BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1855


Chapter 1855 – Sending Troops To The Hundred Flowers Valley

Without his Undead, Zhao Hai looked isolated as he flew in mid-air. As Li Xunhua and the others looked at him, they couldn’t help but feel their knees going weak from the fear. They knew well that if Zhao Hai wanted, he could wipe out the enemy in front of him. But for an unknown reason, Zhao Hai was using his Undead sparingly. It was unlike his hard-headed approach during previous battles.

In the past, they might have thought that Zhao Hai was just a genius. But now, they were aware what kind of monster he was. Not to mention the Freedom Alliance, if Zhao Hai asks them to join the Black Tiger Gang, none of them would dare to object.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone’s reaction and nodded inside. He released so many Undead to produce this reaction. He wants to let these people understand how strong he was. This way, they wouldn’t dare disobey the Freedom Alliance and would be obedient to the Black Tiger Gang.

After sweeping everyone with his gaze, Zhao Hai said, “Senior Brother Li, prepare to dispatch troops towards the Hundred Flowers Valley. I want to see if the Valley Master really thinks of surrendering to the Heavenly Demons.

Hearing Zhao Hai, Li Xunhua didn’t delay and immediately nodded, “Yes.” Then he immediately turned his head and said, “Everyone, prepare to head towards the Hundred Flowers Valley.”

At this point, Li Xunhua wouldn’t dare neglect Zhao Hai’s words. He was afraid that Zhao Hai might be angry and destroy the Hundred Flowers Valley in his rage. If Zhao Hai really broke the lineage of the Hundred Flowers Valley, then Li Xunhua would go down as an eternal sinner in the sect’s history.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Everyone should already know that the Valley Master of the Hundred Flowers Valley intends to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. This tarnishes the name of the Great Realm of Cultivation. Today we will send out our forces to the Hundred Flowers Valley. Depart!” Everyone complied and flew towards the Hundred Flowers Valley.

Zhao Hai also released the Hell King’s Ship and then flew on the front of the army. Everyone looked at Zhao Hai’s back. At the same time, jade sword messages began flying out of the army.

Zhao Hai was aware of these people’s movements. However, he didn’t prevent them. These jade sword messages were sent by the sect representatives to notify their sects. In any case, he has no intention of hiding the truth.

Because Zhao Hai didn’t stop the spread of information, what happened to the Hundred Flowers Alliance began to be known by the Freedom Alliance, then to the Northern Divergent Province, and finally to the entire Great Realm of Cultivation.

The sects belonging to the Freedom Alliance were shaken when they heard the news. The same was true for everyone who heard it. By this point, nobody dares to underestimate the Black Tiger Gang. The other sects in the Freedom Alliance began to turn more docile towards the Black Tiger Gang.

However, Zhao Hai doesn’t have the mood to care about these things. He was now bringing the army of the Hundred Flowers Alliance to the Hundred Flowers Valley. Naturally, the Valley Master was aware of this.

When he found out that Zhao Hai was bringing an army over, he understood why the Black Tiger Gang didn’t send any reinforcements.

When Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the Hundred Flowers Valley, information arrived from the valley. It reported that the Valley Master killed himself. Zhao Hai was surprised when he heard the news. He didn’t expect the Valley Master to take his own life. However, he immediately understood the reason. The entire Great Realm of Cultivation was already aware that the Valley Master was planning to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. Whether he took his life or not, he wouldn’t be able to live for long. Moreover, if he was caught, the Hundred Flowers Valley might be taken down with him. Therefore, he took his own life to carry all of the blame. This way, nobody would find trouble with the Hundred Flowers Valley.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. It seems like the Valley Master’s cleverness was only up to trivial matters. What a pity. He was unaware that he was being controlled by someone.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t stop. He continued to lead the army towards the Hundred Flowers Valley. Now, the people in charge of the valley were the elders. Nobody dared to take the position of Valley Master.

The elders of the Hundred Flowers Valley weren’t fools. From the actions and rumors about the Black Tiger Gang, they knew that this matter had the shadow of the Black Tiger Gang. If they wanted to choose a new Valley Master, then they would need the Black Tiger Gang’s input. If they chose a Valley Master without the Black Tiger Gang’s permission, then they wouldn’t know what consequences they would face. For the sake of their own lives, nobody dared to even mention the selection of a new Valley Master. They could only wait for Zhao Hai and the others to arrive.

After several days, Zhao Hai and the others finally reached the Hundred Flowers Valley. Upon arriving at the valley, Zhao Hai and the others were stunned. Outside the valley were cultivators wearing the robes of the Hundred Flowers Valley. All of them stood respectfully in place.

Zhao Hai brought Li Xunhua over. When they saw Zhao Hai and Li Xunhua flying over, elders from the valley immediately welcomed them. They gave Zhao Hai a bow and said, “The Elders of the Hundred Flowers Valley have seen Mister Zhao Hai. The Hundred Flowers Valley is honored to receive your visit.”

Zhao Hai looked at the elders of the Hundred Flowers Valley and said, “I came this time to deal with the former Valley Master. But now that he killed himself, I’ll let go of this matter. But I hope that the Hundred Flowers Valley could elect a new Valley Master as soon as possible. After all, the Heavenly Demons are still in the Great Realm of Cultivation. The position of Valley Master cannot be kept vacant.”

An elder of the Hundred Flowers Valley nodded and said, “What mister said is true. But this isn’t the place to speak. Mister, please follow us in. I will have someone take care of the others.”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he took Li Xunhua with him to the valley. The other cultivators who came with him were also given a place to rest. The representatives of the other sects also followed behind Zhao Hai.

Before long, the group entered the Hundred Flowers Palace. Upon entering the room, Zhao Hai’s eyes flashed a cold light. Then he waved his hand and released a giant palm towards a dark area of the hall. A shadow suddenly distorted as though it wanted to resist. However, it failed in the end and was captured.

Zhao Hai pulled the figure towards him and looked at the man who was covered in dark clothing. This man looked like a ninja. Besides his two eyes, everything else was covered.

The elder of the Hundred Flowers Valley immediately said, “Mister, please don’t misunderstand. This person is from the Hundred Flowers Valley’s Dark Flower Division. He’s not an enemy.”

Zhao Hai looked at the Hundred Flowers Valley Elder and said, “Really?” Then he waved his hand and sent a sword qi towards the dark-clothed person’s throat. The man’s eyes turned blank and he was dead before long.

The Hundred Flowers Valley Elder saw Zhao Hai’s action and his expression couldn’t help but change. Although they were afraid of Zhao Hai, that doesn’t mean that they would accept being slapped in the face. Just as the Elder was about to get angry, Zhao Hai waved his hand and wrapped the dark-clothed person with dark gas.

It was at this point that the elder angrily said, “Mister, what do you mean by this? Why did you kill a disciple of the Hundred Flowers Valley for no reason? You want to turn him into Undead? If you don’t give us an explanation, then we wouldn’t mind dying to get our justice!”

Zhao Hai looked at the elder and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll know in a while.” At this moment, the dark mist disappeared. The dark-clothed man stood up. Zhao Hai looked at the Undead and said, “Tell me who you are.”

The dark-clothed person quickly answered, “Replying to the Young Master. I’m a member of the Dark Flower Division of the Hundred Flowers Valley. I’m a member of the Heavenly Demon Realm’s Shadow Demon Race. The previous Valley Master has been killed by an expert of the Shadow Demon Race. After the Valley Master died, we pretended to be people from the Dark Flower Division. In fact, the Hundred Flowers Valley has no such thing as a Dark Flower Division.”

The words of the dark-clothed person caused the hall to erupt. Nobody thought that the Dark Flower Division didn’t exist. Moreover, it was actually fabricated by the Heavenly Demons. They were also shocked to find out that the previous Valley Master had been killed by the Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai didn’t pay attention to the people in the hall. He continued to ask, “Tell me your goals.”

The dark-clothed person replied, “We are to be on the side of the Valley Master and change his impression of the Heavenly Demons bit by bit. We’ll control the Valley Master using this method. And once he has a favorable impression of the Heavenly Demon Race, we’ll have him surrender to us. Staying at his side also provided the Heavenly Demons with information about the Great Realm of Cultivation.”

The people in the hall began to understand why the Valley Master decided to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. It was because of these Shadow Demons. They caused the Valley Master to change his views on the Heavenly Demons. 

Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but breathe in the cold air. The Heavenly Demons were full of tricks. Sects would have shadow divisions that were kept secret. Even the elders of these sects wouldn’t know of these secret divisions. Because of this, the Heavenly Demons were able to take advantage of it. They killed the Valley master and pretended that the Dark Flower Division had always existed. After all, only the dead Valley Master could confirm if it was real or not.

When the new Valley Master came to power, he naturally needed to safeguard his own interests. The appearance of this secret division was a godsend. He would never think that they were Heavenly Demons in disguise.

At this time, Zhao Hai waved his hand, taking out a group of Undead. Then he commended, “Kill everyone from the Dark Flower Division. Make sure that nobody remains.” The Undead left and before long sounds of fighting were heard around the hall.

At this time, Zhao Hai looked at the Hundred Flowers Valley elder and said, “I heard about the Dark Flower Division from Mister Hua Wushang. He suspected the existence of this division. What a pity, Mister Hua Wushang is now dead. Therefore I can only make a move. I ask Elder to forgive my actions today.”


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