BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1849


Chapter 1849 – Asking For Reinforcements Once More

Zhao Hai scanned the room with his gaze before he smiled and said, “Everyone, don’t you think that it’s a waste to have all of those immortal-level Undead? I’ll give you two days to prepare. After two days, we’re going to attack Mo Like’s army. It’s time to drive them back.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, everyone in the hall cheered. Although the first army always held the winning side during their battles against Mo Like, having a Heavenly Demon Army right opposite them was still a huge pressure. After all, the enemy has 5 million people while they only had 3 million.

For a long time, the people in the first army dreamt of defeating Mo Like’s army and driving them out. However, they always thought that it would remain as a dream. They were clear how many troops the Freedom Alliance could dispatch. All of the troops were already sent out. It would take a very long time for them to repel the Heavenly Demon Army.

However, they didn’t think that this dream would come true this soon. Now they had a good chance of attacking the Heavenly Demons and repelling them for good.

Seeing that everyone was cheering, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Alright, all of you go back and take a rest. Inform your subordinates to recover in the next two days. After that, we’ll begin our attack.” Everyone complied, then they cupped their fists towards Zhao Hai before leaving.

Looking at their departing backs, Zhao Hai muttered, “Two days. Heavenly Demons, I’m giving you two days to retreat. If you didn’t use this opportunity to run away, then you can’t blame me for being impolite.”

Right, the two day period wasn’t for the cultivators to recover, it was for Mo Like to retreat. If they didn’t retreat within these two days, then Zhao Hai would attack them.

Zhao Hai wasn’t benevolent. He wasn’t against killing Heavenly Demons. He also wants to drive the Heavenly Demons back to their realm. But if the Heavenly Demons could take down the nine super sects on the way, then that would be perfect.

There’s also another reason, Zhao Hai was afraid of losing his immortal-level Undead. Not only were the immortal-level Undead increasing Zhao Hai’s strength, they also provided a huge amount of faith power. Therefore, Zhao Hai doesn’t want to lose any of his Undead.

Zhao Hai believes that Mo Like has received information about what happened in the second army. No matter how little someone’s brain was, they should understand what needs to be done. It must be known that Zhao Hai didn’t only release 1000 immortal-level Undead, there’s also a large number of Undead that were below the immortal stage.

Zhao Hai wants the Heavenly Demons to understand that the Freedom Alliance’s strength wasn’t any worse than theirs. If they still dared to attack the Freedom Alliance, then the battle would become ugly.

And just as Zhao Hai thought, Mo Like already received information about the second army. Upon knowing that the attack on the second army had failed, Mo Like’s expression turned dark. He understood that the Freedom Alliance had hidden its strength well.

Mo Like immediately sent word to the high-level figures of the Heavenly Demon Realm, asking for what to do next. He knew that it was no longer safe for his army to stay in this place.

Actually, the Heavenly Demons were a little confused at this time. They didn’t know what happened. How did the weak Freedom Alliance suddenly turn into a man-eating tiger? This caught them completely off-guard.

Although Heavenly Demons thrived in war, they weren’t stupid enough to keep fighting the Freedom Alliance knowing that they can’t win. 

The Heavenly Demons were now aware that they couldn’t annoy the Freedom Alliance. The immortal Undead of the Freedom Alliance were commanded by one person. Although the nine super sects have more immortal experts, these experts didn’t belong to one sect or one person.

Additionally, no matter how many you kill, the Heavenly Demons would still suffer if they fought against the Undead. If you kill an Undead, then that would be a loss of one Undead. Meanwhile, if your side was killed, then that was a true loss of a person. Such a loss was something the Heavenly Demons couldn’t bear.

What the Heavenly Demons were most afraid of was the Freedom Alliance cruelly sacrificing their immortal experts to perish together with the immortal Heavenly Demons. Such an unfair loss was something nobody wanted.

Because of this thought, the Heavenly Demons reconsidered how they should treat the Freedom Alliance. After all, they weren’t ignorant of the Great Realm of Cultivation’s affairs.

The Heavenly Demons made a lot of preparations before attacking the Great Realm of Cultivation. However, they didn’t consider the variable that was Zhao Hai. Because of him, the Black Tiger Gang underwent heaven-shaking changes. This influenced the Heavenly Demon Realm’s attitude towards the Freedom Alliance.

Zhao Hai didn’t guess incorrectly. The Heavenly Demons did indeed have some spies in the Great Realm of Cultivation. Moreover, these spies held substantial status in various sects. Because of this, the Heavenly Demons marked the Freedom Alliance as a soft persimmon. Who would have thought that this soft persimmon was in fact a stone painted with red. When the Heavenly Demons bit, it was their teeth that were crushed.

Fortunately, there were other soft persimmons in the Great Realm of Cultivation. If the Freedom Alliance couldn’t be touched, then they could just shift their gazes towards other sects. After considering their gains and losses, the Heavenly Demons made up their mind to withdraw from the Freedom Alliance.

The day after Zhao Hai repelled the Heavenly Demon Army, the two Heavenly Demon Armies facing the Freedom Alliance withdrew. Instead, these two armies advanced towards the Hundred Flowers Alliance.

It was also on this day that Zhao Hai’s 1000 immortal level Undead army became widespread news in the entire Great World of Cultivation. This news caused the realm to explode.

Like what the Heavenly Demons thought, although the nine super sects held more immortal experts, these immortal experts didn’t belong entirely to one sect. All of these experts were divided between the nine sects. Together, the nine sects were just able to amass 1000 immortal experts. Knowing that Zhao Hai alone had 1000 immortal level Undead, the nine super sects weren’t able to sit still.

Afterwards, information spread that Zhao Hai’s Undead were obtained from a subspace. And the reason for his discovery of the subspace was the Heavenly Sect. If the Heaven Sect didn’t scheme against him and sent him to the subspace, he wouldn’t have acquired his immortal-level army.

This news caused the Heaven Sect to spit out blood. At the same time, the other sects suspected the Heaven Sect. It must be known that there had been a few sect experts who mysteriously disappeared after going through the Heaven Sect’s transmission formations. Therefore, how could they not suspect the Heaven Sect about this matter?

The experts that vanished in the Heaven Sect’s transmission formations didn’t only involve those from the small sects, there were also experts from the nine super sects that disappeared. All at once, the mood between the nine super sects became heavy.

Naturally, the most anxious people in the Great World of Cultivation were those in the Hundred Flowers Alliance. Firstly, there were two Heavenly Demon Armies heading towards them. And secondly, they were beginning to doubt themselves.

The Hundred Flowers Valley was aiming to get the position of the Myriad Demons Sect and dominate the entire Northern Divergent Province. Because of this, they fought against the Myriad Demons Sect and then hid their strength to scheme against the Freedom Alliance. But when it became known that Zhao Hai held 1000 immortal-level Undead, the people of the Hundred Flowers Valley immediately knew that they had lost against the Freedom Alliance and the Black Tiger Gang.

When the Heavenly Demon Armies from the Freedom Alliance charged towards the Hundred Flowers Alliance, Li Xunhua immediately arrived at the Black Tiger Gang’s base. He has only one goal in coming, and that was to ask for reinforcement!

This request wasn’t to exhaust the strength of the Freedom Alliance like last time. Li Xunhua was truly asking for help. They knew that the Hundred Flowers Alliance couldn’t stop the incoming Heavenly Demon Armies.

Originally, the Hundred Flowers Alliance asked for reinforcements from the nine super sects. However, the mood between the nine super sects wasn’t going very well. There simply was no time for them to care about the Hundred Flowers Valley. Therefore, the Hundred Flowers Alliance could only ask for help from the Freedom Alliance.

However, the Black Tiger Gang became very hard to talk to. When Li Xunhua arrived, he was escorted to a small meeting room and was made to wait for two hours. If it was normal times, Li Xunhua wouldn’t have minded a two-hour wait. But at this time, this two-hour wait was torture for Li Xunhua. He walked restlessly back and forth in the room with a worried frown on his face.

Li Xunhua was wondering if he had offended the Freedom Alliance. But after thinking for a long time, he couldn’t come up with anything. Although they made small moves against Zhao Hai, all of it was concealed. It should be impossible for them to be discovered.

Just as Li Xunhua’s patience was about to run out, footsteps were heard from outside. Upon seeing the person coming over, Li Xunhua’s expression lit up. This was because the person who arrived was Zhao Hai.

Li Xunhua didn’t dare neglect his greetings. He immediately cupped his fist to Zhao Hai and said, “I have seen Mister Zhao Hai. Let me first congratulate Mister Zhao Hai for his increase in strength. It’s a matter worth celebrating.”

Zhao Hai looked at Li Xunhua, then he smiled faintly and said, “Mister Li is too polite. Mister, please take a seat and let’s talk.” 

Looking at Zhao Hai’s attitude, Li Xunhua couldn’t help but relax. Then he sat down and then said, “Mister, I’m here once more to ask for help. The Hundred Flowers Alliance couldn’t defend against the incoming Heavenly Demons.”

Zhao Hai looked at Li Xunhua. Then he gave a cruel grin as he said, “Help you? That’s impossible. Even if the Heavenly Demons didn’t deal with you, I will. You have lived long enough.”


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