BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1797


Chapter 1797 – Erecting a Banner

Liu Wenqiang looked at the cultivators who were approaching and couldn’t help but be nervous. After all, he was a rogue cultivator with no backing. He had never been to a sect before. If he wasn’t desperate, he wouldn’t have come to the Black Tiger Gang.

Liu Wenqiang was one of the rogue cultivators who participated in the Black Tiger Gang’s recruitment some time ago. With his level, he should have died in the cave. He was fortunately able to survive albeit late for the recruitment quota. 

Although he survived and wasn’t able to join the sect, he kept the identity token believing in Zhao Hai’s words.

Actually, after the trial, a lot of rogue cultivators threw their identity tokens away. The rogue cultivators were excited and kept the identity tokens like they were treasures in the beginning. But after thinking about it, it was too good to be true. They were unimportant rogue cultivators. Sects helping them when they were in trouble only happens in their dreams. In the minds of these cultivators, Zhao Hai’s words were merely an advertisement for the Black Tiger Gang. Nobody would actually use these identity tokens to seek help from the Black Tiger Gang.

As for what Zhao Hai said regarding their families joining the Black Tiger Gang, a lot of rogue cultivators didn’t take it to heart. In their opinion, if their family members were good enough, they can naturally join a sect, even the Myriad Demons Sect. If their talent wasn’t good, then the Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t want them. Upon realizing this fact, some rogue cultivators threw their identity tokens away.

On the other hand, Liu Wenqiang didn’t. He kept his identity token. This was because his younger brother was more talented than him. Liu Wenquang held on to a glimmer of hope that when his younger brother grows up, he could use the identity token to join the Black Tiger Gang.

Lie Wenqiang never thought of having his younger brother join the Myriad Demons Sect. This was because he had a grudge against them. Lu Wenqiang’s parents were also rogue cultivators. One time, they went out to collect herbs and came upon a 10 thousand year old ginseng. However, they didn’t expect that this ginseng would cause a tragedy that would end up with them losing their lives.

A Myriad Demons Sect disciple happened to see their ginseng and killed them to get it. Liu Wenqiang’s parents were killed by this disciple. At that time, Liu Wenqiang was only 17 years old while his younger brother was 5.

The bodies of his parents were brought with the help of the other cultivators. Liu Wenqiang also knew who killed them. Naturally, he wouldn’t let his junior brother join the Myriad Demons Sect.

And it was impossible for Liu Wenqiang to seek revenge from the Myriad Demons Sect. In Bright Yang City, nobody would dare offend the Myriad Demons Sect. But recently, the situation in the Northern Divergent Province has changed. Almost everyone in the province knew that the Myriad Demons Sect was suppressing the Black Tiger Gang, but they failed time and time again. Instead, the Black Tiger Gang was able to increase its strength. It seems like they weren’t afraid of the Myriad Demons Sect. This gave Liu Wenqiang hope for revenge. Therefore, Liu Wenqiang wanted his younger brother to join the Black Tiger Gang.

However, Lie Wenqiang didn’t go to the Black Tiger Gang to have his younger brother join. It was because his younger brother was about to die.

After the Black Tiger Gang’s trial, although he survived, Liu Wenqiang cannot join the Black Tiger Gang. Like others who weren’t able to pass, he returned to his previous life. His job was mining. After mining for seven days, he would be given a spirit stone as a reward. Although it wasn’t much, it was the safest work for rogue cultivators of his level.

After digging in the mines, Liu Wenqiang also did other tasks. His last job was to help collect herbs. But after he handed the task over and returned to his home, he found out that his younger brother had been injured.

Rogue cultivators like Liu Wenqiang started work when they were  young. So the same was true for his younger brother. Lie Wenqiang didn’t want his younger brother to do heavy work, so he had him work at a pharmacy as a clerk. This way, he would be safe from doing heavy labor while also learning how to manage herbs. In order for his younger brother to keep his job, Liu Wenqiang took all of his savings to bribe the pill master.

This time, Liu Wenqiang’s younger brother was injured because of his job in the pharmacy. Because he was in a hurry to fulfill his task, he accidentally bumped into a cultivator. The cultivator was an inner disciple of the Myriad Demons Sect. Offended, the disciple of the Myriad Demons Sect kicked Liu Wenqiang’s younger brother, causing serious injuries. When he was rescued by his neighbors, Lieu Wenqiang’s younger brother was within an inch of his life.

Although numerous medicines were used, it was just enough to save his younger brother from death. His injuries didn’t become better. And Liu Wenqiang could only afford low-quality pills.

For his younger brother, who was his last ray of hope, Liu Wenqiang decided to sell all of his belongings to use the transmission formation and go to the Black Tiger Gang.

The Black Tiger Gang’s disciple arrived in front of Liu Wenqiang and sized him up. Then he said, “Friend, where are you from? What’s your business in the Black Tiger Gang?”

Liu Wenqiang swallowed before he cautiously replied, “Hello, Martial Brother. I’m a rogue cultivator from Bright Young City. My name is Liu Wenqiang. I participated in the trial of your sect but I wasn’t unable to succeed. However, Mister Zhao Hai left us an identity token saying that I can come over to ask for help. I’m here to ask the Black Tiger Gang to help me.”

The disciple of the Black Tiger Gang stared for a moment when he heard Lie Wenqiang, but he still nodded and said, “Mister, please show me your jade token.” 

Lei Wenqiang quickly took his jade token out and handed it over to the Black Tiger Gang disciple.

The Black Tiger Gang disciple inspected the jade token before he nodded and said, “It’s the jade token that Senior Brother Zhao Hai provided. We already received word from Senior Brother to take everyone who has this identity token to his base. Let me lead you there.”

Lie Wenqiang became excited, he bowed deeply towards the Black Tiger Gang disciple and said, “Thanks a lot Martial Brother. Thanks a lot.” The Black Tiger Gang disciple waved his hand and led Lie Wenqiang towards a nearby transmission formation. After a flash of white light, the two appeared on the Wandering Soul Group Base.

As soon as the two appeared on the transmission formation plaza of the Wandering Soul Group base, a cultivator immediately walked over and said, “Junior Brothers, what matters brought you to the Wandering Soul Group base? Let me help.” 

Liu Wenqiang looked at the cultivator and saw a smile on his face. The other Black Tiger Gang disciple smiled faintly and said, “I have seen Senior Disciple. This is Liu Wenqiang, a rogue cultivator from Bright Yang City. He came over with his jade token to seek help from Senior Brother Zhao Hai. I led him here.”

The other disciple paused for a moment before he replied, “I see. You two, come with me.” After he said that, he led the two into the base and inside a cave residence. He asked the two to take a seat before he left to make a report to Zhao Hai.

This was also Zhao Hai’s order. If there’s a rogue cultivator from Bright Yang City who came to ask for help using his jade token, then Zhao Hai must be told immediately. The reason Zhao Hai wanted to do this was to erect a banner for the Black Tiger Gang. He wanted the rogue cultivators of Bright Yang City to see his sincerity.

The Black Tiger Gang could have recruited more rogue cultivators. But if they did that, they would risk the Myriad Demons Realm’s reaction. Therefore, they limited their recruitment to 100 thousand people. Also, all of these recruits were low-level cultivators.

However, Zhao Hai issued jade tokens to the rogue cultivators of Bright Yang City. This improved the Black Tiger Gang’s reputation among the city’s rogue cultivators. So when these rogue cultivators get into trouble, the first thing that would come into mind would be the Black Tiger Gang. This would also give them a sense of connection towards the sect.

This connection might not be seen during normal times, but if the Great World of Cultivation faces an unprecedented tragedy, this connection would play a huge role. These people would immediately join the Black Tiger Gang and supplement the sect’s strength.

Although rogue cultivators weren’t particularly strong, this wasn’t a problem for the Black Tiger Gang. What the sect lacked wasn’t cultivation resources, it was people.

While researching the Nine Revolutions Cave, Zhao Hai was suddenly informed by Cai’er that there were people looking for him. Zhao Hai immediately went out of the Space and then invited the person outside his residence.

The person from the transmission formation cupped his fist and said, “I have seen Senior Brother.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he looked at the person and said, “Chen Bing, what’s the matter?”

Hearing Zhao Hai, the disciple’s expression lit up with excitement. Then he quickly calmed his mood before saying, “Senior Brother, a rogue cultivator from Bright Yang City came. He has a jade token and is looking for you.” 

Zhao Hai stared, then he lifted his eyebrows with interest as he smiled faintly and said, “Someone finally came. Haha. Let’s go, bring me to him.” The disciple nodded and then led Zhao Hai towards Liu Wenqiang.

Before long, Zhao Hai arrived at the room where Liu Wenqiang was waiting. Seeing two people, Zhao Hai was immediately attracted to one who had worn-out robes. Then he turned to the other person and said, “Lu Yang, why are you here as well? You want to pretend to be a rogue cultivator from Bright Yang City?”

Lu Yang laughed and replied, “Senior Brother, I wouldn’t dare. Brother Liu brought a jade token to ask for help, so I took him here.”


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