BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1825


Chapter 1825 – Deadlock

Li Kuangge stood there with a livid expression on his face. They were now back to the second army’s camp. Li Kuangge and the others were now in a meeting.

Besides Li Kuangge and the sect representatives, there were also the immortal experts. And among these immortal experts were unexpectedly Tie Zhantian.

Tie Zhantian was the immortal expert who rushed to the battle at the last minute. His appearance caused the Heavenly Demon Army to retreat. If it weren’t for Tie Zhantian’s arrival, who knows what would have happened to the second army.

The atmosphere of the meeting hall was very thick. Nobody dared to talk. After some time, Li Kuangge said, “Everyone, let me offer my apologies first. What happened today is my mistake as the commander. I ask everyone’s forgiveness for the losses we incurred.”

Hearing Li Kuangge, everyone stared for a moment before they shook their heads. It must be said that although Li Kuangge made the wrong decisions, the rest of the army weren’t doing well either. While faced with the Heavenly Demons, they were also flustered and didn’t know what to do.

They also thought that the Heavenly Demons were no big deal. Now they realized their mistake. The Heavenly Demons don’t drag mud and water when they attack, they always go for the killing blow. Moreover, the strength of the Heavenly Demons wasn’t worse than the cultivators, they were even stronger. Such an opponent was never easy to deal with.

Li Kuangge looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, although I don’t want to admit it, I have to. We cannot face the Heavenly Demons head-on. If it wasn’t for Elder Tie Zhantian, we would have been in danger.”

Everyone nodded. Then Li Kuangge continued, “I think we should take a defensive position and use our base as a fortress. We’ll defend through various formations and stall the Heavenly Demons as much as possible. What do you think?”

A hum of discussion was heard from below. Li Kuangge’s proposal was unexpected. Most importantly, this proposal sounded familiar. It seemed like the method the Myriad Demons Sect and Hundred Flowers Valley decided to use to deal with the Heavenly Demons. In the past, they laughed at the two sects because of this.

Li Kuangge didn’t make any noise. Although he was the commander of the second army, he didn’t have the same tricks as Zhao Hai. He couldn’t pressure the others to obey his orders like what Zhao Hai did in the first army. Therefore, he has to listen to everyone’s opinion. If they don’t agree, then whatever plans he thought up would be useless.

At this time, Hu Huaqian stood up and said, “Everyone, I agree with the army commander’s plan. We already fought against the Heavenly Demons. And I think everyone is now aware of their strength. This isn’t the time to save face. We’re here to protect our sects. Taking a defensive stance is the most correct decision.”

Everyone nodded. Although Hu Huaqian’s words were unpleasant, it was true. They had to be defensive. Now was not the time to recover their face and waste resources. With Hu Huaqian being the first to agree, the others also nodded.

Hu Huaqian looked at everyone and said, “The attack of the Heavenly Demons came very suddenly. We already suffered some losses. But as long as we can block the Heavenly Demons, we can buy time for the realm to make countermeasures. When the time comes, we can drive all of the Heavenly Demons out of the Great Realm of Cultivation.”

As soon as Hu Huaqian finished talking, everyone gave him an applause. Hu Huaqiang gave everyone a salute before sitting down. This time, nobody objected to taking a defensive stance.

The matter was quickly decided. All of the sects fully supported Li Kuangge’s proposal. Although Li Kuangge’s performance wasn’t very good, they cannot say it in front of Li Kuangge’s face. If they did, then they might incur the hatred of the Giant Axe Group. If the Giant Axe Group doesn’t cooperate, then no matter who becomes the army commander, the second army wouldn’t be able to work well.

Because of this, Li Kuangge was able to maintain his position. And since they decided that Li Kuangge gets to keep his position, they naturally had to support his plans. Even if they were unwilling, the sects had to give their support.

Seeing this, Tie Zhantian’s expression relaxed. He came here to help because Zhao Hai wanted to support the second army. Otherwise, Tie Zhantian would have stayed in the Black Tiger Gang.

This caused Tie Zhantian to be confused. Zhao Hai was on the other side of the territory. How could he know about the second army’s situation?

But because he trusted Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian came. To his surprise, he was able to arrive in time to rescue the second army. Thinking of this, Tie Zhantian couldn’t help but be even more worried. He wanted to know how Zhao Hai was doing right now.

Zhao Hai’s situation was good, very good. His stellar transformations great formation was able to stop the charge of the Heavenly Demon Army’s large artifacts. This meant that the large artifacts of the Heavenly Demons were useless. But at the same time, the large artifacts of the first army also couldn’t be used. This was also good. This meant that both sides would need to rely on their own strengths. Only the strong would win.

This might seem like Zhao Hai’s army would suffer a loss. After all, the first army has 2 million less troops than the Heavenly Demons. It was natural for deaths to appear in the army.

However, Zhao Hai’s army was different. After reorganizing everyone and ensuring that they would obey his commands, the first army was like a well-oiled machine for war. This made sure that every inch of fighting prowess that the army could give out was given out in full.

On the other hand, the Heavenly Demons didn’t have the same tricks. Although they held the numerical advantage and trained together for a period of time, the army was only a bit stronger than the average army of the Great Realm of Cultivation. Compared to the Freedom Alliance’s first army, they were a lot worse.

All of the sub commanders of the first army were given communicators by Zhao Hai so that he could give them direct orders. They just needed to follow the orders after that. It can be said that the cultivators of the first army have become Zhao Hai’s chess pieces. He can place them wherever he wants.

However, in reality, these chess pieces weren’t moved by Zhao Hai but by Lizzy and Megan instead. It must be said that Zhao Hai wasn’t as good in command as the two women. Naturally, he would hand this job over to them.

With Lizzy and Megan’s command, the first army were able to face 5 million troops with only 3 million cultivators without ever being at a disadvantage. They were even able to kill a lot of Heavenly Demons while losing only a small number of people.

And what was Zhao Hai doing right now? Zhao Hai was currently commanding his immortal Undead along with the immortal experts of the first army to fight against the immortal experts of the Heavenly Demon Army. It can be said that the final result of the battle was always decided by the outcome of the battle between the immortal experts.

On this day, Zhao Hai didn’t make a move. Instead, he sent the immortal experts he had in his hand to participate in the fight. It must be said that the first army had less immortal experts compared to the Heavenly Demon Army they were facing. If Zhao Hai didn’t release his immortal-level Undead, then the immortal experts of the first army would suffer a lot of losses.

Both sides battled for several hours and wounded each other. But generally speaking, the Heavenly Demons suffered more losses compared to the cultivators. The Heavenly Demons lost about 100 thousand people while the first army only lost 10 thousand. It was a loss ratio of 10 to 1.

Mo Like was naturally aware of this loss ratio. He looked at the battle statistics with a complex look on his face. He was confident that he could defeat the enemy despite their reinforcements arriving. But in the end, he still lost a lot of troops in the battle. 

However, Mo Like can’t do anything about it right now. This was because Zhao Hai was just too difficult to deal with. Although Mo Like has an army of five million and had more immortal experts than Zhao Hai’s army, he wouldn’t dare send them all to attack. Zhao Hai still has his great formation set up. If he really sent all of his troops to attack, Zhao Hai might make his formation go forward. If Mo Like wasn’t careful, Zhao Hai might just eat up all of his large artifacts. 

Therefore, Mo Like used his immortal experts to suppress Zhao Hai’s high-level strength and then he used his ordinary troops to clash with the first army’s cultivators. And because Mo Like was wary of the stellar transformations great formation, the Heavenly Demon Army’s number advantage wasn’t used to its full potential. In this case, the Heavenly Demons suffered a lot against the well-organized first army.

Zhao Hai was also paying attention to Mo Like’s state. To be honest, he was also afraid that Mo Like would throw all of his troops into the battle. If that happens, the first army would be strained. It was for this reason that Zhao Hai didn’t move the stellar transformations great formation. 

If Mo Like really sent all of his troops, then Zhao Hai would have to reveal his strength and have Cai’er control the great formation to swallow all of the Heavenly Demon Army’s large artifacts. Once these large artifacts were destroyed, it would be akin to crippling the arms of the Heavenly Demon Army. Then this would increase the chances of the first army winning the fight.

 But it was clear that the commander of the Heavenly Demon Army wasn’t an idiot. Therefore, the fight remained as it currently was. Both sides refused to take a step back while also tied down with nothing else to do.

Naturally, Zhao Hai was happy with this result. It must be known that the Great Realm of Cultivation was beginning to get used to fighting the Heavenly Demons. Their losses each fight were decreasing. Battles like the one the first army was faced with can be duplicated by other alliances. It wasn’t just Zhao Hai that could accomplish this.

Zhao Hai knew the reason why the first army ended up in this situation. Firstly, it was because of his strength. Zhao Hai could defend against the Heavenly Demons, this meant that the army they sent couldn’t do anything to him. Secondly, it was a matter of command. Both the Great Realm of Cultivation and the Heavenly Demon Realm treated individual strength as the most important. It can be said that they were like ancient heroes on earth. They only paid attention to their own strength which made them terrible at commanding others. Zhao Hai’s previous experiences allowed him to understand how to maneuver an army during large-scale battles. Zhao Hai’s army might not win when it comes to one-on-one battles. But when it comes to a battle involving multiple people, the one with the better commander would certainly win!


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