BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1819


Chapter 1819 – Stellar Transformations Great Formation

The sect representatives were quiet. To be honest, they couldn’t do anything else other than to be quiet. This matter wasn’t something they could decide on.

Although these people were the representatives of their sects, they weren’t high-ranking individuals. These people were sent by their sects to probe the Black Tiger Gang. It was impossible for the sects to send influential people to probe the alliance. On the other hand, the large artifacts were important assets of the sect. Giving Zhao Hai control over the large artifact meant that Zhao Hai would grasp the weakness of the large artifacts. To any sect, this wasn’t a favorable matter.

Large artifacts might not be as important as immortal experts, but their strength and presence would affect the status of a sect. One could see from this point how important the large artifacts were to any sect.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and knew what they were thinking. Just as he was thinking about how to convince these people, the representative of the Heavy Sand Sect stood up and said, “Commander, the Heavy Sand Sect agrees to give you control over our large artifact.”

This caused Zhao Hai to stare. The Heavy Sand Sect had conflicts with the Black Tiger Gang in the past. Moreover, Zhao Hai himself led people to attack the Heavy Sand Sect. He didn’t expect the Heavy Sand Sect to be the first people to support his action.

The other sects were also puzzled by the action of the Heavy Sand Sect. The representative of the Heavy Sand Sect looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, as you all know, Commander once fought against my Heavy Sand Sect. We’re very proud of our Heavy Sand Great Formation. But at that time, Commander used the Black Tiger Gang’s large artifacts to break our great formation. I believe the Commander wants to use our large artifact to set up a great formation. Only with this method can we block the Heavenly Demon Army.” After he said that, the Heavy Sand Sect looked at Zhao Hai to look for confirmation.

It was still strange for Zhao Hai to be addressed as commander. They were the first alliance army of the Freedom Alliance. Naturally, Zhao Hai was appointed as the commander of this army. But at that time, the representatives of the sects weren’t fully obedient towards him. Therefore, they only addressed him as Mister Zhao Hai, sometimes he wasn’t addressed with the title ‘mister’ at all. But after the battle, Zhao Hai established his position in the minds of the sect representatives. Therefore, the Heavy Sand Sect representative was willing to address Zhao Hai with his title of commander.

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Correct. I plan to use a great formation with the large artifacts. We’re currently at a numbers disadvantage. Only through formations can we face the Heavenly Demon Army.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, the representatives looked at each other. Finally, they clenched their teeth as they all stood up and then bowed, “We’re willing to obey Commander Zhao Hai!”

Zhao Hai nodded, then he said, “Alright. After everyone returns to your large artifacts, have everyone operator leave immediately. I’ll be sending over Undead to take control over the large artifacts. The formation should be set up soon. Although the great formation wouldn’t cause much damage to the Heavenly Demon Army, it wouldn’t be a problem for us to tie them down until the reinforcements arrive.”

Everyone nodded. Then Zhao Hai allowed them to leave. Once they arrived at their own large artifacts, the operators were immediately asked to leave. Before long, Zhao Hai dispatched his Undead to take control over the various large artifacts.

It only took a short time before Zhao Hai became familiar with the large artifacts. He was also able to see the advantages and disadvantages of each large artifact. Once the Undead became used to the large artifacts, they began to set up the great formation. The great formation Zhao Hai was going to use was the Stellar Transformations Great Formation. However, he was using the two-dimensional version and not the three-dimensional one.

The reason Zhao Hai used the two dimensional version was because he had no other choice. There were too few large artifacts present. There were only 50 ships. If these ships were arranged into a three-dimensional formation, the area they could cover would be very small. This would be unfavorable for defense. If the Heavenly Demons get through, then Zhao Hai’s goal wouldn’t be achieved.

The Stellar Transformations Great Formation’s two-dimensional form had a much larger area. Zhao Hai can even control how big he wanted the formation to be. It was more than enough to block the incoming Heavenly Demons.

The reason why Zhao Hai was so anxious to set up the great formation was because the Heavenly Demons were about to arrive. Meanwhile, the reinforcements were going to take some time before arriving.

In order to prevent the reinforcements from ruining his plans, Zhao Hai sent some people back to the transmission formations of the evacuated sects to wait for the reinforcements to arrive. These people would explain the current state of the battlefield. This way, the new large artifacts wouldn’t destroy Zhao Hai’s great formation.

After an hour of preparation, Zhao Hai’s Stellar Transformation Great Formation was finally arranged. The 50 large artifacts became the planets of the formation. They were now prepared to receive the Heavenly Demon Army.

Not long after Zhao Hai’s great formation was set up, the Heavenly Demon Army arrived. A large darkness was seen creeping up from the horizon.

People usually refer to an army of 10 thousand people as endless. And now, the Heavenly Demons have an army 2 million strong. It was a terrifying sight.

However, despite their numbers, the Heavenly Demon Army had to stop. This was because in front of them was a huge starry sky. They could see planets revolving through the large space.

The Heavenly Demons knew that this starry sky wouldn’t appear for no reason. There’s only one explanation, this was a formation that the Great World of Cultivation has set up. 

It must be mentioned that the Heavenly Demons were having problems with this action made by Zhao Hai. Formations were the Heavenly Demon Realm’s weakness. Compared to the Great World of Cultivation, the Heavenly Demon Realm was far behind in terms of formation research.

Zhao Hai’s Stellar Transformation Great Formation happened to be a huge problem to the Heavenly Demons. If they wanted to continue their invasion, they would need to break through this great formation. This was especially hard for Heavenly Demons who had no formation experts.

The Heavenly Demon Army Commander looked at the starry sky with a frown on his face. The commander’s name was Mo Like. he was the Army Commander of a 5 million strong army. Hearing that Zhao Hai’s army was very strong, he went with the army to witness the battle. But he didn’t expect the enemy to set up a great formation.

Mo Like turned towards a nearby Heavenly Demon and said, “You fought with the cultivators before, did they use this formation?” 

The Heavenly Demon was the commander of the army that Zhao Hai defeated. Upon hearing Mo Like’s question, he shook his head and said, “They didn’t. The previous battle was an ordinary fight. They didn’t use any formations.”

Mo Like knit his brows. He didn’t know how to handle this situation. After frowning at the Stellar Transformation Great Formation for some time, he said, “Send five large artifacts to probe. Remember, we’re just probing. There’s no need to get into battle. If you discover something wrong, retreat immediately.” Those present nodded immediately before sending a message bat.

Shortly after the message bats were sent out, five large artifacts flew towards the Stellar Transformations Great Formation. They were flying very carefully. They left a lot of opportunities for themselves to retreat immediately.

Before long, the five ships got in contact with the Stellar Transformations Great Formation. Once the five ships entered the formation, they immediately felt pressure that didn’t belong to the Great World of Cultivation. This pressure seemed to come from the starry sky. A tearing pressure came down on the octopus ships.

Moreover, the planets in the starry sky charged towards them. Seeing this, the five octopus ships immediately retreated. When they retreated some distance, the formation stopped attacking them. Then the octopus ships immediately sent message bats detailing their experience inside the great formations.

After Mo Like heard these reports, his frown became worse. He sent the five ships to see the great formation’s strength. Now, it seems like the formation was indeed formidable. This was troublesome for the Heavenly Demons.

However, Mo Like was unwilling to admit that their 2 million Heavenly Demon Army was kept off by a formation. Looking at the Stellar Transformations Great Formation, his eyes flashed a cold light as he said, “Everyone, prepare to charge towards the formation. I don’t believe our 2 million troops couldn’t break through this formation.”

The Heavenly Demons were a militant race. The urge to fight was merged into their blood. Faced with a difficult opponent, not only were they unflinching, they were elated by Mo Like’s command. The Heavenly Demon Army immediately went into a battle formation. The large artifacts were centralized front and center. The Heavenly Demons stationed themselves behind and prepared to charge.

Seeing that the army was ready, Mo Like waved his hand forward. The Heavenly Demon Army began to charge. The large artifacts slowly sped up. The ships became faster and faster.

A rumbling sound was heard as the large artifacts of the Heavenly Demons clashed with the Stellar Transformations Great Formation. There were more than 100 large artifacts in the Heavenly Demon Army. All of them plunged straight into the starry sky.

Mo Like’s large artifact also entered the starry sky. The moment he entered the great formation, Mo Like immediately felt a premonition. He felt that his order to charge was the wrong decision.

The reason for this feeling was because as soon as he entered the Stellar Transformations Great Formation, he could no longer feel the other large artifacts. He was also surrounded by an unpleasant energy. His spiritual force was also compressed to its lowest point. It wasn’t a good feeling at all.


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