. Then after giving Zhao Hai a salute, all of them left.

Zhao Hai was confident in these people. Although they weren’t elites, after training for a long time, they could be considered as a formidable army in the Great Realm of Cultivation.

When the sect representatives left, Laura and the others faced Zhao Hai. Then Laura asked, “Brother Hai, why did you tell them to listen to us? Would they agree?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Rest assured. With me here, they won’t dare disobey.”

Laura and the others didn’t say anything. They were also aware that there were only a few people in the Great Realm of Cultivation who would dare offend Zhao Hai. And none of those people were in the first army.

Zhao Hai said with a solemn tone, “This time, we need to be more careful when fighting the Heavenly Demons. We won’t only have to guard against the Heavenly Demons, we also have to guard against the nine super sects. Those nine super sects wouldn’t let us off given the chance.”

Laura nodded, “We’ve greatly offended the nine super sects this time. It would be strange if they don’t make a move on us. Arrows shot towards our backs are the hardest to defend.” Zhao Hai nodded.

At this time, the first army rumbled with excitement. The troops of the army didn’t think that they would receive benefits before doing anything. Although they were going to battle soon, they were still in a festive mood.

Zhao Hai gave the army a day to make preparations. After that, the army got into large artifacts and began to depart towards the Myriad Demons Sect. When Zhao Hai was about to depart, Lei Bujing suddenly arrived at the first army through the transmission formation. Although Zhao Hai was surprised, he didn’t drive him out. He had him come with the first army.

This time, Zhao Hai didn’t hide his weapons. In addition to the first army’s large artifacts, Zhao Hai also took out the sword shuttles. In any case, he already used these things in the past. He also exposed the fact that he has a thousand immortal-level Undead. Having more large artifacts than normal wasn’t a big deal.

The army’s speed wasn’t slow. However, the Myriad Demons Realm was quite a distance from the Hundred Flowers Valley. Even with the large artifacts going at full power, it still took them several days before arriving. Naturally, such a huge movement wouldn’t escape the notice of the Heavenly Demons.

In fact, the Heavenly Demons were constantly monitoring the moves of the Freedom Alliance’s first army. For the Heavenly Demons, the Freedom Alliance was a tiger sleeping just beside them. It was possible for the first army to take a bite out of them at any time. Because of this, any action made by the first army were sent to the ears of the Heavenly Demons in the quickest time.

Therefore, when Zhao Hai mobilized the first army, the Heavenly Demons immediately became aware. To them, this wasn’t good news. Before this, the Heavenly Demons believed that the Freedom Alliance had a deep hatred towards the nine super sects. Therefore, they didn’t worry about the Freedom Alliance offering help towards the nine super sects. 

But now, it seems like the Freedom Alliance and the nine super sects have reached an agreement. This was the last thing the Heavenly Demons wanted to see.

The nine super sects had about a thousand immortal experts while Zhao Hai had roughly the same amount in immortal-level Undead. Meanwhile, the Heavenly Demons only had around 1000 immortal experts. In terms of immortal-level troops, the Heavenly Demons were at a disadvantage. 

As soon as the Heavenly Demons heard that the Freedom Alliance had sent its first army to support the Myriad Demons Sect, the Heavenly Demons throughout the Great Realm of Cultivation began to move. All of the armies moved towards the Northern Divergent Province and gave up on attacking the other super sects.

The nine super sects immediately understood what was happening when they found out about the movements of the Heavenly Demons. They wanted to gather all of their troops for a decisive battle against the Great Realm of Cultivation. They had been delayed until the inspection of the Soaring Dragon Realm. As long as they occupy land in the Great Realm of Cultivation, they would win. This made this huge battle a turning point in the war between the two realms.

When the Heavenly Demons invaded the Great Realm of Cultivation, the troops they brought exceeded 100 million, reaching 150 million. In the beginning, they didn’t place any importance towards the Northern Divergent Province. Instead, they focused more on the Central Orthodox Province and the Eastern Buddhist Province. The Heavenly Demons thought that the main battlefield would be the two provinces. But because of Zhao Hai, all of the Heavenly Demon Realm’s calculations have failed. In the end, the main battlefield became the Northern Divergent Province. 

The nine super sects also began to assemble their troops in the Myriad Demons Sect. The Great Realm of Cultivation’s total army size has reached 130 million. As for the Freedom Alliance, its first army only comprised 5 million of these troops. However, nobody dared to underestimate this army. This was because in this army was a man named Zhao Hai!


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