BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1802


Chapter 1802 – Heavenly Demon Invasion

The Black Turtle Sect was a very small sect in the Northern Divergent Province. However, it has existed for some time. It has been around 60 thousand years since the establishment of the sect. It was said that the founding ancestor of the sect was a black turtle beast. Although it was only at the transcending tribulation stage, the defenses of the turtle were very powerful. Even immortal experts weren’t able to break through its shell. This allowed the Black Turtle Ancestor to occupy the mountain and establish a sect.

The Black Turtle Sect was nearing its 70 thousandth year since being established. It was said that the Black Turtle Ancestor was still alive and has been promoted to the immortal stage. However, the Black Turtle Ancestor has yet to appear in public.

There were plenty of people who believed that demon cultivators didn’t necessarily have a longer lifespan than human cultivators. However, the ancestor of the Black Turtle Sect was a turtle whose kind were known to live long. If the Black Turtle Ancestor has reached the immortal stage, then it wouldn’t be surprising if he survived until now.

Generally speaking, the Black Turtle Sect was a low-grade sect that wouldn’t dare offend big sects. However, compared to rogue cultivators, disciples of the sect still lived a better life.

In the past year, the Northern Divergent Province was quite uneventful. Although there was pressure between the Black Tiger Gang and the Myriad Demons Sect, the conflict between the two was heavily suppressed. And the Myriad Demons Sect couldn’t just attack the Black Tiger Gang. Because of this, the Northern Divergent Province was relatively quiet.

This day, the disciples of the Black Turtle Sect were doing their usual tasks. Everything went as usual.

Noon came and suddenly, the sky above the Black Turtle Sect started turning dark. Disciples of the Black Turtle Sect stared at the sky in confusion. The day’s weather was very good, there’s no reason for it to suddenly turn dark.

But when they looked at the sky, they suddenly discovered that the sky above their heads had disappeared. It was being replaced by a dark fog that slowly expanded to the horizons!

The sky darkened further as the dark fog began to spread to all directions. At the same time, dark smoke were coming out of the fog. It was as if there was a reverse chimney spouting black smoke to the land below. It was a strange sight.

The cultivators of the Black Turtle Sect were alarmed. Their sect master flew up and stared at the clouds with a serious expression on his face.

Time passed as the dark fog grew more and more. It seems like it intends to swallow the sky. At this moment, a sudden screeching sound came. The people of the Black Turtle Sect heard this and their expressions changed. This was because the screech managed to shake their souls. 

The sect master of the Black Turtle Sect was startled, then he loudly commanded, “Activate the mountain guarding formation! Quick!” The sect immediately activated their protective formation. The mountain guarding formation of the Black Turtle Sect looked special. It looked like a giant turtle lying down.

The mountain guarding formation of the Black Turtle Sect was better than most. This mountain guarding formation was derived from studying the shell of the Black Turtle Ancestor. Naturally, its defensive capabilities were very powerful.

Just as the mountain guarding formation of the Black Turtle Sect was set up, a figure appeared in front of it. The figure was of a skinny old man. He was bald and had a white beard. He was wearing cultivator robes.

Seeing this person, the disciples of the Black Turtle Gate showed an excited expression. The Sect Master bowed and said, “I have seen the Ancestor. Ancestor, do you know what’s happening?”

The old man turned to the Sect Master and said, “Immediately arrange for the disciples to leave the sect. The quicker they evacuate, the better. At the same time, inform the surrounding sects. Tell them that the Heavenly Demons are trying to breach the realm’s barrier. They want to invade the Great Realm of Cultivation!”

Hearing the Black Turtle Ancestor, the Sect Master’s expression changed, “Ancestor, this, is this really the Heavenly Demon Realm’s doing?”

The Black Turtle Ancestor nodded and said, “I shouldn’t be wrong. This old man participated in the Heavenly Demon Trial in the past. This is certainly the aura of the Heavenly Demon Realm. I couldn’t be wrong.”

The Sect Master’s complexion turned difficult. He looked at the Black Turtle Ancestor and said, “Ancestor, what do we do?”

The Black Turtle Ancestor replied, “Spread the news immediately. Have the disciples of the sect evacuate. This old man will stay here. Use the fastest means you have to go to the Myriad Demons Sect and seek an audience with its sect master. Tell them about the situation. If the Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t see you, go to the Black Tiger Gang and ask for help.”

Hearing the Black Turtle Ancestor, the Sect Master couldn’t help but stare. He looked at the old man and confirmed what he heard, “Ancestor, did you say the Black Tiger Gang?”

The old man nodded and said, “Correct. I’m aware of what happened in the Northern Divergent Province in the past year. I’ve always felt that it’s very strange. Those fellows from the Black Tiger Gang have been busy with something. Their actions didn’t make sense. But now, I know. I’m afraid those fellows have long known about the invasion of the Heavenly Demon Realm. No wonder they didn’t retaliate against the Myriad Demons Sect. The rumor that the Heavenly Demons are going to attack has been spread for more than a year. I didn’t take it seriously before, but now that I think about it, it seems like Zhao Hai just came back from the Heavenly Demon Trial the moment the rumor came out. He should have known about the invasion by that time.”

Hearing the Black Turtle Ancestor, the sect master couldn’t help but stare. He didn’t think that his ancestors would mention such matters.

Looking at the darkening skies, the Black Turtle Ancestor sighed and said, “I’m certain that the Black Tiger Gang told the Myriad Demons Sect about their discovery only to be ignored. Instead, they suppressed the Black Tiger Gang. Those Myriad Demons Sect bastards. They really think that they’re the boss of the Northern Divergent Province. Now go, quick. Protect the good seedlings of my sect.”

The Black Turtle Sect master complied and bowed to the Black Turtle Ancestor before arranging for the evacuation of the sect. During this time, the clouds screeched three more times as the dark fog increased. 

The Black Turtle Ancestor looked at the dark clouds and then sneered as he said, “Heavenly Demon Realm, you’re still unwilling to give up. You won’t be able to occupy the Great Realm of Cultivation that easily.” After he said that, the Black Turtle Ancestor sat cross-legged and began to meditate.

The Black Turtle Sect didn’t have a lot of disciples. Moreover, the Black Tiger Sect was different from the Black Tiger Gang. The Black Tiger Gang made a base to house everyone while the Black Turtle Sect didn’t have such a thing. The Black Turtle Sect evacuated their core disciples first and then the inner disciples. This was because they were the most likely to pass on the dao of the Black Turtle Sect.

Two hours passed and the Black Turtle Sect’s core and inner disciples were evacuated. Now the outer disciples were being sent out. At the same time, the sect master began storing the resources and treasures of the sect into spatial equipment and prepared to carry them off.

At this time, flashes of lightning began to appear in the dark fog. The lightning increased in frequency and became stronger and stronger. Finally, the lightning became so thick that it formed layers in the sky.

The sky seemed to be torn apart by a tremendous force. The sparks became a curtain that slowly parted. Then a huge spatial rift appeared in the sky.

At this time, the Black Turtle Ancestor opened his eyes and looked at the spatial rift. A strong demonic qi began to fill the surroundings.

Ao! A loud roar came from the spatial rift before a figure came out. When the Black Turtle Ancestor saw the figure, he couldn’t help but smile. Then he roared back, “Black Turtle Roar!” After this, a huge avatar of a turtle appeared behind him. Then the huge turtle opened its mouth and roared.

Hou! The roar of the turtle emitted a white beam of light that shot towards spatial rift. The figure from the spatial rift immediately made a move and blocked the white beam. Then the white beam disappeared.

The spatial rift continued to increase in size. The smile on the face of the Black Turtle Ancestor slowly vanished. His expression became more and more dignified. Then a black sword qi came out of the rift and attacked the old turtle.

The Black Turtle Ancestor stared. Then he immediately moved, “Black Turtle Shield!” The turtle avatar appeared once more and then withdrew into its shell, blocking the black sword qi.

Qiang! The sword qi hit the turtle shell. A white light flashed and then the old turtle shouted, “Black Tiger Shakes The Mountain!” Along with his voice, the turtle’s limbs came out and then stomped towards the void.

An explosion was heard as the void rippled out, distorting the surrounding space.

Then at this time, a shrill voice was heard, “Heavenly Demon Splitting the Sky!” Then two huge demonic claws appeared out of the spatial rift and grabbed towards the turtle.

The Black Turtle Ancestor’s eyes flashed a cold light, then he said, “Black Turtle Mountain!” The four limbs of the turtle avatar withdrew before the shell spun upward.

A loud bang reverberated as the turtle avatar collided with the demonic claws. The old turtle was smashed downward while the demonic claws vanished.

The Black Turtle Ancestor’s complexion paled. His eyes couldn’t help but flash with amazement. He was very proud of his defense. He didn’t expect the enemy’s attack to injure him.

The Black Turtle Ancestor looked towards the Black Turtle Sect and saw that only a small number of serving disciples were left to be evacuated. The Black Turtle Ancestor relaxed before his body descended towards the sect and then disappeared.

When the Black Turtle Ancestor disappeared, the mountain guarding formation of the Black Turtle Sect became thicker. Instead of leaving, the Black Turtle Ancestor took control over the mountain guarding formation.

The Black Turtle Ancestor knew that it would be impossible to stall the Heavenly Demon invasion on his own. Therefore, he plans to use the mountain guarding formation to tie the Heavenly Demons down for some time. He would give the Great World of Cultivation enough time to receive news and prepare for the upcoming war. 

But what the Black Turtle Ancestor didn’t know was that it wasn’t only the Black Turtle Sect who experienced this phenomenon. There were more than 20 spatial rifts that appeared across the 9 provinces. There were even spatial rifts that appeared in hidden areas, out of everyone’s detection. This allowed the Heavenly Demons smooth entry to the Great World of Cultivation.

As the spatial rifts were discovered, the entire Great World of Cultivation quickly got news about the invasion of the Heavenly Demons. When the news came out, the entire realm immediately reacted. There was great chaos in the realm.

The rogue cultivators who flooded towards the Black Tiger Gang were immediately stunned when they heard the news. They heard the call of the Black Tiger Gang and came over. Now they realized that this call wasn’t only to increase the sect’s strength, it was also to protect the lives of the rogue cultivators. This caused the rogue cultivators to feel even more grateful towards the Black Tiger Gang.

This sentiment was especially true for Liu Wenqiang and the others. They had now settled down in the sect and became disciples. After joining the Black Tiger Gang, they discovered that the sect was going all out in preparation for something, to the point where they looked anxious. Liu Wenqiang didn’t know what was happening, but they were certain that the Black Tiger Gang knew something. Moreover, there was Zhao Hai’s ‘one year’ warning. 

Now that news about the Heavenly Demon invasion has spread, Liu Wenqiang immediately understood Zhao Hai’s words. This caused Liu Wenqiang to feel gratitude towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai should have known for a long time that the Heavenly Demons were going to invade. Therefore, he asked Liu Wenqiang to gather the rogue cultivators to join the Black Tiger Gang, which saved their lives. It wasn’t only Liu Wenqiang, everyone who came with him shared the same feelings towards Zhao Hai.

The sects of the Great World of Cultivation began to frantically prepare for the upcoming invasion. Since the Black Tiger Gang had made its preparations, when they received the news, they felt a sense of relief. They had been preparing for more than a year in order to deal with the invasion. Now that the Heavenly Demons have come, their preparations weren’t in vain.

There were even people in the Black Tiger Gang who were happy when news about the invasion arrived. This meant a reshuffle of the realm’s powers. And with the Black Tiger Gang being more prepared than any other sect, the upcoming event would be crucial for the Black Tiger Gang to move to the front of the realm’s superpowers. 

Just as Zhao Hai thought, when news of the invasion spread, the Myriad Demons Sect had no time to deal with the Black Tiger Gang. The Myriad Demons Sect also went all out to deal with the invasion. The nine super sects even sent summons for sects to send experts to attend the Demon Slaying Conference.


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