BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1861


Chapter 1861 – Intense Enmity

Lei Bujing slowly recovered his vision of the surroundings. He had just appeared on the transmission formation of the Black Tiger Gang. This time, he came under Jian Wuya’s orders. To be honest, he didn’t like this task, but he had no choice but to come.

Lei Bujing looked around him and discovered that he was in an underground cavern. There were several other transmission formations inside. People were constantly coming in and out of the formation, none of them paid any attention to him.

As Lei Bujing was staring, someone approached him, “Mister, you’re new here. May I ask why you came to the Black Tiger Gang?”

Lei Bujing turned his head and saw another cultivator not far from him. Lei Bujing smiled and said, “I’m Lei Bujing from the Heaven Sect. Under the sect master’s order, I came here to meet Gang Leader Zhang.”

Jian Wuya sent Lei Bujing because of his characteristics. No matter where he was, Lei Bujing would always have a smile on his face. This even gained him the name of Spring Breeze Swordsman. He always gave people the feeling of a spring breeze. However, those who knew him were aware that he wasn’t a weak fellow. He was a true smiling tiger.

Hearing that Lei Bujing was from the Heaven Sect, the cultivator’s expression immediately changed. His eyes narrowed as he asked, “You’re from the Heaven Sect?”

Lei Bujing felt the other cultivator’s mood becoming hostile towards him. However, he kept his smile as he said, “Right. I came to visit Gang Leader Zhang Feng under the sect master’s orders.”

At this moment, Lei Bujing felt his surroundings turn silent. He glanced around and a look of surprise flashed through his eyes. He could see that there weren’t only people from the Black Tiger Gang in this transmission formation plaza, there were also people from the other sects. But when he confirmed that he’s from the Heaven Sect, all of them showed hostility towards him.

Lei Bujing didn’t know that when Liu Wushang and the others left, Zhang Feng already informed the other sects in the Freedom Alliance about the nine super sect’s orders. He also told them that he was attacked by the representatives of the nine super sects. When the sect masters of the other sects heard this, there was a big uproar. They didn’t expect the nine super sects to be so brazen.

The Black Tiger Gang was the strongest member of the Freedom Alliance. The nine super sects not only ordered the Black Tiger Gang like a subordinate, they even dared to attack the Black Tiger Gang’s Leader. How arrogant were they? If it were them, what would have happened? Upon thinking of this, all the other sect masters knew one thing. If it were them, the nine super sects would be more impolite.

Thinking of this, the sect masters of the Freedom Alliance sent a letter to the Black Tiger Gang at almost the same time. Although it can be said that the Black Tiger Gang was the dominant party in the Freedom Alliance and the other sects were just following behind them, the Black Tiger Gang has always handled matters in a fair manner. The Black Tiger Gang might be lording over them, but it was a thousand times better than being under the nine super sects. The sect masters sent letters expressing their support towards the Black Tiger Gang.

The news spread throughout the Freedom Alliance in a short time. Because they had been suppressed by the super sects for a long time, these small sects held some hostility towards them. Additionally, with how hostile the nine super sects were to the Freedom alliance, the hostility of the small sects has reached its peak. In this case, hearing that Lei Bujing was from the Heaven Sect, the people of the Freedom Alliance naturally wouldn’t have a good impression of him.

Lei Bujing didn’t know of this, so he thought that the hostility towards him was because of what happened to Liu Wushang and the others. Despite this, the smile on his face didn’t change.

The disciple of the Black Tiger Gang coldly snorted and said, “The Black Tiger Gang has nothing to discuss with the nine super sects. Please go back.”

Lei Bujing couldn’t help but be stunned. But his smile never changed. He replied, “Mister, I’m here to see Gang Leader Zhang. Wouldn’t it look bad if I were sent back? Please, I apologize for bothering you but please report my arrival.”

When the disciple of the Black Tiger Gang heard this, he stared for a moment. As he was hesitating, a voice was heard, “I’ll take him to First Senior Brother. I just happen to be going there.”

Everyone followed the voice and found that Zhao Hai was outside the transmission formation plaza. When the cultivators saw Zhao Hai, they immediately gave him a salute, “I have seen Mister(Senior Brother) Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “You continue with your business. Elder Lei from the Heaven Sect, please come with me.”

Lei Bujing recognized Zhao Hai, but he didn’t expect his prestige to be so great. He quickly bowed and said, “Lei Bujing has seen Mister Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, let’s go.” After he said that, he turned around and left. Lei Bujing hurriedly followed behind, but there was a bit of gloom in his eyes.

In the past, whenever Lei Bujing visited a sect, he would always be met with respect. Even when going to the other super sects, they would still be polite towards him. There hasn’t been a time where he was forced to quickly follow behind like a pet dog. To Lei Bujing, this was an insult to him.

However, Lei Bujing failed to recognize what status Zhao Hai held in the Great World of Cultivation. This was a person who had 1000 immortal beings under his control. Why would Zhao Hai be polite towards a transcending tribulation expert? Whether it be Lei Bujing or other members of the Heaven Sect, none of them were worth Zhao Hai’s respect.

Before long, the two arrived at Zhang Feng’s study. Without being polite, Zhao Hai turned to Lei Bujing and said, “Elder Lei, please wait a moment. I will go in and inform Senior Brother.”

With his everpresent smile, Lei Bujing cupped his fist and said, “Thank you for your troubles, Mister.” Zhao Hai cupped his fist. Then he went to the door and pushed it open while loudly saying, “First Senior Brother, are you in?”

Seeing Zhao Hai’s actions, Lei Bujing couldn’t help but stare. Then his pupils narrowed. He now has a new understanding of Zhao Hai’s status in the Black Tiger Gang. He was so powerful that he could push open Zhang Feng’s door whenever he wanted.

After closing the door to Zhang Feng’s study, Zhao Hai said, “First Senior Brother, I brought the guy over. This time, we need to knock some sense into his head. In any case, the nine super sects are anxious to deal with the Heavenly Demons. They would certainly agree to most of our demands.”

Zhang Feng smiled and said, “Good. It’s necessary to make them aware of who we are. If they really dared to deal with us in the future, then it would be their bad luck.”

Zhao Hai replied, “With how long they had existed, the nine super sects would have a lot of good things in their hands. If they dared to do something to us, then those good things will be ours. Once we get our hands on those resources, the Black Tiger Gang would become the top sect in the Great Realm of Cultivation.”

Zhang Feng’s eyes lit up. Then he muttered, “Top sect in the Great Realm of Cultivation, good. If such a day comes, then even if I die, I would be satisfied.”

Zhao Hai chuckled and said, “You won’t die that easily. Right, Senior Brother, it’s time to meet that guy.” Zhang Feng nodded and then Zhao Hai stood up and walked to the door. When the door opened, he looked at Lei Bujing and said, “Elder Lei, please come in. The Gang Leader will see you.”

Lei Bujing cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai before entering the room. Upon entering, Lei Bujing immediately noticed Zhang Feng and he quickly gave his greeting, “Lei Bujing has seen the Gang Leader. I hope the Gang Leader has been well.”
Zhang Feng chuckled and said, “So it’s Elder Lei, please have a seat.” Lei Bujing cupped his fist to express his thanks before sitting down.

Once Lei Bujing was settled down, Zhang Feng looked at him and said, “May I ask why Elder Lei came to the Black Tiger Gang?”

Lei Bujing cupped his fist and said, “This time, I came to apologize to the Gang Leader for what happened with Elder Liu and the others. They had completely misunderstood Sect Master Jian’s instructions. The Sect Master already punished them. I hope that Gang Leader Zhang will forget about this event.”

Before Zhang Feng could answer, Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “They came to the Black Tiger Gang and even dared to attack the Gang Leader. The nine super sects are really overbearing.”

Lei Bujing quickly replied, “Mister, please forgive us. This is our mistake.” Lei Bujing kept his posture very low. There seems to be no way for his composure to break.

Zhang Feng waved his hand and said, “Alright, Little Hai. There’s no need to embarrass Elder Lei. But this shouldn’t be the only reason why Elder Lei came over. Please tell me the other reason.”

Lei Bujing replied, “Yes, Gang Leader. This time, I came to represent the nine super sects in asking the Freedom Alliance to deal with the Heavenly Demons together with us.”

Zhang Feng raised his brow and said, “Oh. You’re asking the Freedom Alliance to send troops? What good would that do to us? The Heavenly Demons are no longer in the Freedom Alliance’s territory. There’s no need for us to pay with our lives for other people.”

Lei Bujing quickly replied, “Replying to the Gang Leader. The Heavenly Demon Realm’s invasion isn’t only to occupy the Great Realm of Cultivation. Their ultimate goal is to affect our position in the Soaring Dragon Realm. I reckon the Gang Leader is already aware of the Soaring Dragon Realm. If the Heavenly Demons aren’t driven back, our qualifications to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm might get revoked and be given to the Heavenly Demons. That would be a huge loss for the Great Realm of Cultivation. I ask the Gang Leader to consider this matter.”

Zhang Feng looked at Lei Bujing and then sneered, “Of course I know about the Soaring Dragon Realm. But why would the Freedom Alliance care about the Soaring Dragon Realm? The immortal experts of the Black Tiger Gang and the Freedom Alliance have never entered the Soaring Dragon Realm. Hahaha. The Soaring Dragon Realm is nothing more than a private matter of the nine super sects. Why would we consider it? You want us to sacrifice our people to protect the property of the nine super sects?”


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