BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1812


Chapter 1812 – Tough Stance

Zhao Hai stood on the Hell King’s Ship beside a thin old man. As he looked at Zhao Hai, the thin old man couldn’t help but become curious.

This thin old man was the Black Turtle Ancestor. He knew Zhao Hai through the news spread about the Black Tiger Gang. In fact, not knowing Zhao Hai was difficult if you’re in the Northern Divergent Province. But the curiosity of the Black Turtle Ancestor didn’t come from the rumors surrounding Zhao Hai. 

Immortal Experts were top figures in the Great World of Cultivation. Even the Myriad Demons Sect would at least give immortal experts the position of an elder. Moreover, the position held more power compared to common elders and core disciples. 

And because of their strength, when normal cultivators see an immortal expert, they would feel extreme pressure which would cause them to be respectful.

However, Zhao Hai had none of this. The Black Turtle Ancestor could feel that Zhao Hai wasn’t afraid of him. The bit of respect that Zhao Hai had for the Black Turtle Ancestor was because of his age rather than strength. This raised the Black Turtle Ancestor’s eyebrows.

Although the Black Turtle Ancestor was now a Supreme Elder of the Black Tiger Gang, he wouldn’t shout at Zhao Hai. The old man knew very well what kind of person Zhao Hai was in the Black Tiger Gang. Although Zhao Hai was still a core disciple, his status in the sect was definitely higher than a Supreme Elder.

Because of this, the old turtle was very curious. He wanted to know why Zhao Hai was so calm in front of him.

Zhao Hai could feel the gaze of the Black Turtle Ancestor. However, he didn’t care. The immortal experts who died in his hand didn’t number one or two. There was nothing for him to fear.

Zhao Hai turned his head behind him. At the back were about a hundred large artifacts. Some of these large artifacts belonged to the Black Tiger Gang while some belonged to the other sects. The Black Tiger Gang brough 50 large artifacts while the other sects had about 50 as well.

A hundred large artifacts might not be a lot, but this battle was different from the past. In Zhao Hai’s previous battles, the people inside the large artifacts weren’t necessarily strong, only Undead with rifles. But this time, the people who rode the large artifacts were at least at the core formation stage. Moreover, each large artifact had at least 10 thousand people. It can be said that the current alliance army was a million-people strong.

Zhao Hai was the Supreme Commander of the entire army. However, he could only command the 200 thousand people from the Black Tiger Gang. The other sects have their own commanders to lead them. Zhao Hai could only give orders to those commanders and not the troops under them.

Zhao Hai doesn’t like this method, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Although these sects have formed an alliance with the Black Tiger Gang, it was impossible for them to trust their entire army to Zhao Hai. They were similarly afraid of the Black Tiger Gang turning them into cannon fodder.

Taking a look at the large artifacts behind him, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but sigh. He saw the large artifacts of the Heavy Sand Sect, Great Strength Sect, and the Iron Blade Sect. If Zhao Hai could control all of their large artifacts, the alliance army’s strength would increase by at least 30 percent. However, Zhao Hai knew that this was impossible. 

To the sects, large artifacts were weapons only inferior to immortal experts. It was impossible for the sects to hand the control of large artifacts to outsiders. Moreover, because of the different refining methods, controlling large artifacts differed. Take the large artifact of the Great Strength Sect, for example. Because of its structure, it required peculiar control methods. And the Great Strength Sect wouldn’t just hand this control method over. If other people had this control method, they might be able to find ways to deal with the large artifact. This was equivalent to exposing your weak point to the enemy. 

To be honest, Zhao Hai lacked confidence in the army to face the Heavenly Demons. Although he commanded large armies in the past, the entire army was under his command. But with this army, not a lot of people would follow his words to completion.

Seeing Zhao Hai sigh upon looking back, the Black Turtle Ancestor asked, “Little Hai, is there a problem?”

Zhao Hai looked at the Black Turtle Ancestor and then forced a smile as he said, “I’m quite worried about this army. As you can see, although I’m the commander, when it comes to battle, it would be difficult to send orders to these people.”

The Black Turtle Ancestor was an ancient beast, so there are a few things he hadn’t seen. So he agreed with what Zhao Hai said. Looking at the large artifacts he sighed and said, “This is the nature of an alliance. Its structure doesn’t inspire sturdiness. But the fact that we’re able to gather this many people is already very good.”

Zhao Hai sighed and no longer thought about it. He already made preparations if the worst case happens. Laura and the others already prepared a few emergency plans.

Zhao Hai thought that if these people listened to him, it would be good. If they don’t listen, then he would no longer care about their lives. Maintaining the strength of the Black Tiger Gang would be enough.

About a hundred large artifacts moved forward in a mighty charge. No matter where such a fleet was located, it would definitely cause people to feel pressure. 

A day after the large artifacts began flying, Zhao Hai commanded the fleet to slow down. This was because they had entered the region where the Heavenly Demons were roaming around.

The invasion of the Heavenly Demons was indeed being deliberately prepared. The way their invasion worked was also very unusual. Their movement significantly slowed down. After opening their passage and destroying the surrounding sects, the Heavenly Demons began building bases and slowly expanded to all four directions. They began increasing their territory and putting everything they conquered under their control.

Most importantly, the Heavenly Demons didn’t leave behind any surviving cultivator. Therefore, all lands that the Heavenly Demons seized were purged of any cultivators.

Although this method was ruthless, it was also very effective. With the cultivators being eradicated, the Great World of Cultivation completely lost control of the territory that was seized. They couldn’t even obtain any information from inside. 

After the fleet slowed down, Zhao Hai immediately sent a scouting unit composed of five large artifacts. Naturally, these five large artifacts were from the Black Tiger Gang. And all large artifacts were controlled by Zhao Hai’s Undead.

Zhao Hai didn’t dare send a small number of people to scout around. These people were more likely to be destroyed by the Heavenly Demons. Therefore, large artifacts should be sent to scout with each large artifact having 10 thousand people inside. In this way, even if they encounter enemies, they would have an ability to protect themselves. They could persist until Zhao Hai and the others arrive to provide help.

Once the scouting team were sent out, representatives of the other sects were welcomed in the Hell King’s Ship. Inside the ship’s meeting hall, representatives began arriving one after another. As people arrived, they gave Zhao Hai their greetings while also giving the Black Turtle Ancestor a salute.

The Black Turtle Ancestor were just calmly sitting on the side with his eyes closed. He didn’t pay attention to the people who greeted him. This also allowed Zhao Hai to see the haughtiness of an immortal expert.

Before long, all of the representatives were present. Zhao Hai looked at them and said, “Everyone, I called you over to inform you that we’re about to enter the area controlled by the Heavenly Demons. Expect a battle to happen at any time. Please make your preparations when you go back.”

Everyone nodded. Zhao Hai swept them with his gaze before adding, “We’re now allied with each other. But since I was assigned as the commander-in-chief, I hope that you can cooperate with me. I will make sure that we lose as little as possible. However, to those who don’t follow my orders to benefit yourselves, I apologize but I have to deal with you using the laws set by the alliance. At the same time, I will propose the sect responsible to be kicked from the alliance. I will also make sure to hunt the sect down. If anyone has any problems with what I said, you can say it right now.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the representatives couldn’t help but stare. They didn’t expect Zhao Hai to say such words. Although these sects were confident in their strengths, being kicked out of the alliance and being chased down would definitely spell the end of their sect’s existence.

Most importantly, inside the room was an Immortal Expert from the Black Tiger Gang. This caused Zhao Hai’s words to cause even more pressure.

However, one cultivator managed to stand up and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, since we’re now acting together and you’re the commander, we will definitely listen to you. However, how could we guarantee that you’re treating all of us fairly?”

Zhao Hai looked at this person and recognized him as the representative from the Heavy Sand Sect. The Heavy Sand Sect had some issues with the Black Tiger Gang in the past. So it was understandable if they were worried that Zhao Hai would scheme against them.

Zhao Hai replied, “Our common enemy right now is the Heavenly Demons. I will never use our enemy to deal with you. After all, in the end, all of us are cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation. If you don’t believe me, then you are free to leave. But if you remain, then I’ll have to ask you to follow my orders.”

The representatives didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be robust in his stance. At the same time, they agreed to what he said. This time, they were facing the Heavenly Demons. It was very likely that they would suffer losses. Although Zhao Hai’s words were harsh, those present knew that it was required at this time.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “When I participated in the Heavenly Demon Trial, I was able to witness the strength of the Heavenly Demons. They aren’t easy to deal with. If we aren’t united, then we would definitely suffer immense losses. I promise that I won’t take advantage of you. Therefore, I hope that you follow my orders.”


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