BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1789


Chapter 1789 – Attacking the Hidden Fog Continent

Naturally, there’s another reason why Zhao Hai settled on the Hidden Fog Continent. And this was the fact that there was no spiritual qi in the continent. With no spiritual qi, the people of the continent wouldn’t be able to cultivate. Therefore, even if there were rebels, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. 

The lack of spiritual qi meant that Zhao Hai no longer needed to worry about security. Therefore, Zhao Hai wanted to get the continent for himself.

As soon as she heard Zhao Hai, Laura immediately understood. Naturally, she wouldn’t disagree. Before long, the women began to prepare to deal with the Yunlai Country.

Dealing with Yunlai Country was very simple. The Undead are enough to conquer the country. Although the continent has no spiritual qi, causing the Undead to be unable to use powerful techniques, one shouldn’t forget that the Undead still had cannons and the rifles. These weapons didn’t need spiritual qi to express their might.

The lack of spiritual qi was even more of a disadvantage to the people of the Hidden Fog Continent. With no spiritual qi, their combat level was very low. Zhao Hai only needed to send an army of 10 thousand Undead and he could deal with the entire continent.

As for what happens after he deals with the Yunlai Country, that was simpler. Zhao Hai can give them a good life, but they would need to provide him with faith power.

Zhao Hai didn’t think that there was something wrong with what he was going to do. If he wasn’t here, the people of the continent would continue to be ruled by the Yunlai Country and live like dogs and pigs. Under Zhao Hai’s control, they would be happier. The only thing they would have to give back was faith. And he wouldn’t even go as far as make them into praying disciples.

After formulating the battle plan, Zhao Hai left the operation to Laura and the others. To be honest, the fighting strength of the Hidden Fog Continent was nothing to Zhao Hai.

As for the Protector Mage, Zhao Hai didn’t even worry about him. He immediately killed the ghost cultivator of the Yunlai Country. And once the Protector Mage was dead, the Undead began their attack on the Yunlai Country.

And just as expected, the Yunlai Country wasn’t a match against the Undead. The Undead army was one-sidedly slaughtering the troops of the country.

While attacking the Yunlai Country, Zhao Hai also conducted propaganda throughout the continent. Naturally, it was religious propaganda. He was treating himself as a deity and the Undead were the troops he sent to save the continent from evil.

Zhao Hai had seen too much religious propaganda in his life. Although he was still learning and experimenting, he didn’t expect that the effects were very good. The people of the continent had been oppressed for so long. They had been treated as pigs for slaughter. Such people need faith. If they didn’t have faith, then they wouldn’t have any hope to latch on to.

Zhao Hai’s propaganda just came in time. And with the Undead’s overwhelming strength, the desperate people of the Hidden Fog Continent immediately regarded Zhao Hai as a deity that would save them. They quickly became followers of Zhao Hai.

By the time that happened, Zhao Hai was no longer in the mood to care about the Hidden Fog Continent. He also didn’t clean up the mountains of corpses. The space below the yin pool was already the best tomb the corpses could have. Nobody would disturb them, so Zhao Hai didn’t touch the place.

The most important thing Zhao Hai needed to do right now was to build the base. At the same time, he needs to prepare for the sect’s gate opening. Eight days had already passed since Zhao Hai arrived at the Wandering Soul Group’s territory. The construction of the base was almost done. 

Zhao Hai already gathered information about Bright Yang City. The city was quite famous in the Northern Divergent Province. It was a major city controlled by rogue cultivators. The alliance that controlled the city was called the Heavenly Yang Union. It was said that the alliance had a lot of experts. It was even rumored that an immortal-stage elder was commanding the alliance. Because of this, Bright Yang City became one of the distribution centers of the Northern Divergent Province.

However, Bright Yang City wasn’t far from the Myriad Demons Sect. Additionally, the relationship between the two was quite good. It seems like Tie Zhantian sent Zhao Hai to the city in consideration for the newly recruited disciples’ safety.

As Zhao Hai was looking into the city’s information, he received a jade sword message from Zhang Feng. It said that he was going to arrive at the base soon. Moreover, he had some disciples of the Black Tiger Gang with him. These would be the cultivators who would be stationed in the new base.

Zhao Hai didn’t stop them. The base was mostly finished. A base for 100 thousand people might seem big, but with the bug race taking action, building it was very easy. After all, digging was much easier than building above ground.

Only the miscellaneous tasks were left to be finished in the base. The defensive formation was complete and was powered by the Exhausted Sun Valley, specifically the yin pool.

Although Zhao Hai knew what was inside the yin pool, he didn’t give up on using it. If the yin energy was left unused, the yin qi wouldn’t be released and the corpses in that place would keep their appearance. Through using the yin qi, the energy in the pool would be reduced. When the time comes, the corpses would decompose and return to the soil.

After receiving Zhang Feng’s message, Zhao Hai made some simple preparations. Not long after, the transmission formation of the base flashed before Zhang Feng appeared along with a group of cultivators from the Black Tiger Gang. 

Although the base wasn’t completely finished, its basic functions were complete. There wasn’t a trace of yin qi in the base. The inhabitants would only feel that the spiritual energy inside was quite rich.

After walking out of the transmission formation, Zhang Feng immediately saw Zhao Hai standing in front of him. He laughed and then patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder before saying, “Good. You work fast as usual. You’ve made a very decent base in only a few days.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “It’s just enough for people to live in. If we want to build a proper base, it would take some time. Senior Brother, let’s have some drinks. Everyone, please follow the Undead first. Rest assured, I will also deliver some spirit wine to you.”

The others naturally wouldn’t say anything, they smiled at Zhao Hai as they expressed their gratitude. These people knew clearly what status Zhao Hai now had in the Black Tiger Gang. After several events, Zhao Hai’s position in the sect shot up like a rocket. By this point, he held the same influence as Zhang Feng. Those present here wouldn’t dare offend him.

Zhao Hai took Zhang Feng to his temporary residence and then took out a jar of spirit wine. He gave Zhang Feng a glass and he also had a glass for himself. After the two took a sip of their wine, Zhao Hai said, “In two days, we’ll go to Bright Yang city. It would be better if we’re careful.”

Zhang Feng stared, he looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “Careful? Do you think the Myriad Demons Sect would do something to our recruitment? That would offend all of the small sects. They shouldn’t be that stupid.”

Zhao Hai replied, “They naturally wouldn’t dare do anything in the open, but in the dark? We’re not sure. We need to pay attention to the people we recruit. I’m afraid the Myriad Demons Sect would try to do something. Moreover, they have a very good relationship with Bright Yang City. We have to be on guard.”

Zhang Feng nodded and said, “What you said is reasonable. The Myriad Demons Sect ate several losses from us. With their style, they certainly wouldn’t let us off.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Right. But whatever they do doesn’t matter. I just want to see what moves they’re going to show us. I’ll finish everything here in the next two days. Then we’ll hand the base over to Senior Brother Tie Ying before we head towards Bright Yang City.”

Zhang Feng nodded, then he said, “Also, the situation in the Inferno Valley was very good. Everyone’s spirits are very high. All of them are preparing with all their strength.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “That’s better. We don’t have much time left. The Heavenly Demons aren’t the same as cultivators. Those guys are disciplined and don’t know fear. We need all the preparation we need.”

Zhang Feng nodded. Then he sighed and said, “The invasion of the Heavenly Demons will be a catastrophe for the Great World of Cultivation. After this, the power of the realm would be reshuffled. But this is also good, the nine super sects have been ruling the realm for too long. It was time for them to be dethroned.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “No matter what happens, the nine super sects would be at the frontlines against the Heavenly Demons. But we can’t idle. We need to take this opportunity to develop ourselves and make sure that the Myriad Demons Sect wouldn’t be able to do anything to us.”

Zhang Feng nodded. To be honest, Zhang Feng’s hatred towards the Myriad Demons Sect was more serious compared to Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai belonged to the Black Tiger Gang, Zhang Feng grew up in it. Therefore, Zhang Feng’s feelings towards the sect were much deeper. The suppression of the Myriad Demons Sect caused the Black Tiger Gang to suffer. It was natural for Zhang Feng to hate the Myriad Demons Sect for this.

Zhao Hai chatted with Zhang Feng for a while before he brought Zhang Feng to his room. Then he entered the Space to look at the situation in the Hidden Fog Continent.

Everything was now normal on the continent. The Yunlai Country’s strength couldn’t compare to Zhao Hai’s Undead. Additionally, with their Protector Mage being killed by Zhao Hai, the country soon lost the will to resist. Majority of the Yunlai Country’s soldiers immediately surrendered. This saved Laura and the others a lot of time.

Meanwhile, the lives of the people of the continent immediately improved. The big taxes they needed to pay before were now gone. As long as they pay a small amount of money, they would be fine. There were no longer any officials that would oppress them. The stewards of the new church were now taking charge of the cities. And with the successful religious conversion, the population became easy to control.


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