BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1838


Chapter 1838 – Thousand-Hand Guanyin


A glaring sound was heard and everyone began to move. Scouts flew up in the air and saw another attack by the Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai, Hua Wushang, and Li Xunhua looked at the slowly approaching Heavenly Demon Army. The Heavenly Demons were still as arrogant as before. 

Behind the three, the Heavenly Flowers Alliance army prepared to meet the enemy. Then beside the Hundred Flowers Alliance Army was another smaller army composed of 150 thousand people. All of them were standing calmly. Although they weren’t strong, their line was neat and nobody made unnecessary moves.

These were the cultivators that came with Zhao Hai. After three days of training, they were looking a bit better than before. Although they were worse than what Zhao Hai would have wanted, at least they looked more like an army than the Hundred Flowers Alliance.

Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua looked at the Freedom Alliance Army and didn’t think that Zhao Hai could turn them into this after three days of training. This was surprising to them.

At this time, the Heavenly Demon Army began destroying the formations arranged by the Hundred Flowers Alliance. As before, the two sides performed an offense-defense play.

The Hundred Flowers Alliance Army sent their large artifacts out which removed the large artifacts of the Heavenly Demon Army. Then the army of Heavenly Demons began to rush in. Then both sides began to fight.

Zhao Hai also waved his hand when the Heavenly Demon Army rushed over. This gave the Freedom Alliance Army a signal to charge. They only had 150 thousand people, but they were further divided by Zhao Hai into smaller teams. The team leaders had communication tokens that Zhao Hai could use to transmit his orders.

Although Hua Wushang had been paying attention to the Hundred Flowers Alliance, he was also looking at Zhao Hai’s troops. He wanted to see how this weak army fares against the Heavenly Demons.

Hua Wushang didn’t care much about the battle between the Hundred Flowers Alliance and the Heavenly Demon Army. This was because he knew that the enemy wouldn’t go all out. Therefore, he had the free time to look at the Freedom Alliance Army.

Li Xunhua was also paying attention to Zhao Hai’s army. At this time, Zhao Hai went with the army and wasn’t with the two.

Before long, the Freedom Alliance Army came in contact with the Heavenly Demons. Naturally, Zhao Hai wouldn’t let his army clash head-on against the Heavenly Demons, that would be a death wish. Instead, he commanded his army to spin like a circular saw that kept rubbing against the edge of the Heavenly Demon Army.

When the troops of the Freedom Alliance brushed against the Heavenly Demon Army, the outermost part of the army began to use their dao avatars. Although these dao avatars didn’t have much form, they still held power in them.

In the first contact, hundreds of Heavenly Demons were killed while the Freedom Alliance lost dozens. It was a minor conflict. Naturally, this was the end. After the Freedom Alliance Army moved away from the enemies, it made some adjustments before charging over once more. Another hundred lives were taken away from the Heavenly Demons Army. Naturally, the price was another dozen or so cultivators.

Battle on such a small scale couldn’t catch the attention of the entire battlefield. However, Hua Wushang noticed it. He looked at the Freedom Alliance Army with the expression of surprise on his face.

He knew the strength of Zhao Hai’s troops. Even if they showed their dao avatars, Hua Wushang would still look down on them. This was because most of the dao avatars of Zhao Hai’s troops were beast avatars. Moreover, it was of the lowest wood-stage. 

But such an unremarkable army was able to clash two times against the Heavenly Demons and caused a 1 to 10 loss ratio. They already killed around a thousand Heavenly Demons while they only lost around a hundred.

Zhao Hai’s troops also attracted the attention of the Heavenly Demon ARmy. The commander of the Heavenly Demon Army was used to Hua Wushang’s defensive tactics. The appearance of the Freedom Alliance was a surprise. Naturally, the commander was able to notice them.

When he first saw the Freedom Alliance Army releasing their dao avatars, the commander didn’t care. In his opinion such strength couldn’t threaten the Heavenly Demon Army.

The reason the Heavenly Demon Commander paid attention to the Freedom Alliance Army was because he saw his army being shredded by these weak troops. His battles lately had been very boring. Hua Wushang and the others were constantly on defense. So even if he didn’t command the army, the troops would still know how to attack. He was expecting the Freedom Alliance Army to be immediately wiped out.

But after two clashes, the Heavenly Demon Commander was startled. He couldn’t understand what just happened. His army lost a thousand while the weak army paid a very small price.

Because of this, the Heavenly Demon Commander paid more attention to the Freedom Alliance Army. He wanted to know how this small and weak army was able to do it. At the same time, he issued an order for a hundred thousand troops to break away from the army and attack the Freedom Alliance Army.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile when he saw the army of Heavenly Demons rushing over. To be honest, he didn’t expect the commander of the other side to react so quickly.

However, Zhao Hai was already prepared. He was ready ever since he attacked the Heavenly Demons. He knew that the Heavenly Demons were different from cultivators. The Heavenly Demons have trained for a long time. In terms of combat or cooperation, a Heavenly Demon Army was much better than a Cultivator Army. Therefore, Zhao Hai thought that he would be ignored until he clashed with the enemy about three or five times. He didn’t expect the enemy to notice him after two attacks.

Seeing the enemy getting closer and closer, Zhao Hai immediately waved his hand. The Freedom Alliance Army quickly retreated. Although they were retreating, their line wasn’t chaotic.

The Heavenly Demon Army wouldn’t accept Zhao Hai’s retreat. They kept pursuing them. The two sides began to distance themselves from the main battlefield. When they reached about ten li away from the battlefield, the Freedom Alliance Army stopped. Then they began to get into formation to face the enemy.

Because they were in pursuit, the Heavenly Demon Army formation was very loose. Moreover, they were used to being overbearing. They didn’t treat Zhao Hai’s army seriously. Seeing that Zhao Hai stopped, the Heavenly Demons didn’t stop to form ranks. Instead, they continued to throw themselves towards Zhao Hai’s army. The Heavenly Demons were probably thinking that they would easily tear through the Freedom Alliance Army.

One side was prepared while the other was being arrogant. When the two sides clashed, the Heavenly Demon Army immediately suffered losses. Several hundred of them were killed.

However, both sides had a great difference in strength. The weakest of the Heavenly Demon Army was at the core formation stage. Moreover, Heavenly Demons at the core formation stage were stronger than cultivators on the same level. And with the majority of the Freedom Alliance Army being spirit forming cultivators, they naturally suffered losses upon clashing with the enemy. Although Zhao Hai used battle formations to mitigate some of the difference in strength, the difference was just too big. Casualties of the Freedom Alliance Army began to build up.

Naturally, the Heavenly Demons lost more people. The casualty rate between the two sides was 1 to 2. But it was slowly reaching a 1 to 1 ratio.

But no matter what, this result was already astounding. Hua Wushang and the Heavenly Demon Commander knew the level of Zhao Hai’s army. For such an army to incur such an even loss ratio came at a surprise to both sides.

The battles continued and the casualties of the Heavenly Demons were still increasing. At this time, the rate of loss between the two sides was 1 to 1.5. In other words, for every two Freedom Alliance deaths, they would take 3 Heavenly Demons with them. 

An hour passed by and the Freedom Alliance Army had lost 20 thousand troops, about 5000 of them were from the Black Tiger Gang. However, these people didn’t really die in battle. Using the jade talisman that Zhao Hai gave them, they were sent back to the Black Tiger Gang when they were about to die.

In this one hour, nearly half of the 100 thousand troops perished in battle. That was 50 thousand dead Heavenly Demons. Naturally, these dead Heavenly Demons were turned into Undead by Zhao Hai.

The death of these 50 thousand Heavenly Demons enraged the army commander. Since the start of the invasion, he has never lost this many troops. Moreover, it has always been the cultivators who suffered more. When was the last time the Heavenly Demons lost more troops than the cultivators? This was a shame, a huge humiliation!

Because of this thought, the Heavenly Demon Commander sent out another 200 thousand troop army to deal with Zhao Hai and the others. At the same time, large artifacts of the Heavenly Demon Army began to attack the large artifacts of the Hundred Flowers Valley.

Moreover, immortal experts began appearing from the Heavenly Demon Army. Although they didn’t make a move, the threat that they were spreading out was obvious. Immortal experts from the Hundred Flowers Alliance also came out. Immediately, the atmosphere of the battlefield became serious.

At this time, Hua Wushang no longer dared to be distracted by Zhao Hai’s situation. His attention was fully centered on the opposing Heavenly Demon Army. hua Wushang didn’t expect the Freedom Alliance Army to cause such a huge change in the battlefield. They were not only able to kill 50 thousand Heavenly Demons, they also caused the Heavenly Demons Commander to be enraged and mount a large-scale attack. This caught Hua Wushang off-guard.

When he saw the development of the Heavenly Demon Army, he immediately ordered his troops to retreat. At the same time, he started to make a move. This time, he didn’t use the Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades. Although the technique was very powerful, it was more suitable for small-scale battles. Even if he was outnumbered, Zhao Hai can use the Cosmic Stars Technique along with the Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades. But in battles involving hundreds of thousands of people, using the Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades wasn’t appropriate.

What Zhao Hai was planning to use was the thousand-hands Guanyin. Although the Thousand-hands Guanyin sounds like a Buddhist Technique and seemed to be defensive in nature, its strength was very huge. Most importantly, it had the widest scope among Zhao Hai’s techniques.

The Thousand-hand Guanyin was a combination of different dao avatars that Zhao Hai accumulated. Throughout his cultivation journey, Zhao Hai had accumulated multiple techniques. When using the Thousand-hand Guanyin, Zhao Hai could release all kinds of techniques at the same time. It can be said that Zhao Hai could use hundreds of techniques simultaneously. Moreover, each technique would hold great strength. Then once all of these attacks were concentrated, it could perform a wide-scale track. If this method was used in a solo battle, it would be easily broken. But if it was used in a battlefield, it could easily reach the back end of the army. It was enough to stop the opponent’s army.

With Zhao Hai’s order, the Freedom Alliance Army immediately retreated. The Heavenly Demons who fought against them didn’t give up despite losing half of their numbers. Instead, seeing their enemy retreating and reinforcements coming over, they charged forwards. It was as if they were sharks that sensed blood in the water.

At this time, Zhao Hai stood in front of the enemy. Then suddenly, a huge thousand-armed dao avatar appeared behind him. The Thousand-hand Guanyin opened its eyes as its arms began to form seals. Then multiple different techniques began to form on these arms.

The energy coming from the Thousand-hand Guanyin kept increasing. Before long, the qi turned into various beasts and ghosts. Then a huge attack rushed towards the incoming Heavenly Demon Army.

The Heavenly Demon Army stared. Those at the frontlines immediately stopped. This caused those at the back to stop as well.

The energy that Zhao Hai released wasn’t weak. Moreover, there weren’t a lot of transcending tribulation experts in the Heavenly Demon Army. Most of them were at the nascent soul and core formation stage. If they wanted to block Zhao Hai’s attack, they needed to brace themselves. Therefore, they all stopped.

Zhao Hai used his Thousand-hand Guanyin to block the 50 thousand Heavenly Demon Army while he retreated. At this moment, the Freedom Alliance Army had already returned to the rear of the Hundred Flowers Alliance.  


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