BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1857


Chapter 1857 – Training and Consolidation

Zhao Hai and the others were still in the Hundred Flowers Palace. The entire room was filled with people. However, nobody made any noise. The other cultivators didn’t say anything. They were all thinking about the changes that would happen once Hundred Flowers Valley merges with the Black Tiger Gang. They also thought about the effects this would have on their sects.

The people of the Hundred Flowers Valley were anxiously waiting for news. In the past, they were worried about choosing the Valley Master. But since they decided to join the Black Tiger Gang, their worries shifted to whether they would be accepted or not.

It has been some time since Zhao Hai sent his jade sword message. He was also aware that a message was coming. Before long, a jade sword message stopped in front of Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai received the jade sword message and scanned it with his spiritual force. Then he nodded as he turned to the representative elder and said, “Everyone, the Gang Leader has accepted your request. Starting today, the Hundred Flowers Valley has merged with the Black Tiger Gang. Its name would be changed to the Hundred Flowers Hall. The elders would keep their position and help with the management of the hall. In two days, the Gang Leader will send the Hall Master and the Vice Hall Master.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the elders of the Hundred Flowers Valley relaxed. Then the representative elder cupped his fist and said, “We obey the Gang Leader’s order.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “We’re now part of one group. If you need anything, just tell me. As long as it’s possible, I’ll certainly help.”

The representative elder quickly replied, “We won’t dare trouble Mister. We will immediately prepare for the arrival of the Hall Master and the Vice Hall Master.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Good. Go and take out some hundred flowers wine. We need to celebrate this occasion with our friends.”

The elders immediately complied and then began to make the preparations. The other sects also went over to give a sincere congratulations to Zhao Hai as well as the Black Tiger Gang.

These people were admiring Zhao Hai. Not only was he a good commander, his methods were also superb. Without anyone expecting it, the Black Tiger Gang was able to swallow the Hundred Flowers Valley. Such methods were astonishing.

Zhao Hai also chatted with the others. As everyone chatted with Zhao Hai, they discovered that Zhao Hai remembered each of their names. They couldn’t help but feel happy knowing that Zhao Hai knew their names.

Before long, the elders of the Hundred Flowers Valley finished preparing the feast. Hundred flowers wine was also offered to everyone. Women of the valley were also arranged to perform. 

The celebration went on for two hours before everyone left. Zhao Hai also went to the residence arranged for him. But before entering his residence, Zhao Hai called Li Xunhua over.

When the two entered the residence, Zhao Hai invited Li Xunhua to take a seat. Then he said, “Senior Brother Li, you did very well. Declining the position of Valley Master was a great move. This Zhao Hai gives you his thanks.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Li Xunhua’s heart couldn’t help but jump. He discovered that he couldn’t hide anything from Zhao Hai. It seems like Zhao Hai has foreseen everything that would happen. He even knew that Li Xunhua was offered the position. However, Li Xunhua didn’t display his shock. He cupped his fist and said, “I’m now a disciple of the Black Tiger Gang. It’s natural for me to consider the benefits of the sect.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Tomorrow, the Hundred Flowers Alliance army will be disbanded. A million troops will be selected and integrated with the Freedom Alliance’s first army. As for you, you will go to the Black Tiger Gang’s base. The Gang Leader has made some arrangements for you.”

Li Xunhua nodded. Zhao Hai looked at Li Xunhua and said, “There’s no need to be disappointed. Although you’re very familiar with the Hundred Flowers Valley, you would do better in the Black Tiger Gang. The Hundred Flowers Valley would only become a branch hall. You will be working for the main hall. With your ability, you would definitely gain a better status.”

Li Xunhua cupped his fist gratefully towards Zhao Hai as he said, “Mister, thank you.”

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Alright. You go and take a rest. Right, help me pick people that would be sent to the first army.” Li Xunhua nodded, then he turned around and left.

When Li Xunhua left, Zhao Hai immediately returned to the Space. Laura and the others were now looking at the response of the other sects.

This time, Zhao Hai released so many Undead that it scared the Heavenly Demons away. This not only shocked the Heavenly Demon Realm, it stunned the nine super sects as well.

The nine super sects were confident that they had the numbers advantage against the Freedom Alliance. So even if the Freedom Alliance was given time to develop, they wouldn’t become a threat. But who would have expected that Zhao Hai would have so many Undead. The sole point of superiority that the nine super sects had against the Freedom Alliance has disappeared. This caused the nine super sects to feel stuck.

However, the one feeling the most helpless was the Myriad Demons Sect. In the Northern Divergent Province, there were three groups that resisted the Heavenly Demons: the Freedom Alliance, the Hundred Flowers Alliance, and the Myriad Demons Alliance. Now, the Hundred Flowers Alliance has merged with the Freedom Alliance and Zhao Hai has repelled the Heavenly Demon Army. Naturally, these Heavenly Demons wouldn’t just return to the Heavenly Demon Realm. This left the Myriad Demons Alliance to face an army of 30 million Heavenly Demons. This caused the pressure that they faced to increase.

The Heavenly Demons also understood that occupying the entire Great Realm of Cultivation or exterminating the nine super sects was an impossible task. Unless they held overwhelming strength, they wouldn’t be able to swallow the Great Realm of Cultivation.

The reason they continued to fight against the Great World of Cultivation was because they were waiting for the Soaring Dragon Realm’s inspection. They want the inspectors of the Soaring Dragon Realm to see that they were better than the people in the Great Realm of Cultivation. After all, being able to invade the Great Realm of Cultivation meant that they were stronger than the cultivators. This would give them a good chance of replacing the Great Realm of Cultivation’s spot in the Soaring Dragon Realm. This was the true goal of the Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai was also aware of this plan. However, he didn’t dispatch troops to drive the heavenly Demons away. Zhao Hai knew that nine super sects were worried about him. He wanted to see how the nine super sects would respond.

The nine super sects have just begun to treat the Freedom Alliance seriously. If Zhao Hai was too active, then the nine super sects might ride his coattails. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious to make a move.

Naturally, it was impossible for the Myriad Demons Sect to block 30 million Heavenly Demons. Therefore, the Myriad Demons Sect asked the other super sects for help. The other super sects also needed to give each other face. They knew that if the Myriad Demons Sect fell, they would follow soon. So all the sects sent troops in order to stop the attack of the Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai was just waiting at this time. He won’t make a move unless the nine super sects come to him. In any case, he doesn’t have to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm. Even if the Great Realm of Cultivation loses the qualifications to enter, Zhao Hai could still enter the Soaring Dragon Realm through the Heavenly Demon Realm.

The next morning, Zhao Hai welcomed the sect representatives in the meeting hall of the Hundred Flowers Valley. When everyone arrived, Zhao Hai said, “Everyone, it has been a while since you left your respective sects. Everyone has worked very hard. I called you over to tell you that you can return to your own sects. The Hundred Flowers Alliance army will be dissolved. Of the 5 million troops, only a million will be left to be integrated into the Freedom Alliance’s first army. As for who stays and who goes, it will be up to you to decide.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, everyone stared. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to dismiss the alliance army. However, they immediately changed their minds. Zhao Hai has so many Undead in his control. He has no need for so many people.

But this was also good for the sects. During the previous battles, the sects lost a lot of their elites. It was also about time for them to head back and lick their wounds. Although all of them weren’t able to return, only a few of them would be kept. This would allow the sects to recuperate.

After giving Zhao Hai their thanks, the sect representatives began to arrange their troops. At this time, the Freedom Alliance’s first army also arrived at the Hundred Flowers Valley. The entire valley was full of activity. Fortunately, by this time, most of the cultivators had already returned to their sects. 

Zhao Hai and the others temporarily settled down in the Hundred Flowers Valley. The reason for this was for Zhao Hai to train the new troops. The first army has just been injected with new blood. These newcomers still haven’t learned the rules of the army. Therefore, Zhao Hai needed to train them first.

Although Zhao Hai has plenty of Undead, he hated using them during battle. These Undead were oysters that provided him with pearls of faith power. 

Another reason Zhao Hai settled down in the Hundred Flowers Valley was to wait for the nine super sects. Although the nine super sects sent reinforcements to the Myriad Demons Sect, the troops they sent were just enough to stop the attack of the Heavenly Demons. The overall number of troops the Heavenly Demons had in the Great World of Cultivation wasn’t a small number. The nine super sects were also limited in the troops they could send to help. Zhao Hai believed that it wouldn’t take long before the nine super sects would knock on his door begging for help.

Recently, the growth of the Freedom Alliance has been astonishing. It was still digesting the sects it gained from the Hundred Flowers Alliance. It also needs some time to recuperate. Zhao Hai would stay in the Hundred Flowers Valley as a deterrent against the nine super sects. Zhao Hai doesn’t mind destroying a few sects if it was needed. In the Great World of Cultivation, virtue was worth a fart. If your fists were big enough, you would be able to survive and grow.


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