BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1796


Chapter 1796 – Transfer of Power

Tie Zhantian anxiously moved around his room. Ever since Lu Li and the others returned, Tie Zhantian knew that something happened. This was the reason why he was so anxious.

Zhao Hai can’t suffer an accident, he was too important for the Black Tiger Gang. With Hu Shan being unable to make a move, Zhao Hai was the Black Tiger Gang’s ultimate weapon. If something happens to Zhao Hai, the losses for the Black Tiger Gang would be colossal.

After hearing Lu Li’s report, Tie Zhantian immediately sent help to Bright Yang City. Although he didn’t bring large artifacts, the people he sent were the elites of the Black Tiger Gang. But in the end, they still haven’t found Zhao Hai.

At this time, a jade sword suddenly flew into the room. Tie Zhantian took the jade sword message and probed it using his spiritual force. Upon reading the contents, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The jade sword message came from Zhang Feng. It tells that they had indeed been attacked, but it was repelled by Zhao Hai.

Tie Zhantian immediately sent a reply to Zhang Feng. Then he sent orders to recall the people that went to Bright Yang City. 

Zhang Feng didn’t tell Tie Zhantian about the special characteristics of Zhao Hai’s Undead. Since he promised Zhao Hai, he naturally wouldn’t tell. More importantly, because of what he witnessed, Zhang Feng now listens to Zhao Hai.

If Tie Zhantian was told about Zhao Hai’s true strength, then it would certainly go out one way or another. If someone knows, then it wouldn’t be long before the entire Great World of Cultivation knows. That situation wouldn’t bring any benefit to the Black Tiger Gang or Zhao Hai, especially to the Black Tiger Gang.

Zhang Feng knew that if Zhao Hai’s ability was made known, he would become the enemy of the entire realm. Zhao Hai might be able to hide on a subspace and be safe, but the Black Tiger Gang can’t do the same. The disciples of the Black Tiger Gang weren’t as powerful as Zhao Hai.

Once the sect hides in the subspace, their power would be destroyed by the other sects. So for the sake of the Black Tiger Gang, Zhang Feng didn’t tell Tie Zhantian.

After navigating for some time, Zhao Hai stopped on a mountainous area. After receiving the Undead, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng entered a transmission formation back to the Black Tiger Gang.

The people that the sect had sent out have all returned. And with Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng returning, the gate opening of the Black Tiger Gang has reached its end. 

This gate opening brought 100 thousand or so disciples into the sect. Naturally, these 100 thousand people cannot stay together. Tie Zhantian already divided them into different halls of the Black Tiger Gang. Then Tie Zhantian reshuffled the disciples of the sect which left 70 thousand people in the Inferno Valley Base and then 30 thousand in the Wandering Soul Group base.

When they returned to the sect, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng immediately reported to Tie Zhantian before going back to the Wandering Soul Group base. Meanwhile, Hu Liangchen went back to the Inferno Valley Base. Tie Zhantian was now treating Hu Liangchen as his right hand man. Tie Zhantian simply couldn’t allow Hu Liangchen to stay in the Wandering Soul Group base.

When Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng returned to the Wandering Soul Group base, the entire base was fully completed. It could hold 100 thousand people with no problems. Right now, there were about 70 thousand people inside, 30 thousand of them were new. There were 50 thousand serving disciples, 15 thousand outer disciples, 4 thousand inner disciples, and 1 thousand core disciples.

Tasked with managing the base were Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng. However, the two of them didn’t handle too many things in the base. The Black Tiger Gang’s division of labor was very clear. Moreover, the majority of the senior positions of the sect were held by old people. Therefore, they weren’t given a lot of troublesome things to do. This allocation of labor gave Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng a lot of time to practice.

Days quickly passed before Tie Zhantian sent Tie Ying and the others to the Wandering Soul Group base while recalling Zhang Feng to the Inferno Valley Base. Then shortly after that, Tie Zhantian announced his seclusion with Zhang Feng acting as the temporary Gang Leader and Hu Liangchen as the Deputy Leader.

This announcement caused an uproar in the Black Tiger gang. They didn’t expect Tie Zhantian to close up at this time. But because of Zhang Feng’s popularity, there were no problems with him being a temporary Gang Leader.

When he heard the announcement, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but stare. Then he soon relaxed. It seems like the Gang Leader wanted to increase his cultivation and transferred his position while it was still convenient.

Zhao Hai could see that Tie Zhantian was close to attacking the immortal stage. But he didn’t understand why he didn’t seclude himself. Now, it seems like he was waiting for a stable time before handing his position over to Zhang Feng. Only then would he attack the immortal stage.

Zhao Hai didn’t have any problems with this development. The matters of the Wandering Soul Group Base were largely given to Tie Ying and the others to deal with. He just retreated in the name of cultivation.

Naturally, this was only a reason for the people outside. In truth, Zhao Hai returned to the Space to look at the Heavenly Demon Realm, Hidden Fog Continent, and the Nine Revolutions Cave.

At this time, Zhao Hai was most curious about the Nine Revolutions Cave. The cave was too big. Zhao Hai’s large number of silver needles took more than ten days to scout the entire cave system. The Nine Revolutions Cave looked like a huge subterranean world. However, this world was occupied by snakes instead of people.

Naturally, the snakes that attracted Zhao Hai the most were the small golden snakes. Zhao Hai calculated that there were about a thousand of these snakes. It must be known that these golden snakes were in the immortal stage. This was a thousand immortal beasts seemingly protecting something. 

This was also the reason why Zhao Hai wouldn’t dare deal with these small golden snakes. If he happens to annoy these snakes, then they may crawl out of the cave and cause trouble. This would be a catastrophe for the Great World of Cultivation.

Zhao Hai knew that the realm’s most important foes were the Heavenly Demons. In less than one year, the Heavenly Demons would invade the Great World of Cultivation. Zhao Hai didn’t want to add any more problems to the realm.

As for making a medicinal garden in the Hidden Fog Continent, that plan has been proceeding very smoothly. Moreover, the exchange system has been implemented in the continent. A lot of new resources have been introduced to the continent. Naturally, the exchange centers were located in the churches. This solidified the faith of the inhabitants even more.

Now that the entire Hidden Fog Continent was completely under Zhao Hai’s control, the amount of faith power he acquired from there has increased. However, Zhao Hai didn’t use any of the harvested faith power. All of it were for Laura and the others to use.

The people of the Hidden Fog Continent discovered that their lives were much better than before. With the exchange center, they were able to get high-yield crops. They could also exchange their excess products for other resources. The days of the inhabitants of the continent were going very well.

And with the increase of their quality of life, the people of the continent found more and more time to pray, which gave Zhao Hai even more faith power. There’s also something peculiar about the inhabitants of the continent. Their lifespans were very long. It wasn’t strange for someone to be several hundreds of years old. A thousand-year old person would only be treated as elderly. The healthier ones could live up to 2 thousand years old.

But in exchange, the fertility of the inhabitants was very low. Although they lived very long lives, they found it difficult to birth a child. 

If it were other cultivators, they would find it hard to rule the Hidden Fog Continent. Besides the ghost cultivator from before, most cultivators would have a hard time in the continent due to its lack of spiritual qi. They can only eat the food in the continent to gain spiritual qi. And because they still need to digest the food, their progress of cultivation would be rough.

Besides Zhao Hai who has the Space to supply him with spiritual qi, other cultivators would immediately drop in strength upon entry to the Hidden Fog Continent. In the end, they would be like the people of the continent, unable to cultivate and use spells.

Zhao Hai tried to solve the lack of spiritual qi in the Hidden Fog Continent. However, he wasn’t able to find any solutions. The Hidden Fog Continent wasn’t big, but it wasn’t small either. If there was anything, it would be with regards to the fog surrounding the continent. But Zhao Hai couldn’t go through the fog.

Zhao Hai initially thought that the fog was like the previous shield which disallows the entry of beings with souls. However, the fog blocks anything. Even if Zhao Hai attacked it, there wasn’t even a ripple. This caused Zhao Hai to be more curious.

But no matter how curious Zhao Hai was, he couldn’t do anything about the fog. In the end, he could only helplessly stare at it.

Zhao Hai also knew how the ghost cultivator ended up in the Hidden Cloud Continent. Since he turned the ghost cultivator into Undead, he was able to ask.

The ghost cultivator was killed in battle. But when he woke up, he discovered that he had reincarnated in the Hidden Fog Continent. Later on, he found that there was no spiritual qi in the continent, so he had no way to cultivate. In the end, he was able to find a way to cultivate by absorbing human souls.

Zhao Hai was shocked when he heard this. He didn’t think that the ghost cultivator would experience what Zhao Hai only read in novels. But instead of being the main character, the ghost cultivator was killed by Zhao Hai, ending his story in a tragedy.

Time continued to pass and the Great World of Cultivation seems to have calmed down, especially the Northern Divergent Province. There was no news of five immortal elders being killed coming from the Myriad Demons Sect. At the same time, the Black Tiger Gang no longer expanded its territory nor did they attack other sects. It seems like they had forgotten about the attack by the Iron Blade Sect, Great Strength Sect, Heavy Sand Sect, and the Withered Vine Sect.

However, for some reason, the people of the Northern Divergent Province could feel a grim atmosphere. It was as though it was the calm before the storm. They felt a suffocating feeling from the province’s tranquility.

But no matter what, the people of the Northern Divergent Province knew that the Black Tiger Gang was very strong. They couldn’t be provoked. Even the Hundred Flowers Valley which was well-known for being the second to the Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t go and touch the Black Tiger Gang. However, the recent actions of the Black Tiger Gang were very strange. Although they kept contact with other sects, the disciples of the gang rarely went out of the sect. And when they do go out, they would go in groups, making it impossible to attack them.

Nobody could say clearly why the Black Tiger Gang was like this. But people found that ever since the Black Tiger Gang opened its gates to accept disciples, the Heavenly Yang Alliance of Bright Yang City became guarded. It was as if they were worried that they would be attacked. Bystanders couldn’t help but be imaginative. There were rumors that there was something going on between the Heavenly Yang Alliance and the Black Tiger Gang.

Another odd thing was that the rogue cultivators of the Bright Yang City had a better impression of the Black Tiger Gang compared to before. These rogue cultivators talk about the Black Tiger Gang with pride as though it was their sect. Why they were like this, people didn’t know.

But afterwards a rumor was spread saying that the Black Tiger Gang pledged to these cultivators that they would offer their help if they came into trouble. Hearing this, others couldn’t help but snort. This was merely polite speech from sects. Nobody believed those words.

However, in the future, these people would find out that these weren’t mere empty words.

Five months after Zhao Hai recruited disciples from Bright Yang City, a cultivator came to the Black Tiger Gang. He was wearing black cultivator robes and looked to be in his twenties. The robes were somewhat worn out. It was clear that this person wasn’t doing well in life.

This person was only at the spirit refining stage. He belonged to the lowest level among cultivators in the Great World of Cultivation. If he went to other sects, nobody would spare him a glance. But now, this cultivator appeared in the transmission formation plaza of the Black Tiger Gang.

When the Black Tiger Gang’s disciples saw this person, they couldn’t help but stare for a moment before a slight frown appeared on their face. They were sure that this person wasn’t from the Black Tiger Gang. Even serving disciples of the sect weren’t this miserable. Serving disciples would be issued new robes every year. Their robes wouldn’t be this worn out.


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