BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1787


Chapter 1787 – Mountains of Corpses and Seas of Blood

 After listening to Hu Liangchen, Tie Zhantian sighed as he smiled bitterly and said, “I’m not afraid that he’s unqualified. I’m afraid of people comparing him to Little Hai. Little Feng is formidable, but compared to Little Hai, his accomplishments are evidently dimmer. But we can only ask Little Feng to come over and take charge of the gang’s matters. We cannot delay Little Hai’s cultivation. As long as Little Hai’s cultivation increases, the Black Tiger Gang’s foundation would be more stable.”

Hu Liangchen smiled bitterly as well. Before Zhao Hai rose to the spotlight, the younger generation of the Black Tiger Gang looked very good. But after Zhao Hai came, these younger generations looked lacking in comparison. Not to mention Tie Zhantian, even the person titled the wise man of the Black Tiger Gang thought the same.

Zhao Hai didn’t know what the two were talking about. After leaving Tie Zhantian’s study, he said goodbye to Zhang Feng before entering the Space. Then he had Cai’er command the bugs to construct a base for 100 thousand people in the Wandering Soul Group’s territory.

Zhao Hai discovered that although the Exhausted Sun Valley was inferior to the original place of the Wandering Soul Group, it was still a very good location. The valley had a deep pool of yin energy. Moreover, this deep pool was different from other energy pools.

Yin pools were a collection of condensed yin qi. The pool would be surrounded by a rich amount of yin qi, enough to be poisonous towards ordinary cultivators. However, for those who practice the ghost dao, this yin pool was an absolute treasure.

Yin qi was often called evil qi. Evil qi held formidable properties. If it was used against ordinary cultivators, not only could it corrode spiritual qi, it would also corrode the target’s soul. With how concentrated the yin qi in the Exhausted Sun Valley was, ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to survive there for a long time. If they stayed, it wouldn’t be long before they would turn to ghosts, or even a zombie.

People who practice the ghost dao would have methods to utilize yin qi to elevate their cultivation. At the same time yin qi would allow their attacks to be more powerful.

Zhao Hai was curious about these yin pools. He wanted to know if there was anything special about it and why it had such a rich amount of yin qi. Therefore, Zhao Hai had Cai’er take charge in building the base while he used the Hell King’s Ship to enter the yin pool.

The yin pool wasn’t big. It only has about a hundred meters in diameter. The water was very murky, it was impossible to see what was inside. And because of the thick yin qi that the pool was emitting, it was impossible to scan it using spiritual force. If Zhao Hai wanted to know what’s inside the pool, then he could only go himself. 

When the Hell King’s Ship entered the yin pool, Zhao Hai immediately felt the temperature of the ship dropping. Zhao Hai knew that this was the result of the invasion of yin qi. However, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried. He made the Hell King’s Ship’s shields stronger which caused the temperature inside to return to normal.

However, Zhao Hai still can’t see the surroundings. At most, he could see 100 meters ahead of him, which was very rare for Zhao Hai. 

Zhao Hai also knew that it was impossible for him to use silver needles. Silver needles use spiritual force to scan the surroundings. If spiritual force was isolated, then the silver needles were practically useless.

And this was what Zhao Hai was puzzled about. How far the silver needles could see had a lot to do with his strength. It must be known that Zhao Hai’s strength was not far from the immortal stage. But even in this case, he was still unable to clearly see inside the yin pool. 

Zhao Hai had the Hell King’s Ship dive further down the pool. He really wanted to see the bottom of the pool. Originally, Zhao Hai thought that the Wandering Soul Group would know something about the pool. So when he saw the strangeness of the pool, he immediately asked the people of the Wandering Soul Group. However, they also didn’t know what’s going on. They sent people down the pool in the past, but those people either didn’t go far or didn’t come back. The yin qi in the pool was just too dense. Even the ghost dao practitioners of the Wandering Soul Group couldn’t withstand it.

Because of this, Zhao Hai became even more curious about the yin pool. And now that he has the opportunity, Zhao Hai used the Hell King’s Ship to head down.

When Zhao Hai reached a deep enough level of the pool, he took some samples for the Space to analyze. Before long, the Space issued a prompt, “Water polluted with yin qi detected. The amount of yin qi present is very high. It will be beneficial for the Undead. Recreating water inside the Hell Space.”

Zhao Hai nodded. The prompt was within his expectations. Then he continued diving towards the bottom of the pool. The Space had all kinds of water inside it already, so he didn’t mind if there was one more. 

Zhao Hai didn’t believe that the Wandering Soul Group wouldn’t enter the pool after spending thousands of years in this place and also having an immortal expert. But upon knowing that the Wandering Soul Group also didn’t know what’s at the bottom, Zhao Hai knew that the pool was dangerous. There should be something at the bottom. Therefore, Zhao Hai was more careful as he delved down.

Although Zhao Hai was prepared, he didn’t think that the pool would be so deep. It has been an hour since Zhao Hai began diving down. Despite the depth he went through, Zhao Hai still couldn’t see the bottom. This surprised him.

Zhao Hai knew clearly that although he was carefully diving down, his speed of descent wasn’t slow. He was going down at the same speed he normally flew. Despite this, Zhao Hai had yet to get to the bottom. 

As Zhao Hai got deeper, the water in the pool became darker. And by this point, the water turned pure black. Zhao Hai frowned. He doesn’t know what kind of scenario could produce such a rich and dense yin qi.

At this time, Zhao Hai felt a wave of yin qi in front of him, which was more intense than what he detected before. Zhao Hai was stunned for a moment before he lit up with joy. At the same time, he commanded the Hell King’s Ship to slow down.

Before long, Zhao Hai felt a sudden emptiness in front of him. Zhao Hai’s eyes lit up. Then he found that the water around him had disappeared. It was as if he had come upon a subspace.

This caused Zhao Hai to knit his brows. He couldn’t help but recall the moment he discovered Firegod City underneath Inferno Valley. He didn’t think that he would come upon another subspace. 

Zhao Hai took a broad view of his surrounding before his scalp tingled with numbness. This was because he saw a large number of corpses inside!

The corpses came in all kinds of grotesque forms. There were corpses covered in armor as though they were once soldiers. Some were dressed with commoner clothes and looked like farmers. There were some who were dressed in silk like rich and noble figures. 

All of these corpses were piled up. Moreover, each one of them were in a grotesque state. It was as if they were all thrown from a great height.

The entire place was full of yin winds. The yin qi was extremely dense. Zhao Hai couldn’t tell how large the subspace was. However, he was certain that the subspace was huge. The scene in front of him was already as large as Firegod City’s subspace. And there were several piles of corpses further in the distance.

Zhao Hai had a lot of Undead. Moreover, he treated the Undead as their own race. He doesn’t regard them as mere animated corpses. Because of this, he wasn’t disturbed by seeing them inside the Space.

However, the corpses in front of Zhao Hai caused his scalp to tingle. The scene was a literal mountain of corpses and sea of blood. In addition to the pile of corpses, there was also a huge pool of blood below. The blood was so viscous that Zhao Hai couldn’t tell how deep it was.

With how many corpses there were, it was natural that there would be yin qi. In fact, the yin qi was so thick that it condensed into clouds that floated on top of the subspace.

Another thing that struck Zhao Hai as strange was the lack of Undead in this subspace. It must be known that a place with rich yin qi would certainly produce Undead. As long as a corpse still had a fragment of their soul, once they entered this subspace, then they would no doubt become Undead. 

However, there were no Undead beings in this place. This both worried and puzzled Zhao Hai. He saw that there was nothing wrong with the corpses, so the lack of Undead caused him to be confused.

At this time, Zhao Hai felt something falling down. He looked up and saw a corpse falling from above. Zhao Hai stared and then waved his hand. The corpse floated to his side. Zhao Hai looked at the corpse and saw that it was a man. He could see at a glance that this man held a high-position. This was because he was wearing robes with sovereign colors. There were also beasts embroidered on the robes. By the style of the robes and the embroidery, it was clear that the corpse didn’t come from the Great World of Cultivation.

The corpse was still fresh because the bloodstains were still warm. But what surprised Zhao Hai was that he couldn’t feel even a trace of soul inside the body. It was as if this person was born without a soul!

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but knit his brows. He could feel that the soul of this corpse had been absorbed!

Absorbing souls was the practice of ghost cultivators. However, most ghost cultivators won’t use this method for cultivation. This was because this method was harmful. Every soul had its own unique imprint. If a soul was absorbed, the cultivator would need to spend a lot of time to refine and remove the imprint of the soul. Because of this, the time spent cultivating would be longer, which made this practice rare even among ghost cultivators.

Zhao Hai frowned, then he threw the corpse aside before raising his head to look at the place where it fell from. Then he slowly flew upwards.

When he arrived at the place where the corpse appeared, the Hell King’s Ship just passed through without obstruction. Zhao Hai was relieved. He really wanted to know where the corpse came from.

But not long after that, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that he had bumped into something. Then he turned his head and looked at the bow of the Hell King’s Ship. The tip of the Hell King’s Ship did indeed disappear in front of him. However, when it reached the body of the ship, it suddenly stopped.

Zhao Hai paused for a moment before pulling the Hell King’s Ship back. Like a sword being unsheathed, the Hell King’s Ship’s tip began to come out. Zhao Hai moved the Hell King’s Ship forward again, and then it stopped once more.

Zhao Hai stared at the invisible wall in front of him. He couldn’t help but wonder. Why couldn’t the Hell King’s Ship pass through while the corpse could fall?

Zhao Hai looked around trying to find an answer. But after looking for a long time, he still couldn’t figure out what was going on. He waved his hand and took out a flying sword. Then he sent the sword towards the wall. The sword wasn’t obstructed. At the same time, Zhao Hai looked at the image captured by the flying sword. Shown on the screen was a long tunnel. The tunnel’s length was hard to measure. The end of the tunnel could only be seen as a needle tip-sized light.

Zhao Hai knew that the corpse was thrown down from above. This meant that the tunnel could only fit one corpse. With how small the exit was, it was clear that the tunnel was very long.

However, Zhao Hai didn’t let the flying sword fly out. This was because he still hadn’t figured out what was on the other side.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai discovered something else. The tunnel that the flying sword was in had no spiritual qi inside. 


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