BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1785


Chapter 1785 – After the Crisis

Three cultivators were standing respectfully behind the thin figure. Without turning towards the three, the thin man said, “Tell me your interaction with Zhao Hai. There must be no words left out.”

The great strength sect cultivators immediately told their entire interaction with Zhao Hai. Every word that Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng spoke were retold.

The thin figure calmly listened. After the three cultivators were done reporting, he replied, “Did Zhao Hai really say that? He’s confident that the sky reaching vines would die in a few days?”

The core formation cultivator who asked Zhao Hai before nodded and said, “Yes, sect master. He said that two days later, the sky reaching vines of the Withered Vine Sect would die out.”

The thin man hesitated for a moment before saying, “Zhao Hai wouldn’t say nonsense during these times. Immediately send an order to our army to temporarily stop the attacks on the Black Tiger Gang. Wait until information about the sky reaching vines arrives. If the sky reaching vines dies, we will withdraw. If the sky reaching vines survived, then we will attack the Black Tiger Gang once more. Also, monitor Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng. Make sure that they don’t leave in the next two days. Whether or not the sky reaching vines dies in two days, I will go and see them.” The cultivators in the hall immediately transmitted the orders. The thin man waved his hand, ordering the three disciples who received Zhao Hai to go back.

The thin man was the sect master of the Great Strength Sect, Xiang Bo. His thin figure was due to his cultivation.

One shouldn’t think that the cultivators of the Great Strength Sect would become as buff as a bull the higher their cultivation becomes. In fact, once the cultivation of a disciple of the Great Strength Sect reaches its peak, they would begin to turn skinny to the point where they would be skin and bones. However, their strength would be much stronger. This was because their strength would be condensed into their bones and muscles. 

In the next two days, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng continued to stay inside the cave residence. Although they were being monitored by the people outside, the two didn’t care.

Zhao Hai understood the Great Strength Sect’s concerns. They were currently waiting for news. Zhao Hai wasn’t worried at all. Zhao Hai even prepared for the fleet’s transport through the Space. This way, they would be able to act at any time.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye. Then information that would shake the entire Great World of Cultivation began to spread. The sky reaching vines of the Withered Vine Sect has completely died out. None survived.

Nobody believed the news the first time they heard it. For so many years, people had been looking for ways to deal with the sky reaching vines. However, none of them succeeded. But now, someone finally did. No wonder it shocked so many people.

Follow-up information soon spread saying that the death of the sky reaching vines was caused by the Black Tiger Gang. Because the Withered Vine Sect attacked the Black Tiger Gang, the sect sent Zhao Hai, the number one talent of their younger generation. Then using a supreme treasure, he was able to kill the sky reaching vines.

There’s no mistake, the people of the Great World of Cultivation now believed that Zhao Hai was the top expert of the Black Tiger Gang’s younger generation. These words naturally wanted to put a wedge into Zhao Hai’s relationships. However, these people didn’t expect that the young ones of the Black Tiger Gang wholeheartedly agreed to it. 

The Black Tiger Gang had a lot of talented young masters. Among them were Zhang Feng, Tie Ying, Tie Yi, and even core disciples like Situ Yinlong. Each one of them held great strength and have reached the transcending tribulation stage. However, these young masters knew that they were still far from fighting immortal experts.

On the other hand, Zhao Hai could fight two immortal experts on his own. Moreover, he was able to kill both of them. These young masters knew that they couldn’t compare to that kind of strength.

Although Zhao Hai used a powerful artifact given to him by the Supreme Elder during the fight, one shouldn’t forget that Zhao Hai fought Elder Zhu to a standstill before that. This showed Zhang Feng and the others how strong Zhao Hai really was.

Moreover, not anyone can use such powerful artifacts. In order to wield a powerful artifact, one needs to have enough strength to use it. Therefore, Zhang Feng and the others weren’t jealous of Zhao Hai.

Upon confirming the news that the sky reaching vines of the Withered Vine Sect has died, several sects immediately got ready to cause trouble to the Withered Vine Sect. Just like Zhao Hai said, the Withered Vine Sect has cultivated a lot of enemies throughout its existence. In the past, these people had no way of causing substantial damage to the Withered Vine Sect. But now that the sky reaching vines have died, the Withered Vine Sect no longer has the powerful defense that they were very proud of. The people who had a grudge against the Withered Vine Sect naturally wouldn’t let this opportunity go.

The Withered Vine Sect was also aware of its predicament. After discovering the death of their sky reaching vines, they didn’t dare to fight the Black Tiger Gang. They immediately withdrew their troops and focused on defending their territory.

The Great Strength Sect also received the news. Of the five sects, the Wandering Soul Group has been extinguished while the Heavy Sand Sect, Iron Blade Sect, and the Withered Vine Sect have retreated. This marked the end of the alliance. If the Great Strength Sect still attacked the Black Tiger Gang, then they would no doubt suffer miserably. Therefore, they also withdrew their army.

At the same time, Xiang Bo immediately met with Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng. Their meeting had a happy atmosphere. Xiang Bo didn’t talk about the army he dispatched to attack the Black Tiger Gang while Zhao Hai also didn’t say anything about the attack. Both sides talked amiably.

Soon after the meeting, Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng left the Great Strength Sect. By this point, the crisis of the Black Tiger Gang has been lifted. The Black Tiger Gang didn’t suffer major losses in the battle against the five sects. On the contrary, it could be said that they benefited a lot by gaining the territory of the Wandering Soul Group.

Now, the sects around the Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t dare stretch their claws towards the sect’s territory. This was because they were now aware that the strength of the Black Tiger Gang was beyond their means.

After obtaining the territory of the Roaring Flame Sect and the Wandering Soul Group, the Black Tiger Gang’s domain could be considered among the top ten in the Northern Divergent Province. Naturally, they were still quite behind compared to the top ten sects of the province. But in terms of territory, the sect could indeed be placed in the top ten.

Nobody from the Northern Divergent Province expected this. Even the people of the Great World of Cultivation didn’t think that instead of being crippled by the Myriad Demon Sect’s suppression, the Black Tiger Gang actually became more powerful. 

Naturally, with the end of the war, the name of a person spread throughout the entire realm. And this person was Zhao Hai.

With himself and a fleet of large artifacts, he was able to destroy a sect that has existed for tens of thousands of years and had once dominated the Great World of Cultivation. He even fought single-handedly against two immortal experts and killed them. He also killed the sky reaching vines of the Withered Vine Sect while causing havoc to the four sects. If such a person didn’t become famous, then who would?

Because of this event, Zhao Hai’s name was spread to the entire realm. He was also beginning to be considered as one of the top young experts of the Great Realm of Cultivation.

Young cultivators with glorious battle accomplishments would be part of this list. Although Zhao Hai was in the list, his ranking was outside the top ten. All of the top ten were core disciples of long-established sects. Naturally, people would think that Zhao Hai was inferior compared to the disciples of these super sects. Although Zhao Hai defeated two immortal-stage experts, people attributed it to his powerful artifact. It has nothing to do with Zhao Hai’s cultivation.

Nevertheless, Zhao Hai having such a position was good for the Black Tiger Gang. This elevated the position of the sect in the hearts of other cultivators.

Of course, Zhao Hai doesn’t care about these things. After returning to the Black Tiger Gang, he helped the sect handle tasks that had been left behind by the attack. Now, the status of the Zhao Hai in the Black Tiger Gang has become completely different. He was now seen as a true core disciple. Naturally, his influence on the sect has increased.

The Black Tiger Gang was currently dealing with the newly acquired territory of the Wandering Soul Group. The monument that Zhao Hai erected back then was very effective. No sect dared to take a bite of the territory. After all, the Black Tiger Gang just repelled the attack of five sects. This showed their formidable strength.

Currently, the Black Tiger Gang was having a problem they had never met before. They don’t have enough people to manage their territory.

That’s right. The Black Tiger Gang suffered some losses in the war, especially to their low-level cultivators. The sect lost a lot of low-level cultivators. Because of this, they cannot digest the territory of the Wandering Soul Group in a short time.

Obtaining a new territory was naturally a happy event. However, the lack of personnel to manage the land caused the Black Tiger Gang to be in an awkward position.

Other sects would have headaches because their territory was too small that it hindered their development. They have people but not enough land. Meanwhile, the Black Tiger Gang was having the opposite problem. They now have a large territory but they don’t have enough people. In the past, the Black Tiger Gang hated the fact that their territory was small. But now that their territory has expanded, they suddenly felt their forces becoming thin. This caused the high-level figures of the sect to suffer a headache.

Moreover, Tie Zhantian and the others were aware that a year later, the Heavenly Demons would invade. If the Black Tiger Gang’s attention was diverted by constructing infrastructure during that time, then the sect would no doubt suffer heavy losses. If they lacked people who could fight, then it would be impossible for the sect to defend against the Heavenly Demons.


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