BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1862


Chapter 1862 – Blackmail

Upon hearing Zhang Feng, Lei Bujing immediately replied, “Gang Leader, I know that the nine super sects have been overbearing in the past. However, Gang Leader should understand that only by being overbearing would other people fear you. If we weren’t overbearing, then the nine super sects wouldn’t have reached its current position. If you’re strong enough, then you’re naturally allowed to be overbearing. Since the Freedom Alliance is now recognized by nine super sects as their equal, you can send your people to the Soaring Dragon Realm at any time.”

Zhang Feng looked at Lei Bujing. To be honest, he appreciated Lei Bujing’s talent. His way with words made unreasonable matters into understandable situations. In a place like the Great World of Cultivation where strength talked the loudest, only through overbearing attitudes would people be afraid of you. If the Black Tiger Gang wasn’t overbearing, it also wouldn’t have reached its current position.

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “You’re not wrong. But it’s impossible to make me send troops with just words. If I send elite troops of the Freedom Alliance, then every loss we suffer would affect us greatly. If you want us to offer our help, then you need to exchange for something.”

Lei Bujing stared, he asked Zhang Feng, “Gang Leader Zhang, may I ask you to elaborate?”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly. Then he waved his hand and sent a jade slip towards Lei Bujing. When he received the jade slip and scanned it with his spiritual force, Lei Bujing’s expression couldn’t help but change.

Inside the jade slip was a list of resources. Moreover, the quantities of these resources wasn’t small. There were even heavenly treasures included. Although the Heaven Sect could take out these materials, the amount was more than they could stomach. Lei Bujing absolutely cannot take responsibility for this exchange.

Lei Bujing was a deeply scheming person, but his smile was always on his face. He looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Gang Leader Zhang, the amount of these materials is too big. I can’t make a decision on my own. Please give me some time while I ask the Sect Master.”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “Of course. But Elder Lei, this exchange isn’t just for the Heaven Sect, but for all the nine super sects. When these materials arrive, we will dispatch troops immediately.”

Lei Bujing cupped his fist towards Zhang Feng and said, “Alright. Please excuse me for a moment, Gang Leader.”

Zhang Feng nodded, then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, please help me lead Elder Lei out.”

Zhao Hai complied and then stood up as he said, “Elder Lei, please.” Lei Bujing cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai and then to Zhang Feng once more before leaving.

Zhao Hai led Lei Bujing out of the study. Once they exited the room, Zhao Hai looked at Lei Bujing and said, “Elder Lei, I already have someone prepare a guest room for you. Please follow me.”

But Lei Bujing shook his head and said, “I thank Mister’s good intentions. However, this matter is important. I have to personally report to the Sect Master.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then I won’t hold Elder Lei back. Elder Lei shouldn’t blame First Senior Brother for the demands, he has no choice. The Freedom Alliance is different from the nine super sects. When they joined, the small sects were given the choice to leave whenever they wanted to. Although the Freedom Alliance’s power has been consolidated, it hasn’t reached the point where the Black Tiger Gang could call all the shots.”

“The Freedom Alliance only has the 5 million troops in the first army as our strength. And these 5 million doesn’t only comprise of Black Tiger Gang disciples. Everytime a battle comes, the small sects would send their troops to participate. This means that we would share our losses with everyone. This time, if we don’t give them any benefits, then those guys wouldn’t accept sending troops. So please don’t take offense to this, Elder Lei.”

Lei Bujing smiled and said, “Mister, don’t worry. You can rest assured, I will explain everything to the Sect Master.” While the two were speaking, they already arrived at the transmission formation plaza. After entering the transmission formation, Lei Bujing disappeared under a flash of white light.

Seeing Lei Bujing disappear, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile faintly. The words he said before was an opportunity for the nine super sects to take a step down and send the resources. The nine super sects want to save face, so Zhao Hai said this to give them some comfort. At the same time, he would send a false impression to the nine super sects. This would make them think that the Freedom Alliance hasn’t been completely controlled by the Black Tiger Gang.

When Lei Bujing appeared on the Heaven Sect’s transmission formation, the warm smile on his face turned cold. Naturally, he wouldn’t believe everything Zhao Hai said. But whether he believed it or not wasn’t important. What they needed to do right now was to ask the Freedom Alliance to take action. If they want something, then they also need to give something up. Lei Bujing was certain that when Zhang Feng’s jade slip was given to the Sect Master, the Sect Master would be furious. But in the end, he would have no choice but to agree.

The nine super sects have dealt with smaller sects for a very long time. Whenever they wanted to get troops, the only thing they needed to do was to send a jade sword message. Whether the smaller sects wanted to or not, they would have to send troops. There hasn’t been a time where they had been extorted like right now. This was a huge embarrassment to the nine super sects.

Lei Bujing was also an expert of the nine super sects. Although he smiled all the time and acted low-key, his arrogance made him surprised that the Black Tiger Gang dared to ask for payment from the nine super sects. 

Lei Bujing arrived outside the meeting room and said, “Sect Master, it’s Lei Bujing.”

Jian Wuya’s voice immediately answered, “Bujing is back. Come in.” Lei Bujing walked into the room and saw all nine sect masters inside. Lei Bujing immediately gave his greetings to all of them.

Jian Wuya looked at Lei Bujing and said, “Bujing, how did it go?”

Lei Bujing shook his head and said, “Replying to the Sect Master, the Black Tiger Gang agreed to sending troops. However, in addition to entry to the Soaring Dragon Realm, they also have other demands.” After he said that, he handed the jade slip to Jian Wuya.

Jian Wuya took the jade slip and scanned it with his spiritual force. Then his complexion changed, and he asked, “Zhang Feng wants these things?”

Lei Bujing nodded and said, “He does. He said that unless these materials are handed, they wouldn’t send troops. Once they arrive, the troops would be sent over immediately.”

Bang! Jian Wuya’s calm crushed the table in front of him. Through clenched teeth, he said, “They’re bullying us! I’ll kill him!”

Jiao Hualong and the others were puzzled at Jian Wuya’s reaction. But upon receiving the jade slip and reading through the contents, their reactions were the same. This was blackmail. When had the nine super sects been under such a situation? This caused the sect masters to be enraged.

Abbott Numu coldly snorted and said, “The Black Tiger Gang is truly ambitious. Do they really think that we won’t provoke them?”

Lei Bujing looked at the sect masters and said, “Zhao Hai also told me that although the Freedom Alliance has been consolidated, its internal state is quite loose. He told me to not blame the Black Tiger Gang. These things are for appeasing the other sects into sending their elites.”

Hearing Lei Bujing, the sect masters couldn’t help but stare. Although the anger in their faces relaxed a bit, it didn’t completely disappear. They knew that Zhao Hai’s words were just to comfort them. But the sad thing was, although they knew that this was a lie, they had to believe it to save their face.

Jian Wuya let out a long sigh. Then he said, “Give it to them. It’s worth sending these little things so that the Freedom Alliance would send their troops. Hmph. In any case, once the Heavenly Demons are driven out, we would recoup these losses.”

Jiao Hualong’s voice turned ruthless as he said, “The Heaven Sect shouldn’t shoulder all of these things. The Myriad Demons Sect would also contribute a share. I’ll have someone send it over.” After he said that, he took out a jade sword message and then sent it out. The other sect masters did the same.

Jian Wuya looked at Lei Bujing and said, “Bujing, it’s been hard on you. I’m sure you’ve met with hatred when you arrived at the Black Tiger Gang. But since this matter has already been handed to you, you’ll have to go back and deliver the materials. You need to make the Black Tiger Gang send troops as soon as possible.”

Lei Bujing nodded, “Yes, Sect Master.” Jian Wuya waved his hand, allowing Lei Bujing to turn around and leave.

At this time, Zhao Hai returned back to Zhang Feng’s room. He looked at Zhang Feng and said, “First Senior Brother, after the materials are sent, what do you plan to do?”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly and said, “I have already sent messages to the sect masters of the alliance. They should arrive soon. This matter needs to be decided in public. We cannot give the nine super sects any opportunity to break us up. We’ll show the materials to everyone to avoid future troubles.”

Upon hearing Zhang Feng, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “First Senior Brother has thought this through. Haha. Alright. Upon hearing about benefits, those guys ran over quickly. Let’s go to the meeting hall and see them.” 

Zhang Feng nodded. Then the two walked out and before long they reached the meeting hall. There were already quite a few people inside. All of them were sect masters of various sects. When they saw Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng, they immediately stood up and gave them a salute.

After returning the greetings, Zhang Feng said, “Everyone, please sit down. Let’s wait for the others to arrive. Then I have something to say.”

When they sat down, one of the sect masters looked at Zhang Feng and asked, “Leader, what are you going to say?”

Zhang Feng smiled and said, “The Heaven Sect sent someone over once more to ask us to send troops to deal with the Heavenly Demons. I asked you all to come over to discuss this.”

When they heard Zhang Feng, the room immediately turned silent. To be honest, the sect masters didn’t want to send troops to help the nine super sects. But at the same time, they didn’t want the Heavenly Demons to stay in the Great Realm of Cultivation.

At this time, sect masters began arriving. They also asked Zhang Feng why they were called over. Upon hearing the reason, their complexions changed.

Once everyone arrived, Zhang Feng opened his mouth and said, “Now that everyone is here, then let’s get to the point. The Heaven Sect sent someone over asking us to send troops to deal with the Heavenly Demons. And once the Heavenly Demons are repelled, the immortal experts of the Freedom Alliance would be able to freely enter the Soaring Dragon Realm, just like the immortal experts of the nine super sects.”

Upon hearing Zhang Feng, the sect masters could no longer sit still. It must be known that this condition was very appealing. The reason they didn’t want to send troops the last time was because the nine super sects have been very domineering in asking for help. If the nine super sects would allow them to send their immortal experts to the Soaring Dragon Realm once the Heavenly Demons were evicted, then they would naturally agree to send troops.

Zhang Feng looked at everyone and couldn’t help but shake his head inside. These sect masters were too short sighted. They immediately bit at the first benefit that passed their eyes. Zhang Feng lightly coughed and said, “Everyone, please settle down. I’m not finished.”

The sect masters slowly calmed down. Then they looked at Zhang Feng waiting for his next words. Zhang Feng opened his mouth and said, “Although the Soaring Dragon Realm is good for everyone, this benefit would only manifest later on. Without these benefits, it would continue to be a promise made by the nine super sects. We naturally couldn’t easily agree to such conditions. Therefore, I gave another requirement for the nine super sects. As long as they accept this, we would send our troops. These are the conditions I’ve set.” Then he took out jade slips and handed them over to the sect masters.

The jade slips that Zhang Feng presented were duplicates of the one he gave Lei Bujing. He prepared more jade slips so that he could show them to the sect masters of the alliance.

When the sect masters received the jade slips and read through its contents, their expressions lit up once more. After some time, the sect masters placed the jade slips down and then one of them said, “Alliance Leader. This, isn’t this too good? How would the nine super sects accept this condition?”

Zhang Feng smiled and said, “They have no choice but to accept. Don’t forget, they’re the ones asking for our help. Hahaha. Everyone, wouldn’t it be good if the nine super sects obediently took out these materials? They had been domineering for many years. This time, we need to vent out our frustrations. Everyone, this is the strength of the Freedom Alliance!”

With Zhang Feng’s laugh, the sect masters felt embarrassed deep inside. It took a while before everyone reacted. Then an indescribable pride welled up from their soul. The thought excited them, which caused them to laugh. For some time, the hall was filled with joyous laughter.


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