BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1858


Chapter 1858 – Determined To Suppress

Jian Wuya was in his cave residence with a few people. There was the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery’s Abbot Numu. According to legend, the abbot has already reached the end of the Buddhist Sect’s Divine Vajra Technique. It was said that he was able to kill ordinary cultivators with just his gaze.

There was also the Wonderful Sound Pavilion’s Master, Ghost Saint Gui Lingzi. Gui Lingzi has practiced the peak of the Wonderful Sound Pavilion’s Quiet Ghost Technique. He could turn any sound into an attack that the enemy couldn’t see. It was virtually impossible to guard against.

There’s the Thousand Beast Sect’s Beast King Meng Wudi. The beasts under the Beast King have reached millions. The Thousand Beast Sect also practices the Thousand Beast Fist. When practiced to its very peak, one punch would hold the strength of a thousand beasts. 

Then there’s the Myriad Demons Sect’s Dragon Venerable Jiao Hualong. According to legend, Jiao Hualong was originally a cyan snake. After gaining sentience, he cultivated the Dragon Transformation Technique and became the Sect Master of the Myriad Demons Sect. When he gained his human form, he named himself Jiao Hualong to show his determination to become a true dragon.

There’s the East Saint Academy’s Dean, Zither Heart Dong Libo. This person’s realm of swordsmanship and zither arts has reached the peak realm. His strength was extraordinary.

The Dean of the West Saint Academy was named Master Xi Ziyou. Fighting against him was like playing a game of chess. Any misstep will cause one to be beyond redemption.

The South Saint Academy’s Dean was named Saint Wang Fengming. It was said that his words and writings could influence the void. Every character he wrote would correspond to an offensive technique. With only his words, he could forbid the enemy from attacking or defending.

The Northern Saint Academy’s Dean was Ghostwind Wu Youdao. He has reached major perfection in the Mountains and Rivers Technique. His battles would always happen inside his paintings, causing the enemy to be at a disadvantage.

The sect leaders of the nine super sects met in the Heaven Sect. Naturally, they weren’t here for a tea party. They were discussing important matters. Jian Wuya looked at the others and said, “Things have reached this point. It seems like we have to join forces with the Freedom Alliance. What do you all think?”

The others didn’t speak, this made Jiao Hualong’s expression turn pale. To be honest, the rise of the Black Tiger Gang was too quick. Originally, the sect didn’t even reach the top 100 sects in the Northern Divergent Province. Who knew that this sect would suddenly rise, to the point of threatening the position of the Myriad Demons Sect.

 The Freedom Alliance wasn’t an issue for the other super sects. They were glad to see another strong group succeeding. But for the Myriad Demons Realm, it wasn’t good news. This was because the Freedom Alliance was now becoming the top power in the Northern Divergent Province. Even without Zhao Hai, the alliance wouldn’t be any worse than the Myriad Demons Sect. If Zhao Hai was added, then the Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t be able to do anything to the alliance.

Jiao Hualong was certainly unwilling to join forces with the Freedom Alliance. If they did, then this would inform everyone that the Freedom Alliance was on the same level as the Myriad Demons Sect. This would tear the Northern Divergent Province in half. How could the Myriad Demons Sect accept it?

The other sect masters knew what Jiao Hualong was thinking about. However, they also have a valid reason to group up with the Freedom Alliance. If they couldn’t deal with the Heavenly Demons as soon as possible, then the inspection of the Soaring Dragon Realm might arrive. The Great Realm of Cultivation might lose its place in the Soaring Dragon Realm. For the nine super sects, this was a massive loss. They would rather share the benefits with the Freedom Alliance than lose the qualifications to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm.

Seeing that nobody was willing to speak, Jian Wuya’s expression sank. Then he said, “Sect Master Jiao, let me hear your thoughts. After all, the Freedom Alliance is in the Northern Divergent Province. Your words are the most relevant in this case.”

Jiao Hualong looked at Jian Wuya and knew that he was compelling him to make a stand. And since it wouldn’t be good if he didn’t express his opinion, Jiao Hualong replied, “Naturally, I agree to grouping up with the Freedom Alliance. Our fate in the Soaring Dragon Realm depends on this. However, we cannot allow the Freedom Alliance to ride the heads of our nine super sects. Otherwise, I’m afraid our future wouldn’t be good.”

Jiao Hualong’s words gained the others’ approval. Abbot Numu nodded and said, “Benefactor Jiao’s words are right. Because of Zhao Hai, the Freedom Alliance is holding the same strength as our nine super sects. This is the time we need to unite even more. If we can’t suppress the Freedom Alliance, then they will suppress us in the future.”

“Abbot’s words are a bit improper. The Freedom Alliance has Zhao Hai, they are already as strong as the nine super sects. We should be giving them an equal position as us. If we’re still thinking about suppressing them, then it wouldn’t be good for everyone.” A pleasant voice was heard. It was Gui Lingzi, the sect master of the Wonderful Sound Pavilion.

“Hmph. Just flattering others. I don’t believe Zhao Hai is as strong as rumors say. If he’s really that strong, he would have wiped out the nine super sects a long time ago. The Heavenly Demons have already been driven out a long time ago. He wouldn’t have waited until now.” Beast King Meng Wudi coldly snorted. 

Wu Youdao looked at Jian Wuya and said, “Jian Wuya, we need proper information. Zhao Hai said that the Heaven Sect schemed against him when he attended the Demon Slaying Conference. He was sent to a subspace that allowed him to capture a lot of immortal-level Undead. Is he correct?”

Wu Youdao’s words caused everyone to look at Jian Wuya. They also wanted to know the answer. This was because their people have also disappeared after going through the Heaven Sect’s transmission formation. If what Zhao Hai said was true, then this meant that his current increase in strength was directly caused by the Heaven Sect.”

Jian Wuya looked at everyone and said, “It’s true that he was schemed against. As for where he was sent, I don’t know. It was a strange coordinate and everyone sent there weren’t able to come back. We didn’t know that it had Undead inside.”

When they heard Jian Wuya, Wu Youdao and the others coldly snorted. However, they didn’t react too much. They were aware that this wasn’t the time to fight each other. Even their own sects weren’t clean. Deaths among their visitors wasn’t an infrequent event.

Wang Fengming said, “Alright, everyone, this isn’t the time to talk about this. What we need to discuss is how to treat the Freedom Alliance. I agree with Abbot Numu. We have to suppress the Freedom Alliance, otherwise we wouldn’t have any face in the future. When we work together with the Freedom Alliance, we would be more passive. The Freedom Alliance is arrogant because of Zhao Hai. He is also powerful on his own. There must be restrictions to his usage of his powerful Undead. Even if he uses his Undead, he would have to consume a lot of spiritual force. Even if he has a thousand immortal-level Undead, it should be impossible for them to have them all out all the time. Therefore, there’s still ways to deal with Zhao Hai. We don’t need to be afraid of him at all. If we bow to the Freedom Alliance right now, then we wouldn’t have any good days in the future.”

Wang Fengming’s words caused everyone to nod. Right, if Zhao Hai could use his Undead all the time, then he would have dominated the Great Realm of Cultivation. He wouldn’t have been so quiet up until recently.

Thinking about this, the dread inside everyone’s hearts vanished. Seeing this, Jian Wuya said, “Good. Then we’ll agree to Abbot Numu’s proposal. We have to suppress the Freedom Alliance. Otherwise, we would be the ones being suppressed in the future. Now we need to discuss how to do so.”

Jiao Hualong’s cold voice said, “What else needs to be discussed? Send someone to give orders in the name of the nine super sects. Have them send troops to us. Then we’ll see how they’ll react.”

Jian Wuya and the others couldn’t help but frown. Although they want to suppress the Freedom Alliance, they shouldn’t go too far. After all, even without Zhao Hai, the Freedom Alliance was still very strong. If they go too far in suppressing them, the outcome wouldn’t be good.

However, they soon changed their mind. What Jiao Hualong said was reasonable. They should send someone to send their orders. If the Freedom Alliance agrees, then they have to recognize that the nine super sects are stronger than them. If they don’t accept, then the nine super sects would think of other ways.

Thinking of this, Jian Wuya said, “Alright, then we should send people to the Freedom Alliance to send our orders. Let’s see how they react. If they obey the orders, then that’s good. But if they don’t, then we’ll give them a lesson.”

The other sect masters nodded. The nine super sects were used to domineering over the entire Great Realm of Cultivation. Seeing another power catching up to them, they would naturally be unwilling. Therefore, the sect masters agreed to Jian Wuya.

Jian Wuya looked at the sect masters and said, “Everyone, one person from each sect will go to the Black Tiger Gang to give our orders. Remember, the person you send shouldn’t be weak. If the Black Tiger Gang gets angry, we have to make sure that they can escape.”

The other sect masters nodded. It would be bad if they suffered any losses in suppressing the Black Tiger Gang.

However, the sect masters didn’t leave the Heaven Sect. Instead, they sent out jade sword messages, summoning people to the Heaven Sect. The representatives would go to the Black Tiger Gang together.

Jian Wuya also called an expert of the Heaven Sect. This person was an elder of the Heaven Sect, known as Shadowless Sword Liu Wushang. Although he hasn’t reached the immortal stage, he was one of the strongest transcending tribulation experts in the Heaven Sect. Jian Wuya would be assured if he was the Heaven Sect’s representative.

Naturally, the nine super sects couldn’t send immortal experts to send their order to the Black Tiger Gang. If they sent immortal experts, then it wouldn’t be an order, but a declaration of war. If the Freedom Alliance gets angry and detains those immortal experts, then the nine super sects would lose a lot.


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