BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1813


Chapter 1813 – Violent Clash

An enormous fleet advanced as Zhao Hai calmly looked at the horizon on the Hell King’s Ship’s bow. The Black Turtle Ancestor already entered his room, leaving Zhao Hai alone.

It has been a few hours since the meeting. The outcome of the meeting was a success. Zhao Hai was able to make it clear that he would punish those who wouldn’t follow his orders. Although the sects still had some doubts, they still agreed. This made Zhao Hai more confident in the upcoming battle.

Actually, there was no need for Zhao Hai to send out a scouting team. He has silver needles to spy on the movements of the Heavenly Demon Army. However, he couldn’t reveal that he has such an ability.

At this time, Cai’er suddenly said, “Young Master, the enemy has detected the scouting ships. They have already exchanged blows.” Then an image appeared inside Zhao Hai’s mind.

The scout ship was a black tiger ship that was being driven by the Undead. The people onboard were also from the Black Tiger Gang. Scouting was an important matter, so Zhao Hai couldn’t just leave it to the other sects to handle

At this moment, the tiger ship was being besieged by several large artifacts. These large artifacts were in the form of a huge octopus with tentacles as their weapons. There were four large artifacts each with eight tentacles that were attacking the tiger ship.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s communication token made a sound. The Black Tiger Gang disciples on the tiger ship were reporting their current situation. Zhao Hai immediately ordered the fleet to shift its direction towards the tiger ship. At the same time, he ordered the ships to get ready for action. The other four scouting ships were also heading the same direction.

The scout ships didn’t go far from the fleet. Additionally, with the tiger ship being controlled by the Undead, it was able to survive despite being under the assault of four large artifacts.

After a while, Zhao Hai and the others finally saw the battlefield with their eyes. The Heavenly Demons also noticed the fleet’s approach. They initially wanted to leave, but they weren’t given the chance. They were entangled by the scout ship. And with the Hell King’s Ship being Zhao Hai’s fastest ship, he was able to quickly join the battle.

When one of the four octopus large artifacts was entangled, the three other artifacts tried to rescue it first. But after failing for some time, they knew that they needed to leave or else they would all be taken down. Therefore, the three other octopus large artifacts turned around and ran away, leaving one of them behind. 

At this time, Zhao Hai’s Hell King’s Ship also arrived. Without hesitation, it rushed towards the giant octopus. Looking at the battle, Zhao Hai knew that the octopus didn’t have very strong ramming strength. However, its eight tentacles were very hard to deal with. There were barbs in each tentacle, this increased the strength of the tentacles when it slammed down like a whip.

In addition to being flexible, the tentacles were also very quick. But Zhao Hai could see that the tentacles followed a certain pattern. After all, the octopus was a large artifact and wasn’t a true octopus. A real octopus can move its tentacles without any fear of collision. On the other hand, since the octopus large artifact was being controlled by multiple people, if they didn’t follow a certain pattern, the tentacles would risk colliding with each other.

Because of this, although the tentacles looked flexible, their direction were predictable. This made it inflexible in return.

Cai’er already calculated the movements of the octopus and found a flaw. The Hell King’s Ship used this weakness to rush over while avoiding the movements of the octopus. The Hell King’s Ship’s battering ram ejected and hit the octopus’ body. With the strength of the formation breaking spirit snake needle in the battering ram, the hull of the octopus was immediately damaged.

Since the octopus was a large artifact, it could still move despite being damaged. But at the same time, its movements were greatly affected. There were two tentacles that no longer moved.

The octopus was already having a hard time dealing with the tiger ship when it was fully functional. Now that two of its tentacles were damaged, it didn’t take long before it was heavily damaged.

At this time, Zhao Hai’s complexion suddenly changed. He waved his hand and commanded the tiger ship and the Hell King’s Ship to retreat. When the two ships retreated about a hundred meters back, the octopus suddenly exploded.

The reason Zhao Hai retreated was because Cai’er told him that a strange energy fluctuation was detected from the octopus. It’s possible that the fluctuation would cause the large artifact to explode. Since Zhao Hai trusted Cai’er’s deductions, he immediately retreated.

Despite retreating for over a hundred meters, the explosion still rocked the black tiger ship and the Hell King’s Ship.

By the end, the shields of the two ships broke. The shockwave of the explosion also reached the fleet. But since the fleet was quite far from the battle, the large artifacts weren’t damaged.

After the tiger ships entered the fleet, Zhao Hai ordered the fleet to continue advancing. But this time, the fleet was more careful. Although Zhao Hai continued to send scout ships ahead, their distance to the fleet has been significantly reduced. 

As the fleet advanced, Zhao Hai was also monitoring the movement of the Heavenly Demon Army. Naturally, the four octopus ships were just scout ships of the Heavenly Demons. Upon receiving information about the existence of Zhao Hai’s fleet, the Heavenly Demon Army began to move.

The Heavenly Demon Army that Zhao Hai and the others were about to face was very strong. There were no less than 500 large artifacts. There were also more than 100 immortal heavenly demons present in the fleet. As for manpower, the army was about 5 million strong.

However, Zhao Hai knew that the entire army wouldn’t be dispatched against them. After all, the Heavenly Demons have a base that needs defending. Therefore, as long as it’s not the entire Heavenly Demon Army they’re facing, Zhao Hai was confident that the alliance fleet would be able to defeat them.

And just like Zhao thought, the Heavenly Demons didn’t gather all of their troops to deal with the incoming fleet. But at the same time, the Heavenly Demons wanted the fleet to be dealt with as soon as possible. Therefore, they sent 200 large artifacts as well as 2 million troops. At the same time, 50 immortal experts would accompany the fleet. They reckoned that this force was enough to deal with Zhao Hai and the others.

Despite the powerful numbers of the enemy, Zhao Hai still wanted to fight them. While the Heavenly Demons Sect immortal experts, the alliance army also had their own immortal experts. Additionally, Zhao Hai was confident in his large artifacts. As for the large artifacts of the other sects, they were ignored for the time being. With 50 large artifacts under his complete control, he believes that he would be able to defeat the enemy.

The interesting thing about the Heavenly Demon Army was that their ordinary toops weren’t inside their large artifacts. Instead, they flew behind the ships. The people inside the large artifacts weren’t a lot.

The two fleets slowly approached each other. An hour later, the two sides began to see each other. Zhao Hai immediately ordered the ships to get into an attack formation. Then the fleet slowed down as it slowly welcomed the other party.

When the two fleets were two kilometers apart, they stopped at the same time. Then from the large Heavenly Demon Fleet, a loud voice was heard, “The person in charge of the Great World of Cultivation Fleet, come out!”

The voice was very impolite. It was as though he was beckoning a slave over. Zhao Hai coldly snorted and said, “The Heavenly Demons are truly from a barren hellhole. They don’t even understand basic courtesy.” Zhao Hai’s voice was loud enough to be heard from a huge distance. However, the voice was quite mellow, there was no trace of anger at all.

Zhao Hai’s words enraged the Heavenly Demons. Naturally, they didn’t like what Zhao Hai said. If the Heavenly Demon Army didn’t have set rules, the Heavenly Demons would have already charged over to beat him up.

The voice from the Heavenly Demon Army coldly snorted and said, “The Great World of Cultivation is truly arrogant. You always think you’re at the center of the world. A group of poor fellows. To the Heavenly Demons, all of you are nothing but a group of ants!’

Zhao Hai laughed and said, “Ants? This isn’t the first time the Heavenly Demons invaded the Great Realm of Cultivation. And every time, you have been repelled like the dogs that you are. So what if we’re arrogant? At least we didn’t give ourselves a stupid name like ‘heavenly demon’. Hahaha. Do you really think that your name sounds great? I would rather kill myself than being named like that! Hahaha.”

The people of the Great World of Cultivation also laughed along with Zhao Hai. The representatives of the sects laughed even more. To be honest, seeing that the Heavenly Demons had more people than them caused them to be anxious. But Zhao Hai’s words caused this tension to disappear. At the same time, the hesitation they had towards Zhao Hai has disappeared.

In their previous meeting, Zhao Hai made it clear that he would punish those who didn’t follow his orders. Although the sect representatives showed their obedience, they held grudges in their heart. But now, after laughing at the enemy, this grudge has been completely erased.

The person from the Heavenly Demon Army angrily snorted as he replied, “You people from the Great World of Cultivation only know how to move your tongues. Today, I will show you the strength of our Heavenly Demon Race!” After speaking, the Heavenly Demon fleet began to move. At the same time, 50 figures flew out from the fleet. These figures were very fast. And as soon as they appeared, they released their dao avatars. There were the immortal experts of the Heavenly Demon fleet.


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