BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1831


Chapter 1831 – Number Zero One

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, the reason your Master didn’t wake up is because his soul isn’t strong enough. Once his soul gets stronger, he would naturally wake up. His soul has now reached the nascent soul stage and would reach the transcending tribulation stage soon. It wouldn’t take long before it would reach the immortal stage. 

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the Zombie Commander relaxed. Fortunately, Hu Wei’s soul can recover. As long as it can recover, that’s already good.

In less than two hours, Hu Wei’s soul finally reached the immortal stage. As he sat on the tiger pelt, Hu Wei slowly opened his eyes. He glanced around and slowly stood up. Then he bowed towards Zhao Hai and said, “Although this Hu Wei cannot move, I’m aware of what’s happening outside. Your Majesty, please accept my gratitude. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to wake up. Tiger General Hu Wei is willing to serve Your Majesty!”

It wasn’t wrong that Zhao Hai rescued Hu Wei. But the soul fire that Hu Wei absorbed were all from the Space. How could the Space allow a foreign soul to absorb its soul fires? Therefore, Hu Wei’s soul was already subdued before he absorbed the soul fire. Hu Wei’s soul at that time was very weak, so it wasn’t able to resist the Space’s control.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Alright, you can get up. Later on, calling me Young Master is fine.”

Whish! The Zombie Soldiers also knelt and worshiped Zhao Hai as they all said, “Thank you, Young Master. Thank you for saving the Master! From now on, we will serve the Young Master!”

After they finished speaking, the Space issued a prompt, “Self-destruct intentions have been erased. Subjugation completed. Host can rest assured.”

Zhao Hai stared, it seems like the Zombie Soldiers have completely surrendered to the Space.

Zhao Hai had everyone get up. Hu Wei also stood up. Hu Wei’s body has been transformed by the Ancestor Corpse World, so he wasn’t weaker than the other Zombie Soldiers. Hu Wei might be even stronger.

Looking at everyone, Zhao Hao nodded and said, “I will arrange someone to teach you about everything. In the next few days, you need to learn as much as possible.”

Hu Wei and the others nodded. Zhao Hai waved his hand and said, “Right, the stone mountain outside. Do you know about its origin?”

The Zombie Commander answered, “Young Master, the stone mountain already looks like that when we arrived. And we didn’t do anything to it. The rocks on the mountain are extremely hard. Even the cave where we placed the Master’s corpse wasn’t dug out by us. It’s already there.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he ordered Hu Wei and the others to settle in. 

Zhao Hai returned to the gray subspace. This time, the subspace was very empty. All of the Undead in the subspace have already been taken to the Space like Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai flew in mid-air as he looked at the skeleton mountain. No matter what angle he looks at, it looks like there’s a pile of bones. However, the skeleton was very huge. Moreover, the soul power coming from the mountain was very powerful. But the soul power doesn’t have consciousness. It was like the soul fires that were produced by the Space. It was only a form of energy.

After frowning for some time, Zhao Hai’s eyes suddenly lit up. He thought of something. Grandpa Green and the others have researched soul weapons before. There were artifacts that could produce a soul. Then there’s improvements using the bone plants. However, Zhao Hai thought that these artifacts were weak at that time. 

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai immediately turned his hand and took out a spirit stone that was used with soul weapons. This spirit stone wasn’t made using natural means. Instead, it was specially produced by the Space to be used with a weapon. It was a spirit stone that had soul power. Because of this, it was called soul gems.

This was the first time Zhao Hai would use soul gems. soul gems were special. They were like artificial souls. One could add some parameters to the soul gems, but there’s one parameter that’s always present, and that was complete loyalty towards Zhao Hai.

Because of so many limits, Grandpa Green and the others used a long time to complete it. Moreover, they were still improving it.

In the beginning, soul gems didn’t look what they did right now. Back then, soul gems were metallic looking. At that time, if one wanted to use a soul gem, they would need to treat it as a material and forge it together with the weapon. However, the strength of the soul weapon made with this was very low.

Second generation soul gems made later on looked the same as the one Zhao Hai held in his hand. The second generation soul gems could be inlaid into weapons, giving the weapon certain attributes. A weapon soul would also be created which could help people during battle. However, it was still quite weak.

Third generation soul gems were stronger. However, they also have huge requirements for weapons. It needed energy lines. These energy lines would allow the soul gem to command the weapon during war.

Fourth generation soul gems could help weapons absorb spiritual qi. Then it would release this spiritual qi to deal a blow to the enemy. Fourth generation soul gems could also be used in robots and mechas. 

The soul gem in Zhao Hai’s hand was a fifth generation soul gem. Inside the soul gem was a genuine soul. It could think for itself and could deal with random changes. It could even use martial techniques using the spiritual qi it absorbs from outside.

Zhao Hai looked at the soul gem in his hand. This soul gem was specially made with immortal-stage techniques inside. It even has a dao avatar inside. This was by far the best soul gem in the Space.

Zhao Hai took the soul gem and then flew towards the skeleton mountain. Just as he stepped on the skeleton mountain, Zhao Hai felt a vigorous energy. Then the soul gem in his hand flew out and vanished into the skull’s eye.

This stunned Zhao Hai. He didn’t understand what was going on. Just when he wanted to use his spiritual force to feel the position of the soul gem, the soul power of the entire mountain suddenly rushed to the skull. The strength of this movement was so strong that it fluttered Zhao Hai’s robe.

The soul aura of the entire mountain slowly condensed towards the soul gem on the skeleton’s head. Dark mist also wrapped the head. Moreover, the dark mist prevented Zhao Hai from using his spiritual force to see what’s happening inside.

It didn’t take long before Zhao Hai noticed two wisps of fire through the dark mist. The wisps became brighter and brighter before they became as bright as the sun. Then the color of the fire began to turn dark and then settled on deep purple. Zhao Hai was stunned when he saw the color of the flame. This was because this color was the same color of soul fire. Then he saw the dark mist surrounding the mountaintop slowly spreading out and covering the entire mountain.

Zhao Hai began flying around the mountain. He wanted to see what was happening to the mountain. Then at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly felt a heaven-shaking aura coming from the mountain. The aura began from the core formation level and then got stronger to the nascent soul stage, then to the transcending tribulation stage, and then reached the immortal stage. But it didn’t stop there, it began to surpass the immortal stage. 

Finally, the imposing aura vanished and the dark mist vanished inward. The skeleton mountain in front of Zhao Hai had drastically changed. Originally, the rocks on the mountain looked like ordinary rocks. But now, they had changed. The rocks turned black and had sheen like black crystal. It gave people the feeling that it was a work of art.

As Zhao Hai stared, the huge mountain suddenly moved. Like a person getting out of bed, two arms began to support the body as it sat up. Then the mountain jumped up. How could a mountain jump! Then Zhao Hai began to feel that the entire land was shaking.

Before long, a huge figure knelt down in one knee before saying, “Number Zero One has seen the Young Master!”

Zhao Hai was shocked. Then he quickly understood. The soul gem that he took out was called Number Zero One. It seems like the soul gem has taken control of the mountain. Zhao Hai nodded and said, “You can get up. Can you get smaller?”

Number Zero One complied and immediately stood up. Then its body visibly shrank. Before long, it turned into a three-meter tall skeleton.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Good, I’ll call you Zero One later on. Zero One, go back with me.”

Zero One quickly replied, “Young Master, there’s energy in this subspace that I need. Can I absorb it before we go?”

Zhao Hao stared, then he nodded and said, “Go on.”

Zero One nodded. Then it began to grow up and open its mouth. Zhao Hai felt the yin energy around him violently moving towards Zero One’s mouth. Before long, the yin energy in the subspace completely vanished. Then Zero One was covered with dark mist. 

When the dark mist disappeared, Zero One’s figure changed. He was no longer a skeleton, but instead a big man covered in black armor. His height was about 2.5 meters. The armor he was wearing seems like it was made of black crystal. The headpiece was a ghost helmet. The shoulder armor were withered bone claws. The chest guard was engraved with a skull head. The boots were also engraved with screaming ghosts. He held a shield with one hand that was engraved with a skull. He also had a huge sword on the other hand. The shield and sword were made with black crystal. They looked both beautiful and terrifying.

Most importantly, there’s no longer any death qi surrounding Zero One’s body. As he stood there, he seemed like a lifeless crystal statue. He didn’t emit any energy.


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