BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1824


Chapter 1824 – Different Tricks

Li Kuangge hasn’t been injured. Although the attacks were strong, Li Kuangge still has some real skill. An immortal expert would need to exert some effort if they want to kill him. Not to mention that he was inside a large artifact and the attack was just a sword qi. Therefore, Li Kuangge was safe. However, his arrow ship was destroyed.

Li Kuangge’s eyes turned red. He didn’t think that this would happen. This was his first time commanding an army and this was his first order. How could he accept this result?

Li Kuangge seems to have lost his mind. He wanted to charge towards the Heavenly Demons and go all out against them.

But just as Li Kuangge was about to move, he was suddenly captured. Li Kuangge’s blood red eyes turned his head to the person who grabbed him. It was the Supreme Elder of the Giant Axe Group, an immortal expert.

The Supreme Elder was currently looking at Li Kuangge with anger as he said, “What are you doing? Hurry up and command the rest of the large artifacts to retreat and prepare to defend against the enemy. Although you have lost a lot of large artifacts, we haven’t lose yet. We still have more than a million troops behind us.

Li Kuangge calmed himself down. His eyes returned to normal as well. He gave the immortal expert a bow before he gave his order. Large artifacts, slowly retreat. Immortal Experts, bring up the rear. The rest, line up and prepare to meet the enemy!”

It has to be said that Li Kuangge was still a smart person. There was nothing wrong with his order this time. The large artifacts began to retreat and guard against the enemy’s attack. As for the immortal experts, they began to exchange moves with the enemy’s immortal experts. The immortal experts were protecting the cultivators while they lined up in a defensive formation.

However, Li Kuangge forgot that the Heavenly Demon Army were prepared to deal with them. Moreover, the Heavenly Demons had the numbers advantage. Using this method to deal with the Heavenly Demons wasn’t ideal.

As soon as Li Kuangge’s order was sent out, he saw dozens of figures flying out of the Heavenly Demon Army. These figures were all at the immortal stage. The immortal experts of the second army also moved out and met the enemy. The number of immortal experts from both sides were roughly the same. They continued to fight in the air for some time before moving their fight away from the battlefield.

However, this wasn’t the end. The large artifacts of the Heavenly Demons also began to charge. The large artifacts of the Heavenly Demon Army wasn’t more than the second army’s, they might have even brought less. It was because of this that Li Kuangge dared to order his charge. He just didn’t expect that he would walk into a trap setup by the Heavenly Demson.

While the large artifacts of the Freedom Alliance were retreating, the large artifacts of the Heavenly Demons began crashing in.

Following behind the charging large artifacts were the rest of the Heavenly Demons. One side was retreating while the other was charging over. Now the large artifacts of the cultivators were powerless to fight back. They were just waiting to be attacked by their enemy.

Li Kuangge quickly discovered his mistake. The distance caused by the retreat of the large artifacts only provided more room for the Heavenly Demons’ large artifact to reach their peak speed.

Li Kuangge took a deep breath. Seeing that it was useless to retreat, he immediately shouted, “Large artifacts, halt! Prepare to defend against the enemy!”

Just as his voice fell, the large artifacts of the Heavenly Demons were already rushing over. The large artifacts of the cultivators stopped. But the strange thing was that in front of the charging Heavenly Demon Army were octopus ships. These were large artifacts that had weaker impact power.

Octopus ships were very flexible, they were very useful for dogfights. However, when it comes to its impact strength, it falls behind compared to flying iron centipedes. But now, the octopus ships were actually placed in front of the charging army.

Hu Huaqian stood on the black tiger ship and looked at the octopus ships that were getting closer and closer. His eyes shone as he ordered, “All black tiger ships prepare. Begin storing energy, we’ll be attacking at any time!”

Storing energy was one of the abilities of large artifacts. However, only a few people would use it. This was because this action risks the large artifact being damaged. It was an uncontrollable and reckless expenditure of money.

Hu Yuexia looked at the octopus ships and said, “The octopus ships of the Heavenly Demon Realm are known to be flexible. Sending the octopus ships first means that they’re likely trying to go through the line of large artifacts. If that happens, the main formation of our troops will be dismantled. And once the army is scattered, that would be the end.”

Hu Huaqian nodded and said, “I was thinking the same thing. Therefore, I had the tiger ships prepare. Once the enemy comes, we will immediately make a move.” 

At this time, the octopus ships were already very close to the alliance army. Hu Huaqian also ordered the black tiger ships to prepare. All of a sudden, the octopus ships changed their directions and flew upwards. It was clear that they were trying to jump over the large artifacts and attack the cultivator army.

Li Kuangge also saw this and felt his head explode. He knew that if these octopus ships reached the cultivator army, it would spell the end of the Freedom Alliance’s second army.

However, Li Kuangge doesn’t have the means to prevent this. Although, in theory, transcending tribulation experts could knock down large artifacts. However, this was only applicable to small skirmishes. It wouldn’t apply on the battlefield. On the battlefield, even idiots would know that large artifacts might contain immortal experts. So even if a transcending tribulation expert was sent, it was impossible for them to attack a large artifact.

Transcending tribulation experts were useless while the immortal experts were preoccupied, and the large artifacts were stopped. There was no way to block the octopus ships. Li Kuangge could only watch the enemy helplessly as they charged towards the cultivator army formation.

As Li Kuangge was despairing, ten shadows suddenly leapt up. These ten figures charged towards the octopus ships. Before long, a rumbling sound was heard. 

Li Kuangge’s expression it up. He fixed his eyes on the figures and found that they were the black tiger ships of the Black Tiger Gang. The black tiger ships were currently clawing the octopus ships under their feet. The octopus ships tried to struggle but all of their efforts were in vain.

Nobody from both sides expected this change. However, the attack of the Heavenly Demons didn’t stop. Their large artifacts were still charging forward. At this time, the defensive line of the Freedom Alliance has finally stabilized. Although they couldn’t counterattack, they were still able to block the enemy’s attack.

The leaders of the sects weren’t idiots. Seeing the situation, they knew that it wouldn’t be easy to block the enemy’s large artifact with their own. Therefore, before they clashed, they retreated a certain distance to cushion the blow from the enemy’s charge.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Explosions were heard as the large artifacts crashed into one another. Since there was still not enough distance between the two armies, the collision between the two sides didn’t end in a disastrous manner for the Freedom Alliance. And now that the Heavenly Demon Army has slowed down, they would find it hard to cause any major damage to the alliance army.

Originally, the Heavenly Demons weren’t planning to deal with the second army using this method. They were counting on the octopus ships to wreak havoc within the enemy’s formation. However, they didn’t expect Hu Huaqian to see through their plan and block the octopus ships.

Now that the Heavenly Demon Army’s large artifacts had lost their speed, the Heavenly Demon Commander knew that if the large artifacts stayed, they would only be overwhelmed by the enemy army. Therefore, he commanded the large artifacts to retreat. At the same time, he commanded the main army to attack. The second army also slowed down after the clash. Their main army also clashed with the Heavenly Demons.

Li Kuangge also joined the fight. He understood that the battle would be difficult with their reduced numbers. In the past, he wanted to match Zhao Hai. But now, it was made clear that he was far behind in comparison.

As the two sides fought, the second army began to be at a disadvantage. After all, they were short 500 thousand people compared to their enemy. Moreover, it was given that an average Heavenly Demon was stronger compared to the average cultivator. As the matter stands, it was normal for the alliance army to lean towards the losing side of the battle.

At this time, a powerful aura was flying over from a distance. Everyone could feel that the aura came from an immortal expert. Most importantly, everyone could feel that the aura came from a cultivator of the Great Realm of Cultivation.

The reinforcements have arrived! Although it was only one person, it was an immortal-level expert. At this moment, a single immortal expert can change the course of the battlefield. The expressions of both sides immediately changed.

The people of the Great Realm of Cultivation were naturally happy. On the other hand, the Heavenly Demons had difficult looks. At this moment, the commander of the Heavenly Demon Army ordered, “Line up in formation. Prepare to retreat. Large artifacts, stand guard!” With his order, the Heavenly Demon Army began to retreat. Although they were retreating, they did it in an orderly manner. This blocked the cultivators from pursuing them.

Moreover, the large artifacts were protecting the army. Even if the immortal expert attacks, they would have to get through the transcending tribulation experts on those large artifacts. It would be impossible for one immortal expert to get through them in a short time.

The immortal experts of both sides who were fighting at a distance also gave up and returned to their respective armies. Although there were wounded experts on both sides, none of them were killed. In general, although the battle was ugly for the Freedom Alliance’s second army, their losses weren’t that bad.


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