BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1820


Chapter 1820 – Retreating Slowly

“Contact the other ships immediately!” Mo Like commanded the people around him as he looked at the surroundings. The people around him immediately released a few message bats.

However, as soon as these message bats left the large artifact, they were immediately ripped apart by an invisible pressure. There simply was no way to contact the others.

Seeing this, Mo Like was startled, then he said, “Use demon tokens. We need to contact the others as soon as possible.” The people around him immediately nodded. One of them took out a small metal token. The token was no larger than one’s palm. In front was the face of a demon while there was nothing on the back.

The Heavenly Demon immediately carved characters on the back of the token. But because of the token’s small size, only a few characters were engraved. Once he was finished, the Heavenly Demons released the token.

However, after the demon tokens were released, they just kept swirling around the large artifact. They weren’t able to go far. This caused Mo Like and the others to be surprised.

Mo Like’s expression was ugly as he asked, “What is going on?”

The person beside him replied, “The surrounding space is being distorted. The demon tokens couldn’t find the others at all. It doesn’t know where to fly.”

Mo Like’s expression turned uglier. He looked at his surroundings and saw that some planets were slowly moving towards him. It was clear that these planets were going to attack. Mo Like coldly snorted before walking towards the large artifact.

Mo Like’s large artifact was a giant scorpion. On the back of the scorpion were access tunnels. Mo Like entered one of these tunnels.

The other Heavenly Demons knew where Mo Like was going. This time, along with the regular army were an additional 30 immortal Heavenly Demons. All of these immortal Heavenly Demons were in this large artifact. They were specifically tasked to deal with Zhao Hai. The immortal experts who retreated already reported Zhao Hai’s capabilities to the high-level figures of the Heavenly Demon Realm. They were very concerned with the report. 

The high-level figures of the Heavenly Demon Realm knew that if Zhao Hai could really create immortal-level Undead, then he would be the greatest threat to the invasion. If he could turn immortal Heavenly Demons into Undead, this also meant that he could revive dead immortal cultivators. This would preserve the strength of the Great Realm of Cultivation while also reducing the strength of the Heavenly Demon Realm. As time went on, the invasion would find it impossible to progress.

Therefore, the Heavenly Demons sent out a batch of immortal-level combatants with this consideration. All of them were here to deal with Zhao Hai. However, they didn’t expect that Zhao Hai would deal with them using his Stellar Transformations Great Formation. This caused their plan to fail.

Mo Like seriously underestimated the strength of Zhao Hai’s formation. He knew that it would be impossible to rush out of the formation with their current state. There was only one way to go out. It was to ask the immortal Heavenly Demons to take action and break the formation as soon as possible.

Mo Like was aware that the great formation wasn’t just good-looking. If the Heavenly Demon Army followed him, the consequences would be unimaginable. Therefore, killing Zhao Hai was no longer the main concern. The most important thing was to bring everyone out of this formation.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before about 30 immortal experts flew out of the large artifact. As soon as they appeared, they immediately attacked the planets around them.

Attacks made by immortal experts couldn’t be underestimated. All planets that were hit were immediately broken. Some of them immediately fell down.

However, the starry sky was still up. It didn’t show any signs of breaking down. This caused Mo Like and the others to be more anxious.

On the other hand, what the cultivators of the Freedom Alliance felt was completely different. They already handed the control of their large artifacts over to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai told them that if the Heavenly Demons enter the great formation, they could choose to attack. However, they couldn’t go out of the large artifacts. They can only attack from inside. 

When the cultivators of the Freedom Alliance saw the 2 million troop army of the Heavenly Demons, they couldn’t help but feel a chill in their hearts. However, they couldn’t run away and escape since they were part of the Stellar Transformations Great Formation. They also couldn’t see the changes that happened within the formation.

They cultivators just saw their large artifacts flying according to a set pattern. Then at this moment, the Heavenly Demon Army began to charge.

The cultivators began to prepare themselves for a battle against the Heavenly Demon Army. But then, they suddenly discovered that the Heavenly Demons couldn’t see them. They just passed through the cultivators and then began to go in circles. It was as if they were looking for something.

The cultivators of the alliance were shocked by the actions of the Heavenly Demons. They didn’t know what the Heavenly Demons were doing. As more and more Heavenly Demons entered the formation, the formation began to get crowded.

At this time, some Heavenly Demons appeared on one of the large artifacts. These Heavenly Demons were very powerful. Once these Heavenly Demons appeared, they immediately attacked their surroundings. At first, the cultivators were nervous, but they soon found out that these Heavenly Demons seem to be targeting something and yet they didn’t hit the cultivators. If they hit something, then it would be the other Heavenly Demons. This caused the cultivators to be confused.

But soon, the other cultivators were also attacked. After all, the foundation of the Great Formation were the army’s large artifacts. Even if the Heavenly Demons were blind, they would still hit a few targets.

Since the attacks were from immortal experts, each blow was very powerful. Although the large artifacts were able to escape being hit in vital areas because of the control of the Undead, the large artifacts were still damaged. They basically lost the ability to fight.

There were too many Heavenly Demons inside the great formation. This greatly affected the formation’s operation. Therefore, the great formation was beginning to become unstable.

Zhao Hai stood on the Hell King’s Ship as he looked at the recent developments. He knew that the Stellar Transformations Great Formation wouldn’t be able to hold the Heavenly Demons for a long time. If he used large artifacts made with liquid silver, he might last a longer time. However, the large artifacts he used were ordinary ones. Therefore, the formation’s limit would be two hours.

Fortunately, some of the reinforcements have already arrived in the territory of the evacuated sects. Zhao Hai also arranged for people to receive the incoming troops. The reinforcements were now lined up behind the great formation. Although not a lot of people had come, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious. After an hour or two, more would arrive. Then they would have enough strength to fight the Heavenly Demon Army.

If Zhao Hai continued to use the great formation to deal with the enemy, then the cultivators from the other sects wouldn’t be able to participate. Even if they wanted to participate, they could only hide inside the large artifacts and launch attacks from there. And such attacks wouldn’t be of much use to the Heavenly Demons. And since the cultivators don’t understand the Stellar Transformations Great Formation, they would only affect the formation if they decide to head out.

 Naturally, Zhao Hai can use his Undead along with the great formation. This would definitely cause the Heavenly Demons to be in dire straits. However, Zhao Hai cannot do that. Not only would it expose his strength, it doesn’t conform to his plants. Holding the Heavenly Demons back until the reinforcements arrived was enough. Then the alliance army would clash with the Heavenly Demons head on. Only then can they defeat the enemy while also ensuring that Zhao Hai’s plans would continue.

In fact, Zhao Hai thought that what he did was enough. He defended with 500 thousand people on his side, and he didn’t waste any lives. He also used the Stellar Transformations Great Formation to tie down the Heavenly Demon Army. This was already very benevolent for him.

Contrary to Zhao Hai, Mo Like was very anxious. It has been a long time since the immortal experts began attacking. However, the formation didn’t change too much. At the same time, Mo Like was startled.

Time passed and the immortal-level Heavenly Demons had been attacking for nearly one hour. However, Mo Like didn’t make them stop. This was because he was able to see hope. He could see that the pressure coming from the formation was slowly decreasing. He believes that as long as they continue attacking, the formation would break.

And just as Mo Like thought, after an hour of attacking, the energy of the formation completely vanished. Mo Like was finally able to see the other Heavenly Demons. When he saw what was in front of him, Mo Like had an impulse to spit out blood. The more than 2 million strong army was now reduced to less than a million troops. In just two hours, the losses of the Heavenly Demons surpassed 300 thousand.

The large artifacts of the Heavenly Demons also suffered some losses. In the beginning, the Heavenly Demons had about 60 large artifacts. But now, the large artifacts that were in good condition were less than 30. Mo Like lost more than half of his large artifacts. 

Mo Li can also see that an army of cultivators has assembled not far from them. They numbered at least a million and about 30 large artifacts. However, this cultivator army were full of energy. They looked stronger than the current Heavenly Demon Army. Naturally, being trapped inside a great formation for two hours, the Heavenly Demons were quite drained.

Mo Like clenched his teeth. If possible, he would want to eradicate this army of cultivation. But he was clear that he doesn’t have the ability to do that.

The losses of his army caused Mo Like to feel distressed. Also, the state of the immortal experts caused Mo Like to have a headache. Although they were attacking in batches, the immortal experts were showing traces of fatigue after attacking for two hours. Mo Like knew that this fatigue wasn’t due to excessive consumption of spiritual qi. Instead, it was mental fatigue from being under pressure.

For over two hours, the immortal experts were attacking planets they didn’t know were real or not. This caused them to feel mentally fatigued.

Mo Like was aware that the Heavenly Demon Army was currently not in the best state to fight against the cultivators. If they fought with their exhausted state, they wouldn’t fare very well. The most proper action right now was to retreat.

Thinking of this, Mo Like couldn’t help but feel unwilling. He stubbornly stared at the cultivator army. He can see that the enemy was properly organized. Their lineup might be standard, but their energy and morale was very good. 

Mo Like growled before calming himself down. Then he said, “Get in formation. All large artifacts that can be recovered, drag them over.”

With his order, the Heavenly Demon Army immediately gathered together. One has to recognize the training of the Heavenly Demons. Compared to the cultivators, the Heavenly Demons were elite soldiers.

Seeing the Heavenly Demons gather, Zhao Hai didn’t order the attack nor did he make everyone line up. This caused the cultivators to be confused. Zhao Hai was the only person who knew that the Heavenly Demons were going to retreat.

Mo Like looked at the cultivator army and clenched his teeth. Then he ordered, “Defensive formation. Slowly retreat!” The person beside him stared. He thought he misheard the order. But upon seeing Mo Like’s expression, he knew that he heard the order correctly. Then he immediately passed the word.

Before long, the Heavenly Demon Army formed a defensive formation before retreating slowly. Zhao Hai also didn’t order the army to attack. He knew that the opposing commander wasn’t simple. He was able to retreat in an orderly manner. If Zhao Hai attacked, the army would lose people for no reason. The reinforcements still needed time to integrate into the main army. They wouldn’t be able to fight efficiently against the Heavenly Demons at this time.


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