BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1817


Chapter 1817 – Promotion To Immortal Stage

When Zhang Feng received Zhao Hai’s report, he was in his study with Hu Liangchen. He couldn’t help but grip the jade sword message with excitement.

Hu Liangchen was also excited. Naturally, he also read the contents of the jade sword message. Hu Liangchen looked at Zhang Feng and then chuckled as he said, “Gang Leader, should we send the news to the sect representatives?”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly and said, “There’s no use. I’m afraid they already know. Maybe they’re sending people over right now. I don’t believe their people wouldn’t send them a report. Little Hai did a great job once more.”

Hu Liangchen also had a happy expression on his face. But in the end he was someone who had weathered through great storms, he quickly calmed down and said, “Little Hai sent half of the alliance army back for repair and maintenance. The frontline only has 500 thousand people. It’s dangerous. I think we should immediately send reinforcements. Those Heavenly Demons wouldn’t just give up.”

The joy on Zhang Feng’s face shimmered down as he nodded and said, “Right. We need to support Little Hai. It’s too dangerous for 500 thousand people to face 5 million.”

Hu Liangchen nodded. At this time, a voice was heard from outside, “Gang Leader, representatives from the Iron Blade Sect, Heavy Sand Sect, Great Strength Sect, Bone Armor Sect, and the other sects wanted to have a meeting.”

Zhang Feng turned to Hu Liangchen and said, “The noses of these fellows are indeed very sensitive. They came just at the right time. Now it’s time to squeeze them dry.”

Hu Liangchen gave a nod, “Now we’re officially dealing with the Heavenly Demons. If they still don’t send proper troops, it would be too much for them. Let’s go and see them.”

Zhang Feng nodded and then walked out of the room with Hu Liangchen. It was impossible for Zhang Feng to see all these people inside the study. Although the study was huge, it was a place generally used to discuss internal matters of the Black Tiger Gang. The meeting with the other sects would happen in a special meeting hall.

When Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen arrived, several hundred sect representatives were already sitting inside the meeting hall. These sect representatives all had joyful expressions on their faces as they discussed with each other.

Seeing Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen’s arrival, the representatives immediately stood up and gave both of them a salute. The two knew why these people were so polite to them. It was due to Zhao Hai’s huge victory on the battlefield. The two weren’t uncomfortable by the new respect they were given. After all, Zhao Hai was the Black Tiger Gang’s representative.

Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen sat down in front of the representatives. Zhang Feng waved his hand which caused the place to turn peaceful. Then he said, “Everyone, you should have received the news. Little Hai brought the Freedom Alliance Army to fight the Heavenly Demons and won. This is very important for the alliance. At the same time, this battle would show the prestige of the Great Realm of Cultivation. This would inform the Heavenly Demons that cultivators aren’t easy to deal with.”

The crowd loudly cheered. They clapped vigorously. Just as Zhang Feng said, the battle was important for the alliance. This removed a huge pressure from the heart of the sects. They felt their hearts becoming more free compared to before. Because of this win, cultivators could see that Heavenly Demons weren’t invincible beings.

Zhang Feng also joined the crowd in clapping. After everyone stopped, Zhang Feng continued, “Now half of the army is rushing back to perform repair and maintenance. It is necessary for us to reinforce the frontline. What do you all think about this?”

The sect representatives were also aware why Zhang Feng mentioned this. And this was exactly why they wanted this meeting. The army in the frontline only had 500 thousand people. How could they be relieved? They couldn’t allow the Heavenly Demons to enter the territory of the Freedom Alliance. 

Because of this, the representatives didn’t object to the proposal. However, they didn’t make any noise to offer any ideas. Zhang Feng was surprised at this. Then he said, “Everyone, the ones we’ll face first is an army of about 5 million Heavenly Demons. We have to be on guard. I suggest that we form an army of 3 million troops. These 3 million troops would go and reinforce the frontlines. At the same time, we’ll form a second army of no less than 1.5 million troops. The second army would face another Heavenly Demon army. What do you think?”

The representatives discussed among themselves. To be honest, there wasn’t anything interesting with Zhang Feng’s proposal. The number of troops that Zhang Feng proposed was also within their acceptable range. However, the representatives couldn’t take responsibility for this matter.

At this time, the Iron Blade Sect’s representative stood up. He gave Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen a short bow and said, “Gang Leader, Elder Hu, we agree to this plan. However, the final decision will be made by our sect masters. We have to report it first and listen to the opinion of our sects. But please be rest assured, I’ll include my opinion in the report.”

The other representatives also had the same opinion. Zhang Feng looked at them and couldn’t help but sigh. He wanted to send reinforcements as soon as possible. He was afraid that something unexpected would happen to Zhao Hai’s army. Although the Black Tiger Gang was the nominated leader of the alliance, Zhang Feng has no control over the sects that followed them. Therefore, the representatives need to send their report first. Zhang Feng has no way to change it.

This was an inefficient method that would waste a lot of time. Especially during war when everything could happen at any time.

So upon hearing the representatives, Zhang Feng replied, “Everyone, I understand. But you should also know that time is life on the battlefield. A lot of our disciples are currently in the front line. It’s 500 thousand people against 5 million. You should be aware how disadvantageous this is. I hope that your sects can send troops at the quickest time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to react when something happens in the frontlines. This matter involves all of us, not just the Black Tiger Gang.”

The representatives nodded. Zhang Feng was about to say a few more words when an imposing aura suddenly erupted from the depths of the Black Tiger Gang’s base. Zhang Feng was stunned for a moment before his expression changed. There weren’t any immortal experts in the base. Could there be enemies that broke into the base?

Thinking of this, Zhang Feng immediately stood up as he turned towards Hu Liangchen. Just like Zhang Feng, Hu Liangchen also had a surprised look on his face. He was also affected by the strong aura.

The two thought that the base had been broken through, but they soon trashed this idea. The aura came from inside the base. The Black Tiger Gang’s base has defenses that even immortal experts couldn’t pass through. So how could an immortal expert infiltrate the base?

Suddenly, a thought passed through both of their minds. Then the surprised expression on their faces turned into glee. Zhang Feng looked at the representatives and said, “Everyone, the gang currently has some issues to deal with. Please return to your residences and report the matter of sending reinforcements. I hope we can deal with this as soon as possible.”

The sect representatives weren’t fools, they also felt the immortal-level aura. They knew that something must have happened to the Black Tiger Gang. But seeing Zhang Feng’s expression, it doesn’t seem to be bad. 

The eruption of an immortal-stage aura should be a good thing for the Black Tiger Gang. And it wasn’t difficult to guess who broke through. It should be the former gang leader of the Black Tiger Gang, Tie Zhantian!

Tie Zhantian secluded himself to attack the immortal stage. This wasn’t a secret in the Northern Divergent Province. However, Tie Zhantian had yet to succeed. Therefore, people eventually forgot about it. But now, it seems like Tie Zhantian succeeded in breaking through.

This was important news. It must be known that the Freedom Alliance was formed by small to medium-sized sects. These small to medium-sized sects have almost no immortal experts. Some sects might have immortal experts, but they didn’t have a lot, only one or two. Now, the Black Tiger gang has another immortal expert. This meant that the strength of the alliance has increased by a lot. 

Since they needed to report to their sects, the representatives didn’t remain in the meeting hall. They quickly returned to their residences and sent out jade sword messages to their sects. In addition to the matter of increasing the number of troops, Tie Zhantian’s breakthrough was also reported. 

At this time, Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen were rushing straight into the depths of the Black Tiger Gang base. There were other influential figures of the sect who were doing the same time. They had the same thoughts as Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen. They wanted to know if the aura was from Tie Zhantian or not. If so, this would mean that the Black Tiger Gang’s strength has risen once more.

Before long, the group arrived at the origin of the strong aura. Seeing the place, the expression on Zhang Feng and the others’ faces lit up with glee. This was because the origin of the aura was Tie Zhantian’s room.

The immortal-stage aura got stronger and stronger before it froze the surrounding space. Then the aura began to vanish. Although Zhang Feng and the others weren’t immortal experts, they were aware of this scenario. The aura meant that Tie Zhantian has entered the immortal stage. The eruption of aura earlier on was Tie Zhantian still not being used to the strong aura he was emitting. The aura slowly vanishing meant that Tie Zhantian was slowly taking control of his aura. Once the aura disappeared, this would mean that he had stabilized his cultivation. 

Not long after Zhang Feng and the others arrived, the strong aura was completely restrained. Then a voice was heard from the cave residence saying, “Everyone, you can come in.” Zhang Feng and the others immediately entered.

Inside the cave was a person with a smile on his face. The person was Tie Zhantian. Looking at everyone, the smile on Tie Zhantian’s face suddenly disappeared as he asked, “Where’s Little Hai? Did something happen?”

Because Tie Zhantian was in seclusion, he didn’t receive any news about the events outside. Therefore, upon seeing that Zhao Hai was absent, he thought that something might have happened. 

Zhang Feng immediately briefed Tie Zhantian about what happened in the past year or so. Naturally, he told Tie Zhantian was currently leading the troops outside. He has no time to return to the sect.

Hearing Zhang Feng, Tie Zhantian let out a sigh of relief. Then he said, “So the Heavenly Demons arrived. This is a catastrophe for the Great Realm of Cultivation. A lot of small sects would perish.”

Zhang Feng replied, “Martial Uncle, Zhao Hai is currently outside with the army. We’re planning on having the sects send reinforcements to support him. Martial Uncle, since you’re out, I’ll hand the control of the sect back to you.’

Tie Zhantian smiled faintly and said, “What happened? You don’t want to be the Gang Leader? You forgot. Now that I’m at the immortal stage, based on the Black Tiger Gang’s rules, I am now a Supreme Elder. It’s impossible for me to be the Gang Leader. The sect is now yours to manage. From now on, you’re the official gang leader of the Black Tiger Gang. Hahaha. You think you’re allowed to quit? Didn’t you always want to be the Gang Leader?”

Hearing Tie Zhantian, Zhang Feng bitterly smiled and said, “Martial Uncle, to be honest, being the Gang Leader is very tiring. I don’t want to do it. I want to fight the Heavenly Demons together with Little Hai. You might not know, but fighting with Zhao Hai is very relaxing. From the moment I met Zhao Hai, I never encountered a loss in battle.”

Tie Zhantian laughed, “You brat. You’re still thinking about this. You can no longer do that. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to being the Gang Leader. Right, didn’t you say that Little Hai needed reinforcement? How soon can these reinforcements be sent? If they’re late, Little Hai may be in danger.”

Zhang Feng’s expression changed. He lowered his head as he thought for a while before he looked at everyone and said, “Martial Uncle, everyone, I didn’t tell you this in the past to ensure Little Hai’s security. Actually, even if the 500 thousand troops are wiped out, Little Hai will be fine. This is because in addition to his spatial ability, Zhao Hai also had another special ability.”

Speaking up to here, he scanned everyone and said, “When he broke through his tribulation, he gained another ability. It allowed his Undead to maintain their strength. Zhao Hai has a background of dark magic, so he has a lot of Undead. And now, not only could he revive dead cultivators as Undead, the strength of these revived cultivators would also have the same strength as they were alive. Even if the revived cultivator is at the Immortal Stage.”

Hiss! Everyone couldn’t help but take a deep breath. They understood what Zhang Feng meant. And it was because of this understanding that they were extremely surprised!

Let an Undead preserve its initial strength? This meant that revived immortal experts would be immortal-level Undead. Isn’t this going against heaven’s will? Everyone had the expression of disbelief!


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