BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1846


Chapter 1846 – Offense Slows Down

Hu Huaqian was a bit anxious as he stood near a transmission formation. This transmission formation was on a black tiger ship. The black tiger ships of the Black Tiger Gang had been modified by Zhao Hai. Other large artifacts couldn’t install transmission formation.

The transmission formation flashed with white light before a figure appeared. This person wore black robes and looked ordinary. 

Hu Huaqian was nervous when he saw Zhao Hai. So he hurriedly walked over and then cupped his fist as he said, “Senior Brother Zhao, welcome.”

Zhao Hai smiled at Hu Huaqian and then smiled and said, “Huaqian, why did you come here in person? Haha. Let’s go.”

Hu Huaqian complied and then led Zhao Hai back to the black tiger ship. Hu Huaqian didn’t dare to be rude towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s identity in the Black Tiger Gang was no less than Hu Liangchen. Meanwhile, compared to Zhao Hai, Hu Huaqian was a lot worse.

After the two sat down, Zhao Hai looked at Hu Huaqian and said, “I came in secret, so don’t tell anyone. If the Heavenly Demons didn’t attack the second army, then I’ll immediately return to the first army. There’s no need to take care of me. I’ll keep silent and won’t manage the second army. Just do as you always do.”

Hu Huaqian nodded and said, “Senior Brother can rest assured. I know what to do. Senior Brother should rest first. If I disappear for a long time, people might suspect me.” Zhao Hai nodded. Hu Huaqian cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai before leaving.

After Hu Huaqian left, Zhao Hai returned to the Space. Then he looked at the screen. The image currently displayed was the war between the nine super sects and the Heavenly Demons.

The nine super sects depended on the immortal experts from the Soaring Dragon Realm to deal with the Heavenly Demons. However, the Heavenly Demons weren’t easy to deal with. Although the nine super sects held the upper hand, the Heavenly Demons were prepared. Because of this, both sides were at a stalemate.

But this was a good thing for Zhao Hai. The battle between two sides caused a large number of casualties. More than 100 immortal experts had already been killed. Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t polite. All of these corpses were sent to the Space.

When both sides found that neither could take the upper hand, they retreated and the day’s battle was over. It has to be said, the decision of the Heavenly Demons to switch to a defensive stance was a brilliant move.

Zhao Hai let out a sigh. Then he changed the screen to the second army. Then he looked at Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, we need to monitor the nine super sects. Those guys are always up to no good. They might even attack us before the Heavenly Demons could.”

Cai’er smiled and said, “Young Master, don’t worry. Everything has already been arranged. They won’t have a chance.” Zhao Hai nodded, then he looked at the screen with a cold gaze. On the screen was the Heavenly Demon Army opposite the Freedom Alliance’s second army. This Heavenly Demon Army was more arrogant than Mo Like’s army. Sometimes, it would send teams to harass the second army.

Although Li Kuangge wasn’t as arrogant as before, his commanding ability was still quite lacking. The second army was still at a defensive state. They simply had no chance to attack. Compared to the Hundred Flowers Alliance, the second army was like the second brother.

After looking at the screen for some time, Zhao Hai was no longer interested. Today was the first time the immortal experts from the Soaring Dragon Realm and the Heavenly Demons clashed. Although both sides suffered losses, it hadn’t reached the point of breaking bones. Zhao Hai believed that the two sides would clash multiple times. After all, the nine super sects had been suppressing the fire in their heart. They needed somewhere to vent it out.

Because of this, Zhao Hai thinks that the nine super sects would be very aggressive. The Heavenly Demons would have a hard time resisting. Therefore, the Freedom Alliance would experience a period of peace. But it would be hard to tell how long this peace would last.

The Heavenly Demons came prepared, even taking the immortal experts from the Soaring Dragon Realm into account. They definitely wouldn’t give up so easily. Attacking the Freedom Alliance was only a matter of time. As long as the nine super sects reduced the intensity of their attack, they would definitely make a move on the Freedom Alliance.

Sure enough, as Zhao Hai thought, in the next few days the nine super sects and the Heavenly Demon Army fought time and time again. Although the nine super sects held the advantageous position, the Heavenly Demons were able to resist. 

The nine super sects expected that the Heavenly Demons would just fold over once the immortal experts from the Soaring Dragon Realm arrived. However, they didn’t expect the Heavenly Demons to effectively fight back. This caused the nine super sects to be flustered.

With their expectations subverted, the nine super sects became chaotic. This slowed their attacks. Upon seeing this, Zhao Hai’s heart turned tight. He knew that another play was coming.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid. The previous battles between the nine super sects and the Heavenly Demons had killed 500 immortal experts. Therefore, Zhao Hai now had more than 1500 immortal experts in the Space. Such strength was enough for him to look down on other sects.

Zhao Hai wasn’t idling either during this time. From time to time, he would show his face in the first army to make Mo Like think that he was still there. However, he was actually inside the Space all this time. Naturally, for the Black Tiger Gang, they thought that Zhao Hai was in the second army.

The consolidation of the Freedom Alliance was also going very smoothly. Most of the sects in the alliance decided to stay. They immediately became branch halls. Meanwhile, the Black Tiger Gang became the leader of the alliance and the central hall.

However, there were still some sects that had been destroyed by the Black Tiger Gang. Naturally, the Black Tiger Gang also had a reason to destroy these sects. They produced evidence pointing that these small sects were spies from the nine super sects. This connection might not be a big deal during normal times, after all even the Freedom Alliance has contact with the nine super sets. However, having contact with the nine super sects during this time could not be justified. Moreover, they were sending crucial information to the nine super sects. The Black Tiger Gang couldn’t forgive this.

Naturally, the evidence was procured by Zhao Hai. The sects who stayed in the Freedom Alliance didn’t have any opinion about the Black Tiger Gang’s methods. They were already one solid group, and they also despised traitors.

In fact, the small sects couldn’t say anything right now. The Black Tiger Gang was just too strong. 

This didn’t mean that the small sects haven’t thought of uniting. However, they found that it wasn’t easy to be united. The Black Tiger Gang was now the biggest power in the Freedom Alliance, and it had no competitors. And if they leave the alliance and form their own alliance, then how would it work? Would they really establish an Elder’s Assembly? In that case, not to mention fighting the nine super sects, they wouldn’t even be able to defend against the Black Tiger Gang.

Because of this, the sects had to join the Freedom Alliance whether they liked it or not. Only in this way can their inheritance be passed on and their benefits guaranteed. For the small sects, it wasn’t a huge problem. In fact, they would still be controlled wherever they go. They wouldn’t even dare ignore the commands of the Myriad Demons Sect.

Moreover, the Black Tiger Gang pledged that they wouldn’t be overly controlling towards the sects. And they also showed that they were considerate towards them. The sects also noticed this. This convinced them to be consolidated into the Black Tiger Gang in order to resist the nine super sects. 

Another reason the Freedom Alliance was able to smoothly consolidate was related to the situation between the nine super sects and the Heavenly Demons. The nine super sects were still unable to repel the Heavenly Demons after several days. This caused the small sects to be disappointed at the nine super sects. And thinking about their benefits, they became more eager to join the Freedom Alliance.

Now that the offensive of the nine super sects have slowed down, the Freedom Alliance became tense. Everyone learned about Zhao Hai’s theory from Zhang Feng. They also knew that the Heavenly Demons would take advantage of this downtime to deal with the Freedom Alliance. If the Black Tiger Gang was correct, then joining the Freedom Alliance was the best choice. After all, the Black Tiger Gang had always been very strong against the Heavenly Demons.

As he sat in the Space, Zhao Hai looked at Cai’er and said, “Cai’er, how is it? Is there any movement from the other side?”

Cai’er shook her head and said, “There’s no movement yet. The Heavenly Demon Army opposite the second army has been very quiet. They even stopped their usual harassment. But this made it more probable that they would be attacking the second army.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He also understood what Cai’er meant. The Heavenly Demons wanted the second army to ease their vigilance by becoming silent. 

After looking at the screen, Laura turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Meanwhile, Mo Like has been more active these times. They might attack the first army and second army at the same time. One true attack and one fake. Mo Like would be the fake attack that would lure you. Then the majority of the immortal experts would come from the second army.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “That’s possible. If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t be an issue. In any case, the first army still has the great formation. With that in place, nobody would know that I’m not there.”


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