BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1810


Chapter 1810 – Seductress

Less than a day after Zhao Hai returned to the Black Tiger Gang, the sects who formed an alliance with Zhao Hai had sent their representative to discuss their partnership.

Zhao Hai didn’t get involved in this matter. His current status was only a core disciple of the Black Tiger Gang. The true master of the Black Tiger Gang was Zhang Feng. It wouldn’t be good for him to inject himself too deeply into the matters of the sect.

Zhao Hai was currently focused on the subspace he was teleported to. When he left the subspace, he asked Cai’er to investigate. The subspace was surprisingly large. Cai’er has yet to find the edges of the subspace.

What surprised Zhao Hai even more was that there seems to be an endless amount of yin qi in that subspace. Also, upon further investigation, they found Undead. And those Undead were very powerful.

The weakest Undead in the subspace was at the spirit forming stage. Meanwhile, the strongest Undead were more powerful than the immortal experts that Zhao Hai met.

This was actually an Undead subspace! It was just like the Underworld. However, the Underworld had plants as well as a blood river. This subspace only had Undead. These Undead looked like people. It could be said that they were zombies. Because they were high-level Undead, they didn’t look much different compared to living people. This subspace doesn’t have plants or a blood river. Besides the yin qi and the Undead, the subspace was only a gray and dusty world.

After seeing this, Zhao Hai became interested and curious about the subspace. He wanted to know how it came to be.

Zhao Hai tried to catch a couple of undead for the Space. Fortunately, the Undead were able to be subdued by the Space.

Zhao Hai didn’t swallow the subspace yet. He was afraid that his strength might not be enough. The Undead in the subspace were very powerful. Subduing those Undead might require a very high price.

It took Zhao Hai three days to check the subspace. During these three days, Zhang Feng discussed the alliance with the representatives of the sects. Zhang Feng and the others christened the alliance with the name of Freedom Alliance. Its main purpose was to deal with the Heavenly Demons. Once the Heavenly Demons were repelled, the alliance could continue to exist. However, the sects that belonged to the alliance could withdraw at any time.

And in these three days, the Heavenly Demon Army started to move all throughout the Northern Divergent Province. In this period, the Heavenly Demons have destroyed ten small sects. Everyone who got in their way were eliminated. Those who resisted were killed.

The cultivators didn’t expect the Heavenly Demons to be so cruel. It seems like they wanted to eradicate the cultivators.

This didn’t only happen in the Northern Divergent Province. All throughout the Great World of Cultivation, cultivators were being massacred by the Heavenly Demon Armies. Altogether, the Heavenly Demons have destroyed about a hundred sects. Although these sects weren’t particularly powerful, the speed in which they were destroyed startled the people of the Great Realm of Cultivation.

Of the sects that went to the Black Tiger Gang, two of them had been attacked. But as they were under assault, they moved their people and belongings to the Black Tiger Gang. This spared them from suffering heavy losses.

Three days later, the Freedom Alliance was established. At the same time, the sects decided on how many experts they would send to form the Alliance Army. They would be attacking the Heavenly Demons head-on. They wanted to douse the arrogance of the Heavenly Demon Armies.

Currently, the Heavenly Demon Armies were rampant in their attacks. They considered the cultivators as bugs to squash underneath their feet. This caused the people of the Great World of Cultivation to feel suffocated. Therefore, Zhang Feng and the others decided that it was time for them to retaliate against the enemy.

However, assembling manpower required time. And while the alliance was assembling their army, the Hundred Flowers Valley suddenly sent an envoy to visit the Black Tiger Gang. Although Zhao Hai told Zhang Feng that they had entered a partnership with the Hundred Flowers Valley, Zhang Feng didn’t expect the valley to send people over.

The arrogance of the Hundred Flowers Valley was very well known in the province. They wouldn’t even give the Myriad Demons Sect any face. Who would have thought that they would be the ones to visit the Black Tiger Gang. This was unprecedented.

This time, the person who led the Hundred Flower Valley’s delegation was Li Xunhua. Although Li Xunhua’s name hasn’t been heard in recent years, the older generation knew who he was. Back then, he was a well-known genius of the valley. Both his strength and influence put him at the topmost levels of the Hundred Flowers Valley. As he got older, he focused more on the matters of the valley and rarely went out. Slowly, his fame simmered and nobody heard of him again.

But it was because of this that Li Xunhua’s position in the sect was very high. And because he was managing the valley, he was now a figure of power in the sect. Moreover, his strength has been known to have increased.

Zhao Hai was also aware that Li Xunhua had arrived. However, he didn’t act. Since Li Xunhua is visiting the Black Tiger Gang, the person he would have to meet was naturally Zhang Feng.

When he heard that Li Xunhua had arrived, Zhang Feng quickly welcomed him. The strength of the Hundred Flowers Valley was well-known in the Northern Divergent Province. Even if the Black Tiger Gang was much stronger now, Zhang Feng still wouldn’t dare neglect the valley.

After exchanging greetings, Li Xunhua looked around and asked, “Gang Leader Zhang Feng, where’s Junior Brother Zhao Hai? He still hasn’t returned?”

Zhang Feng smiled and said, “Little Hai is currently doing a task. Now that the alliance has been established, it’s time for us to fight the Heavenly Demon Army. Little Hai is preparing for that. Why? Does Mister Xunhua have something to say to Little Hai?”

Li Xunhua shook his head and said, “It’s nothing. I just had a good time conversing with Junior Brother Zhao Hai back in the Heaven Sect, so I wanted to see him. I also gave Junior Brother Zhao Hai a couple bottles of Hundred Flowers Wine. I wanted to know what he thinks about it.”

Zhang Feng smiled and said, “I see. Mister Xunhua can rest assured. I’ll have someone call Little Hai over.” After he said that, he gave a gesture of invitation towards Li Xunhua. 

Li Xunhua cupped his fist towards Zhang Feng. Then the two walked shoulder-to-shoulder. At the same time, Li Xunhua was sizing up the Black Tiger Gang’s base. Although this was the first time that Li Xunhua visited the Black Tiger Gang, he had a certain idea of the sect’s situation. He didn’t hear about the Black Tiger Gang having an underground base. Now, it seems like Zhao Hai was telling the truth when he said that the Black Tiger Gang made preparations for the invasion of the Heavenly Demon Realm.

As for the Hundred Flowers wine that Li Xunhua gave Zhao Hai, they weren’t consumed. Zhao Hai handed it over to Cai’er to be analyzed.

When Cai’er placed the wine under the Universal Scanner, a prompt was heard, “Medicinal wine with hallucinogens. The effects can hide in the drinker’s body and remain undetectable. The wine allows the drinker to be open for mind control.”

Hearing this prompt, Zhao Hai’s expression changed. Then his eyes flashed a cold light. Li Xunhua actually wanted him to drink this wine. It seems like Li Xunhua didn’t have any good intentions from the very beginning.

Most importantly, the wine can induce hallucinations and allow the drinker to be controlled. Compared to other methods of control, the wine was safer and harder to detect. The owner of the wine wouldn’t need to worry about betrayal. Naturally, this was also the most sinister method of control.

Zhao Hai walked out of his residence and went towards Zhang Feng and Li Xunhua. The two were still talking about menial topics and hadn’t touched the purpose of the visit.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived outside Zhang Feng’s study. There were two disciples guarding the door. Seeing Zhao Hai arrive, one of them reported, “Gang Leader, it’s Mister Zhao Hai.”

Zhang Feng quickly said, “Little Hai, come in.”

Zhao Hai pushed the door open and then walked in. His face showed a faint smile as he gave Zhang Feng a salute first before turning his head to Li Xunhua and saying, “Senior Brother Xunhua, I didn’t expect you to visit this soon. I apologize for failing to welcome you.”

Li Xunhua quickly stood up and said, “Junior Brother is too polite. I came here without any warning. I should be the one apologizing for disturbing you. Here, I have a gift for Junior Brother and the Gang Leader.” Lin Xunhua turned his hand and took out four red jade bottles.

Looking at the four jade bottles, Zhao Hai revealed a huge grin as he said, “Thanks a lot, Senior Brother.” Then he took the four bottles as he looked at Zhang Feng and said, “First Senior Brother, since you’re the acting Gang Leader, it wouldn’t be good for you to drink on the job. Moreover, you don’t lack liquor to drink. Let me safeguard these two bottles for you.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng’s heart couldn’t help but jump. With how long they had known each other, Zhang Feng knew that Zhao Hai wasn’t greedy for liquor. But now, Zhao Hai deliberately took all of the wine bottles. This could only mean one thing, there was something wrong with the wine.

However, Zhang Feng was a person who has faced multiple storms. He didn’t react to Zhao Hai’s action. Instead, he had a playful expression on his face as he laughed and said, “You’re really shameless. Alright, you can take them away.” Zhao Hai grinned as he took the four jade bottles and threw them to the Space.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s actions, Li Xunhua’s eyes shone. He was happy inside. Naturally, Li Xunhua understood the effects of the wine. The wine wasn’t the Hundred Flowers Wine that Li Xunhua claimed. It was a secret recipe of the Hundred Flowers Valley. The wine has a special name, Seductress.

Listening to the name, one would have an idea of the wine’s effects. It was like a beautiful woman with the same title. It makes you feel very good, but it will corrode your heart and slowly control your actions. Although your decision was made by yourself, you wouldn’t know that you had completely submitted to the seduction. It was because of this effect that the wine gained its name.


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