BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1776


Chapter 1776 – Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades

It was very difficult to achieve unity with your dao avatar. Firstly, one’s dao avatar needs to reach the highest level where it could move freely. Moreover, the dao avatar needs to be solid and compatible with the user.

Each of these aspects were hard to accomplish. A lot of people condense a dao avatar without knowing if it was compatible with them. It was only when their dao avatar was condensed would they be able to know if they were compatible with it or not. But by that time, it was already too late.

Naturally, average cultivators wouldn’t find out if their dao avatar was compatible with them or not. Only a true expert would find out.

A lot of people could grow their dao avatar to the metal-stage and have it move freely. However, people could spend their entire lifetimes not knowing if their dao avatars suited them. This became impossible for them to unite with their dao avatars. 

However, Zhao Hai’s dao avatar was actually able to open its eyes. This made everyone understand that he has reached unity with his dao avatar. 

The eyes of the dao avatar looked at the two immortal experts. By this point, the immortal expert of the Wandering Soul Group has been tied down by the 12 metal beasts. Zhao Hai’s attention was now on Elder Zhu.

Looking at Zhao Hai’s dao avatar, Elder Zhu’s expression turned serious. Then he coldly snorted as he disappeared. Then what appeared in his place was a huge wild boar!

This Elder Zhu was actually a Demon Cultivator whose original body was a wild boar! Speaking of Demon Cultivators, they had it very easy when it came to their dao avatars. When they condense their dao avatar, they can use their own bodies. Therefore, the wild boar that Zhao Hai saw right now could be regarded as Elder Zhu’s body. This was a special ability of demon cultivators. This could also be regarded as unity with their dao avatar.

Seeing Elder Zhu’s true body, Zhao Hai said, “A pig? Hahaha. Good, then I’ll be slaughtering a pig today!” After he said that, Zhao Hai moved. Then the black blade behind him was taken out. With the blade in hand, Zhao Hai’s aura immediately changed.

Zhao Hai’s normal aura has been very gentle even when he was being domineering. But with the blade in his hand, his temperament completely changed. Boundless killing intent emanated from his body. Those who were affected by his aura felt that the whole world had turned red. The air around them became heavier and the ground was filled with the smell of blood. The boundless killing intent made both enemy and allies have a hard time breathing.

The usual temperate Zhao Hai was no longer there. He was replaced by a butcher that had killed thousands of people. The black blade seems to be dripping with blood. Everyone who looked at it felt that it was aiming at their throats!

At this moment, Zhao Hai made his move. He took a step forward as he lifted the blade and said, “Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades, Beheading Slash!” The blade released a black blade light that slashed towards Elder Zhu.

Seeing Zhao Hai’s move, Elder Zhu didn’t dare ignore it. His plump body shook as he roared, “Divine Boar’s Charge!” Then he charged towards Zhao Hai’s blade light.

Boom! The two collided. Then successive sounds were heard as the two continued to clash with each other. The clashes of Zhao Hai and Elder Zhu’s attacks sounded like rain with how fast they were doing. Even experts like Zhang Feng and the other transcending tribulation experts were unable to see what was going on since the entire area was filled with blade light.

At this moment, Zhao Hai released one more blade light before he shouted, “Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Sword, Heaven Opening Slash!” Rumbling booms were heard one after another. Then Zhao Hai reappeared not far from the Hell King’s ship. Meanwhile, Elder Zhu was also driven back to the side of the Wandering Soul Group.

However, Zhao Hai’s dao avatar wasn’t doing very well. On its left arm was a huge hole that almost ripped the entire arm off. Fortunately, this was a dao avatar. The wound could be healed with spiritual qi and faith power.

But it could also be understood that since Zhao Hai’s dao avatar was so solid and compatible with him, then his main body would also be injured.

“Hahaha. This is good. This is good!” Holding the black blade on his right hand, Zhao Hai looked at Elder Zhu as he laughed and said, “Worthy of being an Immortal Expert! Powerful, very powerful!”

Elder Zhu’s complexion wasn’t good. Although he wasn’t injured and even has the upper hand, he still didn’t feel good. He sneered at Zhao Hai and said, “Good. Your worthy of being arrogant. This elder underestimated you. If you continue growing, then you’ll definitely become a powerful expert in the Great World of Cultivation. Unfortunately for you, you met this elder today.” As he said that, Elder Zhu charged towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai looked at Elder Zhu and burst out laughing as he said, “I was just using some knife tricks. I didn’t expect you to go all out. Hahaha. Firegod Strike!” The name of the attack was no more than a careless naming of Zhao Hai. He was now aware of his gap with an immortal expert. Although he was still short, the gap wasn’t a lot.

There were multiple reasons for this. First, Zhao Hai’s cultivation method. The Myriad Stellar Transformations Yin-yang art was a heavenly method of cultivation. The method allowed Zhao Hai to have spiritual qi that was ten times as dense as the others. This caused Zhao Hai to have strength that was almost equal to Immortal Experts.

Second, Zhao Hai’s combination of his good and evil nature. This made dao avatar to be very solid and more powerful. This allowed him to fight on almost equal terms with Elder Zhu.

Now, Zhao Hai was planning to go for the kill. Fiergod City flew out of the vermillion bird stamp and smashed towards Elder Zhu.

Elder Zhu’s move was too sudden and fast. Even if he wanted to dodge, it was too late. Firegod City smashed right on top of him. A loud bang was heard as Elder Zhu’s dao avatar was shattered and he was sent straight to the ground.

When Elder Zhu was spotted again, he was seen bleeding from all seven orifices and was seriously injured. The reason Firegod City was able to cause this much damage was because Elder Zhu wasn’t guarded at all. Elder Zhu thought about Zhao Hai’s strength and went straight for the kill. Then all of a sudden he was hit by Firegod City. Because of this, he was severely injured. If he were guarded, then he wouldn’t have been as miserable.

Elder Zhu was severely injured and Zhao Hai wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. The black blade in his hand flashed as he roared, “Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades, Rippling Light Slash!” Along with Zhao Hai’s words, a huge rippling blade light went straight towards Elder Zhu.

At this moment, Elder Zhu who was supposedly severely injured suddenly sped up and appeared behind Zhao Hai.

After pushing himself further, Elder Zhu was in a pitiful state. His expression was vicious as he looked at Zhao Hai and said, “You actually wounded me? A little ant dared to injure me? Unforgivable! Die!” Then he called out, “Divine Boar Fang!” A huge wild boar with two long sharp fangs appeared. The fangs looked like swords stabbing towards Zhao Hai.

Zhao Hai sneered and said, “Firegod Strike!” 

Hearing this sound, Elder Zhu became smart as he roared, “Divine Boar Roll!” Then his body rolled to the side. But he didn’t see the sly expression on Zhao Hai’s eyes.

When Elder Zhu rolled to the side, he suddenly saw a huge city crashing down on him. Boom! A loud sound was heard as Elder Zhu’s dao avatar was broken once more. He vomited blood as his head turned dizzy.

 At this moment, Elder Zhu felt a cool sensation on his neck. Then he felt his entire world spin before he lost all of his strength and his world turned dark.

In the eyes of other people, Zhao Hai released a city-like artifact and smashed it towards Elder Zhu’s body. Elder Zhu’s dao avatar was then broken as he vomited blood and fell to the ground. The next moment, Zhao Hai appeared with his real body. Then he chopped off Elder Zhu’s head with his black blade.

With Elder Zhu’s head chopped off, he was naturally dead. Then his body began to increase in size and became a golden-furred wild boar. Zhao Hai didn’t hesitate and received Elder Zhu’s body. Then he moved and threw himself towards the Wandering Soul Group’s Immortal expert.

It must be said that the Wandering Soul Group’s immortal expert wasn’t having a great time. As soon as he came out, he wasn’t even given a chance to speak as the 12 metal beasts charged towards him. These metal beasts were being controlled by Hu Shan. Although Hu Shan had inferior strength, the 12 metal beasts were created through liquid silver, so they didn’t suffer any damages. Because of this, the Wandering Soul Group’s immortal expert wasn’t able to help Elder Zhu. 

Now, after dealing with Elder Zhu, Zhao Hai was coming over for the kill. The Wandering Soul Group’s immortal expert couldn’t help but complain about his bad luck.


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