BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1779


Chapter 1779 – Alarmed Iron Blade Sect

Wang Yu, the current sect leader of the Iron Blade Sect, was currently sitting in his study with a frown on his face. His sect joined in attacking the Black Tiger Gang. Although the Iron Blade Sect would have a share of the profits, its allocation was paper thin. There’s no other way around this, they were the weakest sect among the five. This made Wang Yu discontented.

The Iron Blade Sect had previous business dealings with the Black Tiger Gang. Therefore, they have some understanding regarding their strength. They know that recently, the development of the Black Tiger Gang has been very rapid. And with the Black Tiger Gang’s years of accumulation, their wealth should have reached an unimaginable number.

Wang Yu knew that if the Iron Blade Sect could obtain the Black Tiger Gang’s riches, then the sect would quickly become one of the strongest sects in the Northern Divergent Province.

However, Wang Yu was also aware that this was just wishful thinking. It was the Myriad Demon Sect who decided the allocation of resources. Wang Yu doesn’t have the courage to object to their arrangement.

At this time, an outer sect disciple suddenly ran over. Out of breath, he reported, “Sect Leader, it’s an emergency. There’s huge trouble!”

Wang Yu knit his brows and said, “Come in. Don’t shout. Look at you.” Wang Yu had a slender and tall body akin to a long blade. His face was gloomy. He gave people the feeling of a bandit.

At this time, a 30-year old cultivator came in. This cultivator looked very strange. He had a big head with an ordinary face. He was currently very pale and his eyes showed a frightened appearance.

Wang Yu looked at this person and asked, “What happened? Tell me.”

The cultivator stopped to catch his breath. Then he looked at Wang Yu and said, “Reporting to the Sect Leader. Several Wandering Soul Group disciples ran over to our territory and got captured. They said, they said…..” The cultivator stuttered at this point. It seems like he couldn’t find words to say.

Wang Yu glared and him and said, “What? What did they say?”

The cultivator looked at Wang Yu and said, “Not long ago, the Black Tiger Gang sent a group headed by Zhao Hai to attack the Wandering Soul Group’s army. Then after that, they attacked the Wandering Soul Group’s headquarters. At that time, Zhao Hai showed strength not weaker than immortal experts. He was able to defeat the immortal experts of the Wandering Soul Group and the Myriad Demons Sect. And after killing the two immortal experts, he proceeded to wipe out the entire sect!”

Boom! Wang Yu felt a thunderclap in his head. It shook both his body and soul. His gaze darkened. Luckily, he didn’t faint.

After some time, Wang Yu shook his head and then looked at the disciple. He stood up and said, “You idiot, do you know what you’re talking about? Are they that powerful? One team can destroy the Wandering Soul Group? If they were that powerful, they would have defeated the Wandering Soul Group a long time ago. They even needed Hu Shan’s help to save their sect back then!”

The cultivator replied, “Sect Leader, I thought the same when I received the information. But as more and more disciples of the Wandering Soul Group arrived, all of them had the same expression and story. I don’t think it’s false information. I already sent people to check the Wandering Soul Group. We will receive information soon.”

Wang Yu’s brows couldn’t help but jump. He looked at the cultivator and said, “Bring those disciples of the Wandering Soul Group over. Also, order the army sent to the Black Tiger Gang to temporarily stop the attack.” The cultivator nodded and then left.

Not long after the cultivators left, several weak cultivators arrived. Seeing these people, Wang Yu understood the cultivator’s thoughts.

All of these people had unusual energy. Wang Yu could feel that they were indeed disciples of the Wandering Soul Group. The cultivation method of the Wandering Soul had a weird effect on the mind. And it was a cultivation method that was unique to them.

The expressions of these people were of despair. It seemed like they had lost all hope and had given up on living. 

Wang Yu looked at these people and couldn’t help but frown. Then he waved his hand and sent balls of spiritual qi into their bodies. Wang Yu thought that they would defend. But to his surprise, these people didn’t respond at all. There was also no change in their expression.

Wang Yu frowned. Then he used a calming technique and eased the nerves of these cultivators. The cultivators shook before their expression lifted a bit. Then they cupped their fist towards Wang Yu and said, “We have seen Senior.”

These cultivators just condensed their dao avatars while Wang Yu was a transcending tribulation expert. It was natural for them to give a salute.

Wang Yu waved his hand and said, “Tell me your identities.”

The group immediately said who they were. These were low-level figures in the Wandering Soul Group. They only escaped the war due to luck. Wang Yu also asked them about the Wandering Soul Group and they truthfully replied.

As he listened to their words, Wang Yu’s expression turned serious. The spirits of these people were obviously stimulated and sometimes their voice would peak. However, their general content could still be understood. And at this point, it has been confirmed that the Wandering Soul Group was finished. The sect has been wiped out. These people saw with their own eyes that the sect leader had been killed by Zhao Hai. 

Wang Yu’s expression turned gray in defeat. He knew that if the Wandering Soul Group was finished, then the Iron Blade Sect would follow soon. The Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t let them off.

At this time, another set of footsteps were heard from outside. A young cultivator ran over carrying a jade sword message. After entering the room, he gave Wang Yu a salute before saying, “Sect leader, a message arrived from the border!”

Wang Yu stared, then his complexion changed as he received the jade sword message. Then when he read the contents, his face paled. Then he immediately ordered, “Sound the alarm! All disciples of the Iron Blade Sect needs return to the headquarters.”

Although the young cultivator was confused, he immediately complied and executed the order. After a while, a melodious bell rang throughout the headquarters of the Iron Blade Sect. The bell sounded far and wide, alarming all of the disciples of the Iron Blade Sect.

This alarm bell wasn’t something that would casually sound out. When the alarm bell was heard, this meant that the sect was in a crisis. Upon hearing the bell, every disciple of the Iron Blade Sect would need to come over in the shortest amount of time. Anyone who violates this summon would be deemed as traitors.

As the bell rang, Wang Yu didn’t relax at all. He looked out nervously. At this moment, another cultivator ran over while holding a jade sword message in his hand. Then he bowed to Wang Yu and said, “Sect Leader, the scout has returned. The Wandering Soul Group has indeed been destroyed!”

Although Wang Yu had long since been convinced that the information was true, his expression still turned black upon hearing this report. He waved his hand weakly as he said, “I see. Send the order to the army attacking the Black Tiger Gang. They need to return to the sect as fast as they can. Disobedience is not permitted!” The cultivator complied and then left.

Wang Yu let out a long breath. He looked at the sky outside his room as he muttered, “Black Tiger Gang, I didn’t expect them to be powerful. It seems like the Myriad Demons Sect would suffer greatly this time.”

At this moment, the mines of the Iron Blade Sect were being attacked. A fleet of 82 large artifacts were currently running through the sect’s territory. All Iron Blade Sect disciples they came upon were killed. All mines and structures in their way were destroyed. 

The speed of the fleet wasn’t fast. However, they didn’t stop at a certain place. They were just passing through the Iron Blade Sect’s territory.

Zhao Hai stood on the bow of the Hell King’s Ship. He looked in the distance and said, “We should be reaching the territory of the Withering Vine Sect. We have to be careful. Did they receive the news?”

Zhang Feng, who stood on his side, nodded and said, “They should be aware. I just heard the Iron Blade Sect’s alarm bell. They should have received the information. They look afraid.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Good. If they’re courageous, there’s no need for them to exist.”

Zhang Feng felt that joining Zhao Hai’s team was very satisfying. It was because they could beat others while the others couldn’t do anything to them. Arrogantly moving around without caring for other people felt very good.

Although they also suffered losses in attacking the Wandering Soul Group, about 20 transcending tribulation experts, the cost they paid equated to the destruction of an entire sect. No matter who looks at it, they made a huge profit. If outsiders knew about their losses in the battle, they would be shocked to death.

Zhang Feng knew why their losses were so few. All of it was because of Zhao Hai. The large artifacts under his control were just too powerful. It completely exceeded their imagination. Facing a fleet of large artifacts controlled by Zhao Hai was a complete nightmare.

Following Zhao Hai to battles wouldn’t give you too many battle achievements. This was because fights that needed to be fought before would be taken care of by Zhao Hai on his own. The large artifacts were just too powerful. You would only be on the sides to watch the fun. And you would only be able to fight when given the opportunity. But at the same time, this meant that not a lot of enemies were a threat to you.

Some people might not like such an arrangement. But Zhang Feng was sure that those people didn’t have the heart of battle. People who love to fight weren’t afraid of staying on the sidelines and watching the others fight. Without a worthy enemy to fight, battles don’t have any meaning. What they looked forward to were good battles, not weak enemies.


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