BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1852


Chapter 1852 – Zhao Hai Arrives

Li Xunhua looked at Hua Wushang with an ugly expression. He didn’t expect Hua Wushang to be under the control of the Heavenly Demons. He has become a true Heavenly Demons. Although his appearance was the same, his innermost part has become the same as a Heavenly Demon. This wasn’t good news.

Li Xunhua slowly adjusted his spiritual qi to give a fatal strike to Hua Wushang. But suddenly, he discovered that his spiritual qi was slowly dissipating. This caused his expression to change.

Hua Wushang looked at Li Xunhua’s expression and smiled, “Did you feel your spiritual qi vanish? Hahaha. Li Xunhua, you’re really stupid. Now that I revealed these things to you, do you really think that I would let you go? Although the Valley Master told me to detain you, I think he shouldn’t blame me too much if I killed you when you’re resisting. What do you think?”

Li Xunhua glared at Hua Wushang and gnashed, “Hua Wushang, I didn’t expect you, a cultivator, to side with the Heavenly Demons. You’re a shame to cultivators.”

Hua Wushang coldly snorted and said, “You’re the shameful one. How can a lowly cultivator like you understand the greatness of the Heavenly Demon Race? I won’t allow you to insult the Heavenly Demon Race.”

Pa, pa, pa! There was the sound of applause before someone’s voice was heard, “The Heavenly Demons are great? Why couldn’t I see it? I only know that the Heavenly Demons are dogs to be beaten by me.”

“Who!” Hua Wushang turned his head to the source of the sound. He had a startled look on his face. His residence was greatly defended. But the voice came from inside.

Li Xunhua turned his head and saw a person slowly looking from the outside. When he saw this person, Li Xunhua couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Meanwhile, Hua Wushang’s expression changed because the person who arrived was Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai sneered at Hua Wushang and said, “A dog of the Heavenly Demons dares to bark here. The greatness of the Heavenly Demon Race? Hahaha. That’s the most absurd joke I heard.”

Hua Wushang’s eyes turned dark red like a true Heavenly Demon. However, he didn’t attack Zhao Hai. With a cold voice, he asked, “Zhao Hai, how did you come in?”

Zhao Hai looked at Hua Wushang and couldn’t help but shake his head, “I thought that you were a smart person. I didn’t think that you would become stupid upon becoming a heavenly Demon. Did you forget that I’m a spatial ability user? I can go wherever I have been. So why would it be strange for me to be here? Hehe. To be honest, I didn’t come over for you. I want to take Li Xunhua back to the Black Tiger Gang. At the very least, he’s still a true cultivator. But I didn’t think that I would hear such wonderful words. This is an unexpected benefit.”

Hua Wushang looked at Zhao Hai and sneered, “Even if you know, the Heavenly Demon Realm is destined to dominate the Great Realm of Cultivation. You cultivators couldn’t match us.”

Zhao Hai shook his head as he smiled bitterly and said, “I thought that it’s only the nine super sects who have turned stupid after all these years. I didn’t expect the Heavenly Demons to become stupid as well. Let’s not mention the immortal experts of the Heavenly Demons, even if the nine super sects use all of their immortal experts, I could still beat them all. You said the Heavenly Demons will rule the Great Realm of Cultivation? It’s time for you to wake up.”

Hua Wushang’s face contorted in anger as he shouted, “Shut up! You are not allowed to insult the Heavenly Demons. The Heavenly Demon Race is the greatest race between the heaven and the earth.” Then he punched Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai shook his head at Hua Wushang. Then he waved his hand. Hua Wushang suddenly felt that his four limbs were weighed down. He turned his head and saw four Heavenly Demons holding his limbs. All of these Heavenly Demons were at the immortal stage.

Hua Wushang stared. Then he discovered that these Heavenly Demons weren’t alive. They were all Undead.

This discovery caused Hua Wushang’s complexion to change. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You dared to turn the great Heavenly Demons into Undead. Zhao Hai, you’ll die like a dog. The Heavenly Demons will extract your soul and let you suffer in eternity!”

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “Just depending on the Heavenly Demons?” After he said that, Hua Wushang roared but was ignored. In any case, this residence was soundproofed by a formation. Even if the skies overturned outside, the people inside wouldn’t hear anything.

Zhao Hai looked at Li Xunhua and gave him a smile as he said, “Mister Li, we meet again. I didn’t expect our reunion to be in this manner. I initially invited Mister to join the Black Tiger Gang, but you didn’t agree. What does Mister think at this time?”

Li Xunhua looked at Zhao Hai and bitterly smiled. He didn’t know what to say at this time. He declined Zhao Hai’s proposal back then because his heart still belonged to the Hundred Flowers Valley. But he didn’t expect the Hundred Flowers Valley to become like this when he returned.

Li Xunhua replied, “I didn’t really expect that you would be the one who saved me. Did you know what’s happening in the Hundred Flowers Valley?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Actually, after you left, I guessed that the Heavenly Demons might surrender to the Heavenly Demons. Therefore, I made arrangements to inform the nine super sects in advance. Moreover, I got in contact with the small sects of the Hundred Flowers Alliance, telling them that the Hundred Flowers Valley would surrender to the enemy. Coming over here is only a passing thought. I didn’t expect to find out that Hua Wushang has already been turned into a Heavenly Demon.”

Li Xunhua looked at Zhao Hai in confusion, “You expected the Hundred Flowers Valley to surrender to the Heavenly Demon Race? And you made preparations?”

Zhao Hai shrugged his shoulders and said, “Even if the Hundred Flowers Valley didn’t surrender, I would still tell everyone that it surrendered to the Heavenly Demons. In any case, the Hundred Flowers Valley is our enemy. It’s better if its name gets dirtied.”

Li Xunhua forced himself to calm down. He now understood how terrifying Zhao Hai was. He would resort to all means in order to deal with his enemies. The Hundred Flowers Valley was perfectly caught in his calculations.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and took out a small jar. He handed the jar to Li Xunhua and said, “Drink this, you’re probably poisoned.”

Li Xunhua didn’t hesitate and received the small jar. When he pulled the stopper out, he noticed that inside the jar was a water-like substance. It wasn’t a pill like he imagined. But he didn’t think much about it as he drank the contents of the jar. The liquid was the same as water, it didn’t smell like anything at all. However, Li Xunhua found that his spiritual qi was beginning to return little by little.

Li Xunhua cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai and said, “Mister, thank you.” Then he turned his head towards Hua Wushang and said, “How will you deal with him?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I’ll kill him. What else would I do?” He waved his hand and a line of blood appeared across Hua Wushang’s neck. Then a black gas covered Hua Wushang’s body. The next moment, Hua Wushang became an Undead.

Zhao Hai looked at the Undead Hua Wushang and then nodded, “Tell me everything you know.”

Hua Wushang complied and began to talk nonstop. Li Xunhua, who was at the side, was shocked. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to obtain information using this method. He couldn’t help but admit that this method was easy to use. This was because an Undead wouldn’t lie to its master.

Hua Wushang talked for several hours before Zhao Hai took him away. Actually, Zhao Hai didn’t get any substantial information from Hua Wushang. He was a disciple of the Hundred Flowers Valley and was captured by the Heavenly Demons. Then after using a secret technique, he became a Heavenly Demon before being sent back to the Great World of Cultivation to wait for the Heavenly Demon Realm’s invasion. Then when the Heavenly Demon Realm invades, he would provide them with information about the Great Realm of Cultivation. At the same time, the Heavenly Demons told him that there was another Heavenly Demon Realm spy beside the Valley Master of the Hundred Flowers Valley. And this spy is called the Dark Flower.

After taking Hua Wushang away, Zhao Hai transformed and took Hua Wushang’s form. This Hua Wushang wasn’t any different compared to the real one. The aura and appearance were completely the same.

Li Xunhua stared at this Hua Wushang. ‘Hua Wushang’ turned to Li Xunhua and said, “How is it? Are there any flaws?”

Li Xunhua shook his head unconsciously. Then he quickly sobered up. He was clearly astonished that Zhao Hai was able to become Hua Wushang. The accuracy was terrifyingly perfect.

Zhao Hai looked at Li Xunhua and then said, “Good. I’ll be using Hua Wushang’s status. Then we’ll both use our identities to tell the other sects about the Hundred Flowers Valley’s plan to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. At the same time, we’ll lead a rebellion. We’re going to push everyone to join the Black Tiger Gang.

At this point, Li Xunhua could be considered a member of the Black Tiger Gang. Although he didn’t say that he would join, Li Xunhua knew that he didn’t have any choice. Moreover, he thought that there was no problem joining the Black Tiger Gang. The Hundred Flowers Valley was going to be ruined soon, so he might as well leave. 

Therefore, Li Xunhua didn’t oppose Zhao Hai’s plan. He nodded and said, “Alright, but you already told the nine super sects that the Hundred Flowers Valley has surrendered to the Heavenly Demons. Wouldn’t they disagree if you swallow the Hundred Flowers Valley?”


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