BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1777


Chapter 1777 – Eliminating the Wandering Soul Group

The Wandering Soul Group’s Immortal expert didn’t really expect that a cultivator casually sent by the Black Tiger Gang would have such formidable strength. He knew a little about Zhao Hai, but the information he got before said that although Zhao Hai was strong, he wasn’t strong to the point that he could kill an Immortal expert. He was just known to be good at manipulating large artifacts. It seems like this wasn’t the case.

Zhao Hai threw himself towards the immortal expert of the Wandering Soul Group. At the same time, he told Zhang Feng and the others to attack. It was also at this moment that the protective shields of the Wandering Soul Group suddenly burst. It seems like some people from the inside have destroyed the formation.

After Zhang Feng and the others received Zhao Hai’s orders, they immediately rushed over. Naturally, the first ones to move were the transcending tribulation experts, then following behind were the large artifacts.

Zhao Hai’s current strength was still a bit behind immortal experts. However, his gap with them wasn’t that big. Now that Zhao Hai has shown his strength, the immortal elder of the Wandering Soul Group naturally has to be careful. Therefore, even with the help of the 12 metal beasts, he was still unable to deal with the immortal elder in a short time.

How this wasn’t important, what’s important was that the attack of Zhang Feng and the others were going very smoothly. Because Zhao Hai was fighting, he wasn’t able to control the large artifacts. Therefore, the task fell into the lap of Laura and the others. And to be honest, Laura and the others were more skilled in controlling large artifacts compared to Zhao Hai.

The morale of the Wandering Soul Group was very low by this point. They saw an immortal expert on their side getting killed by Zhao Hai. Moreover, the immortal expert of their sect was being pushed back. It would be strange if the Wandering Soul Group were still high-spirited.

Zhao Hai didn’t care about what they thought as he increased the speed of his attacks. However, he wasn’t able to use Firegod City because the immortal expert of the Wandering Soul Group was being very cautious, giving Zhao Hai no chance to use Firegod City.

The dao avatar of the Wandering Soul Group’s immortal expert was very unusual. It was surprisingly a simple skeleton. Despite its form, the attack of the skeleton wasn’t weak. Zhao Hai and his 12 metal beasts had fought for so long yet they still weren’t able to make progress.

However, Zhao Hai already had an idea in mind. He slowly lured the Wandering Soul Group’s immortal expert away from the battlefield. When Zhao Hai thought that they had reached a safe place, he attacked his enemy with more intensity. Then with a thought, he summoned Elder Zhu.

An Undead with the strength of the immortal appeared, which stunned the Wandering Soul Group’s immortal expert. Elder Zhu used this opportunity to begin his attack.

The Wandering Soul Group’s immortal elder let out a strange cry as he turned around and defended against Elder Zhu. At this time, Zhao Hai used Firegod City to attack. Even if the Wandering Soul Group’s immortal elder wanted to hide, he wasn’t able to. Before long, the city pounded down on him, causing him to be stunned. Then Elder Zhu used this opportunity to attack.

Elder Zhu became an Undead and his strength has increased. Originally, the Wandering Soul Group’s Immortal Expert was a bit weaker compared to Elder Zhu. And now that he was dazed, it was impossible for him to block Elder Zhu’s attack. He was quickly struck, causing his five organs to burst and causing him to vomit blood.

However, the immortal expert of the Wandering Soul Group was also a ruthless person. Seeing that he wouldn’t be able to escape his predicament, he roared furiously as he utilized all of his strength to charge towards Zhao Hai.

The Wandering Soul Group’s immortal expert has now figured it out. Zhao Hai didn’t bring Elder Zhu back from the brink of death. Instead, Zhao Hai resurrected Elder Zhu into an Undead. He could feel the death qi coming from Elder Zhu. Therefore, as long as Zhao Hai was killed, the Wandering Soul Group would have a chance to survive.

However, as soon as he charged, Zhao Hai immediately knew what he was going to do. Zhao Hai moved and returned to the Space, causing the immortal expert of the Wandering Soul Group to hit the air. Then a sword tip appeared on his chest. The sword was twisted as the immortal elder felt his strength leaving his body.

Zhao Hai waved his hand and sent the dead immortal elder to the Space. Then he received Elder Zhu as well as the 12 metal beasts. When everything was done, he charged towards the battlefield. 

Although Zhang Feng and the others had the upper hand, the people of the Wandering Soul Group were still resisting. They refused to budge. However, the Black Tiger Gang’s fleet was about to eradicate the Wandering Soul Group’s large artifacts.

Zhao Hai knew that the end was coming soon, so he rushed over and raised the dao avatar’s black blade. With Zhao Hai joining the battle, the situation immediately changed. The Wandering Soul Group could no longer hold on.

The people of the Wandering Soul Group saw Zhao Hai leading their Supreme Elder away. And now, Zhao Hai was back while their Supreme Elder was not in sight. What does this mean? These people knew their Supreme Elder had suffered an unfortunate fate.

The morale of the Wandering Soul Group immediately plummeted. At the same time, the offense of the Black Tiger Gang became fiercer. And with Zhao Hai joining in, the Wandering Soul Group began to collapse.

Zhao Hai was much stronger compared to ordinary transcending tribulation stage experts. With him using all of his strength, it was impossible for the people of the Wandering Soul Group to do anything to him. The transcending tribulation experts began falling to Zhao Hai’s blade.

Seeing this, Gu Jianchou knew that the Wandering Soul Group was finished. The Black Tiger Gang didn’t even use their entire strength, but they were able to eliminate the Wandering Soul Group. He didn’t expect this to happen.

At this time, Gui Jianchou’s gaze turned towards another person. This man had a tiger-shaped dao avatar and was currently fighting against an expert of the Black Tiger Gang. Among the numerous dao avatars present, his tiger avatar was quite special. This person was Mister Ma.

Gui Jianchou looked at Ma Yun with rage in his eyes. In his opinion, it was the Myriad Demons Sect’s fault that the Wandering Soul Group has reached this point. If the Myriad Demons Realm hadn’t enticed them to attack the Black Tiger Gang, then they might be able to survive for a much longer time. It was because of Ma Yun that they fell. It was Ma Yun’s fault that the lineage of the Wandering Soul Group was about to be cut off.

Back when Ma Yun arrived at the Wandering Soul Group, he was arrogant and even scolded Gui Jianchou. This caused Gui Jianchou to feel hatred towards him. After forcing his opponent back, Gui Jianchou appeared beside Ma Yun and said, “Mister Ma, let’s rush out together. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to survive today.”

Ma Yun also knew what was going to happen. He didn’t expect Zhao Hai to be so strong. He was worried about his fate. So upon hearing Gui Jianchou, he immediately nodded and said, “Alright, let’s rush out together.” After he said that, he sent a powerful attack towards his opponent. Then he immediately pulled away and escaped.

At this moment, Gui Jianchou sported a ruthless smile. He charged his strength and attacked Ma Yun’s dao avatar. The dao avatar immediately shattered, causing Ma Yun to vomit out blood. Ma Yun was shocked as he looked at Gui Jianchou in disbelief before he shouted, “Gui Jianchou, you dared scheme against me!”

Gui Jianchou smiled and said, “You, if it weren’t for you, the Wandering Soul Group might not have fallen. Our lineage might have survived. In the name of the previous sect leaders, I, Gui Jianchou, will kill you. I will pull you to hell with me!” With a crazy expression, he attacked Ma Yun.

Ma Yun was extremely frightened. He could never imagine Gui Jianchou turning into this. Now, he was seriously injured and could only release his dao avatar one more time. 

The actions of the two caused the people of the Black Tiger Gang to be confused. They don’t know what these people were doing. Only Zhao Hai knew what was going on. He heard the conversation between the two. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but shake his head. A person’s thoughts were indeed very hard to guess. However, he didn’t mind the battle between the two. He just paid attention to them as he attacked the people of the Wandering Soul Group.

By this point, the morale of the Wandering Soul Group has reached rock bottom. They no longer have any hope that their situation would improve. Their supreme elder was killed while their sect leader was attacking someone on their own side. 

The Black Tiger Gang wouldn’t let this opportunity off. They pushed on with their attack. Before long, deserters began to appear among the people of the Wandering Soul Group.

One deserter became two. As more and more people ran away, those who were left began to hesitate fighting. However, these deserters were very weak. This was because the more powerful cultivators were being specifically targeted by the Black Tiger Gang. They wouldn’t be able to escape even if they wanted to.

From this point on, the Wandering Soul Group no longer exists. They would be completely erased from the Great World of Cultivation. Their territory and inheritance would be eaten by the Black Tiger Gang.

At this time, a pitiful yell was heard. Everyone couldn’t help but turn their heads to look. Gui Jianchou has killed Ma Yun. After killing Ma Yun, Gui Jianchou turned his head to the Black Tiger Gang. Then he angrily shouted, “Black Tiger Gang, you have destroyed my Wandering Soul Group’s tens of thousands of years of lineage. Today, I will perish with you all!” After he said that, he threw himself towards a transcending tribulation expert of the Black Tiger Gang. All of his moves were done with an intention of trading his life for another. Feeling Gui Jianchou’s seething killing intent, his opponent couldn’t help but take a step back.

Hearing Gui Jianchou’s roar, the other experts of the Wandering Soul Group became more ferocious. They were all attacking their opponents in a wild manner. This increased the casualties of the Black Tiger Gang.

At this moment, someone’s voice was heard, “So what if we destroy your lineage? Take revenge if you have the strength! Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades, Divine Slash!” Right after this, a black blade light streaked towards Gui Jianchou. The blade light immediately killed Gui Jianchou as well as the future of the Wandering Soul Group!


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