BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1814


Chapter 1814 – Immortal Experts

Seeing that the Heavenly Demon Army was moving, Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Good, come. Elder Black Turtle, please pay attention to the rear. Combatants, prepare to disembark. Ships, line up! Charge!”

Zhao Hai also flew out and threw himself towards the immortal experts. In the air, his figure became a hundred as he rushed towards the 50 immortal experts.

Soon the two sides were fighting in the air. It was Zhao Hai versus 50 people. But what people in the distance could see were 100 Zhao Hais fighting against 50 immortal experts. Moreover, it doesn’t seem like Zhao Hai was going to lose.

This peculiar fighting method was thanks to Zhao Hai’s movement technique, the Cosmic Stars Technique. Since his body movement technique was combined with his cloning technique, he was able to fight with the immortal experts on his own.

Zhao Hai’s method of combat caused everyone to be startled. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be this formidable. Moreover, the cultivation that Zhao Hai used seems to be very mysterious.

However, they didn’t forget their tasks. Cultivators from large artifacts flew out at the fastest speed. At the same time, the large artifacts were charging with all of their might.

Two kilometers might seem far, but it was a very close distance for large artifacts. Since the artifacts were in a stopped position, they would need to accelerate before reaching their peak speed. This also gave the cultivators inside the large artifacts the chance to disembark.

Before long, the large artifacts of both sides began to hit each other. The alliance fleet kept their charging formation but the other side did the same. The two sides would definitely clash head-on.

Unfortunately for the Heavenly Demons, spearheading the alliance army’s charge was Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship. It was impossible for any large artifact to smash the Hell King’s Ship. After a loud bang, the large artifact that faced the Hell King’s Ship was directly smashed.

The Hell King’s Ship continued its charge without stopping, its speed even increased. However, the other large artifacts of the cultivators weren’t doing as well. It was only the Black Tiger’s Gang that were having a better time. These large artifacts were all made by Zhao Hai and were very sturdy. The large artifacts of the other sects weren’t as well-made. This time, more than 30 large artifacts were damaged by the charge. 

Naturally, the Heavenly Demons were suffering the same losses. They lost nearly 50 large artifacts, three of which were destroyed by the Hell King’s Ship while the others were no longer usable in the battle. As for the Great Realm of Cultivation, two of their large artifacts were destroyed. This was because these large artifacts were being targeted by more than one enemy ship.

Although the alliance army profited from this clash, their gains weren’t that big. Both sides also stopped their large artifacts. They were reluctant to make another charge.

Production of large artifacts, whether it be in the Great Realm of Cultivation or the Heavenly Demon Realm, wasn’t an easy task. It only took one charge to damage so many large artifacts. This caused both sides to feel a heartache. So they all stopped. Instead, cultivators and Heavenly Demons began to rush over and fight.

It didn’t take long before the Heavenly Demons discovered their mistake. They shouldn’t have sent all of their immortal experts in that initial charge. Now, all of their immortal experts were being tied down by Zhao Hai. Meanwhile, the Black Turtle Ancestor still has his hands free. The Heavenly Demon Army no longer has any immortal experts in their ranks. Because of this, nobody was able to stop the Black Turtle Ancestor. A huge black turtle could be seen rampaging among the enemy ranks with no stopping. 

Casualties from both sides began to pile up. Large artifacts also came to offer their help. But this time, instead of charging, they were disrupting the enemy’s formations.

It was at this moment that the Heavenly Demons discovered that they made another mistake. They should have used their numerical advantage to eliminate the large artifacts of the enemy. Even if they suffered heavy losses, they would have come on top of the clash. This was because they saw that the cultivators were better at controlling large artifacts compared to them.

The Heavenly Demons didn’t realize that if it were ordinary cultivators, their control wouldn’t be any better than theirs. Moreover, the Heavenly Demons might even be better.

But today, the Heavenly Demons were facing Zhao Hai. With the majority of the large artifacts being under Zhao Hai’s control, it would be strange if the enemy didn’t suffer heavy losses.

Everyone also failed to notice that the bodies of the Heavenly Demons that fell to the ground were disappearing from time to time. Meanwhile, the corpses of the cultivators remained the same. When cultivators die and fall, their bodies would mysteriously slow down before they hit the ground. This spared the corpses from being damaged by the fall.

At this moment, Zhao Hai was very surprised by his technique. Although the Cosmic Stars Technique integrated the Cloning Technique, it wasn’t the same as the Cloning Technique. The Cloning Technique would form an incarnation that had worse combat strength than the original. If Zhao Hai used the Cloning Technique to create 1 thousand incarnations, then each incarnation would have a thousandth of his strength.

The Cosmic Stars Technique wasn’t like this. The Cosmic Stars Technique was a movement technique that uses his bodies to create a formation. With the magic formation as well as his speed, it seems like Zhao Hai released 100 clones of himself. But in reality, he was the only person fighting the immortal experts.

Zhao Hai was using his movement technique to deal with the immortal experts of the Heavenly Demon Realm. But after fighting for some time, the Heavenly Demons were beginning to adapt to his fighting style. Although Zhao Hai was still able to tie the immortal experts down, he felt that it was becoming more difficult to do so.

But at the same time, Zhao Hai has yet to use Firegod City, Elder Zhu, or the Five Discolored Venerables. He was waiting for a good opportunity to catch enemies off-guard.

When Zhao Hai could no longer tie down all 50 immortal experts, two Heavenly Demon immortal experts were able to wrap around Zhao Hai and charge towards the Great Realm of Cultivation’s army.

But at this moment, seven figures appeared around the two immortal Heavenly Demons. When the seven figures appeared, they immediately attacked the  two. This caused the two Heavenly Demons to stare, then they immediately defended. However, they soon discovered that they weren’t a match against the seven figures. This was because the seven were also at the immortal stage.

Although the two immortal Heavenly Demons weren’t weak, it’s impossible for them to win against seven immortal experts. Before long, the two immortal Heavenly Demons were killed. Then their corpses were sent to the Space. When they reappeared, they were now Zhao Hai’s subordinates.

Nine immortal stage Undead immediately threw themselves towards the other immortal Heavenly Demons. When the Heavenly Demons noticed that their two comrades were having a hard time, they initially wanted to lend a hand. However, Zhao Hai’s attacks suddenly intensified. Because of this, the two immortal experts didn’t get any help.

But the Heavenly Demons didn’t think that their comrades would be turned into Undead. At this time, the Heavenly Demons also discovered that the seven immortal experts that ambushed the two were also Undead. No wonder they felt that there’s something wrong with the seven immortal experts.

This caused them to be surprised. They didn’t think it would be like this. Immortal stage Undead? When did the Great Realm of Cultivation have such things?

However, there’s one thing that the Heavenly Demons were certain of. The immortal-level Undead had something to do with Zhao Hai! But they weren’t able to think about it too much since nine immortal experts joined the fight. In addition to Zhao Hai, the immortal experts were immediately in chaos.

Also, the immortal experts discovered another terrifying matter. Their comrades that had been turned into Undead were no weaker than when they were alive!

At this time, another Heavenly Demon let out a miserable cry before his body fell. His head was smashed in. There was no longer life in his eyes.

A lot of Heavenly Demons were still surprised by the Undead, only a few noticed that the one who just died was smashed by a weapon that looked like a brick.

This caused the Heavenly Demons to feel some dread. They were unable to get a sense of Zhao Hai’s methods. In a blink of an eye, another three immortal heavenly demons were killed. These immortal heavenly demons weren’t cabbages on the road. Their death was a massive loss to the Heavenly Demon Realm.

But this wasn’t the end. The immortal Heavenly Demons that had been killed by Zhao Hai reappeared and attacked the other Heavenly Demons. This caused the remaining Heavenly Demons to panic.

Although these Heavenly Demons were at the immortal stage and held the numbers advantage, they couldn’t help but be terrified by the sight before them.

Despite only facing Zhao Hai and his Undead, the Heavenly Demons suddenly had a terrifying discovery. The enemy they were facing right now would get stronger the longer the fight went on. Meanwhile, their numbers could only get smaller and smaller. The comrades they fought with in one moment could become their enemy in the next. How could they not be terrified by it?

These immortal experts were from the Heavenly Demon Realm, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own sects. The Heavenly Demon Realm was similar to the Great Realm of Cultivation, it also had a lot of sects scattered throughout the lands. These immortal experts were from different sects.

It was also because of this that the Heavenly Demons weren’t able to go all out against Zhao Hai. This was because they were the pillars of their own sects. If they died in battle, their sects would have hard days ahead. It might even be destroyed. There was no such thing as morality or justice in the Heavenly Demon Realm. Once a sect loses their immortal experts, other sects would immediately devour them.

This was also the reason why Zhao Hai was able to tie down 50 immortal experts. If these Heavenly Demons fought with all their strength, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t be able to stop even ten of them.

The hairs of the Heavenly Demons stood up upon seeing Zhao Hai continually reviving the dead immortal Heavenly Demons. 

At this moment, another immortal stage Heavenly Demon was battered to death by Zhao Hai’s Firegod City. At the same time, two immortal Heavenly Demons were killed by the Undead. In a blink of an eye, Zhao Hai gained three more immortal-level Undead. The immortal Heavenly Demons could no longer hold on. One began to run away which caused the others to run away as well. In a short time, the Heavenly Demon Army was devoid of any immortal experts

The Heavenly Demons and the Cultivators that were fighting didn’t notice the battle of the Immortal Experts. This was because Zhao Hai and the immortal Heavenly Demons fought in an area quite a distance away from the main battle. 

But there was one person who noticed, and it was the Black Turtle Ancestor. Although the old turtle listened to Zhao Hai’s words and stayed with the army, he was still quite concerned with Zhao Hai’s situation. After all, Zhao Hai’s position in the Black Tiger gang was very special. He didn’t want Zhao Hai to be in danger.

In the beginning, he was surprised by Zhao Hai’s strength. But as a bystander, he was able to notice the weakness in Zhao Hai’s fighting style much earlier than the immortal Heavenly Demons. It can be said that Zhao Hai was relying on his movement to tie down the immortal Heavenly Demons.

But when the Undead appeared later on, the Black Turtle Ancestor was startled. The immortal experts of the Great Realm of Cultivation have their own circle. Each immortal expert knew each other. Every time a new immortal expert emerges, they would immediately be part of this circle. The cultivators below didn’t know that this circle exists.

Because of this, the Black Turtle Ancestor immediately recognized the Undead. They were the Wandering Soul Group’s immortal elder, the Myriad Demons Sect’s Elder Zhu, and the Five Discolored venerables. All of them were very famous in the Great Realm of Cultivation. It was impossible for the Black Turtle Ancestor to not recognize them.


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