BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1847


Chapter 1847 – Huge Mistake

Mo Like stood on his large artifact and looked calmly at the front. On his side were several Heavenly Demons. Each one of them had huge bodies and their killing aura was dense.

One of the Heavenly Demons turned towards Mo Like and said, “Lord Mo, are we just going to attack Zhao Hai’s first army? Why don’t we go all out and destroy them all?”

Mo Like kept looking in front of him for some time, then he said, “Sha Li, it’s not that I don’t want to do that, it’s just I can’t. You haven’t faced Zhao Hai before, so you don’t know how terrifying he is. As long as we can keep Zhao Hai here and prevent him from helping the second army, that would be our greatest win. Once the second army is destroyed, Zhao Hai’s first army would be dealt with next. As long as we have enough people, the first army wouldn’t be able to do anything.”

Hearing Mo Like, Sha Li couldn’t help but stare. He knew how arrogant Mo Like was. Although he was only at the transcending tribulation stage, it was said that as long as he had time, he would definitely reach the immortal level. More importantly, Mo Like was known for his talent for command. With his own ability, Mo Like was able to turn his sect from a low-level sect to a medium-level sect. Moreover, among the medium-level sects, Mo Like’s sect was among the most domineering ones.

It can be said that Mo Like was a living legend. There were high expectations of Mo Like’s army when the invasion started. But who would have thought that Mo Like’s army wouldn’t even get a small achievement? This was unexpected for the Heavenly Demons.

So upon hearing Mo Like’s words, Sha Li felt more surprised. Mo Like attached so much importance to his opponent. Was Zhao Hai really that strong?

At this moment, Sha Li discovered a huge starry sky suddenly appearing in front of them.

While Sha Li was wondering what was going on, he heard Mo Like, “Everyone, get ready to fight! Immortal Experts, hold. Large artifacts, approach the enemy formation slowly. But don’t get too close. Be careful of being swallowed. Army, prepare to attack!”

A series of orders came out of Mo Like’s mouth. With clear orders being sent out, the entire army moved. And before long, it was ready to attack.

Sha Li stared at Mo Like’s army. He just came from the frontlines to send news. He saw the Heavenly Demon Army that was facing the Heaven Sect. But compared to Mo Like’s army, that army was just a group of stragglers. Mo Like’s army was one united war machine.

What’s more terrifying was that this army was being stopped by another army. So how powerful was the opposite army? Sha Li couldn’t imagine it.

Before long, Mo Like’s army moved. The troops bypassed the starry skies and charged towards the army behind it. Meanwhile, the large artifacts were roaming the periphery of the starry sky.

Sha Li followed Mo Like and paid attention to his expression from time to time. He found that Mo Like had a serious expression on his face. It can even be said that Mo Like was nervous. This caused Sha Li to be more curious.

At this moment, an army appeared in front of Sha Li. It was an army of cultivators. When he saw this army, Sha Li couldn’t help but stare. He also saw the Heaven Sect’s army. If the Heavenly Demon Army facing them were a group of stragglers, then compared to the army in front of him, the Heaven Sect’s army was a clump of loose sand. 

The army in front of Sha Li was very different. They were very neat and tidy. Everyone had already revealed their dao avatars. Dao avatars with the same properties were grouped together, which gave people the feeling of distinction. The look of harmony and unity informed those who were watching that this was a strong army.

Upon seeing this army of cultivators, Sha Li finally understood why Mo Like was very serious. As soon as Mo Like’s army attacked, the other party were already prepared to welcome them.

Sha Li also discovered the difference between this army and the other armies of the Great Realm of Cultivation. When meeting the Heavenly Demons, other armies would step back and become turtles that withdrew to their shells. They wouldn’t take the opportunity to attack. However, the army in front of him were actually fighting back. This was a cultivator army that Sha Li hadn’t seen before.

The two armies soon came into contact. The battle that ensued surprised Sha Li even more. He found that the cultivator army wasn’t any weaker than Mo Like’s army. There were even times where multiple Heavenly Demons were sacrificed to kill just one cultivator.

Mo Like has no time to care about Sha Li right now. He could confirm that Zhao Hai was fighting him. Only Zhao Hai has such tactics. Now Mo Like hopes that he could keep Zhao Hai here. This way, the second army would be destroyed.

While all of this was happening, the second army was also under attack. The Heavenly Demon Army opposite the second army pressed forward to attack. The second army was also prepared to defend.

Then at this moment, a thousand shadows suddenly flew out of the Heavenly Demon Army. Each one of these figures held a heaven-shaking aura. Naturally, they were immortal experts.

Li Kuangge was prepared to defend against the enemy. But when the immortal experts appeared, Li Kuangge’s expression turned to despair.

Li Kuangge wasn’t a fool. After gaining experience, he could be considered as a decent commander. So he knew what was going on when he saw the immortal experts.

He heard that the nine super sects sent a large number of immortal experts to fight against the Heavenly Demons. The Heavenly Demons also answered with even more immortal experts. When he heard the news, Li Kuangge was shocked. He even regretted that he couldn’t see immortal experts fight against each other.

But upon seeing the immortal-level Heavenly Demons appearing, Li Kuangge understood their plan. The Heavenly Demons want to erase the Freedom Alliance. This added more to Li Kuangge’s despair. The Freedom Alliance doesn’t seem to have the power to stop the Heavenly Demons.

Li Kuangge knew that the Freedom Alliance has been consolidated and had become a true alliance. The Giant Axe Sect also became a branch hall of the alliance. But this has no influence on Li Kuangge. He thought that this was better for the alliance. Being more united meant that they could use more of their strength.

However, Li Kuangge didn’t think that he would be facing the initial brunt of the Heavenly Demon Realm’s attack. He would be the beginning of the Freedom Alliance’s destruction.

Li Kuangge loudly commanded, “Retreat! Rely on the defensive formations to defend! All immortal experts retreat first. Others will give you an opportunity to get away. Quick!”

The decision made by Li Kuangge was the best one. At this time, it was simply impossible for the second army to stop the attack of the Heavenly Demons. The best thing to do was for the immortal experts to retreat and join with the other experts of the alliance. If they stayed here to fight, they would just be slaughtered. This would only reduce the Freedom Alliance’s chances of survival.

Just as Li Kuangge issued this order, he suddenly heard someone, “Army commander, please wait. I have things to say.” Li Kuangge turned his head and saw Hu Huaqian.

Hu Huaqian arrived right next to Li Kuangge and said, “Army Commander, I have something to say. A few days ago, Senior Brother Zhao Hai arrived at the second army. He already guessed that the Heavenly Demons are going to attack the second army with their immortal experts. Please don’t panic. Have everyone line up. Leave the rest to Senior Brother Zhao.”

Li Kuangge stared, then his expression changed as he said, “Mister Zhao Hai has come? But Huaqian, there’s more than 1000 immortal Undead in front of us. Even if Mister Zhao is here, what can he do?”

“Haha. We’ll see how strong the Heavenly Demons are. If they aren’t strong enough, then they can stay here forever.” 

Li Kuangge turned his head and discovered a cultivator suddenly appearing beside him. This cultivator was wearing black clothing and looked ordinary. This person was smiling as he looked at the approaching immortal-level Heavenly Demons.

Li Kuangge recognized that this person was Zhao Hai. So he cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Mister Zhao Hai.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I have seen Mister Li. Now is not the time for us to talk. Let’s wait until I get rid of those guys.” After he said that, he appeared in front of the second army and then he waved his hand. Before long, a thousand Undead appeared next to him. All of these Undead were wearing armor and had spears and halberds in their hands. They looked like soldiers of the mortal realms instead of cultivators.

However, when these people appeared, one could feel a heaven-shaking aura coming from them. These 1000 people were actually at the immortal-stage.

Li Kuangge stared at Zhao Hai. He didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would have so many immortal-level Undead. It was terrifying to think about.

The immortal-level Heavenly Demons were also surprised. All of them immediately stopped as they looked at Zhao Hai warily. To be honest, even if they had reached the immortal-level, this was the first time these people saw Undead that had the aura of the immortal stage. Therefore, they couldn’t help but be more careful.

Seeing the Heavenly Demons stop, Zhao Hai said, “Commander of the Heavenly Demon Army, please come out to speak.”

An elderly Heavenly Demon came out of the army. This elder was also at the immortal-stage. Looking at Zhao Hai, the Heavenly Demon replied, “Are you Zhao Hai?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I am indeed Zhao Hai. I didn’t expect that you would really come here. Haha. It seems like you really think that the Freedom Alliance is a soft persimmon. But that’s alright. We’ll use your mistake to spread the name of the Freedom Alliance to the entire Great Realm of Cultivation.”

The elder Heavenly Demon coldly snorted and said, “You talk big. Are you depending on the Undead beside you? Although I don’t know why your Undead gives out the aura of the immortal stage, it’s impossible for Undead to be as strong as immortal experts. To think that you’re trying to deceive us with this method, it’s truly disappointing. To think that the famous Zhao Hai of the Great World of Cultivation would be this mediocre.”

When he heard this, Zhao Hai laughed and replied, “There’s no need to play words with me. You haven’t seen Undead that are as strong as immortal experts? Then you will see soon enough. Let me tell you, attacking the Freedom Alliance is the biggest mistake you have made.” After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand. Hu Wei then commanded his troops to charge towards the immortal Heavenly Demons.

Hu Wei and the others also released their dao avatars. Their dao avatars mirrored their actual appearance. In Hu Wei’s hand was a huge glaive. The others also held their own weapons as their killing intent began to bubble up.

The combat method of Hu Wei’s army was different compared to average cultivators. Most cultivators would fight like individual warriors. Meanwhile, Hu Wei’s group acted like a real army. Their charge as well as their battle formation wasn’t chaotic at all. They were a true elite immortal-level army.

Seeing the attack that Zhao Hai sent towards them, the immortal-level Heavenly Demons couldn’t help but frown. Then they immediately released their dao avatars and charged forwards to meet the enemy.

When both sides clashed, the immortal-level Heavenly Demons were stunned. They discovered that Zhao Hai’s Undead was very powerful. Each one of these Undead has the strength of the immortal-stage. Moreover, they were stronger than average cultivators. And with the military nature of Hu Wei’s army, the Heavenly Demons were immediately at a disadvantage.

Such a result wasn’t expected by both armies. The Heavenly Demons didn’t expect that so many immortal-level Undead would appear all at once. Not only were they blocked by this Undead army, they were even pushed back. At the same time, the second army didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would block the enemy with his 1000 immortal-level Undead. Li Kuangge and the others couldn’t help but be stunned.

As the fight went on, casualties began to appear among the Heavenly Demons. All of the Heavenly Demons that were killed were immediately sent by Zhao Hai to the Space. However, he didn’t send those Undead out immediately. He was afraid that he might terrify the opposite party. 

Actually, Zhao Hai already frightened the Heavenly Demons. These immortal-level Heavenly Demons didn’t expect Zhao Hai to have formidable Undead. They couldn’t even block these Undead.

When the Heavenly Demon Army saw that their side was losing, their lines immediately became chaotic. They knew that if the immortal Heavenly Demons were defeated, they would be wiped out next. Therefore, the army began to slowly retreat.