BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1808


Chapter 1808 – Comedy

Although Zhao Hai already turned around, he was still able to notice the smirk on Li Xunhua’s face. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. The Hundred Flowers Valley couldn’t compare to the Black Tiger Gang. It would be difficult for Li Xunhua to do anything to him.

Zhao Hai’s face had a wider smile than Li Xunhua. This was because his proposal for the Elder’s Congress wasn’t made with good intentions. In an Elder’s Congress, as long as there’s no majority party, plenty of plans would go through grueling discussions before being approved.

But what was war? On the battlefield, it would only take minutes or seconds for a situation to change. If a plan wasn’t decided as soon as possible, the direction of war could drastically change.

A mismanaged Elder’s Congress would give the Heavenly Demons a lot of room to move around. When the time comes, all sects in the Northern Divergent Province would suffer heavy losses. Only the Black Tiger Gang would be able to preserve its strength. Then the Black Tiger Gang could make their move and repel the Heavenly Demons. Eventually, the Black Tiger Gang would have no equal in the Northern Divergent Province. They would replace the Myriad Demons Sect and become the province’s king.

Naturally, even if Li Xunhua and the others cracked their heads and broke their arms, they wouldn’t be able to understand Zhao Hai’s plan. Zhao Hai’s plan was vicious, he plotted against the entire Northern Divergent Province. This plot would no doubt cause a lot of people to lose their lives.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t care. He wasn’t a saint. He wanted the Black Tiger Gang to expand. Whether the other sects live or perish as he accomplished his goal, that was up to their strengths.

Zhao Hai didn’t return to his room immediately. Instead, he sent Zhang Feng a message telling him about the establishment of the Elder’s Congress. Naturally, Zhang Feng and Hu Liangchen agreed. At the same time, Zhang Feng began to list out all of the sects that were related to the Black Tiger Gang. This was also the information that Zhao Hai wanted.

Zhao Hai needed to get in contact with these sects and get their support in getting a seat in the congress.

There were a lot of sects in the list, numbering over a thousand. It must be known that the Northern Divergent Province has around ten thousand sects. Having diplomatic relations with more than a thousand sects was extraordinary.

Seeing that there were more than 1000 sects in the list, Zhao Hai knew that visiting them all was impossible. Therefore, Zhao Hai released jade sword messages to these people to ask them for a meeting.

Zhao Hai wasn’t planning to hide his actions from the Heaven Sect. He knew that it was impossible to hide anything while being in the Heaven Sect’s grounds. And since he couldn’t hide his actions, Zhao Hai decided to showcase them all. He found a Heaven Sect disciple and asked permission to use a huge meeting room.

The Heaven Sect didn’t embarrass Zhao Hai and immediately arranged a huge room for him. This room seems to be a training ground. The room should be enough for more than 10 thousand people to sit together.

Not long after Zhao Hai arrived at the meeting room, sects who had relations to the Black Tiger Gang began arriving one after another. Zhao Hai greeted them all. Altogether, there were 1583 sects in attendance.

After everyone entered the training ground, Zhao Hai bowed towards them before he smiled and said, “Zhao Hai has seen everyone. Thank you for coming here.”

Those present hastily returned the salute. Demon Blade Zhao Hai’s reputation resounded in the Northern Divergent Province. This was a person who could go head to head with immortal experts. Those present wouldn’t dare ignore him. Although they have some thoughts in their minds, none of them questioned Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and continued, “Everyone, this Junior Brother invited you all over today to know all of you more. My words today caused the establishment of the alliance to be shaken. I apologize.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the cultivators present stared for a moment before they laughed. They were amused by Zhao Hai’s humor. Zhao Hai laughed as well. Then he waved his hand to settle everyone. Then he said, “I want to discuss with you the issue of the Elder’s Congress. I want to know what you think.”

Everyone quickly talked with those they were familiar with. Zhao Hai looked at them and knew that they couldn’t afford to discuss for a long time. So after some time, Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Everyone, let me say this first. My Black Tiger Gang wants one of the seats. I hope that you can help me.”

The representatives didn’t think Zhao Hai would be so direct. They were taken off-guard. Looking at everyone, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Everyone, forgive me for being direct. Since I brought up the Elder’s Congress, I think it should be proper for the Black Tiger Gang to get a seat. Moreover, I’m planning to add more seats to the congress. Although these seats might have less influence compared to the nine initial seats, these lesser seats could act as inspectors for the decisions made. Moreover, on behalf of the Black Tiger Gang, I can promise that we would form an alliance with you as long as you support the Black Tiger Gang in getting one of the nine seats. I guarantee that the interests of your sects would be taken with the greatest regard.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, the cultivators present hummed with discussion once more. Naturally, Zhao Hai’s proposal moved them.

Looking at everyone, Zhao Hai added, “Everyone, although the Demon Slaying Conference just started, I think everyone should understand the goal of the nine super sects. There’s also the Myriad Demons Sect. I already revealed what the Myriad Demons Sect did to Bright Yang City. The nine super sects will use this opportunity to grasp all of the power in their hands. When the time comes, we would only become cannon fodder against the Heavenly Demons. Then when we’re about to get wiped out, they would come out and grab our achievements.”

“Once that happens, not only would they become the heroes that repelled the Heavenly Demons, they would also hold the greatest strength in all nine provinces. I reckon none of us wanted to see this happen. So the more united we are, the more we could stop their plan. Only then can we go up against them.”

The sect representatives focused on listening to Zhao Hai’s words. After sweeping everyone with his eyes, Zhao Hai said, “Everyone, I have to be honest with you. The Black Tiger Gang knew about the invasion for a long time. But if we told everyone about it, I’m afraid nobody would believe us. We released a rumor about the invasion, but nobody treated it seriously. However, the Black Tiger Gang prepared for more than a year and we made ample preparations. At this point, we are no longer afraid of the Myriad Demons Sect or the Heavenly Demons. If you get allied with us, you won’t need to be afraid either.”

The sect representatives whispered to each other. They didn’t expect that the Black Tiger Gang would be the origin of the rumor. 

After some time, one sect representative stood up and said, “Mister Zhao Hai, I want to ask. If you can win more seats in the congress, how will you allocate them?”

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “I have no answers for you right now. I would be lying if I answered your question. But let me be honest, we already got in touch with the Hundred Flowers Valley. Both of us are going to fight for seats in the congress. If we win, we can let more people join the congress. As for how many, I can’t answer, but we will divide it evenly. After all, we can’t tell the results.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the representative didn’t say anything and just nodded. He bowed towards Zhao Hai before sitting down. Zhao Hai looked at everyone and said, “Everyone, I have said what I want to say. Please go back and discuss among yourselves. I would like to get an answer before tomorrow.”

When they heard Zhao Hai, everyone nodded before they gave Zhao Hai a salute and then left. Seeing them all leave, Zhao Hai just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Not long after Zhao Hai returned to his room, he began to receive messages from various sect representatives. They all agreed to support him in getting an elder’s seat. Before the day ended, Zhao Hai received more than 1400 confirmations. This caused Zhao Hai to be relieved. It seems like the majority were supporting him.

Zhao Hai sent Li Xinhua a message. Li Xinhua also replied that he made the same preparations. Zhao Hai let out a sigh. Now they were waiting for the next day’s meeting.

Actually, when Zhao Hai was discussing an alliance with the other sects, he placed silver needles on everyone. Therefore, he had a faint idea of everyone’s response. Most of these people supported the Black Tiger Gang. There were a few that had some thoughts about the matter, but Zhao Hai didn’t take it to heart.

The day quickly passed. The next morning, a Heaven Sect disciple invited Zhao Hai over. Zhao Hai followed the disciple and returned to the giant hall. Then he sat down on his assigned seat. The nine representatives on the platform had unattractive expressions on their faces.

Before long, Jian Wuya opened his mouth and said, “Everyone, I want to hear your opinion regarding yesterday’s discussion.”

Nobody under the platform made a noise. This caused Jian Wuya’s expression to become uglier. At this time, a cultivator stood up and said, “The Spirit Air Sect supports the alliance leader system. Fighting the Heavenly Demons requires swift decision making. If an Elder’s Congress was established, the battle may be over before the elders could make a decision. So on behalf of my sect, I support having an alliance head.”

Just as he finished speaking, more people stood up and said, “We also support the alliance leader system. We also think that the Myriad Demons Sect could represent the Northern Divergent Province.” Zhao Hai understood at a glance that these people were working for the Myriad Demons Realm.

Zhao Hai turned his gaze towards the Myriad Demons Sect representative who had a smug look on his face. Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. He just wanted to see what tricks these people had.

After that, even more cultivators stood up saying that they were in favor of the alliance leader system. There were also people from the other provinces. Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t fathom how the nine super sects could be this stupid. Didn’t they know that this would only cause the other sects to dislike them?

Zhao Hai calmly sat down and just looked at these people doing their act. Sure enough, a sect representative stood up and opposed the others. Two sides began opposing each other. The hall turned into a noisy vegetable market. The two sides seemed like they were on the verge of fighting.

Jian Wuya sat with no expression on his face. From the information he gained yesterday, he didn’t expect there would still be people who would go against him. There were even people from the Central Orthodox Province. These people were slapping his face. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but turn towards Zhao Hai. All of the problems were caused by this man.

Zhao Hai also noticed Jian Wuya’s gaze. He shook his head secretly. To be honest, he was disappointed at the nine super sects. They were still playing games at this time. Zhao Hai suddenly felt annoyed. He thought that he no longer wanted to see these fellows play around. There was no use staying here anymore.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hai stood up. Before long, the people in the hall quieted down. Everyone looked at him and waited for what he wanted to say. Everyone in the hall knows that Zhao Hai’s words the day before caused all of this conflict. Therefore, they paid attention to him. They wanted to see if he would say more astonishing things.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone before he shook his head and said, “Everyone, we’re talking too much. This is a critical period to fight against the Heavenly Demons. We’re wasting our time. I no longer have any patience to stay. If you agree to the alliance leader system, you can remain. As for me, I’m leaving.” After he said that, Zhao Hai turned around and walked out. He didn’t even spare Jian Wuya and the others a glance.

The faces of Jian Wuya and the others turned ashen. They didn’t think Zhao Hai would stage a walkout. This caused their plans to be useless. They would only be punching air at that point. 

As soon as Zhao Hai left, a large number of sect representatives also stood up and followed Zhao Hai. Li Xinhua frowned when he saw Zhao Hai’s action. But then he also stood up and left. And with the Hundred Flowers Valley leaving, more sects followed. Before long, a large part of the Northern Divergent Province’s section was empty.

The entire hall immediately became chaotic. Representatives of the other provinces also began to leave. The conference has been broken up.

Jian Wuya’s face was blue. He never thought that it would be like this. He now hated Zhao Hai to his bones. Just as Zhao Hai thought, those who stood up and supported the alliance leader system were arranged by the nine super sects. This was because he discovered yesterday that there were quite a few people in the Central Orthodox Province that supported Zhao Hai’s Elder’s Congress. And how could Jian Wuya agree to this? Those who stood up and supported the alliance leader system should have suppressed the arrogance of those people. But he didn’t expect Zhao Hai to suddenly stand up and leave. This caught him off-guard.


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