BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1788


Chapter 1788 – Continent of the Hidden Mist

Spiritual qi fills the heavens and the earth. Everything has spiritual qi. Spiritual qi wouldn’t vanish nor reduce. This was because there was spiritual qi everywhere. 

But now, Zhao Hai discovered a place that doesn’t have spiritual qi. It wasn’t a poor quality spiritual qi, it was a complete lack of spiritual qi. After the flying sword entered the tunnel, its yin-yang lightning pond immediately shut down because there’s no spiritual qi. In the end, the flying sword could only be supplied by the Space.

Zhao Hai frowned. He didn’t think that there would be a place where there was no spiritual qi. It was too bizarre.

Zhao Hai could see that there was still soil and stones in the tunnel. Normally, such a place would have a rich spiritual qi with the earth attribute. But there was nothing, which puzzled Zhao Hai.

Another thing that confused Zhao Hai was that both the Hell King’s Ship and the flying sword can go through, while he himself couldn’t.

Although Zhao Hai could easily enter the tunnel if he used the Space, he didn’t do so. He stood there thinking quietly, trying to figure out what was going on.

After thinking about it for some time, Zhao Hai suddenly had a flash of intuition. He thought about the biggest difference between him and the Hell King’s Ship and flying sword, and that was the soul.

Zhao Hai has a soul while the Hell King’s Ship and the flying sword didn’t. At the same time, the corpse that just fell had no soul left. This meant that the invisible wall in front of him was blocking anything that had a soul.

With this thought in mind, Zhao Hai summoned an Undead. When the Undead walked towards the wall, it was similarly blocked. The Undead also carry a soul in the form of a soul fire. Therefore, it’s understandable that it also couldn’t go through.

Zhao Hai cycled through soulless things and sure enough they could go through the invisible wall.

This made Zhao Hai even more curious. He entered the Space and commanded the flying sword to go towards the exit.

The flying sword flew for half an hour before reaching the end of the tunnel. The mouth of the tunnel was actually very huge. Its diameter was about 1 kilometer.

An opening one kilometer wide was reduced to a pin-sized light below, this showed how long the tunnel was. Zhao Hai didn’t immediately make liquid silver fly out of the opening. Instead, he reduced the flying sword’s size to a needle before flying out.

Zhao Hai was stunned at the scenery outside the tunnel. The tunnel was at the base of a mountain. In front of the exit was a huge building. The building looked like a temple, and enormous temple.

Zhao Hai controlled the silver needle to fly towards the building. After a while, Zhao Hai saw the enormity of the temple. It was indeed very large. The entire building was about 10 thousand mu or more(~7 sq km).

Not only was the building enormous, it was also built beautifully. Zhao Hai was somewhat stunned by its magnificence. Describing that it had a golden radiance wouldn’t be an overstatement.

Zhao Hai’s body appeared outside the large temple. Upon coming out, Zhao Hai immediately felt pressure. This wasn’t pressure from the heavens and the earth. Instead, it was pressure stemming from the lack of spiritual qi. If Zhao Hai wanted to move around, then he would need to use the spiritual qi of the Space. 

Zhao Hai looked all around him and saw the beautiful scenery. The mountain he came out of was also very luxurious. From its appearance, it should be rich in spiritual qi, but there was none. Which made it very strange.

Zhao Hai was now more curious. He wanted to know what was going on with this place.

But soon enough, Zhao Hai stopped thinking about the problem. This was because he could feel the aura of a cultivator inside the temple. Moreover, there was spiritual qi. This caused Zhao Hai to be more curious. How did they cultivate if there was no spiritual qi in the surroundings?

As the temple got closer and closer, Zhao Hai’s expression became more and more puzzled. He was now certain that the person inside the temple was a cultivator. And from their aura, they possessed extremely thick yin qi. The yin qi also had the smell of blood. And with the corpses he saw earlier on, Zhao Hai immediately understood where this cultivator got their spiritual qi. This person murdered and absorbed the spiritual qi of other people. The corpses in the space earlier were proof of their practice.

However, Zhao Hai also felt that the cultivator inside the temple wasn’t very strong. According to the Great World of Cultivation’s classification, they were merely at the spirit forming stage. Compared to Zhao Hai, this person was nothing.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai could feel that these people didn’t have any faith power in their bodies. They were like rogue cultivators. It was still unsure if they had dao avatars or not.

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately think of killing these people. He wanted to understand this place more. Therefore, Zhao Hai returned to the Space while also releasing a large number of silver needles to fly around the world.

Contrary to what Zhao Hai expected, the world wasn’t as big as he imagined. It was one huge ocean with a piece of land. The area of the land was huge, much bigger than China. It was as large as the Asian Continent. It also had a large population that was too difficult to count.

Surprisingly, such a huge continent only had one country. This country was called Yunlai Country. The temple that Zhao Hai saw in the beginning was the Yunlai Country’s Protector Temple.

Naturally, Zhao Hai wasn’t stupid enough to assume the country’s situation, so he killed two wicked people from the temple and then turned them into undead. Only then did he understand what was going on.

Originally, this place was called the Hidden Fog Continent. This place wasn’t a planet but a continent instead. The end of the realm was blocked by white fog that had the same property as the invisible wall. Nobody was able to go in or out of the fog.

The Hidden Fog Continent originally had several nations. But several hundred years ago, when the Yunlai Country suddenly gained a Protector Mage, everything changed.

Yunlai Country’s Protector Mage was extremely powerful. It was said that he has the ability to move mountains. Under his help, Yunlai Country was able to unify the entire continent and become its sole ruler. And under the Yunlai Country’s special decree, the Protector Mage was allowed to construct the Protector Temple. 

Naturally, this wasn’t a tale of people living a good life after the Yunlai Country unified the entire continent. On the contrary, Yunlai Country caused everyone’s days to become a living hell. The country used ruthless methods to rule the continent. 

Of course, people tried to rebel. However, their resistance was useless. This was because none of the continent’s people could defeat the country’s Protector Mage. All those who rebelled were uprooted. This caused the people of the continent to be unable to lift their heads.

As soon as Zhao Hai heard this, he understood what was going on. Although he didn’t know why a cultivator appeared in this place, he was certain that this cultivator practiced the ghost dao. Upon finding that there wasn’t any spiritual qi in this place, he resorted to absorbing the souls of other people to cultivate. Being able to reach the spirit forming stage just by absorbing souls meant that he had taken a colossal amount of lives.

And since there was no spiritual qi in the continent, the people were unable to become stronger. This meant that they would never be the opponent of the ghost cultivator. Because of this, Yunlai Country was able to quickly unify the continent.

Zhao Hai was currently looking at the map of the continent. He stared at it for a long time without saying anything. As Laura stood beside Zhao Hai, she turned her head and asked, “Brother Hai, what are you thinking about?”

Zhao Hai replied, “I want to take control of this place. I’ll turn it into a religious continent that could provide us with faith power.”

These days, Zhao Hai discovered that although the continent wasn’t big, it was quite populous. Moreover, people in the continent could also produce faith power. This gave Zhao Hai the idea to turn this place into a source of faith power.

Laura thought about it for a moment and said, “Brother Hai, you mean to clean up the evil cultivator, overthrow the Yunlai Country, and then create a religious country on the continent?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Correct. It would be better if we had control over the continent. And since you cannot use the faith power of the Space, we can have this place provide you with faith power.”

After fighting multiple battles as well as his recent position, Zhao Hai had long known about the method to collect faith power and store it into portions just like other people in the Great World of Cultivation.

Zhao Hai’s current problem regarding the Space’s faith power was the fact that it always sticks to him. Every faith power made by the Space’s inhabitants would only go to Zhao Hai. Therefore, even if Zhao Hai had methods to collect faith power, he still wouldn’t be able to use them. This meant that Laura and the others didn’t have a constant source of faith power.

Because of this, Zhao Hai wanted to find a place that could produce faith power. In Zhao Hai’s mind, the Hidden Fog Continent was the most appropriate.

The Hidden Fog Continent had a lot of people. Moreover, it currently doesn’t have any religious institutions. As long as Zhao Hai helped the continent deal with the Yunlai Country and destroy the Protector Mage, then he would be able to proselytize the people of the continent. Then he could use the methods he acquired to collect faith power. This would be the faith power supply of Laura and the others.


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