BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1815


Chapter 1815 – Repelling the Heavenly Demon Army

The rumors were true!

When the Black Turtle Ancestor saw Elder Zhu and the others, he immediately thought of a rumor that spread in the Great Realm of Cultivation. According to the rumor, when Zhao Hai fought against the Wandering Soul Group, the immortal expert of the Wandering Soul Group was killed. This was just one of the rumors. The other rumor said that when Zhao Hai attacked the Wandering Soul Group, he encountered two immortal experts. In the end, he killed them both.

This was one of the rumors that people liked to spread but didn’t really believe. They might believe it if the Black Tiger Gang’s immortal expert killed the Wandering Soul Group’s immortal expert. But this was Zhao Hai, so they didn’t believe it. Everyone believed that Zhao Hai could only survive against immortal experts, not kill them.

As for the second rumor, even more people didn’t believe it. What were immortal experts? In the entire Great Realm of Cultivation, immortal experts were the ultimate weapon. They were the symbol of invincibility. Only immortal experts could kill immortal experts. They haven’t heard of a transcending tribulation expert jumping stages and killing an immortal expert.

But now, the Black Turtle Ancestor has no choice but to believe it. With these Undead, Zhao Hai could certainly kill immortal experts. He could even tie down 50 immortal experts on his own. His true strength was terrifying.

Seeing Zhao Hai kill an immortal expert and immediately turning them into Undead, the Black Turtle Ancestor felt a chill run through his body. He was terrified. He now understood why the Black Tiger Gang didn’t care about him. They accepted him and then left him alone. With Zhao Hai, this monster, present in the sect, there were no issues with the Black Turtle Ancestor joining.

The Black Turtle Ancestor was now secretly rejoicing that he didn’t act excessively in the Black Tiger Gang. Otherwise, he would have been turned into an Undead already.

Now that the immortal Heavenly Demons have been repelled, Zhao Hai received all of the Undead. Then he charged towards the battlefield.

The Black Turtle Ancestor looked at Zhao Hai in awe. Zhao Hai also looked at the Black Turtle Ancestor and then gave him a slight nod without saying anything. However, the Black Turtle Ancestor understood what he meant. Nobody else saw Zhao Hai’s battle, so they didn’t see Zhao Hai’s ability. It seems like Zhao Hai doesn’t want people to know about the matter of immortal experts being turned into powerful Undead.

Thinking of this, the Black Turtle Ancestor knew that it would be best to shut his mouth. The tighter the better.

Zhao Hai returned to the Hell King’s Ship. The Black Turtle Ancestor returned as well. As both of them looked at the battle, the Black Turtle Ancestor said, “Mister, we have a lot of losses. The other side also lost a lot of people. Generally speaking, we’re at a tie. Our large artifacts are more formidable, but the other side has more people.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “We have to finish the battle sooner. The immortal Heavenly Demons have retreated, if they sent reinforcements, our situation would be worse.”

The Black Turtle Ancestor nodded and said, “Should I go all out? I think I’ll be able to defeat them quickly.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need. Leave it to me. We’ll never lack people with me here. Hahaha.” Then Zhao Hai waved his hand as a large number of Undead around the Hell King’s Ship. Zhao Hai waved his hand once more, commanding the Undead to rush towards the Heavenly Demons.

The sudden arrival of the Undead caused a one-sided slaughter against the Heavenly Demons. At the same time, the Heavenly Demons discovered that their immortal experts had disappeared. Meanwhile, Zhao Hai was standing on the Hell King’s Ship, leading his Undead to attack.

The Undead immediately caused the Heavenly Demons to fluster. They quickly understood that their immortal expert had been defeated by Zhao Hai.

Although they didn’t know how Zhao Hai defeated the immortal Heavenly Demons, Zhao Hai already proved his strength. This was a startling realization.

The Heavenly Demons might have the numerical advantage, but they knew that they couldn’t stop the attack of immortal experts. Not only was Zhao Hai present, there was also an immortal expert beside him. This caused the Heavenly Demons to worry.

But soon, another surprise came to the Heavenly Demons. They discovered that the Undead were very strong. They were very hard to deal with.

Most importantly, the Undead were lined up in neat formations. Moreover, their formations kept changing during battle. Although the Heavenly Demons were stronger than these Undead, they couldn’t do anything to them. Most importantly, the attacks of the Undead were very effective against the Heavenly Demons.

The offense of the cultivators also became more violent. When they saw Zhao Hai and knowing that the enemy immortal experts had been defeated, their morale soared through the heavens. Naturally, their attacks became more spirited.

The sudden reversal shook the Heavenly Demons army. It reverberated throughout their lines. This was also what Zhao Hai wanted to happen.

Zhao Hai understood that the Heavenly Demons had a similar situation with the cultivators. The Heavenly Demon Army was comprised of various sect troops. They were built the same way as the Black Tiger Gang’s alliance. The only difference was that the allied Heavenly Demon Army was more trained and prepared compared to the cultivators.

With the current development, the Heavenly Demons became afraid. These people were elites of their own sects. If they lost too many people, their sect would become weak. They don’t hope to see their sect fall because of their death.

Seeing the Heavenly Demons, Zhao Hai smiled faintly. Then he turned to the Black Turtle Ancestor and said, “Elder, please take action. Rout them in one go.”

The Black Turtle Ancestor also discovered the changes to the battlefield. Hearing Zhao Hai, he immediately complied. He turned into a large turtle and then threw himself towards the Heavenly Demons.

The Black Turtle Ancestor was a genuine immortal expert. Although his attack was inferior to his peers, his defenses far surpassed them. And against transcending tribulation experts, he was more than enough. He quickly ravaged the battlefield. Every Heavenly Demon he encountered were immediately killed.

This caused even more chaos among the Heavenly Demons. But strangely enough, they didn’t run. Instead, they organized themselves to block the Undead as well as the Black Turtle Ancestor.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai’s pupils couldn’t help but narrow. He didn’t expect this to happen. But upon looking carefully into the Heavenly Demon Army, he discovered something. Among the Heavenly Demons were people that wore special armor. This armor was different compared to what most Heavenly Demons wore since it was blood red. Moreover, those who wore these armors stood behind the Heavenly Demons, neither commanding nor joining the fight. The Heavenly Demons who were panicking would change their expressions upon seeing these people. In the end, they had to brace themselves and face the Undead.

Combat Enforcers! These words immediately flashed through Zhao Hai’s mind. These blood red armor-wearing Heavenly Demons should be combat enforcers. Zhao Hai didn’t expect the Heavenly Demons to have combat enforcers in their army. No wonder the Heavenly Demons kept fighting despite their miserable state.

Zhao Hai coldly snorted as he made a move. He released his dao avatar and threw himself towards the enemy army. His targets were these combat enforcers.

These combat enforcers weren’t any stronger compared to the other Heavenly Demons. Naturally, they weren’t Zhao Hai’s opponents. One by one, combat enforcers were being hunted down. Without the combat enforcers, the Heavenly Demons quickly lost any hesitations they had. 

With Zhao Hai joining the fight alongside the Black Turtle Ancestor, the Heavenly Demon Army finally produced deserters. The first deserter caused a chain reaction that led to more Heavenly Demons leaving the battle. Before long, a huge crowd of Heavenly Demons could be seen retreating from the battlefield.

As the enemy retreated, the attacks of Zhao Hai and the others became more fierce. This caused even more Heavenly Demons to run away. The large artifacts also began to turn around.

In the end, Zhao Hai killed more than 100 combat enforcers before the Heavenly Demon Army went into a full retreat. Those who didn’t run away were immediately purged from the battlefield.

At this time, what the cultivators needed to do was simple, to chase the enemy down. However, Zhao Hai didn’t give the Heavenly Demons a chance to turn the fight around. After chasing for a while, Zhao Hai ordered everyone to retreat. Then he took all of the bodies of those who perished in battle. The damaged large artifacts were also being pulled over by the functioning ones. Then they began to retreat.

Zhao Hai did this because the Heavenly Demon Army’s reinforcements were coming over. Moreover, the reinforcing army included immortal experts as well as new large artifacts. If Zhao Hai and the others didn’t retreat at this time, they would definitely suffer even heavier losses. 

The alliance army slowly retreated. At the same time, Zhao Hai sent a message to Zhang Feng and the others, sending them battle reports. In the battle, they were able to kill about 150 thousand enemies while losing 50 thousand. It was a three-to-one loss ratio. It wasn’t low, but it wasn’t devastating either. It must be known that they were facing Heavenly Demons, it was already good that they had a positive loss ratio.

Naturally, the slain Heavenly Demons were also turned into Undead by Zhao Hai. As for the dead cultivators, he didn’t touch them. These people would be sent back to their sects to be given a proper ceremony. In any case, these people were allies who fought by his side. Although Zhao Hai wanted more Undead, he wasn’t greedy to the point where he’d turn his allies into Undead.


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