BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1851


Chapter 1851 – Heavenly Demon Realm’s Plan

Li Xunhua stood on the Hundred Flowers Palace as he reported his bitter experience in the Black Tiger Gang to the Valley Master. After talking about what happened, Li Xunhua finalized, “It’s impossible for the Black Tiger Gang and the Freedom Alliance to help up. Even if we block the Heavenly Demons, we would still be chased down by the Black Tiger Gang. After all, it was Zhao Hai who said that. With his status, his words are equal to the Black Tiger Gang’s.”

The Valley Master had an ugly expression on his face. The women by his side have already been driven away. He didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would know their schemes. No wonder Zhao Hai wasn’t affected by the Valley Master’s treatment of him. As it turns out, the Valley Master was just a monkey playing tricks in Zhao Hai’s eyes.

Thinking of this, the Valley Master’s complexion turned black. But in the end, he was still the Valley Master, he was experienced and scheming. After some time, he said, “What do you think about our situation? How should we deal with it?”

Li Xunhua smiled bitterly as he shook his head. He never imagined that Zhao Hai, who was just a genius junior in his eyes, had become a powerful influence in the entire Great Realm of Cultivation. He even had the strength to fight against the nine super sects.

The pinnacle of the Great Realm of Cultivation were naturally the immortal experts. And now, Zhao Hai has more than 1000 of them under his control. Such fighting strength was terrifying. The nine super sects had to gather all their immortal experts to reach the same number. Therefore, it wasn’t wrong to say that Zhao Hai could fight against the nine super sects.

Faced with a powerhouse like Zhao Hai, what can the Hundred Flowers Valley do? They simply have no way to deal with it. And just like Li Xunhua said, they still have to deal with the Heavenly Demons. The incoming armies weren’t easy to defend against. These Heavenly Demons weren’t any weaker than the nine super sects. 

Lu Xunhua understood how useless plots and schemes were in front of absolute strength. He couldn’t help but feel weak. The Hundred Flowers Valley made all kinds of calculations. But upon facing an overwhelming enemy, they found that all these calculations were useless.

The Valley Master looked at Li Xunhua’s expression and knew that he had no ideas. The Valley Master thought about it for a while and then said, “Now that the nine super sects are cold to each other, it would be impossible for them to return to their previous state. I’m afraid they don’t have the capacity to help us. As for the Black Tiger Gang, hmph. They’re dreaming if they want us to turn to them.”

Li Xunhua opened his mouth but was unable to say anything. To be honest, he wanted to turn to the Black Tiger Gang. He was aware how strong the Black Tiger Gang was. If the Hundred Flowers Valley went under the Black Tiger Gang, they would become protected. But looking at the Valley Master, it seems like there’s no way for this to happen.

Li Xunhua also understood the Valley Master. The Valley Master was a talented leader. Although the Hundred Flowers Valley didn’t expand under his control, he was able to protect the valley from the Myriad Demon Sect’s pressure. However, the Valley Master had a weakness, he was extremely arrogant. In his eyes, it was his right to be worshipped by everyone. His words were an imperial decree. Whoever dares ignore him would be damned.

Because of this character, he was extremely stubborn and wouldn’t listen to anyone’s words. This wasn’t good for the Hundred Flowers Valley, especially at this time.

The Valley Master might have asked Li Xunhua for his opinion, but that was just a symbolic question. If Li Xunhua said something that opposed the Valley Master’s thoughts, then the Valley Master wouldn’t listen. 

Li Xunhua just looked at the Valley Master who was silent and had closed his eyes. Li Xunhua knew that the Valley Master was thinking. This wasn’t the right time to disturb him. Therefore, Li Xunhua just patiently stood in place and waited.

After some time, the Valley Master opened his eyes. He seems to have thought of something. Li Xunhua’s heart couldn’t help but move. This was a crucial moment for the Hundred Flowers Valley. If they couldn’t survive this ordeal, then it might be the end of the Hundred Flowers Valley. Although Li Xunhua has some opinions regarding the Valley Master, he still hoped that the Valley Master could find a way to get out of their current situation.

The Valley Master looked at Li Xunhua and then said, “We’re going to surrender to the Heavenly Demons!”

Boom! Li Xunhua felt that his head exploded upon hearing the words of the Valley Master. He couldn’t help but be dizzy with shock. He didn’t expect the Valley Master to think of such a thing.

After some time, Li Xunhua recovered. Then he said, “Valley Master, we cannot do that! We should consider what would happen to us once the nine super sects and the Freedom Alliance finds out. Moreover, we still aren’t sure if the Heavenly Demons would accept us. The Valley Master should have seen how they treat cultivators. We absolutely cannot surrender to the Heavenly Demons!”

The Valley Master looked at Li Xunhua, then he coldly snorted and said, “We can’t surrender to the Heavenly Demons? Then where should we go? The Black Tiger Gang?”

Li Xunhua no longer held back, “Valley Master, please reconsider. Even if we join the Black Tiger Gang, it’s still better than siding with the Heavenly Demon Realm. If we surrender to the Heavenly Demons, we would become the number 1 enemy of the Great Realm of Cultivation.”

The Valley Master harrumphed, “Enough! I have made up my mind. Go and make preparations.”

Li Xunhua knelt down and pleaded, “Valley Master, please change your mind. If you side with the Heavenly Demon Realm, the dao of the Hundred Flowers Valley will be broken!”

The Valley Master waved his hand and sent Li Xunhua flying ten meters back. Li Xunhua vomited a bit of blood. It was clear that he had been injured. The Valley Master’s gaze turned cold as he said, “Stop wasting my time. This is the matter I have settled on. Get out of here!”

Li Xunhua pushed himself up and vomited blood. He looked at the Valley Master one more time before leaving. Looking at Li Xunhua’s back, the Valley Master coldly snorted and said, “Watch him, see what he plans to do.”

A voice was heard from the shadows, “Yes.”

Li Xunhua left the Hundred Flowers Palace and then returned to his residence to eat several healing pills. His injuries weren’t very heavy. The Valley Master doesn’t really want to kill him, so a few pills was enough to heal most of the injury. But Li Xunhua didn’t stay for very long inside his residence. He left and then went to the transmission formation. After changing the coordinates, he disappeared in a flash of white light.

At this time, in the Hundred Flowers Palace, the Valley Master asked, “Where did he go?”

The shadow replied, “He went to Hua Wushang. It seems like he wants to discuss the matter with him.”

The Valley Master replied, “It’s good that he went there. Send a letter to Wushang. Tell him to hold Li Xunhua down. Don’t let him ruin our plan” The shadow answered and then disappeared.

Li Xunhua did indeed look for Hua Wushang. He wanted to convince Hua Wushang to oppose the Valley Master’s decision with him. Hua Wushang now has the army in his control. As long as Hua Wushang tells this news to the other sects, Li Xunhua believes that the other sects would protest. At that time, Hua Wushang can unite with everyone and force the Valley Master to change his mind. Although the Valley Master would certainly hold a grudge, this loss was better compared to the bleak future that the Hundred Flowers Valley might face.

Li Xunhua appeared on the Hundred Flowers Alliance’s base. Then he rushed towards Hua Wushang’s residence. But in his rush, Li Xunhua didn’t notice a sword flying out of the transmission formation and heading towards Hua Wushang’s residence.

When he arrived at Hua Wushang’s residence, Li Xunhua was warmly welcomed. Hua Wushang cupped his first and said, “Senior Brother Li, you’re here? Didn’t you go to the Black Tiger Gang to ask for reinforcements? What happened?”

Li Xunhua smiled bitterly and said, “Let’s go in and talk.” Then he walked into the cave residence. Hua Wushang followed closely behind. His eyes flashed a different light.

Once the two were inside the residence, Hua Wushang offered Li Xunhua a glass of liquor. Upon receiving the cup, Li Xunhua sighed and said, “Wushang, the Valley Master has gone crazy. He actually wants to surrender to the Heavenly Demons. I came to tell you hoping that you would contact the other sects. We need to stop the Valley Master’s decision.”

“Why should I prevent the Valley Master’s decision? He made the right choice. It’s right that the Lord has sent someone to his side. After so long, the plan has finally come into fruition.” Hua Wushang swirled the wine glass in his hand. However, his words caused Li Xunhua to be stunned.

Li Xunhua stared at Hua Wushang. Then his complexion changed as he said, “Wushang, what are you saying?”

Hua Wushang looked at Li Xunhua, then he laughed as he said, “Li Xunhua, Li Xunhua. Are you really stupid? You don’t understand what I’m saying? Alright, let me explain it to you. During the last Heavenly Demon Trial, all of us were thrown to the Heavenly Demon Realm to be chased down and killed. Just as I was going to be killed, it was my lord that saved me. Then the lord sent me back to the Hundred Flowers Valley to coordinate with the plan of the Heavenly Demon Realm.”

“You’ve been living without knowing that there’s a hidden force behind the Valley Master called the Dark Flower. The Valley Master thought that Dark Flower was left behind by the past Valley masters. But he didn’t know that Dark Flower is from the Heavenly Demon Realm. Now, Dark Flower has gained the Valley Master’s trust and changed his view on the Heavenly Demons. It’s because of this that the Valley Master can say that we’ll surrender to the Heavenly Demons. How could foolish cultivators like you understand the plans of the lord.”

“Once the Hundred Flowers Valley surrenders to the Heavenly Demons, the Heavenly Demons would treat them well so that they can see how generous the Heavenly Demons are. When the time comes, their resistance would weaken. Then the Heavenly Demon would officially establish a foothold in the Great Realm of Cultivation.”

“Li Xunhua, a good show is about to happen. Unfortunately, you won’t be there to see it.”


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