BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1774


Chapter 1774 – Wild Charge

Zhao Hai stood on the Hell King’s Ship with a calm expression. Next to the Hell King’s Ship were 20 flying iron centipedes, 20 black tiger ships, 20 giant spirit treasure ships, 20 ghost-face ships, and Zhang Feng’s treasure ship. Altogether, there were 82 large artifacts.

Each large artifact had two or more transcending tribulation experts inside. They weren’t there to command the large artifacts, but to fight other transcending tribulation experts instead. Normally they would just stay inside the large artifacts while the Undead control it under Zhao Hai’s command.

This army wasn’t weak at all. Tie Zhantian decided to put in capital to this attack force. He really wanted to hurt the Wandering Soul Group.

As they were flying, Zhao Hai took out a jade card and said, “Attention all ships, attention all ships. We will enter the battlefield in an hour. Once we enter, there’s no need to say anything, we’ll attack immediately!”

The jade card that Zhao Hai took out was a type of messaging token. It was like a walkie-talkie from Earth, but better. All of the transcending tribulation experts have the same jade card, Zhang Feng as well.

Everyone affirmed using their own jade cards. Zhao Hai put the jade card down and resumed looking in front of him. To be honest, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about this operation. The rifles of the Undead were now upgraded. If several rifles fired at the same time, even a cultivator at the Core Formation stage would immediately die.

The power of the cannons were even bigger. Each shot could wound a Nascent Soul Expert. Therefore, Zhao Hai’s current firepower was nothing to scoff at.

However, besides the Hell King’s Ship, the other large artifacts weren’t made from liquid silver. Therefore, they cannot use the cannons. However, each Undead have their own rifles. The collective power of the Undead wasn’t weak at all.

Destroying countries and exterminating races was something that Zhao Hai does a lot. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t anxious at all. This would just be one of the many battles he would have in his life.

One hour quickly passed by and Zhao Hai could already see the camp of the Wandering Soul Group. It might be called camp, but it was actually a number of caves built into a mountain. Zhao Hai calculated that the Wandering Soul Group only brought 60 large artifacts.

The Wandering Soul Group’s camp was currently in high action. Large numbers of cultivators flew out of the caves and into the large artifacts. Naturally, they also discovered Zhao Hai’s approach.

Zhao Hai didn’t stop. Instead, the fleet increased its speed. At the same time, the altitude of the fleet lowered. It seems like they were planning to crash into the mountain.

Zhang Feng and the others were now standing on the bow of the ships. But upon seeing the crazed charge of the fleet, they couldn’t help but pale.

The people from the Wandering Soul Group also discovered that something was wrong. Some of the ghost-face ships were still flying up while the rest were just flying in the air. Seeing the wild charge of the Black Tiger Gang, a lot of people immediately abandoned their ships. The other ships also got out of the way.

Zhao Hai didn’t hold back and continued the charge. By this point, the fleet was flying at a constant altitude. Their targets were the ghost-face ships.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Loud explosions were heard one after another. Almost all of the Wandering Soul Group’s ghost-face ships had been knocked back and then lost their ability to fly.

Meanwhile, Zhao Hai’s fleets suffered no losses. The fleet charged once more, this time their targets were the cultivators of the Wandering Soul Group. The enemy also began sending their transcending tribulation experts. It was clear that they wanted to deal with the large artifacts. As long as Zhao Hai’s fleet was stopped, the Wandering Soul Group would have a chance.

Just as the transcending tribulation experts approached the fleet, the transcending tribulation experts of the Black Tiger Gang also moved. Meanwhile, the large artifaces turned in a circle and charged towards the nascent soul and core formation cultivators.

There were around 100 transcending tribulation experts from the Wandering Soul Group. However, it was a small number compared to the experts that the Black Tiger Gang brought. Therefore, Zhao Hai wasn’t worried about the Black Tiger Gang suffering a loss. 

Normally, when large artifacts circle around to attack people, the effect wouldn’t be good. Large artifacts were too big. Cultivators could just dodge to the side.

But this time, it was different. After destroying the other party’s ghost-face ships, Zhao Hai immediately controlled the large artifacts to form a cube formation to surround the cultivators of the Wandering Soul Group.

Before long, the fleet began harvesting the lives of the Wandering Soul Group cultivators. That’s correct, harvesting lives. In staggered lines, the large artifacts began charging forward. They were slashing through the enemies like sharp knives. 

This was the first time that large artifacts were used this way in the Great World of Cultivation. It wasn’t like nobody thought of this, they just couldn’t execute it. Nobody can command this many large artifacts like Zhao Hai and his Undead. If others wanted to use this method, then the final result would be large artifacts crashing into each other. At least half of the large artifacts would be lost.

In Zhao Hai’s hands, the large artifacts were like sickles that harvested the lives of his enemies. The experts of the Wandering Soul Group initially wanted to fight back against the Black Tiger Gang. However, they discovered that they had entered a huge meat grinder that was very difficult to get out of.

The reason the cultivators of the Wandering Soul Group still wanted to fight despite losing their large artifacts was because of their feeling of superiority. In their opinion the Black Tiger Gang were poor peasants that were supported by a strong elder. They weren’t opponents of the Wandering Soul Group. Now these poor peasants dared to attack the Wandering Soul Group and destroyed their large artifacts.

The other reason why they still fought was the rules of the sect. The rules of the Wandering Soul Group were very strict. If you go to war and lose, then you would be severely punished. Since they don’t want to be punished by the sect, the cultivators of the Wandering Soul Group continued to fight.

However, these cultivators never expected to meet an abnormal enemy like Zhao Hai. Under his control, the large artifacts were very flexible. If they retreated once their large artifacts were destroyed, then they might have a chance to survive. But now, they had lost this opportunity.

Zhao Hai wasn’t polite towards the Wandering Soul Group. And every cultivator that was killed were turned into Undead. This also doubles as a distraction towards the Wandering Soul Group’s transcending tribulation experts.

The battle between the transcending tribulation experts was also leaning towards the Black Tiger Gang’s favor. However, none of the Wandering Soul Group’s transcending tribulations experts came over to him, much to the disappointment of Zhao Hai.

Before long, the battle was finished. The Wandering Soul Group didn’t expect the Black Tiger Gang to attack. Just like what Zhao Hai and the others thought, they were here under the orders of the Myriad Demons Sect.

Because of the Myriad Demons Sect, the five sects sent troops in order to attack the Black Tiger Gang. The Wandering Soul Group was more than happy to participate because they had a previous grudge with the Black Tiger Gang. They could also see that the Black Tiger Gang was getting more and more powerful. When an opportunity presented itself, the Wandering Soul Group immediately took it.

However, the Wandering Soul Group never thought that they would be attacked instead. This was because the five sects were stationed on the border of the Black Tiger Gang. If the Black Tiger Gang attacked ahead of time, then the other four wouldn’t let go of the opportunity and attack the Black Tiger Gang. When the time comes, the Black Tiger Gang would be finished.

In their opinion, the Black Tiger Gang would certainly hunker down and defend their headquarters. They would also send their talents outside to save the sect’s inheritance. 

But now, it is clear that the Black Tiger Gang has no intentions of following the script. They were going to defeat the five sects one by one. Because of the underground base that Zhao Hai created, the Black Tiger Gang became more confident. They believed that with the underground base, they would be able to defeat these five sects.

About 30 transcending tribulation experts from the Wandering Soul Group were able to escape, but most of them were injured. As for the nascent soul experts, Zhao HAi and the others didn’t count them. But it can be said that six or seven out of ten of the nascent soul experts had fallen in battle.

Zhao Hai and the others didn’t stop. After recalling all of the transcending tribulation experts into the large artifact, the fleet began to fly towards the headquarters of the Wandering Soul Group. They weren’t only planning to deal with the Wandering Soul Group’s army, they wanted to wipe out the entire sect.

Naturally, this action cannot be hidden from the Wandering Soul Group. After receiving the news, the Wandering Soul Group immediately began to move.


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