BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1863


Chapter 1863 – Plan Evaporates

Lei Bujing appeared on the Black Tiger Gang’s transmission formation plaza once more. After he appeared, Lei Bujing felt that something wasn’t right. This was because the transmission formation plaza was surrounded by a lot of people.

Lei Bujing looked at these people in confusion. He discovered that these people were smiling at him, it was as though he was waiting for his arrival. Most importantly, these people were from different sects, not only the Black Tiger Gang.

Lei Bujing stared at these people. The last time he arrived, he was met with hostility. So why do these people look enthusiastic upon seeing him?

What Lei Bujing didn’t know was that he was being seen as a treasure child by all these people. Not only a treasure child, but a treasure child of the nine super sects. All of these people were here to witness the nine super sects bowing towards someone they deemed below them.

Zhang Feng’s blackmail of the nine super sects wasn’t only known by the sect masters. Right after the meeting, the entire Freedom Alliance became aware of it. So before long, cultivators began going to the Black Tiger Gang to see Lei Bujing. They had been bullied by the nine super sects for many years. Naturally, they wouldn’t want to miss to see the nine super sects being slapped in the face. This caused the atmosphere of the Roaring Flame Valley Base to become festive.

Lei Bujing didn’t know what these people were thinking of. However, he maintained his smiling face as he looked at a Black Tiger Gang disciple close to him and said, “Brother, I have important matters to discuss with Gang Leader Zhang. Please pass the message for me.”

The Black Tiger Gang disciple smiled playfully at Lei Bujing and said, “Mister, there’s no need to be polite. The Gang Leader is already waiting for you inside the meeting hall. Please come with me.” Then he led Lei Bujing into the base.

As he moved along the base, Lei Bujing became more curious. He discovered that there were more cultivators in the Black Tiger Gang compared to before. Moreover, these people were looking at him disturbingly.

Before long, Lei Bujing arrived outside a huge meeting hall. Then the Black Tiger Gang disciple loudly announced, “Gang Leader, Elder Lei Bujing is here.”

Then Zhang Feng’s voice was heard, “Invite him in.” The disciple turned towards Lei Bujing and said, “Elder Lei, please head inside.” Lei Bujing cupped his fist towards the disciple and then entered the meeting hall.

Upon entering the hall, Lei Bujing was stunned. The hall was enormous and had plenty of people inside. And upon further inspection, Lei Bujing noticed that these people were sect masters of the Freedom Alliance’s sects. This caused Lei Bujing to be surprised, then a flash of killing intent passed through his eyes.

Lei Bujing originally thought that once Zhang Feng received the materials, he would share some of it with the sects and then keep most of it. Therefore, he didn’t think that the sect masters would be present in this room. This surprised him. But since Lei Bujing was a smart person, he began to understand why the cultivators were looking at him with those eyes. It was clear that Zhang Feng was intending to show everyone how he slaps the faces of the nine super sects. These people were melon eaters eager to see the play.

Lei Bujing knew that after this day, the majesty of the nine super sects in the hearts of these sects would completely disappear. Their fear towards the nine super sects would also vanish.

Lei Bujing felt bitter in his heart. He knew that in addition to their cruel methods and overwhelming strength, the image that the nine super sects projected allowed them to suppress the smaller sects. And Zhang Feng was able to destroy this image in one move. This made the smaller sects aware that the nine super sects were also people who would bow their heads.

Most importantly, Lei Bujing knew that the follow-up plan of the nine super sects would no longer succeed. Back then, Zhang Feng mentioned that the Freedom Alliance wasn’t controlled by a single power. This caused Lei Bujing’s thoughts to deviate from the truth. This influenced the information he relayed to Jian Wuya and the others. They thought that the Black Tiger Gang would keep all of the materials. Then the nine super sects would tell the small sects about this to form a rift between them and the Black Tiger Gang. When the time comes, the Freedom Alliance’s unity would be negatively affected. Then the Freedom Alliance might even collapse on its own. And the Black Tiger Gang would become a lesser threat.

But now, Zhang Feng invited all the sect masters and made it clear that they would divide the materials. This way, the sect masters wouldn’t be able to say anything. And thus the plan of the nine super sects was shut down.

Thinking of this, Lei Bujing couldn’t help but feel rage boil inside him. He didn’t expect Zhang Feng to have such methods. No wonder he was able to become the Gang Leader despite his age.

Zhang Feng looked at Lei Bujing, then he smiled and said, “Elder Lei, did the sect masters agree to our demands? If they didn’t, then there’s no need for discussion, you can return. We’ll only move when our requirements are met.”

Lei Bujing took a deep breath and calmed his mood. He looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Gang Leader can rest assured. The nine sect masters have agreed to your conditions. Here are the resources.” Then he handed several spatial rings to Zhang Feng.

Zhang Feng waved his hand and received the spatial rings. Upon scanning them all, he nodded and then handed it to a disciple beside him.

Zhang Feng looked at Lei Bujing and said, “Elder Lei, please take a rest first. We’ll send our troops tomorrow. Rest assured, we’ll send the best that we have.”

Lei Bujing was also aware that there’s no use for him being here. Therefore, he cupped his fist to Zhang Feng and the others before walking out of the hall. Naturally, he was taken to a room by a Black Tiger Gang disciple to take a rest.

When Lei Bujing left, Zhang Feng turned to the sect masters and said, “Everyone, did you see? The nine super sects complied. Of course, the Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t take all of the materials they sent. Since the first army is formed by disciples of our sects, we’ll divide the resources according to how many disciples we have in the army. Is that alright?”

The sect masters nodded their heads. Why should they disagree? If it wasn’t for Zang Feng, they wouldn’t even be able to ask for materials from the nine super sects. Now that there were benefits, they were happy to have a slice of the pie.

Seeing that nobody has a problem with his arrangement, Zhang Feng nodded and said, “Good. Since nobody disagrees, then let’s begin dividing the resources. Don’t forget to leave some for Little Hai. He’ll take it to share with the people in the first army. Since we obtained a lot of benefits this time, we naturally have to treat the troops well.” The sect masters agreed. The Great Realm of Cultivation was a pragmatic place. Disciples would only give what their sects could afford. They needed to be given benefits or else how would the disciples fight for the sect in the future?

The division of the materials went very smoothly. Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng, and the sect masters knew the composition of the first army. Therefore, nobody took more than they deserved. Before long, the materials were handed out to everyone. Then the sect masters took some materials from their own share and then handed it to Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai received the materials and then he cupped his fist towards the sect masters and said ,”Everyone, I’ll be returning to the first army. We still have to prepare for the movement of the troops.” After he said that, he cupped his fist towards Zhang Feng before suddenly disappearing.

After sending the sect masters off, Zhang Feng returned to his study along with Hu Liangchen and Han Ren. When the group sat down, Zhang Feng looked at the two and said, “Uncle Hu, Uncle Han, we have completely torn faces with the nine super sects. At this time, the nine super sects are preoccupied with the Heavenly Demons. But once the Heavenly Demons are driven out, they would definitely turn against us. We need to make early preparations.”

Hu Liangchen nodded, “I expected this day to come. Now that Little Hai is going to fight the Heavenly Demons, the Heavenly Demons are bound to be repelled. If the nine super sects entangle Little Hai and send people to the base, we would be in trouble. It is right that we should prepare.”

Han Ren nodded, “Although Little Hai is formidable, his weakness is that his Undead would always be by his side. This would leave the base without much defenses.”

When Zhang Feng heard Han Ren, a strange expression flickered through his face. Zhang Feng knew that it wasn’t necessary for Zhao Hai’s Undead to be with him. In the past, Zhao Hai was able to leave the Five Discolored Venerables in the Black Tiger Gang while he was attacking the Wandering Soul Group. However, only a few people were aware of this.

Now that they had a falling out with the nine super sects, how could Zhao Hai have no backup plan? Zhang Feng knew that Zhao Hai had more than a thousand immortal experts in his hand. Moreover, in the previous battles, quite a lot of immortal experts have fallen. How could Zhao Hai let this opportunity off? 

If the nine super sects want to entangle Zhao Hai, then they would need to allocate immortal experts to face him. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to hold Zhao Hai down. But in this case, the nine super sects wouldn’t have a lot of troops left that they could send to the Black Tiger Gang. If Zhao Hai leaves some immortal-level Undead in the base, then the nine super sects would certainly suffer.

Thinking of this, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but smile. He believed that Zhao Hai would have some plans because he understood how Zhao Hai moves.


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