BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1853


Chapter 1853 – Ingenious Plan

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I told the nine super sects so that I can swallow the Hundred Flowers Valley. I need an excuse to do that. Isn’t this a good excuse?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Li Xunhua couldn’t help but stare. Then he immediately understood what Zhao Hai meant. He couldn’t help but look at Zhao Hai even more. He has no prior excuse for swallowing the Hundred Flowers Valley, so he sent news out that the valley wants to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. Whether it was true or not, the Black Tiger Gang would have a reason to attack. In the future, once the Black Tiger Gang swallows the Hundred Flowers Valley, it wouldn’t be afraid of the nine super sects going after them. Even though Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of the nine super sects, it would still be better if there’s no trouble coming for him.

Seeing that Li Xunhua was speechless, Zhao Hai, “Let’s begin sending letters to the other sects. Have them meet in the hall.” Li Xunhua nodded, then he turned around and left to give the orders. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai headed to the meeting hall.

Before long, all representatives arrived in the meeting hall. Zhao Hai knew all these people. After all, he stayed with the Hundred Flowers Alliance for some time. Then there’s also the surveillance of the Space. It would be hard for him to not know each of their names.

Li Xunhua also arrived at the hall and stood beside Zhao Hai. The representatives inside the hall were talking in whispers. They were waiting for what Zhao Hai and Li Xunhua would say next.

Zhao Hai knew what these people were thinking, so he immediately said, “Settle down. I called everyone over because I have something to tell you.”

As he said this, Zhao Hai heard someone say, “Young Master Hua, please wait a moment. I have something to ask.”

Zhao Hai looked at this person and said, “Mister Liu, what do you want to ask?”

Li Xunhua originally wanted to remind Zhao Hai. But he didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would know this person’s name. He was stunned for a while.

Mister Liu was a representative from a mid-grade sect. However, their sect wasn’t as strong as the Hundred Flowers Valley. Therefore, after the establishment of the Hundred Flowers Alliance, they could only look from below.

Mister Liu looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Yong Master Hua, I heard information that the Valley Master wants to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. Is this true?” Mister Liu’s question caused the entire room to become quiet. No sound was heard. Everyone was looking at Zhao Hai, waiting for an answer.

Zhao Hai looked at Mister Liu and nodded, “Correct. The Valley Master intends to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. I called everyone over because of this.”

With Zhao Hai’s confirmation, the entire hall erupted. All of them shouted and had anger on their faces. One couldn’t blame them for being angry. They sacrificed a lot fighting the Heavenly Demons. It can be said that they have a deep hatred towards the Heavenly Demons. Therefore, it was understandable for them to be completely against surrendering to the Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and then said, “Settle down!” His voice was so loud that it stunned the entire room.

Once the room was quiet, Zhao Hai said, “I just received the news. To be honest, like everyone, I was shocked. I didn’t expect the Valley master to make such a decision. Our Great Realm of Cultivation shares a great enmity against the Heavenly Demon Realm. How could we surrender to the Heavenly Demons? Therefore, I discussed it with Mister Li Xunhua. I ask everyone to work with us and pressure the Valley Master to change his decision.”

Zhao Hai’s words caused everyone to stare. They didn’t think that ‘Hua Wushang’ and Li Xunhua would be on their side. In other words, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua were also opposed to the Valley Master’s decision. Mister Liu couldn’t help but relax. Then he looked at Li Xunhua and said, “Mister Xunhua, I heard that you requested reinforcements from the Freedom Alliance. May I ask how it went?”

Mister Liu was naturally a clever person. His questions were all on point. The most critical issue right now wasn’t only the fact that the Valley Master wants to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. Even if they worked together, if there were no reinforcements, they would still be wiped out by the Heavenly Demons.

Li Xunhua replied, “I don’t know how, but the Black Tiger Gang already knows that the Valley Master intends to surrender to the Heavenly Demons, so they refused to send help. They also said that they would prepare troops to attack the Hundred Flowers Valley.”

The room went into an uproar once more. They didn’t think that things had escalated to this point. It should be mentioned that they looked down on the Freedom Alliance before. But they don’t have the same thought right now. After Zhao Hai revealed his 1000 immortal-level Undead, nobody dared to underestimate the Freedom Alliance.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, if the Freedom Alliance is coming as well, then we might as well surrender to them and join their side. Once we join the Freedom Alliance, we can still fight against the Heavenly Demons. I hope you can discuss this matter with your sects. This is closely related to the future of our sects. I will go back to the Hundred Flowers Valley to urge the Valley Master to change his decision. Senior Brother Li will stay here. He has connections to the Black Tiger Gang. If anyone wants to join the Black Tiger Gang, Senior Brother Li can provide some help. Everyone, I hope we can meet again soon.” After he said that, Zhao Hai turned around and left the hall.

The people inside the hall were stunned when they saw Zhao Hai’s actions. Even Li Xunhua was confused. He didn’t know what scheme Zhao Hai was doing right now.

Only after Zhao Hai left the hall did everyone recover. Then all of them turned their heads towards Li Xunhua. Looking at everyone, Li Xunhua said, “I know what you want to ask. I did indeed have a small friendship with Mister Zhao Hai. I will stay here if you need me. My goal here is simple: I’ll try to persuade the disciples of the Hundred Flowers Valley to go with us to the Freedom Alliance and join the Black Tiger Gang.”

Mister Liu looked at Li Xunhua and said, “Mister Li, are you really friends with Mister Zhao Hai?”

Li Xunhua nodded and said, “I really do. There’s no need for me to lie to you in this situation.”

Mister Liu nodded and said, “Alright, Mister can rest assured. We will immediately go back and discuss with our sects. Everyone, let’s head back.” Mister Liu turned around and left. Then the others followed closely behind him.

Li Xunhua sighed, then he went to talk with the cultivators of the Hundred Flowers valley. After gathering everyone to a meeting room, Li Xunhua sighed and said, “Everyone, I have bad news. The Valley Master has decided to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. He’s going to make us a traitor to the Great Realm of Cultivation.”

Heating Li Xunhua, the disciples of the Hundred Flowers Valley stared. Then they erupted. A disciple looked at Li Xunhua and confirmed, “Senior Brother Li, are you telling the truth? Did the Valley Master really intend to surrender to the Heavenly Demons?”

Li Xunhua nodded and said, “Yes. I tried to persuade the Valley Master but he won’t listen. He even injured me. I came here to inform all of you about his decision. Junior Brother Hua is now going back to convince the Valley Master to change his decision. However, I suspect that he wouldn’t succeed. The news has already spread to the other members of the Hundred Flowers Alliance. If we don’t make a decision as soon as possible, then the consequences might become terrible.”

Just as Li Xunhua said that, a jade sword message arrived in front of him. Li Xunhua received the jade sword and scanned it with his spiritual force. Upon reading the contents, he couldn’t help but stare. Then he paled and said, “Everyone, Junior Brother Hua failed to change the Valley Master’s decision. Moreover, he was killed by the Valley Master. This news was sent over by my disciple.”

Although he knew some secrets, the shock in Li Xunhua’s voice was genuine. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have such a move. He said that he would go back and persuade the Valley Master. Who knows where he went next, but the next moment, Li Xunhua received this jade sword message. Naturally, the jade sword message was sent by Zhao Hai.

The disciples of the Hundred Flowers Valley weren’t aware of these things. So upon hearing Li Xunhua, they stared. All of them were in chaos, they didn’t know what was going on.

Li Xunhua looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, please settle down. There’s no use panicking at this moment. Since things have become like this, I have decided to side with the Black Tiger Gang. I won’t force you to make the same decision as me. But i want to tell you that the Black Tiger Gang is already approaching. The other sects are also considering joining the Freedom Alliance. I won’t stop you if you want to return to the Hundred Flowers Valley. But when the Black Tiger Gang arrives, I’m afraid you would be treated as an enemy. I advise you all to make the right decision.”

After he said that, Li Xunhua left the room. When he returned to his residence, he discovered that Zhao Hai was already waiting for him. Seeing Li Xunhua, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “You’re back. Good. You did very well. If these people turn to the Black Tiger Gang, you would receive great merit. I can even let the Black Tiger Gang assign you to manage all of these people and establish a Hundred Flowers Valley branch to pass down the dao of your sect. If these people find you, give them a confirmation and then send me a jade sword message. I’ll come and find you then.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Li Xunhua couldn’t help but feel happy. He quickly replied, “Mister, rest assured. I know what to do.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he vanished from sight.

Li Xunhua looked at the spot where Zhao Hai vanished. Then he let out a long breath. To be honest, the pressure he felt from Zhao Hai has increased by a lot. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this formidable. What terrified Li Xunhua even more was the possibility that Zhao Hai calculated all of these ahead of time. Then everything was just falling in place according to his plans.

Li Xunhua wiped the sweat off his forehead and sat down. He was waiting for the other sects to make their decision.

Before long, a voice was heard outside his residence, “Brother Li, are you inside?”

Hearing this, Li Xunhua knew that this person was from the Hundred Flowers Valley. He quickly said, “Please come in.” A person entered the room shortly after. Seeing this person, Li Xunhua immediately stood up. This person was a high-level elder of the Hundred Flowers Valley, Miao Renlong.

Li Xunhua cupped his fist and said, “Senior Brother Miao, please have a seat. May I ask why you came over?” It was already clear why this person came over, but Li Xunhua just asked as a test.

Miao Renlong looked at Li Xunhua and said, “Brother Li, tell me the truth. What’s really your relationship with Mister Zhao Hai? Mister Zhao Hai is very powerful. Moreover, he should be one of the main pillars of the current Black Tiger Gang. It might be fine for you to join the Black Tiger Gang. But I’m afraid Mister Zhao Hai wouldn’t accept us.”

Li Xunhua replied, “Senior Brother Miao, I won’t lie to you. My relationship with Mister Zhao Hai is really good. This time, when I went to the Black Tiger Gang, even if our request for help was declined, Mister Zhao Hai offered me to join the Black Tiger Gang. When he told me that the Valley Master is planning to side with the Heavenly Demons, I didn’t believe it. It’s only after I came back to the valley did I find out that it was true. I tried to persuade the Valley Master but was unsuccessful. Therefore, I came here in order to have everyone pressure the Valley Master. However, I didn’t expect that the other sects were already aware of this matter. Junior Brother Hua tried to go back and persuade the Valley Master, but he was killed. I already sent Mister Zhao Hai a jade sword message. Let’s hope that he can come over and bring help.”

After he said that, a jade sword message came flying in. Upon scanning the jade sword message, Li Xunhua looked at Miao Renlong and said, “Senior Brother Miao, Mister Zhao Hai just sent me a message telling me that he’s leading his army to come over. He also told me that the Heavenly Demons Army is about to attack. He wants us to hold on for some time. We need to sound the alarm immediately.” Then he threw the jade sword message to Miao Renlong before going out.

Miao Renlong scanned the jade sword message with his spiritual force and found that it was truly from Zhao Hai. Just like Li Xunhua mentioned, it said that the Heavenly Demon Army were going to attack. They needed to organize everyone and then defend.

Receiving his confirmation, Miao Renlong immediately flew out. At this time, the base’s alarms were already blaring. Everyone in the base flew and looked around with a confused expression.

At this moment, Li Xunhua sent disciples of the Hundred Flowers Valley to the other sects. The Hundred Flowers Valley has lost complete control over the base. The alarm could no longer be used. Therefore, Li Xunhua has no other choice than to send people.


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