BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1829


Chapter 1829 – General Hu Wei

The Heavenly Demon Army opposite the Freedom Alliance’s first army was very quiet recently. Although they would send some squads from time to time to harass the first army, there were no longer any large-scale battles.

The people of the first army knew why this was the case. Zhao Hai just repelled a 5 million Heavenly Demon army with only 3 million cultivators. This made the Heavenly Demons understand that the first army isn’t as easy as the other cultivator armies. Therefore, they quieted down.

Thinking about their situation, the people of the first army couldn’t help but feel lucky. Looking at the Northern Divergent Province, or even the entire Great Realm of Cultivation, it can be said that the achievements of the first army were very rare. When others lost to the Heavenly Demons, they won. They felt extreme pride in themselves.

Because of this, the people in the first army were fully convinced of Zhao Hai. They were clear about why they were able to defeat the Heavenly Demon Army. It was entirely due to Zhao Hai’s command. Even those who didn’t know how to lead know that they just played around with the Heavenly Demons. And they knew how strong the Heavenly Demons were. To be honest, when they thought about it afterwards, they didn’t quite understand some of Zhao Hai’s commands. However, the more they thought about it, the more beautiful it became. This caused them to admire Zhao Hai even more.

Zhao Hai also sent squads out from time to time to attack the Heavenly Demons. There were wins and there were losses. But in general, there were more wins than defeats. This made people even more confident towards Zhao Hai.

At this time, Zhao Hai was busy catching Undead in the gray subspace. Just like Cai’er said, the Undead in the subspace were very powerful. It must be mentioned that Zhao Hai already has a lot of transcending tribulation Undead in the Space. So what attracted Zhao Hai were the immortal-level Undead.

The immortal stage didn’t mean that you’ll have eternal life. It was only a name that described one’s strength. Otherwise, the Undead could live forever if no accident happens. And their lives were already longer than other immortal-stage experts.

An unknown subspace has very powerful Undead, there were even about a thousand immortal-level Undead. Those Undead have lived in this subspace for who knows how long. Some may have lived longer than Hu Shan. Therefore, they’re stronger than average immortal experts. This made it quite hard for Zhao Hai to deal with them.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai has more than a dozen immortal-level Undead. Additionally, there were also powerful creatures in the Space. This eased the process in dealing with the powerful Undead.

Zhao Hai never dared to let the other inhabitants of the Space join in his battles. He was afraid of causing suspicion. In fact, there were very powerful beings in the Space.

There’s the Sea Dragon Race, the Bug Race, and some beasts that progressed far in cultivation. But showing them during battles might reveal the existence of the Space.

But this problem doesn’t apply to this small subspace. The Undead can’t get out of the subspace while others can’t get in. As long as Zhao Hai subdues all of the Undead, nobody would find out.

Also, Zhao Hai doesn’t have much time to waste on these Undead. Therefore, Zhao Hai sent all kinds of beings from the Space to subdue the subspace as soon as possible. There were about 1 billion troops sent in.

Zhao Hai dealt with the transcending tribulation-stage Undead first. There were nearly 100 thousand of these Undead. It wasn’t a small number. The First Army only had this amount of transcending tribulation experts. The rest of the troops were composed of Nascent Soul and Core Formation experts. Obtaining 100 thousand transcending tribulation Undead was very impressive.

A hundred thousand transcending tribulation Undead against 1 billion creatures from the Space. It’s easy to imagine the result. It didn’t take long before all 100 thousand Undead were taken by Zhao Hai and thrown into the Space.

Once the transcending tribulation Undead were sent to the Space, Zhao Hai’s attention shifted to the immortal-stage Undead. Zhao Hai knew that the effort he would need to get these immortal Undead would be greater than when he captured the 100 thousand transcending tribulation Undead.

These Undead have wisdom that’s no less than a human. In addition to their strength, the immortal-stage Undead divided the subspace among themselves. Each immortal-stage Undead has a large group with them. This was the reason why Zhao Hai wanted to deal with the transcending tribulation Undead first. Without the transcending tribulation stage Undead, the strength of these immortal Undead would be cut off. Without their troops, the immortal Undead would be more easy to deal with.

But in order to do this, swiftness was required. The 100 thousand transcending tribulation Undead needed to be dealt with as quickly as possible. The transcending tribulation Undead needed to be gone before the immortal Undead could react. Only in this way can this plan succeed.

If Zhao Hai didn’t have the Space, it would have been impossible to achieve this. Even if he has 1000 immortal-stage Undead, it would still be impossible for him to deal with the 100 thousand Undead.

But with the Space, Zhao Hai can place troops wherever he wants as long as it’s mapped by the Space. Therefore, he was able to surround the 100 thousand immortal Undead and capture them to the Space immediately before the immortal-level Undead could react. When the immortal-stage Undead noticed, it was already too late.

After dealing with the 100 thousand transcending tribulation-stage Undead, Zhao Hai immediately used his army to surround the immortal-level Undead.

The immortal-level Undead weren’t slow. Although they had some grudges with each other in the past, they now gathered together on a stone mountain. The stone mountain was very strange. The stone mountain looked very strange. Looking from above, it looked like a skeleton that had fallen down. Its head, body, and the rest of the bones comprised the bumps on the mountain. It was like a skeleton that had been magnified multiple times.

Most importantly, while Zhao Hai was looking at the stone mountain, he could feel a very strong soul. Zhao Hai couldn’t understand how a mountain could have a soul.

But this isn’t the time to research this. The 1000 immortal Undead were gathered on the mountain. Although Zhao Hai surrounded them with 1 billion troops, he didn’t dare attack immediately. These immortal experts were truly powerful. A rash decision might cause Zhao Hai to incur unnecessary losses.

Zhao Hai went out of the army and walked into the front of the immortal Undead. Every single one of the immortal Undead were very strong. Moreover, they were zombies. This meant that their appearances weren’t any less than a real person.

The immortal zombies were wearing fully body armor. The style of the armors were very ancient. All of these immortal-level Undead were looking at Zhao Hai with a cold gaze.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he bowed towards the immortal experts and said, “Everyone, this Zhao Hai extends his greetings to you.”

The 1000 Undead didn’t make any noise. They were still looking coldly at Zhao Hai. Seeing this, Zhao Hai said, “Do you have time to talk?”

After some time, someone walked out from the immortal-level Undead. This Undead was wearing a phoenix wing helmet and held a long spear. He looked like a general. As he sized Zhao Hai up, he said, “Human, where did you come from? Why can you enter the Ancestor Corpse World without being affected by the death qi?”

 Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “So this is called the Ancestor Corpse World. I apologize, I didn’t know the name of this place. I was sent here before by some people. But since I don’t have time, I have to leave in a hurry. I came back this time to take the Undead here for my own use.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Zombie Commander couldn’t help but stare. They might not have thought that Zhao Hai would be so direct. After hesitating for some time, the Zombie Commander said, “So the Human aura I felt back then belonged to you. But its impossible for you to take us away. We’re all here to protect the remains of our master. We would rather perish than leave this place.”

Zhao Hai stared. Then he knit his brows. These zombies indeed had intellect not worse than a normal person. Moreover, they kept their loyalty. These types of Undead couldn’t be easily dealt with. It would be troublesome if all these immortal-level Undead goes in a suicidal rampage.

Zhao Hai looked at the other zombies and saw the determination in their faces. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but admire them. After their master died, they turned into zombies in order to protect their master’s corpse. Seeing loyal guards like them, it was impossible for Zhao Hai to ignore them.

Hesitating for some time, Zhao Hai said, “I wonder if you can allow me to pay respects to your Master?”

The Zombie Commander looked at Zhao Hai and then glanced at the army behind him. In the end, he nodded and led Zhao Hai into the mountain. They flew to the skull of the mountain and entered through its left eye hole.

The eyes, nose, and mouth of the skull all led to the underground. Zhao Hai followed the Zombie Commander into a certain cave.

Before long, the two arrived at the cave. Upon entering the cave, they entered an enormous hall. When he entered, Zhao Hai actually stared. The arrangement of this hall was very special. It was basically arranged like a huge military tent.

In the innermost part of the hall was a stone platform. A person was on top of the stone platform sitting on a tiger pelt. The tiger’s eyes and mouth were wide open and were aimed towards Zhao Hai. The tiger looked like it was ready to pounce and devour someone.

The man on the stone platform was also wearing armor. The armor was gold and had a tiger’s heads for a helmet and shoulder armor. The chestpiece was also engraved with a lifelike tiger. Tiger head engravings were also on the boots.

Seeing this person, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but exclaim inside, “A Valiant General!” Zhao Hai was reminded of someone when he saw the person in front of him, Zhang Fei! [1]

In front of the general was a table with a giant beastskin map. Drawn on the map was a stretch of mountains and rivers. The map was very simple. Moreover, looking at the drawing, the map wasn’t a map of the Great World of Cultivation.

At this time, the Zombie Commander knelt down on one knee. Then he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “This is our master. Tiger General Hu Wei!”

Zhao Hai nodded. Then he gave three bows of respect towards the corpse. No matter who this person was, having followers that were willing to become Undead to protect his corpse was worth Zhao Hai’s respect.

Seeing Zhao Hai give his respects, the Zombie Commander couldn’t help but smile. His impression of Zhao Hai improved. After Zhao Hai straightened back, he discovered that Hu Wei had a wound on his chest. He was probably injured by a firearm and his wound was burnt black. 

But what surprised Zhao Hai was that he could feel a soul inside Hu Wei’s body. This soul was very weak. If Zhao Hai wasn’t a dark mage and had researched souls, he wouldn’t have noticed it.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but be surprised. Then he turned to the Zombie Commander and said, “Your Master’s body has a faint sense of a soul. What’s happening? Also, why do I feel a strong soul pressure from the mountain?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the Zombie General replied, “Master has been schemed against and was killed in battle. I took the Master’s body along with the tiger guards and escaped from the battlefield. We fled to a mountain. Suddenly, lightning hit the mountain and we lost consciousness. The next moment, we woke up in this place. Later on, we found this mountain and settled inside. As for the strong soul aura, I don’t know.”

  1. General Zhang Fei


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