BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1836


Chapter 1836 – Forced To Act

Seeing Hua Wushang sigh, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. The Hundred Flowers Valley was planning on weakening the other sects yet Hua Wushang still has the audacity to sigh.

But after thinking about it, Zhao Hai realized that the Hundred Flowers Valley naturally wouldn’t make it known that they’re scheming towards the other sects. Hua Wushang’s sigh was just for Zhao Hai to see.

Zhao Hai also pretended to sigh, “We’ve been too careless. We thought that since we made our preparations, we wouldn’t have to worry about the Heavenly Demons. In the end, the Heavenly Demons were stronger than we expected. Additionally, the Black Tiger Gang is already weak. Although we took in a batch of rogue cultivators, the strength they gave to the sect isn’t something to talk about. Now I just hope that we can survive this crisis and slowly recover our strength. As long as we have time, we would be able to throw the Heavenly Demons back to their realm.”

Zhao Hai’s words caused Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua’s expressions to change. They found that Zhao Hai’s words didn’t only apply to the Heavenly Demons but to them as well.

They forgot that the Black Tiger Gang has recruited a lot of rogue cultivators. If the Black Tiger Gang was given time, these rogue cultivators would become stronger and stronger.

Thinking of this, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua felt that they should make best use of the time to deal with the Black Tiger Gang. If they allowed the Black Tiger Gang to grow, the consequences might be dire.

Although the two were thinking about this, they didn’t show it in their face. They continued to drink with Zhao Hai and chatted about the Heavenly Demons.

Zhao Hai knew what they were thinking upon seeing their appearance. However, Zhao Hai didn’t take it seriously. In fact, he said those words on purpose so that the Hundred Flowers Valley and the nine super sects would be unable to sit still. This way, they would be able to use all the cards in their hand to repel the Heavenly Demon Army as soon as possible.

Although it hasn’t been a long time since the Heavenly Demon invaded the Great Realm of Cultivation, Zhao Hai knew that the losses that the cultivators suffered were very heavy. But the low-level cultivators of the sects were practically left undamaged. The various sects would certainly have the same idea as the Black Tiger Gang. They all want to consume the vitality of the other sects in order to obtain greater benefits once the invasion ends.

Although Zhao Hai wants to consume the strength of the other sects, he doesn’t want to do that right now. With Hu Wei and his troops in his hands, there was no need to consume the strength of the other sects. He only needed to wait until the super sect showed their cards before cleaning them up.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to stimulate the Hundred Flowers Valley first. Then he would allow them to spread this information to the Myriad Demons Sect. Even if the other super sects didn’t respond, the Myriad Demons Sect would definitely take notice. Strictly speaking, of the super sects, only the Myriad Demons Sect has enmity with the Black Tiger Gang. If the strength of the Black Tiger Gang increases, it definitely wouldn’t be a good thing for the Myriad Demons Sect.

Although it was said that the Myriad Demons Sect have been trying to deal with the Hundred Flowers Valley, Zhao Hai knew that there were no eternal enemies in the world, especially to these super sects. If the Hundred Flowers Valley wants to develop in the Northern Divergent Province, the Myriad Demons Sect would be an obstacle that they needed to bypass.

The strength of the Myriad Demons Sect couldn’t be underestimated. The only way the Hundred Flowers Valley were able to survive against them was because they have smaller sects supporting them. 

But the situation now is different. The Heavenly Demon invasion has become a huge variable stirring up the powers of the Great Realm of Cultivation. If they want to get stronger, the Hundred Flowers Valley would certainly be willing to cooperate with the Myriad Demons Sect. Even if they don’t work directly with each other, they could still exchange resources with each other.

This was normal for Zhao Hai. Even the Freedom Alliance would still communicate with the Myriad Demons Sect and supply each other with resources. This was a special period because of the arrival of the Heavenly Demons. At this time, being isolated wasn’t a good idea. And for the Myriad Demons Sect and the others, they would deal with the Black Tiger Gang and other sects after the Heavenly Demons retreated. Before that, it would be beneficial for them to let the Black Tiger Gang and the other sects survive and absorb some of the attention of the Heavenly Demon Army.

Therefore, although there were multiple enmities in the Great World of Cultivation, the sects cooperated with each other in order to deal with the Heavenly Demon Armies.

In fact, if they can, the nine super sects wouldn’t use their trump cards. After all, once they voluntarily leave the Soaring Dragon Realm, the immortal experts wouldn’t be able to return. Among the immortal experts in the Great Realm of Cultivation, there were people who returned from the Soaring Dragon Realm and lost their qualifications to return. And if there’s a mass recall of immortal experts in the Soaring Dragon Realm, the Great World of Cultivation’s position would be affected.

Even if Zhao Hai doesn’t understand the thoughts of the super sects, he knew the stakes involved. Therefore, he wanted to force these sects to act and deal with the Heavenly Demons as soon as possible. This way, there would be less cultivators who would perish. This could be regarded as preserving the vitality of the realm.

After drinking wine with Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua for a while, Zhao Hai returned to his residence. When he arrived, the subcommander of the reinforcing army were waiting for him.

The two exchanged greetings. Then Zhao Hai looked at the subcommander and said, “Wan Zong, how’s everyone doing?”

Wan Zong smiled and said, “It’s doing great. After Senior Brother gave the jade card, they all understood what’s going on. Although they didn’t show it, their emotions have become very stable.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “After this war, we’ll be dealing with the nine super sects. We have to make preparations. Go back first. Don’t tell others about the jade card.”

Wan Zong smiled and said, “Senior Brother, you can rest assured. Everyone understands the Senior Brother’s efforts. Moreover, over the past year, the Black Tiger Gang was able to purge all of the spies inside the sect. I’m certain that nothing would leak out.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then waved his hand, allowing Wan Zong to retreat. At the same time, Zhao Hai took out a jade sword message and sent a letter to Zhang Feng. He was telling Zhang Feng about his thoughts and he also asked them to make early preparations.

At this time, Hua Wushang and Li Xunhua were discussing Zhao Hai’s words. Hua Wushang swirled his wine glass and said, “Zhao Hai’s words aren’t groundless. It makes sense. If the Black Tiger Gang recovers, then even the Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t find it easy to deal with them. Zhao Hai is a huge variable when considering the Black Tiger Gang’s strength. Although Zhao Hai is acting very polite, it’s still a fact that the Heavenly Demon Realm suffered heavy losses against him. This showed his great commanding ability. Senior Brother Li, do we have a way to deal with him?”

Li Xunhua shook his head and said, “If you don’t want to tear our relationship with the Black Tiger Gang, then you better not do it. You don’t understand how high Zhao Hai’s status is in the Black Tiger Gang. Even the current Gang Leader treats Zhao Hai as a brother. Ordinary disciples of the sect treat him as an idol. Most importantly, the Freedom Alliance’s first army is being commanded by Zhao Hai. With how many victories he brought the army, all of the cultivators there would definitely treat him with great respect. If something happens to Zhao Hai, the first army would certainly cause trouble. Then the Freedom Alliance would be finished. Once the Freedom Alliance disappears, the 7 million Heavenly Demon Army that they’re holding down would come to us. Then we would have no choice but to reveal our hidden troops. Lastly, and most importantly, Zhao Hai is very difficult to kill.”

Hua Wushang nodded, “Then we’ll put on hold our plans to kill him. However, we should inform the Valley Master about this. The Myriad Demons Sect as well. They definitely wouldn’t allow the Black Tiger Gang to gain strength.”

Li Xunhua nodded, “That’s true. The Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t just watch as the Black Tiger Gang gets stronger. Now that the Black Tiger Gang is at its weakest, it’s the perfect time to deal with them. If the Black Tiger Gang was given time to breathe, they could use the large amount of resources they acquired to cultivate the rogue cultivators. Then it would be really hard to say how strong the Black Tiger Gang would become. But by then, the Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t be able to easily deal with the Black Tiger Gang.”

Hua Wushang nodded. Then he took out a jade sword message and sent it out. He had to tell the Valley Master of the situation. It would be up to the Valley Master how to deal with it.

After releasing the jade sword message, Hua Wushang said, “The next thing I want to see is Zhao Hai’s commanding ability. Let’s see how he uses those spirit forming experts to deal with the Heavenly Demons.”

Li Xunhua smiled faintly and said, “I also want to take a look. After all, he already has a record of victory. I want to see how he fights against the Heavenly Demons.”

The conversation between the two naturally entered Zhao Hai’s ears. There was now silver dust scattered in Hua Wushang’s residence. 

Upon hearing the two, Zhao Hai smiled faintly. The situation was heading towards his desired direction. Now he’s waiting for the Myriad Demons Sect’s response.

After staying in his residence for some time, Zhao Hai went out and gathered the 150 thousand troops from the Freedom Alliance. Then he began to train them to consolidate their strength.

The collective strength of Zhao Hai’s current army wasn’t very strong. If they weren’t trained, then they would be immediately destroyed by the Heavenly Demons. Although these people would be sacrificed, Zhao Hai wouldn’t want their deaths to be useless. Zhao Hai wanted them to display their full potential. Therefore, training them was a must. Even if these people die, they would drag a Heavenly Demon with them to the grave.


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