BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1843


Chapter 1843 – My Strength

Zhao Hai stared for a moment before he understood what Cai’er meant. The sects were building up their army. This means that the experts from the Soaring Dragon Realm are coming back. Zhao Hai could remember Hu Shan saying that the Soaring Dragon Realm was rich in spiritual qi. And with time going faster there, cultivating there would be faster.

Additionally, the Soaring Dragon Realm wasn’t a peaceful place. Fights occurred regularly. These immortal experts fight all the time. Therefore, those coming out of the Soaring Dragon Realm would have above average fighting strength.

If those experts return to the Great Realm of Cultivation and attack the Heavenly Demon Realm, the Heavenly Demons would certainly be in chaos. Then when the army of the super sects take action during this chaos, they would be able to easily deal with the Heavenly Demon Army. 

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “So it’s like this. The nine sects could no longer hold on and do it. I have to tell Senior Brother about this to make him prepare as soon as possible.”

After he said that, Zhao Hai took out a jade sword message and sent it to Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng should know what to do.

After sending the letter to Zhang Feng, Zhao Hai rested in the Space. He also checked on Hu Wei and the others. How much the Black Tiger Gang can benefit from the chaos would depend on Hu Wei’s army. These thousand or so immortal experts would certainly shock the nine super sects and the Heavenly Demon Realm.

When he received Zhao Hai’s letter, Zhang Feng was surprised. At the same time, he called for Hu Liangchen as well as Tie Zhantian who had returned from the second army.

Tie Zhantian wasn’t part of the second army. He just went there under Zhao Hai’s request. Now that the difficulties of the second army were resolved, he naturally returned to the Black Tiger Gang.

After inviting the two to his study, Zhang Feng took out Zhao Hai’s letter and showed it to them. Upon seeing the contents of the letter, Tie Zhantian looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Little Feng, what do you plan to do?”

Zhang Feng coldly snorted and said, “We’ll prepare with full power. The special team is now being formed. We need to finish it as soon as possible. If there’s a sect that refuses to accept it, the special team would act. As for the experts of the nine super sects, I think we should ask Little Hai to return and discuss it with him.”

Tie Zhantian and Hu Liangchen were naturally aware of the Soaring Dragon Realm. But because nobody from the Black Tiger Gang has been to the Soaring Dragon Realm in recent years, they don’t have someone to call back. So what the Black Tiger Gang needed to do right now was to prepare for the possible attack from the nine super sects.

Tie Zhantian nodded, “Little Hai gave us this information. This means that most of the preparation is done. What’s left for us to do is to prepare. The Black Tiger Gang now has a very strong army. Our biggest weakness is our number of immortal experts. Right now, the Black Tiger Gang only has me and the old turtle. And I only just entered the immortal stage. The experts coming back from the Soaring Dragon Realm will be the strongest immortal experts in the realm. But it seems like Little Hai is confident. I want to know what he’s planning. Little Feng, recall him as soon as he’s free. We need his opinion on this.”

Zhang Feng nodded, “I’ll quickly send a letter to Little Hai.” Then he took out a jade sword message and then released it.

Once Zhang Feng released the jade sword message, Hu Liangchen said, “There’s one more thing. I think we should tell the other sects about the Soaring Dragon Realm, especially the small sects. They should know about its existence. This way, they won’t be caught off-guard.”

Tie Zhantian hesitated for a moment, then he said, “We can tell them, but I’m afraid those guys won’t believe us. Instead, they would think that the Black Tiger Gang is trying to seize power.”

Zhang Feng knit his brows and said, “When the Hundred Flowers Valley made their move, I felt that something wasn’t going right. I think they’re preparing. The other sects need to know, otherwise the Freedom Alliance would disperse.”

Tie Zhantian frowned as well. The reason the Freedom Alliance has been able to exist for this long was because the Black Tiger Gang wasn’t very strong. Therefore, everyone had a say in any decision made. But this time, it has become a weakness. The Black Tiger Gang wasn’t strong enough, so the sects weren’t afraid of them. It would be difficult for the sect to achieve its goals. It’s even possible that the alliance would disperse.

At this time, a voice was heard from outside, “Zhao Hai asks to see the Gang Leader.”

Hearing Zhao Hai’s voice, Zhang Feng immediately said, “Little Hai, come in.” After he said that, Zhao Hai walked in.

Once Zhao Hai entered the room, he immediately gave a salute and said, “I have seen Martial Uncle Tie and Martial Uncle Hu.”

Tie Zhantian smiled and said, “Alright, now that you’re back, we need to discuss the action of the super sects. The Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t have a problem defending. However, if we want to protect the Freedom Alliance, it would be somewhat difficult. After all, the sect doesn’t have a lot of top-level experts.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “That’s not exactly true. We actually have a lot of top-level experts.”

Tie Zhantian stared, then he shook his head as he smiled bitterly and said, “I know you have some immortal-stage Undead. But compared to the nine super sects, that’s not enough.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Uncle Tie, your information is out of date. I don’t only have seven immortal-level Undead. In fact, when I fought against the Heavenly Demons, I was able to get a few more.”

“Last time when I went to the Heaven Sect, I was schemed by them and was sent to a subspace. Inside that subspace are a hundred thousand transcending tribulation stage Undead as well as about a thousand immortal-level Undead. At that time, because we still have to deal with the Heavenly Demons, I could only leave that place. Later on, I took the time to return there and captured all of the Undead. Now I have more than a thousand immortal-stage Undead in my hands. Hahaha. Uncle Tie, do you still think that we lack immortal-experts compared to the nine super sects?”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian couldn’t help but stare. Hu Liangchen and Zhang Feng also had blank expressions as they looked at Zhao Hai. More than a thousand immortal-level Undead. What kind of strength was this? It might be enough to sweep the entire Great Realm of Cultivation.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and then smiled, “Although we now have more than a thousand immortal-level Undead, I’m not going to expose them right away. The Great World of Cultivation has a lot of experts. Even our Freedom Alliance has about a hundred immortal experts. And even then, our alliance isn’t considered strong. Both the Myriad Demons Alliance and the Hundred Flowers Alliance are much more powerful than us. They have more immortal-experts. And with the immortal experts of the Soaring Dragon Realm returning, they would have even more immortal experts. If we reveal our strength early, then it would bring us no benefits.”

“I think we should use this opportunity to tell the other sects about what the nine super sects are doing. Then tell them that the Black Tiger Gang has preserved its strength, waiting for the proper opportunity to come. If they’re still willing to follow the Black Tiger Gang, then they can still be members of the Freedom Alliance. However, they have to accept us as the leader. If they don’t agree, then they can leave. Then they will be treated as enemies rather than friends in the future.”

Tie Zhantian, Hu Liangchen, and Zhang Feng finally recovered from their shock. They were people who had seen multiple grand scenes in their lives. They quickly calmed down and when they heard Zhao Hai, they immediately understood. What does this mean? Zhao Hai wanted to consolidate the Freedom Alliance and make it into one solid group. Those who want to leave the Freedom Alliance would naturally be treated as enemies. The Black Tiger Gang never knew what it meant to be polite to their enemy.

Tie Zhantian thought about Zhao Hai’s plan and found it feasible. The reason for this was Zhao Hai’s strength. Zhao Hai has more than a thousand immortal-level Undead in his control. This number is almost the same as the immortal experts of other alliances. But don’t forget, the members of the Freedom Alliance were small sects who didn’t have the strength to deal with the Black Tiger Gang. It was just right for the Black Tiger Gang to use this opportunity to consolidate the Freedom Alliance and make it into a tool of the sect.

Hu Liangchen and Zhang Feng were also thinking about Zhao Hai’s words. The Black Tiger Gang has shown a bit of its strength when fighting against the Heavenly Demons, it has been patiently enduring all this time. Now, they no longer need to hold back. It was about time to announce to the entire Great World of Cultivation that the Black Tiger Gang was a power that couldn’t be underestimated.

Thinking of this, Tie Zhantian felt his blood turn hot. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Alright, we’ll do it according to your plan. But before that, you should clean up the Heavenly Demon Army that’s opposite you. If we leave them be, they might cause unnecessary troubles for us. If you really have the strength that you’re saying, then it should be easy for you to deal with them.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need to rush. Do you think the Heavenly Demons aren’t prepared? Let the Heavenly Demons fight against the nine super sects first. Then we’ll make our move.”


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