BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1775


Chapter 1775 – Overbearingly Arrogant

The Gang Leader of the Wandering Soul Group named Gui Jianchou was currently sitting in his study with a stern expression. Opposite him were the Wandering Soul Group’s high-level characters as well as core disciples.

Gui Jianchou looked at the people in front of him and said, “Everyone, tell me, the Black Tiger Gang’s fleet is going to arrive here soon. How should we react?” At the same time, Gui Jianchou looked at a person sitting not far away at the side. It was a cultivator wearing dark blue clothing. This cultivator looked over 30 years old, and was quite dashing. Moreover, from his bearing, he was clearly not from the Wandering Soul Group.

The people from the Wandering Soul Group didn’t say anything. Gui Jianchou looked at the cultivator in dark blue clothing and said, “Mister Ma, may I know what your respected opinion on this is?”

‘Mister Ma’s half-closed eyes opened and glanced at Gui Jianchou for a moment as though he wasn’t paying him any attention. Then he said, “Gang Leader Gui doesn’t need to worry. I have already invited an immortal expert from the sect. I believe he is on his way. In addition to the immortal expert of the wandering soul group, there’s two immortal experts that will take action to destroy the Black Tiger Gang. The fleet isn’t a problem at all. Once the fleet is destroyed, the strength of the Black Tiger Gang would be greatly damaged. Then it would be easier for us to attack the Black Tiger Gang.”

Gui Jianchou looked at Mister Ma and he couldn’t help but knit his brows. This wasn’t because he despises Mister Ma, but because there’s another thing in his mind. He looked at Mister Ma and said, “Mister Ma, you should have already seen it. The Black Tiger Gang used all of its strength to attack us. This caused the Wandering Soul Group to suffer heavy losses. If we destroy the Black Tiger Gang, can our sect get some reparations? This way, my Wandering Soul Group would be able to recover.”

This was already as polite as Gui Jianchou could. After all, he was a sect leader. If he becomes more submissive towards Mister Ma, then he would no longer have any face.

However, Gui Jianchou didn’t think that Mister Ma would ignore his question. Mister Ma coldly snorted and said, “Gui Jianchou, the allocations are determined by the sect. Not anyone can change it. You say the Black Tiger Gang attacked you? Then why didn’t they attack the other sects? Isn’t it because you have a grudge with them? They’re just taking their revenge.”

Gui Jianchou’s complexion paled, but he didn’t dare say anything. Mister Ma is also a transcending tribulation expert. Although Gui Jianchou was on the same level, he was a sect master. Nobody dared speak to him like this. However, Gui Jianchou couldn’t say anything.

Gui Jianchou wasn’t afraid of Mister Ma. If the two of them fought, then Mister Ma would be the one who would die. What Gui Jianchou was afraid of was Mister Ma’s background. Behind Mister Ma was the top sect of the Northern Divergent Province, the Myriad Demons Sect. Not to mention the entire Myriad Demons Sect, the Wandering Soul Group couldn’t even defeat the troops of a core disciple of the Myriad Demon Sect who has opened his own mountain base.

Gui Jianchou slowly closed his eyes to calm himself down. Then he said, “Alright. I apologize for my careless remark, Mister Ma.” Then he turned to the others and said, “Send an order to prepare our strength. We’ll make sure that none of the attackers from the Black Tiger Gang survive!” The people of the Wandering Soul Group nodded and then left. But at the same time, they had a humiliated look in their eyes.

Seeing the expressions on Gu Jianchou and the others’ faces, Mister Ma’s face couldn’t help but show a proud expression. He liked this feeling. Seeing these sect-leader level figures being unable to say anything under his scolding, he felt very happy.

At this time, a very powerful aura suddenly came down on the Wandering Soul Group. Gui Jianchou was stunned for a moment, but Mister Ma stood up first and said, “Sect Leader Gui, follow me. We’re greeting the elder together.”

Gui Jianchou immediately understood that a Supreme Elder from the Myriad Demons Sect had arrived. He immediately nodded and said, “Yes, Mister Ma, please.” Mister Ma nodded and then walked out. He didn’t care who was the guest or who was the host.

The two quickly arrived at the transmission formation plaza of the Wandering Soul Group. Standing on the plaza was a fat man. The man was fat to the point where his neck could no longer be seen. It might even be hard for him to look down. And even if could lower his head, he would not be able to see his feet. His body was practically a sphere. 

However, nobody from the Wandering Soul Group dared to laugh at this person. This was because the fat man had an aura that soared to the heavens. 

Once a cultivator reaches the core formation stage, they would be able to change their appearance. Therefore, it was very rare to see a fat cultivator. However, this powerful expert had a fat body, which was quite strange.

However, Mister Ma didn’t feel anything wrong. He quickly bowed towards the Fatty and said, “Ma Yun has seen Elder Zhu. I didn’t expect the elder to come here in person. Elder, please take a rest. We already have a place ready for you.”

The fat man whose eyes could no longer be seen didn’t have the bubbly and honest look of a fat person. Instead, his expression was cold and sullen. Hearing Ma Yun, he scoffed and walked forward. Ma Yun obediently followed and showed the fat man the way. From the beginning to the end, the fat man didn’t look at Gui Jianchou. Gui Jianchou wasn’t even given the chance to speak.

Despite this, Gui Jianchou didn’t dare to leave. This was because the fat man was a Supreme Elder of the Myriad Demons Sect, an immortal-stage expert.

At this time, alarms began blaring in the Wandering Soul Group. Gui Jianchou stared for a moment and immediately understood what was happening. The fleet of the Black Tiger Gang has arrived.

Gui Jianchou’s complexion changed as he muttered, “I didn’t think they would arrive this quickly.”

Elder Zhu and Ma Yun also stopped. Elder Zhu coldly snorted and said, “They arrived as soon as I arrived. That’s good. This way, I’ll be able to go back to the sect sooner.” After he said that, he disappeared from where he was standing.

At the same time, the guarding formation of the Wandering Soul Group was activated. The large artifacts of the sect also flew up along with all of the sect’s troops.

Zhao Hai looked at the army of the Wandering Soul Group while on top of the Hell King’s Ship. There were two people among them that attracted Zhao Hai’s notice. One of them was a very fat person while the other was a thin man that looked like a dry corpse.

Zhao Hai’s attention was taken by these two people because they were emitting the aura of the immortal-stage. Zhao Hai fought with an immortal expert before, so he was already sensitive to their aura.

Once the two immortal experts appeared, Zhao Hai took out his jade card and said, “Attention everyone. Two immortal experts have been spotted. Please do not act rashly unless given the order.”

As he said that, the Hell King’s Ship flew forward and distanced itself from the fleet. Zhao Hai looked at the fat and thin persons and said, “I didn’t expect the Wandering Soul Group to have two immortal experts. It seems like our information was wrong.”

Zhao Hai’s words caused the expressions of the fat and the thin man to change. Firstly, this was because they discovered that the other party doesn’t have any respectful tone towards immortal experts. It seems like he wasn’t afraid of them. Secondly, because the other party immediately said that the two were from the Wandering Soul Group. Even if something happens in the future, people would only say that the two were members of the Wandering Soul Group. Nobody would say that one of them was someone from the Myriad Demons Sect.

But thinking about it, the two immortal experts felt that Zhao Hai’s words were beneficial towards them. One of them was from the Wandering Soul Group while the other was from the Myriad Demons Sect. However, the Myriad Demons Sect doesn’t want others to know that they were involved in this matter. Now that the other party has assumed their identity, there’s no need to worry about others looking for them in the future.

Thinking of this, Elder Zhu couldn’t help but smile. He looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Good, young man. You’re interesting. Tell me your name. I want to know who has the courage to be impolite towards me.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Zhao Hai from the Black Tiger Gang. I have seen the two elders. Forgive me for being impolite, but the Wandering Soul Group has been an annoyance to my sect. I came here today to erase the sect from the entire Great World of Cultivation. The two elders have lived for a very long time. I think it’s time for you to accompany your relatives. Naturally, I hope that you no longer have any relatives left. Otherwise, they would suffer a painful death.”

Domineering! Although Zhao Hai said this with a smile on his face, those who heard his words could feel his killing intent. Everyone stared at Zhao Hai. They didn’t expect him to say such a thing.

It must be known that Zhao Hai was facing two immortal experts. These weren’t spirit forming cultivators, but immortal experts. What status do immortal experts hold? Just the words of one could cause the entire Great World of Cultivation to shake. Now, Zhao Hai dared to say such words towards two immortal experts. Was he crazy?

Elder Zhu and the Wandering Soul Group’s immortal expert were also stunned by Zhao Hai’s words. It took a while for them to recover. Elder Zhu couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Hahaha. Interesting. I forgot how many years it has been since someone said such things to me. I didn’t expect a little kid to tell me that I would die. Funny, too funny!”

Zhao Hai looked at the two, then turned his head to the Wandering Soul Group’s cultivators before shaking his head as he sighed and said, “Originally, the Wandering Soul Group doesn’t have to perish. In the past, you were able to walk vertically and horizontally in the Great World of Cultivation. But now you have been forced to this place. You should have just continued to pass down your inheritance. But you have offended my Black Tiger Gang. Therefore, I could only cut down your path and end your lineage. Rest assured, when I return, I will tell the Gang Leader to allow some of our disciples to practice the methods of the Wandering Soul Group. This way, your inheritance wouldn’t end. You don’t have to be grateful towards me. I will turn all of you into Undead so that you can see your future with your own eyes.”

Too arrogant! Gu Jianchou hasn’t seen anyone so arrogant before! He heard of Zhao Hai’s name, but he didn’t take him too seriously. Firstly, Zhao Hai’s status and background was too low. And secondly, because Zhao Hai was just at the nascent soul stage at that time. People like him don’t deserve attention.

Although Zhao Hai was now a transcending tribulation expert, people of his stage weren’t rare either. Therefore, Gu Jianchou chose to ignore him.

But seeing Zhao Hai today and hearing his words, Gu Jianchou thought that he was a lunatic. His brain has definitely been damaged! However, Gu Jianchou still retorted, “Kid, you talk big. You’re dreaming if you think you can eliminate the Wandering Soul Group!”

Zhao Hai looked at Gui Jianchou, then he looked at the two Immortal Experts before cupping his fists and saying, “Seniors, it’s already late. I’ll start off with you.” After he said that, Zhao Hai waved his hand and took the 12 metal beasts out which charged towards the immortal expert of the Wandering Soul Group. At the same time, Zhao Hai flew out of the Hell King’s Ship and released his dao avatar.

Zhao Hai’s dao avatar was now in his own image. However, this dao avatar was smaller than other dao avatars. It was about half as tall as normal dao avatars. But instead, it was more solid, it looked like an enlarged version of Zhao Hai.

When Zhao Hai’s dao avatar appeared, its eyes were half-closed. But before long, it opened its eyes. This caused those who looked at it to feel strange. They felt that they weren’t looking at the dao avatar’s eyes, but Zhao Hai’s eyes instead.

Did Zhao Hai reach the immortal stage? That’s impossible!