BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1823


Chapter 1823 – The Second Army

Li Kuangge was standing on the special large artifact of the Giant Axe Group. His face was full of ambition. Li Kuangge was a genius of the Giant Axe Group. He was in the same generation as Zhang Feng. In addition to his talent, he was also very strong and has reached the transcending tribulation stage. It can be said that he was one of the stars of the Northern Divergent Province. Even the disciples of the Myriad Demons Sect couldn’t hide his brilliance.

Li Kuangge was a high-profile and arrogant person. He had a much louder reputation than Zhang Feng. No matter where he went, he would be sought after and some cultivators would even bow their heads upon hearing his name. This caused Li Kuangge to affirm that he was indeed a genius and was loved by thousands of people.

However, all of this changed when Zhao Hai debuted. Zhao Hai was valiant and his prowess in the battlefield was unmatched. Li Kuangge felt like a child with his toy stolen. Before long, his hatred and jealousy of Zhao Hai began to brew.

And with the arrival of the Heavenly Demons, Zhao Hai’s fame increased once more. After Zhao Hai defeated the Heavenly Demons two times, nobody could match his name in the Northern Divergent Province.

Li Kuangge also wanted to go to battle and gain a bigger reputation for himself. However, he doesn’t want to be ordered by Zhao Hai. Therefore, he didn’t go to the first army but instead to the second army. And under the Black Tiger Gang’s proposal, Li Kuangge became the commander of the second alliance army. This caused Li Kuangge to feel that his time to rise up has arrived.

Li Kuangge has no hatred towards the Black Tiger Gang. The Giant Axe Group has been maintaining good relations with the Black Tiger Gang for a very long time. Moreover, Li Kuangge’s position was recommended by the Black Tiger Gang. Li Kuangge was just jealous of Zhao Hai. He wanted to compete with him and inform the Northern Divergent Province that he, Li Kuangge, was the true genius of the province.

Li Kuangge has a reason for being happy. Although he only had 1.5 million people in his army, the enemy he would face only numbered 2 million. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s army of 3 million would face 5 million Heavenly Demons. In Li Kuangge’s mind, the heavens were helping him. As long as he uses the 1.5 million troops to defeat the 2 million Heavenly Demons, his reputation would certainly surpass Zhao Hai.

Li Kuangge was the same as the sect masters in the Freedom Alliance. They don’t have much information about the power of the Heavenly Demon Realm. Zhao Hai’s two victories caused these sects to look down on the strength of the Heavenly Demon Army.

Although news of the Hundred Flowers Valley and the Myriad Demons Realm’s defeats has reached their ears, the sects of the Freedom Alliance only increased their vigilance by a little among. They still looked down on the Heavenly Demons. This was especially true for Li Kuangge who was a hot-blooded youth who was hungry to prove himself.

Li Kuangge was now leading his 1.5 million army to meet the Heavenly Demon Army head-on. The army on the opposite side of the second army also moved and charged towards their enemy. The two armies were a day’s travel away from each other. Naturally, Li Kuangge wouldn’t just sit there and wait for the enemy to knock on his door. 

Li Kuangge was currently riding the large artifact of the Giant Axe Sect called the arrow ship. The name of the ship didn’t mean that it was a ship that could be launched like an arrow. I also wasn’t a ship that could shoot arrows. The reason it was named as such was because it resembled an arrow. Therefore, it was called an arrow ship.

And because of its shape, the arrow ship was very fast and had great collision strength. It held some fame in the Northern Divergent Province.

Although the second army had inferior numbers compared to the first army, their number of large artifacts was around the same. The second army also had around 100 large artifacts. However, only ten of these large artifacts were from the Black Tiger Gang, the rest came from different sects.

At the same time, the large artifacts of the Black Tiger Gang were operated by the disciples of the sect, not Zhao Hai’s Undead. It was Hu Huaqian who led the Black Tiger Gang’s delegation. Everyone was acting in a very low-key manner. They just regarded themselves as ordinary members of the second army.

This was also the instructions that Hu Liangchen gave them. They have to be as low-key as possible. The Black Tiger Gang has been everyone’s sights long enough. If they acted too high-profile, then they might be disliked by the other sects. This wasn’t good for the Black Tiger Gang.

Hu Huaqian stood on a black tiger ship and looked at the arrow ship in front of him before sighing. His wife Hu Yuexia looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Hu Huaqian gestured towards the arrow ship and said, “Li Kuangge is on that ship. To be honest, I’m not confident in this army. I met Li Kuangge before. He is indeed strong, but he’s extremely arrogant. He never listens to anyone’s advice. Such a person might be good at cultivation and might even become a powerful expert, however, his qualities aren’t fit for being a commander. Compared to Little Hai, he’s still very far away.”

Hu Yuexia smiled faintly and said, “There aren’t a lot of people who could compare with Little Hai in the Northern Divergent Province to begin with. We should think about how we could preserve our strength. We took 100 thousand disciples with us this time. We have to bring back as many as possible.”

Hu Huaqian nodded and said, “Although Little Hai’s plan requires blood sacrifices from us, once it’s successful, the Freedom Alliance will belong to the Black Tiger Gang.”

As he said that, the ships in front of him slowed down. Hu Huaqian looked at the distance and saw a dense sea of black welling up from the horizon.

Hu Huaqian knew that the Heavenly Demon Army had arrived. He immediately sent orders to stop the Black Tiger Gang’s large artifacts. Moreover, he had them keep their formation and be on standby.

Since the Black Tiger Gang dispatched 100 thousand people, 10 large artifacts were sent. They don’t have any cultivators outside the large artifacts. But now that the army had stopped and began to line up, cultivators flew out of the large artifacts and lined up at the back. The other sects were also doing the same.

Once Hu Huaqian finished his preparations, the Heavenly Demon Army arrived in front. However, the enemy didn’t immediately attack. Instead, they stopped a kilometer away and then a voice was heard, “Leader of the cultivators, come out and talk!”

Li Kuangge laughed and said, “Heavenly Demon bastard, quickly release your fart!”

“Snort!” A cold snort was heard from the Heavenly Demon Army. This snort resonated with the air and boomed loudly in the surroundings. When the people from the Great Realm of Cultivation heard this, they knew that although the Heavenly Demon had yet to reach the immortal stage, he was very close to it.

“Cultivator from the Great Realm of Cultivation, your mouths have always been stronger than your hands and feet. I can see that from your realm’s Zhao Hai. When he’s in the Heavenly Demon Realm, he was chased around and luckily escaped. As for you, make sure that you show something. Or else you’ll become a joke.” The voice on the other side mellowed down. Except a mellow hum, nothing else was heard.

Upon hearing the other side talk about Zhao Hai, Li Kuangge’s expression changed. Then he coldly snorted and said, “Comparing me to Zhao Hai, then I will show you the real strength of the Great Realm of Cultivation. Your Heavenly Demon race invaded our realm for no reason. I, Li Kuangge, pledge that I will purge you from our lands!”

“Hahaha! That’s the funniest joke I heard.” The opposite voice answered. Then he continued, “Purge the Heavenly Demons? Even your nine super sects wouldn’t dare say such words. Truly a calf that doesn’t fear the tiger. Young Man, you should know that the best spirit veins, pills, and land should be enjoyed by those with more talent and strength. The Heavenly Demon Race is more than qualified to occupy the Great Realm of Cultivation.”

“Fart!” Li Kuangge called out. “You Heavenly Demons are a bunch of uncultured bastards. What qualifications do you have to get the Great Realm of Cultivation? You deserve to suffer!” After he said that, Li Kuangge waved his hand and commanded, “Attack! All large artifacts, charge!”

With this order, more than 100 large artifacts began to charge towards the Heavenly Demon Army with all of its strength. However, the Heavenly Demon Army’s response was somewhat late. Surprisingly, they didn’t charge forward as well.

Hu Huaqian also followed the charge of the second army, but upon seeing the response of the Heavenly Demons, he couldn’t help but stare. Then he commanded his ships, “Inform all of the Black Tiger Gang’s artifacts, reduce your charging speed!”

Hu Yuexia looked at the Heavenly Demon Army and said, “According to the Gang Leader, the Heavenly Demons are stronger than the cultivators of the Great Realm of Cultivation. It’s impossible for them to react this slowly. There should be some problems with what the Heavenly Demon just said. He even praised Little Hai.”

Hu Huaqian coldly snorted and said, “He should have seen how young Li Kuangge is. He mentioned Zhao Hai to see how Li Kuangge would respond. If he angered Li Kuangge, then his goal would be achieved. If Li Kuangge didn’t bite the bait, then there’s no loss to them. Now that the response of the Heavenly Demon Army is late, there’s definitely a trap. I think they want to deal with our large artifacts.”

The people of the Black Tiger Gang immediately followed the orders and slowed down. However, they decreased their speed just enough that others didn’t notice that they were already at the back of the army.

The distance between both sides was about a kilometer, which was not enough for a large artifact to reach its max charging speed. Not reaching the maximum speed when crashing into an enemy would affect a large artifact’s offensive strength.

However, Li Kuangge didn’t think too much about his order. He was very impulsive in his decision to let the large artifacts charge at the enemy. In a blink of an eye, the large artifacts reached the front of the Heavenly Demon Army. The Heavenly Demon Army also made its move. But instead of charging, the army retreated instead.

When he saw the retreat of the Heavenly Demon Army, Li Kuangge became excited. He immediately ordered an all-out charge of the large artifacts. But then at this time, dozens of huge sword qi appeared from the Heavenly Demon Army.

Each sword qi was dozens of meters long and were solid gold. They all looked like large swords that cut towards the large artifacts.

Seeing the golden sword qi, Li Kuangge’s expression couldn’t help but change. He could see that all of these attacks came from immortal experts. It seems like the other party was planning to destroy the large artifacts.

However, it was too late for Li Kuangge to regret. The distance between the sword qi and the large artifacts was too small. It was simply impossible for the large artifacts to dodge the incoming attacks.

As Li Kuangge’s face turned deathly pale, the sword qi began to slash the large artifacts. All large artifacts of the second army were striving to be the first to charge. They weren’t arranged the same way as Zhao Hai’s army. Because the large artifacts of the second army differed from each other, their speeds were different and their charge was irregular. This caused the charge to come in waves. On the first wave were 50 large artifacts, the second wave had around 40, and the last had about 10. The last ships all belonged to the Black Tiger Gang.

And because of the irregular charge, there was no structure to the army. The first wave wasn’t able to block the attacks for the second wave. This allowed the attacks of the Heavenly Demons to reach the second wave as well. 

Attacks made by immortal experts were extremely powerful. The sword qi cut the protective shields of the large artifacts as though they were tofu. Explosions were heard as the large artifacts of the first wave were defeated. Some large artifacts lost their power. There were even some who exploded from the sheer power of the attack.

The second wave of large artifacts also received attacks. Fortunately, the immortal experts of the Freedom Alliance were able to respond in time. They released attacks to counter the incoming sword qi. However, one side was prepared while the other was just reacting. The defenses were immediately destroyed and the sword qi hit the second wave’s large artifacts. But because of the counterattack of the immortal experts, the damage to the second wave wasn’t as big. The sword qi only slashed through the shields of the large artifacts, causing minimal damage to the ships.


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