BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1792


Chapter 1792 – Nine Revolutions Cave

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Lu Li couldn’t help but stare. Then he said, “Nobody knows how and when the Nine Revolutions Cave formed. Nobody knows what’s in it either. I only know that people can’t go deep into the cave or they won’t return. There are only some places in the cave that people could go to. There are snake-like beasts inside the cave. People in Bright Yang City are very familiar with these beasts since they’re present inside the cave and also the surroundings. The gallbladders, skin, and bones of these snakes could be sold for money.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He was now curious about the Nine Revolutions Cave. Seeing Zhao Hai’s expression, Zhang Feng quickly said, “Little Hai, don’t be too reckless. We still don’t understand the Nine Revolutions Cave. It would be detrimental to the sect if something happens to you.”

Upon hearing Zhang Feng, Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Alright. Senior Brother doesn’t need to worry. I won’t do anything stupid.”

Zhang Feng was relieved, he nodded and said, “We still need to be present for tomorrow’s trial.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Not a problem. But I think it won’t go as peacefully as we think.”

Zhang Feng smiled faintly and said, “I didn’t say that everything’s going to be perfect, but we do indeed have to be careful.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “I felt several eyes paying attention to us. We still don’t know what they want.”

Zhang Feng sneered, “No matter what they want to do, if they dared to disturb our recruitment, we will clean them up.”

Zhao Hai didn’t say anything. However, a cold light flashed past his eyes. The gate opening is very important to the Black Tiger Gang. If someone caused trouble, he wouldn’t be polite.

The next morning, Zhao Hai appeared on the bow of the Hell King’s Ship. He found that the square was already full of people. These were the cultivators who received their identity tokens. They were all waiting for Zhao Hai and the others.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and nodded towards Lu Li. Before long, Lu Li organized people to head out of the city. Zhao Hai used the Hell King’s Ship and flew behind the group. While he was flying, Zhao Hai was also paying attention to the situation around him. As he said the day before, there were people staring at them. Today he wanted to see if there would also be people staring at him.

And as expected, there were people paying attention to his movements. Moreover, it seems like there were more people compared to yesterday. The day before, there were 7 people, but now there were more than 10.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. However, he didn’t react to it and continued following Lu Li and the others out of Bright Yang City. They group didn’t stop outside the city and directly flew towards the Nine Revolutions Cave.

The Nine Revolutions Cave was located on a mountain outside the city. Upon entering the mouth of the cave, the path would go down while also splitting into multiple small and large branches like a labyrinth. Every year, there would be cultivators who go into the cave and not come out.

Before long, Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the entrance of the cave. After inspecting the identity tokens of the rogue cultivators, Lu Li and the others allowed the cultivators to enter the cave. Once all of the cultivators had entered, Lu Li and the others went to the Hell King’s Ship and then they flew towards the cave’s exit.

Nobody knew the size of the Nine Revolutions Cave. However, there was only one way out of the cave. The exit was behind the mountain. The opening wasn’t big, but it was very easy to spot.

Upon arriving at the Nine Revolutions Cave’s exit, Zhao Hai turned to Lu Li and said, “How long would it take for them to come?”

Lu Li forced a smile and said, “I’m not sure. Even experienced explorers of the cave wouldn’t be able to come out in a short time. There are snakes all around the cave. A safe path that you came upon in the past might be a snake’s pit in the next. And once your route changes, everything will change. I heard that there are multiple people who weren’t able to come out of the cave every year.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright, then we can only wait patiently.” After he said that, Zhao Hai swept the distant mountain with his gaze. He could feel the aura of transcending tribulation experts from that direction. These people followed them from Bright Yang City. However, Zhao Hai was still unsure what these people wanted to do.

Although Zhao Hai felt a bit of hostility from these people, there was no killing intent. This caused him to be more confused.

He guessed that these people were from the Heavenly Yang Alliance. However, the Black Tiger Gang was just here to open their gates. There was no need for monitoring. What was their goal coming here?

Although Zhao Hai felt that these people were here with bad intentions, he couldn’t make a move on them. If he did, then he wouldn’t be giving the Heavenly Yang Alliance any face. When the time comes, trouble would begin to brew. So in the end, Zhao Hai could only wait for them to make their move.

Time has passed and the day is over. Despite a day passing, nobody has walked out of the Nine Revolutions Cave. However, Zhao Hai and the others weren’t worried. They stayed in the Hell King’s Ship as they waited.

But as Zhang Feng and the others were idly waiting, Zhao Hai already sent silver needles to enter the cave. He wanted to see what the inside was like.

When the silver needles entered the Nine Revolutions Cave, Zhao Hai immediately understood why cultivators weren’t able to come out in a short time. The inside of the cave was very big. Moreover, the paths curved and intersected in random directions. Moreover, from time to time, there would be snakes blocking the way. The rogue cultivators would need to be cautious whenever they go through a passage. This directly affected their speed.

Additionally, the rogue cultivators also needed to guard against other cultivators, not just the snakes.

For rogue cultivators, the Black Tiger Gang’s gate opening was a life-changing opportunity. Therefore, the rogue cultivators began to reduce the competition by hunting people along the way. 

By this point, Zhao Hai was more knowledgeable about the Nine Revolutions Cave than the rogue cultivators. He was also beginning to explore the deeper parts of the cave. These were the places that rogue cultivators wouldn’t dare venture to.

As Zhao Hai went deeper and deeper into the cave, the snakes he encountered increased. Moreover, Zhao Hai could feel that the snakes he met were getting stronger and stronger. These snakes were much stronger than those found on the outskirts of the cave.

This made Zhao Hai even more curious about the Nine Revolutions Cave. The cave looked artificial, as if it was dug out by someone and not man-made. But who would dig such a hole? It was impossible for this structure to be dug out by the snakes alone.

The deeper the silver needles went, the more curious Zhao Hai became. This was because the size of the cave exceeded his expectations. The area covered by the cave system went beyond the mountain where its entrance was located. Not only that, the cave system even extended to below Bright Yang City. This was a surprise even for Zhao Hai.

As Zhao Hai’s needles went down the cave, the wetter the ground became and the stronger the snakes were. The snakes the needles met now had thick and long bodies. One could see that each one of them were formidable beasts. Zhao Hai could even feel several Nascent Soul Snakes further up the path. 

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but frown. His understanding of the Nine Revolutions Cave became more blurry as time went on. Was the cave just a huge snake pit? It shouldn’t be that simple, right?

Three days passed in a blink of an eye and Zhao Hai has yet to find the end of the Nine Revolutions Cave. This surprised him. The Nine Revolutions Cave’s map in the Space already reached a depth of ten thousand meters. The scale of the cave system was truly large. The cave system was much larger than the 100 thousand-people base in the Exhausted Sun Valley. Even the base in the Inferno Valley couldn’t compare to the cave system. Although the base in the Inferno Valley was similarly enormous, it wasn’t as large as the Nine Revolutions Cave.

Such a huge cave complex was very confusing. The more he uncovered the Nine Revolutions Cave, the more anxiety Zhao Hai felt. This was because the cave complex was just too big. Its scale caused people to feel helpless.

At this time, Lu Li’s voice was heard, “Finally, someone is coming out.” Zhao Hai recovered and shook his head. He had been in a trance lately as he explored the Nine Revolutions Cave. He almost forgot his purpose for coming here. 

Zhao Hai opened his eyes and looked at the exit of the Nine Revolutions Cave. The cultivator who came out seemed to be in his thirties. He wore a worn-out cultivator robe. His expression was calm but he had a strong murderous aura around him. It could be seen that he had fought his way to the exit.

Lu Li stood up and went up to the cultivator and said, “You’re the first one. Please come with me to the ship.”

Hearing that he was the first one to come out, the cultivator stared for a moment before his face lit up with happiness. He nodded and then flew with Lu Li towards the Hell King’s Ship.

Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng stood up. Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Head inside to have your information recorded. Then some people will lead you to your room.” The cultivator nodded. Then he cupped his fist towards Zhao Hai before entering the ship.

Lu Li let out a long breath as he smiled bitterly and said, “Just as I was thinking that nobody would come out, someone finally came.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “There are more than 100 thousand participants and we only need 800. Now that one had come out, more will follow soon.”

As if confirming Zhao Hai’s words, cultivators began coming out of the cave’s exit. These people were all wounded. One could see how lively it must have been inside the cave.


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