BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1790


Chapter 1790 – Entering Bright Yang City

Although the army of Undead has yet to completely control the entire Hidden Fog Continent, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried at all. Moreover, Yunlai Country was never a threat to begin with.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai was happy because the conquered territories were beginning to provide him with faith power. Moreover, it was a rich amount. 

Zhao Hai placed the Hidden Fog Continent’s matters on the side as he shifted his attention to Bright Yang City. Two days ago, Zhao Hai had silver needles infiltrate the city to know the basic situation.

The reason Zhao Hai was able to enter quite easily was due to Tie Zhantiant. Two days ago, Tie Zhantian sent out an advance party to prepare for the recruitment. This way, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng would be able to begin as soon as they arrive.

Hearing that they could enter the Black Tiger Gang, the rogue cultivators were ecstatic. One couldn’t blame them. For rogue cultivators, entering the Black Tiger Gang was essentially reaching the heavens with a single jump. This was an excellent opportunity to all rogue cultivators. They wouldn’t let this opportunity go.

Similarly, the gate opening was also important for the Black Tiger Gang. The disciples that they would recruit this time weren’t small. Moreover, they wanted to recruit people with potential. Once these people joined the Black Tiger Gang, they would be given resources to grow as soon as possible. This would be good for the overall strength of the gang.

Zhao Hai’s silver needles already spread themselves out in Bright Yang City. Now, except particularly guarded places, the entire city was mapped by the Space. However, because the city was an important hub, there were countless amounts of cultivators coming and going into the city. This made it very hard to see anything wrong. But Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. He believed that with his present strength, even if the Myriad Demons Sect makes a move, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to him. Moreover, one shouldn’t forget that there’s a transmission formation in Bright Yang City. There was no need for Zhao Hai to worry that someone would intercept them along the way.

Over the two days, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng facilitated the transfer of people to the base. They helped the cultivators to get familiar with it.

Although a base for 100 thousand people wasn’t big, it wasn’t small either. The Black Tiger Gang’s cultivators would occupy it in the future. So it was needed for them to understand the base as much as possible.

Two days later, when Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng were about to leave for Bright Yang City, Tie Zhantian finally sent someone to take control of the base. However, the person he sent was a surprise. Tie Zhantian actually sent Hu Liangchen.

Hu Liangchen’s position in the Black Tiger Gang was very high. After all, the Hu Clan was the biggest and most powerful clan in the sect. If it weren’t for the sudden crisis of the Black Tiger Gang, Tie Zhantian and Hu Liangchen would still be fighting each other.

Although Hu Liangchen and Tie Zhantian have been working together very well since they reconciled, Hu Liangchen has been keeping a lower profile. He also helped Tie Zhantian with all he had, this caused Zhao Hai to admire him. Tie Zhantian was now becoming more and more reliant towards Hu Liangchen. Therefore, Zhao Hai didn’t expect Tie Zhantian to send Hu Liangchen to the base.

Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng hastily stepped forward and cupped their fists before saying, “Martial Uncle Hu, why did you come? This place hasn’t been finished yet. Moreover, the conditions here aren’t very good. There’s no need for you to be here.”

Hu Liangchen smiled faintly and said, “I was asked by the Gang Leader to come. This is also an important base for the Black Tiger Gang. Naturally, I have to come over and take a look. I want to see if you’ve been slacking around. Fortunately, you weren’t.”

Zhao Hai chuckled and said, “I wouldn’t dare. Martial Uncle Hu, please come inside. Let’s not stand here and talk.” Hu Liangchen nodded before going with Zhao Hai to the cave residence.

After the three people sat down, Zhao Hai looked at Hu Liangchen and said, “Martial Uncle Hu, we’ve already briefed everyone about the base. They should be able to make the base function. And with you here, none of those fellows would dare do anything out of line.”

Hu Liangchen nodded. Then he said, “Actually, I’m mainly here to tell you about the situation in Bright Yang City. The Gang Leader sent a few people ahead of time to check the city. They said that the city’s attitude towards the Black Tiger Gang is neither hot nor cold, which isn’t good.”

Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng frowned. Looking at the two, Hu Liangchen continued, “As you might have already known, Bright Yang City is very close to the Myriad Demons Sect. This is the reason why they’re treating us this way. The Myriad Demons Sect has all the reasons to disrupt our gate opening. So when you arrive at Bright Yang City, you need to be careful. Something unexpected might happen.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He now has some understanding of the Myriad Demons Sect’s power. The Myriad Demon Sect was worthy of being the top sect of the Northern Divergent Province. Not to mention the sect itself, the Myriad Demons Sect also has a lot of sects working under it. These forces were intertwined with each other, making it very difficult to go against the Myriad Demons Sect.

Zhao Hai also gained a faint idea of Bright Yang City’s matters. Every year, there would be rogue cultivators in the city that would enter the Myriad Demons Sect and become disciples. From this, it can be seen that the relationship of the city and the Myriad Demons Sect was very good.

And now that the Black Tiger Gang wants to recruit disciples in the city, it would be impossible for the Myriad Demons Sect to ignore it. But Zhao Hai still doesn’t know how the Myriad Demons Sect and Bright Yang City plan to deal with them.

Seeing Zhao Hai frown, Hu Liangchen added, “Little Hai, you have to be careful. However, there’s no need to worry too much. If they decide to make a move, there’s no need to be polite to them. We aren’t afraid of waging war against the Myriad Demons Sect.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Now that the Black Tiger Gang has completely moved into the Inferno Valley base, even if the Myriad Demons Sect attacks with all their strength, the Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t be afraid. But to be honest, Zhao Hai doesn’t want to fight the Myriad Demons Sect right now. The Heavenly Demons were coming, and infighting at this time would only make it easier for the Heavenly Demons. This wasn’t something Zhao Hai wanted to see.

Seeing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng knew what he was thinking about. Zhang Feng replied, “Little Hai, in the Great World of Cultivation, strength isn’t the only important thing, we need courage as well. If the Myriad Demons Sect moves against us, then we shouldn’t be polite. After all, the eyes of the Northern Divergent Province are now aimed in our direction.”

Zhao Hai nodded. He looked at Hu Liangchen and said, “Martial Uncle Hu, did the Gang Leader say anything about the Withered Vine Sect?”

Because Zhao Hai killed all of their sky reaching vines, the Withered Vine Sect were currently doing their best to defend. They even asked the Myriad Demons Sect to help. The Myriad Demons Sect sent some experts to help with the defense along with some sky reaching vine seedlings. But upon planting, the seedlings immediately died. This made the Withered Vine Sect gnash their teeth in hatred towards Zhao Hai.

Compared to the Iron Blade Sect, Heavy Sand Sect, and the Great Strength Sect, the Withered Vine Sect suffered the most losses. Zhao Hai was really afraid that Tie Zhantian would attack the Withered Vine Sect. This wasn’t the time to make a move.

Hearing Zhao Hai, Hu Liangchen couldn’t help but shake his head as he sighed and said, “What else could he say? This isn’t the time to attack the Withered Vine Sect. If we attack now, the Iron Blade Sect, Great Strength Sect, and the Heavy Sand Sect would help the Withered Vine Sect. Moreover, the Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t just allow the Withered Vine Sect to be destroyed. In the end, we could only endure.”

Zhao Hai nodded and said, “I was really afraid that the sect would attack the Withered Vine Sect. If that happens, the Northern Divergent Province might go into chaos. Martial Uncle Hu, don’t worry about Bright Yang City, I’ll deal with it. At the worst, we’ll get into a fight against the Myriad Demons Sect. I can take care of that.”

Hu Liangchen shook his head and said, “There won’t be a battle. And the Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t wage war with us at this time. The Northern Divergent Province is currently paying attention to us. If the Myriad Demons Sect dared to make a move, then they would need to have a good excuse. Otherwise, all of the small and medium-grade sects of the realm would support the Black Tiger Gang. The Myriad Demons Sect had been too domineering in the Northern Divergent Province.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “If the small and medium-grade sects want to ally with us, then they can. However, we need to hold the position of alliance leader. Perhaps we’ll find a good use of the position once the invasion of the Heavenly Demons arrives.”

Hu Liangchen nodded, “That’s exactly what the Gang Leader thinks. In fact, negotiations have begun for some time now. With our current momentum, it shouldn’t be hard for us to hold the position of alliance leader.”

Zhao Hai nodded and asked other questions regarding the sect. After that, he and Zhang Feng left Hu Liangchen to take a rest. Then the two returned to their own residences.

The next morning, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng walked out of their residences. And with Hu Liangchen seeing them off, they used the transmission formation to return to the Black Tiger Gang. Then they used a transmission formation once more to enter Bright Yang City.”

Bright Yang City was solidly built with thick walls. The entire fortified city occupied a very large area. On its 50-meter tall walls were patrols going back and forth. The weakest of these patrols were at the spirit refining stage.

These patrols weren’t only there to defend the city. These patrols were also in-charge of maintaining the security of the city. Although most of the shops were owned by major sects, the majority of the cultivators in the city were rogue cultivators. These rogue cultivators might not dare fight the major sects, but they would no doubt fight other rogue cultivators. Therefore, the patrols were needed to quell these fights. Otherwise, the city would be chaotic.

The patrol troops of Bright Yang City don’t necessarily have high levels of cultivation. However, these cultivators were members of the Heavenly Yang Alliance. In Bright Yang City, nobody dared to offend the people of the alliance. Naturally, the Heavenly Yang Alliance also wouldn’t wantonly offend other people. Rogue Cultivator alliances knew when to advance and retreat. They wouldn’t cause anything that might threaten their existence.

Because Bright Yang City was very big, it had dozens of transmission formation plazas. Besides the ordinary transmission formation plazas, the city also had more than 20 transmission formations specifically for large artifacts. Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng appeared in the transmission formation for large artifacts while riding the Hell King’s Ship.

Zhao Hai used the Hell King’s Ship to appear in the city in order to show other people that they have a large artifact. They weren’t people that could be messed with.

Upon coming out of the transmission formation, Zhao Hai immediately saw Bright Yang City not far from him. He waved his hand and controlled the Hell King’s ship to fly forward. Any cultivator can fly above the city, but violence is not permitted. Therefore, there wasn’t any problem with Zhao Hai using his large artifact to enter the city.

At this moment, flown on the Hell King’s Ship’s flagpole was the Black Tiger Gang’s flag. This was to show Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng’s status. The people that Tie Zhantian sent early had already booked a square for the sect to recruit people. However, the Heavenly Yang Alliance didn’t allow the Black Tiger Gang to use the square for free. In other words, the Black Tiger Gang was renting the land they were going to use.

In Bright Yang City, there were several squares like these. All of them were provided for sects to use. These squares were very big, there was even a spot for large artifacts to park.

The team that Tie Zhantian sent in advance comprised 5 transcending tribulation experts, 10 nascent soul experts, and 50 core formation experts. Their purpose for entering Bright Yang City was to prepare for the gate opening and to get information about the city. After all, Bright Yang City wasn’t far from the Myriad Demons Sect.

The square that the Black Tiger Gang rented also had a flagpole that flew the Black Tiger Gang’s flag. The Hell King’s Ship flew over but didn’t land. Like a dark cloud, it casted a huge shadow on the square.

Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng looked at the area below, dumbfounded. This was because the square was packed with people.

Seeing this, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he said, “It seems like we won’t have any problems looking for people to recruit.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng also bitterly smiled. He didn’t know what to say.


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