BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1822


Chapter 1822 – Happy

When he was in the lower realms, Zhao Hai commanded cultivators in battle multiple times. But back then, whether it be the Hundred Treasures Sect or the Giant Spirit Sect, most of their methods were close-combat techniques. Large scale battles were also mostly fought by large artifacts. In long-distance battles, cultivators would use artifacts to send their attacks.

But in the Great Realm of Cultivation, the main force of the battles were still the cultivators. However, cultivators in this realm had dao avatars. With these dao avatars, their strength has increased. Cultivators no longer depended too much on their artifacts. Their battles looked more like a brawl.

Because of this, battles in the Great Realm of Cultivation were different. Commanding the cultivators wasn’t also the same.

In order for the cultivators to better display their combat strength, Zhao Hai had to use the Universal Scanner. Then Lizzy and the others researched how to use each branch of the army and refined their operation. 

In the beginning, the immortal experts were finding ways to cause trouble for Zhao Hai. But upon looking at Zhao Hai’s actions, they all stopped. They discovered that Zhao Hai had no intention of embarrassing them. But if they tried to meddle in the army’s matters, Zhao Hai definitely wouldn’t let them off.

Now these immortal experts were convinced and recognized Zhao Hai’s abilities. They behaved themselves and no longer looked for trouble.

It has been seven days since the army has been fully formed. In these seven days, the Heavenly Demons sent some probing attacks towards Zhao Hai. However, both sides didn’t fight a large-scale battle like before. Only small skirmishes happened between the two.

Something happened in the past seven days that made Zhao Hai happy. The alliances of the Hundred Flowers Valley and the Myriad Demons Sect finally fought against the Heavenly Demons.

The Hundred Flowers Valley only had to face one army of the Heavenly Demon Realm. However, this army has about 6 million Heavenly Demons. As for the Hundred Flowers Valley’s alliance, their army consists of around 5 million people. Both sides clashed, but the final result was the loss of the Hundred Flowers Valley. They lost around 1 million people. By relying on the terrain and great formations, the Hundred Flowers Valley completely shifted to a defensive stance.

To be honest, Zhao Hai wasn’t surprised by this result. The Great Realm of Cultivation wasn’t well-prepared against the invasion of the Heavenly Demon Realm. At the same time, the sects didn’t treat the Heavenly Demons with importance. Otherwise, the nine super sects wouldn’t have thought about using the invasion as an opportunity to seize power.

The Hundred Flowers Valley’s disastrous defeat shook the Northern Divergent Province. Then the battle of the Myriad Demons Sect and the Heavenly Demons caused the entire province to lose its voice.

The Myriad Demons Sect’s alliance was the biggest alliance in the province. Their army was 13 million strong. However, the Heavenly Demon Army that they faced comprised 15 million Heavenly Demons.

If this army was well commanded, then the Heavenly Demons wouldn’t be able to get their way. However, the final result of the Myriad Demons Sect’s battle was surprisingly similar to the Hundred Flowers Valley. They nearly lost a million cultivators in the battle. In the end, they could only turn defensive after their defeat. They no longer took the initiative to attack the Heavenly Demon Army.

This result surprised the sects of the Northern Divergent Province, especially the sects in the Freedom Alliance. This was because Zhao Hai was able to win against 2 million Heavenly Demons with only 1 million troops. Moreover, they were able to stall a 2 million Heavenly Demon Army with only 500 thousand people. The Freedom Alliance thought that the Heavenly Demons were mediocre opponents, but they still felt proud of their victory.

As soon as they heard the battle results of the Hundred Flowers Valley and the Myriad Demons Sect, the entire Freedom Alliance was speechless. In the three alliances in the Northern Divergent Province, the Freedom Alliance was the smallest and weakest one. Although the Black Tiger Gang has been domineering recently, it still fell short compared to the Hundred Flowers Valley or the Myriad Demons Sect. The reason the sects joined the Freedom Alliance wasn’t because of the Black Tiger Gang’s strength, it was because the alliance was more free than the other two. The Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t suppress them using the alliance. 

The sects who joined the Freedom Alliance weren’t confident in the Black Tiger Gang’s strength. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have only sent inner disciples during the first foray of Zhao Hai’s army.

When they heard the losses of the Hundred Flowers Valley and the Myriad Demons Sect, the sects in the Freedom Alliance suddenly realized that their group was very powerful. Both the Myriad Demons Sect and the Hundred Flowers Valley were well-known and established sects. However, they could only retreat against the Heavenly Demons. In comparison, the Freedom Alliance was doing more than well.

The Black Tiger Gang also didn’t expect that the losses of the Hundred Flowers Valley and the Myriad Demons Sect would become an invisible help towards them. Now, the sects in the Freedom Alliance were feeling more confident towards the Black Tiger Gang.

On the other hand, Mo Like wasn’t having a great time. He had eaten two losses from Zhao Hai’s hand. While the two armies were reporting their victory, only Mo Like reported his loss. This caused Mo Like’s face to turn red. Therefore, Mo Like was planning on sending another 5 million-strong army to attack Zhao Hai one more time.

Fortunately, Zhao Hai’s army has been completely reorganized. He was no longer planning on turtling up. He brought his army and went on to meet the attacking army.

Zhao Hai gathered the large artifacts of the army to form a large stellar transformation great formation. Meanwhile, the cultivators left the large artifacts and positioned themselves behind the great formation, ready to tear all the enemies that dared enter the starry sky.

This way, the opponent wouldn’t be able to cause damage to the great formation. As long as Zhao Hai tied down the large artifacts of the enemy, they would have no choice but to send their people out to attack. By that time, the dispatched Heavenly Demons would need to go through the great formation.

However, the cultivators behind the great formation were now in a different form compared to before. The original army was a mixed bunch with no efficient way to work with each other.

But after Zhao Hai’s reorganization of the army, various branches were established to form a new battle formation. Each branch would attack in one direction and with equal strength. They would all obey Zhao Hai’s command. In this case, if the Heavenly Demons managed to rush out of the great formation, they would definitely be faced with a meat grinder.

Zhao Hai didn’t wait for the Heavenly Demon Army to come to him. Instead, he brought his army forward to close the distance between the two sides. 

At this moment, another army of 2 million Heavenly Demons moved towards the territory of the Freedom Alliance. 

Fortunately, the Freedom Alliance was able to form its second army of 1.5 million cultivators. The commander of this army was a core disciple of a medium grade sect. This sect was called the Giant Axe Group. The Giant Axe Group was an established medium-grade sect in the Northern Divergent Province. They had a good body cultivation method that uses the great axe to fight. But since their cultivation method was taxing to the body, the sect didn’t have a lot of disciples. This was the biggest reason for their slow growth.

The Giant Axe group and the Black Tiger Gang had a great relationship with each other. This was because the ancestors of both sects were good friends. Moreover, the two sects were quite a distance away from each other. This meant that there were no conflicts of interests between the two. This allowed their relationship to continue for a long time. 

Because the Black Tiger Gang couldn’t take control over the second army, they suggested that the Giant Axe Group should lead the second army. This increased the friendship between the two sects.

Although the other sects knew why the Giant Axe Group became the army commander of the second army, they didn’t say anything to the Black Tiger Gang. In any case, the sects were quite satisfied with the Black Tiger Gang and the Freedom Alliance. Moreover, the main reason why the two sects had a good relationship was because they don’t have conflicts of interests. This meant that it would be impossible for the Black Tiger Gang to command the Giant Axe Group. If the Black Tiger Gang asserts their command, the two sects would have a falling out, which would also be good for the other sects.

The other sects doesn’t hope for the Freedom Alliance to be monopolized by one sect. If the Freedom Alliance was monopolized, then the benefits of the sects would be affected. Although they could withdraw from the alliance at any time, their sects were still close to the Black Tiger Gang. When the time comes, the Black Tiger Gang might move against them. If they also allied with the Myriad Demons Sect or the Hundred Flowers Valley, it wouldn’t matter since the Black Tiger Gang could just send troops to their sects in a quick manner. The Myriad Demons Sect and the Hundred Flowers Valley were currently licking their wounds, so they don’t have time to help smaller sects. Moreover, these two sects were currently looking unreliable in the eyes of the small sects. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have lost against the Heavenly Demons.

Meanwhile, the small sects could see that the Black Tiger Gang was getting more and more powerful. So what could they do? These sects need to work together and prevent the Black Tiger Gang from monopolizing the Freedom Alliance. There needs to be a balancing force on the opposite side of the Black Tiger Gang. This was where the Giant Axe Group entered. They could use the sect to keep the balance of power in the alliance.

The Black Tiger Gang was also satisfied with this decision. They had a good relationship with the Giant Axe Group. The Giant Axe Group also wouldn’t stupidly send the Black Tiger Gang’s disciples to their deaths. The Giant Axe Sect was also satisfied. They gained greater power and were able to position themselves beside the Black Tiger Gang in the Freedom Alliance. And the small sects were satisfied. The Freedom Alliance was no longer monopolized by the Black Tiger Gang. The decision caused everyone to be happy.


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