BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1772


Chapter 1772 – Giant Base

Tie Zhantian was pale as he sat inside his study, The expressions of Hu Liangchen and the others weren’t attractive as well. They just received information that the surrounding sects have built up an army in the Black Tiger Gang’s borders. It was possible that they would attack at any time. Among these sects was the Wandering Soul Group.

There were five sects involved in this operation. Although these sects wouldn’t show all of their strength, their collective army would still pose a great threat to the Black Tiger Gang.

So why did these five sects unite against the Black Tiger Gang? If the idea came from the five sects themselves, then nobody would believe it. The five sects should have someone behind them. And Tie Zhantian didn’t need to guess who it was, it was certainly the Myriad Demons Sect.

The Myriad Demons Sect has continually suppressed the Black Tiger Gang. However, they had yet to cause substantial damage to the sect. It’s possible that the Myriad Demons Sect became annoyed by this. Therefore, they decided to push harder and supported the five sects to attack the Black Tiger Gang.

Tie Zhantian looked at Hu Liangchen and said, “Do you know when they will attack? How many people do they have?”

Hu Liangchen sighed and said, “Their army is twice as large as ours. Moreover, there may be one or two Immortal Experts  involved. I’m afraid the Black Tiger Gang is in deep trouble.”

Tie Zhantian coldly snorted and said, “Transmit orders. Have the entire sect mobilize. If they want to eat up our Black Tiger Gang, then we’ll make sure that they shatter their teeth while doing it!”

At this time, someone’s voice was heard, “Gang Leader, there’s no need to lose your temper. I have good news!”

Tie Zhantian and the others turned around and saw Zhao Hai. They didn’t know when he arrived inside the study.

Seeing Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian couldn’t help but stand up as he said, “Little Hai, you’re here. How is the base?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I was just about to report to you. The base has been completed. Even if we move the entire sect, there won’t be any problems. And not to mention the five sects, even if the Myriad Demons Sect leads the entire Northern Divergent Province to attack us, they still wouldn’t be able to capture our base.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian and the others couldn’t help but breathe in the cold air. Zhao Hai’s claims were very big. They simply couldn’t believe him.

Zhao Hai looked at Tie Zhantian and the others and said, “The Gang Leader doesn’t need to worry. Although Wandering Soul Group and the others have assembled their forces, they wouldn’t attack within ten days. They’re waiting for an order to attack. Ten days should be enough for us to move everyone to the base. I’ll have to ask everyone to make the move.”

Hearing Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian couldn’t help but nod. Then he said, “Alright, we’ll listen to you. Let’s take a look at the base first. Did you set up transmission formations?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “There’s no need. We can use large artifacts.”

Upon hearing this, Tie Zhantian and the others stared. Tie Zhantian immediately asked, “Little Hai, tell me, did you make entry points for large artifacts in the base?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “I did. Gang Leader, let’s go. I’ll explain to you as we head there.” Tie Zhantian took a deep breath. Then he nodded and said, “Let’s go. I want to see what kind of base you managed to make.”

Others also stood up and followed Tie Zhantian outside. Tie Zhantian looked at Zhang Feng and said, “Little Feng, we’ll be using your large artifact. We can see outside better using your treasure ship.”

Zhang Feng nodded. Then he released his treasure ship before turning to Zhao Hai and saying, “Little Hai, you made this treasure ship for me. If it doesn’t fit your base, then you’re going to lose face.”

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “Senior Brother, you don’t have to worry about that.” Zhang Feng nodded. Tie Zhantian and the others proceeded to enter the treasure ship. Under Zhao Hai’s instruction, the group flew towards the Inferno Valley.

Those in the treasure ship have lived in the territory of the Black Tiger Gang for all their lives. They knew every inch of the Black Tiger Gang. And since Zhao Hai wanted to build a base on the valley, they naturally knew where it was.

However, just as the treasure ship passed the group of extinct volcanoes, Zhao Hai suddenly turned to Zhang Feng and said, “Senior Brother, have the treasure ship enter a crater. You can choose whichever one.”

Upon hearing Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng couldn’t help but stare. Then he nodded and ordered the ship to fly above a crater. Then it slowly descended.

Not long after the treasure ship entered the crater, Zhang Feng and the others were stunned. This was because an unbelievable scene appeared before them. They descended onto a huge space. Inside the huge space were multiple large artifacts. Some of the large artifacts were in the shape of a boat, some were tiger-shaped, and there were some they hadn’t seen before, like a huge centipede. These large artifacts were just parked there.

A faint white light flickered on the surrounding walls of the huge space. There was also a source of soft light on top, providing light to the underground space.

The large artifacts were parked in batches of a hundred. And there were more than one batch of large artifacts. Zhang Feng and the others calculated that there were nearly a thousand large artifacts in this space.

Now that the treasure ship has stopped, Tie Zhantian and the others took the time to look around. Zhao Hai looked at Tie Zhantian and the others and then smiled faintly as he said, “This is where our large artifacts will be parked when not in use. The entire lot is divided into three floors. We’re currently on the first floor and there are still two below. However, there are no large artifacts on those lots. They’re both empty.”

Tie Zhantian recovered. After looking at the huge space, he looked at Zhao Hai. Then with a trembling voice, he asked, “Little Hai, all of these belong to the Black Tiger Gang?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “They all belong to the Black Tiger Gang. Because I don’t have enough time, I can only make these. Give me time and we’ll have more.”

Tie Zhantian laughed and said, “No need, no need. We already have more than enough. Hahaha. Good. With these large artifacts, even our grandsons wouldn’t lack supplies.”

Zhao Hai smiled and said, “Gang Leader, let’s go look inside.”

With an excited tone, Tie Zhantian said, “Good. Let’s take a look. I’m looking forward to what we’ll see.”

Zhang Feng smiled and said, “I’m now in anticipation of what’s ahead. This is just a place to park large artifacts, yet it was already very big. I really don’t know how large the base really is.”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “You’ll see soon.” After that, under Zhao Hai’s guidance, the treasure ship flew into the base. There were as many 38 lanes branching out of the parking lot. 

There were also holes along the roads. These were passages to go to the upper and lower floors of the base.

The more Zhao Hai explained, the more excited Tie Zhantian and the others became. Tie Zhantian and the others were finally aware of the size of the base. What’s more formidable were the defenses of the base. The base could also attack. The base was centered on the Inferno Valley. It had practically hollowed out the underground of the valley.

The entire base was divided into nine layers with each layer having their own specialty. The original refining base has now become a small part of the new base. The base also has medicine fields as well as cave residences that people could occupy. There’s also martial arenas, pill making rooms, storehouses, a scripture pavilion, and many others. It can be said that it has all the needed facilities. If the entire Black Tiger Gang moves in, it could immediately resume all of its functions.

Tie Zhantian and the others were now numb from the shock. Their eyes remained the same as they inspected the base. The entire base was just too shocking.

It took several hours before Zhao Hai was able to show everyone the entire underground base. By the end, they passed through a transmission formation and entered the space below the magma.

The subspace has now become a secret base of the Black Tiger Gang. There were also a lot of materials inside it. Zhao Hai built a small building in the subspace. The building could accommodate a hundred people at most. Naturally, this isn’t a place for people to live in. It was the central control room of the entire underground base.

Zhao Hai placed a lot of machines inside the control room. These were machines that the Space created using high-level materials as well as formations. These machines had the function of acting as a high-powered computer for the base.

Zhao Hai explained the usage of the machine to Tie Zhantian and the others. Once he made sure that Tie Zhantian and the others understood, he asked everyone to sit down.

After Tie Zhantian and the others sat down, none of them talked for some time. They closed their eyes to digest the influx of information that they just received.

Soon after, Tie Zhantian let out a long breath as he slowly opened his eyes. His look was somewhat blurred. Then he turned to Zhao Hai who was drinking spirit wine on the side. His eyes cleared up as he laughed and said, “Little Hai, pour me a cup! I’m going to drink!” Tie Zhantian’s loud roar cleared the minds of everyone.

Then they all looked at Zhao Hai in surprise. It must be said that Zhao Hai did a stellar job. Zhao Hai smiled faintly as he took out several jars of spirit wine as well as some wine glasses. 

Tie Zhantian took his glass as he looked at the others and said, “Everyone, Little Hai has completed the base. It must be said, this is the most magnificent base I have ever seen. Let’s drink to it!” Everyone raised their glasses and shouted, “For the base!”

Tie Zhantian and the others drank their wine. Then Tie Zhantian looked at Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, I really want to know how you managed to finish such a huge project. Moreover, from what I can see, the base can isolate spiritual force. I’m afraid even Immortal Experts wouldn’t be able to see through the base. How did you manage to obtain so many precious materials?”

It wasn’t only Tie Zhantian who wanted to know. Everyone also looked at Zhao Hai for answers. 

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Of course, it’s impossible for me to complete it on my own. But fortunately, I’m a dark mage. I have countless Undead that can help me with the labor. Moreover, I was able to tame some beasts that have some unique properties. With the help of the Undead and the beasts, I was able to complete the base.”

Tie Zhantian looked at Zhao Hai and asked, “How many Undead do you have?” Everyone also wanted to know the answer to this question. They had seen Zhao Hai release a hundred thousand Undead before. They were curious just how many Undead Zhao Hai really have.

Zhao Hai shook his head and said, “Even if you ask me, I don’t know. I lost count a long time ago. But from my estimations, I should have about 1 billion Undead.” Actually, this estimate was very modest. The Undead population inside the Space wasn’t just 1 billion. An almost accurate estimate should be 100 billion.

However, upon hearing this number, Tie Zhantian and the others couldn’t help but breathe in cold air. Tie Zhantian asked, “One billion? How did you get 1 billion Undead? Don’t tell me you killed a billion people and turned them into Undead?”

Zhao Hai smiled faintly and said, “Of course not. I came from a lower realm. Back there, there’s a battlefield where tens of thousands of people die on a regular basis. I went around the battlefield and collected corpses to turn into undead. Only a small part of the billion was killed by myself.”

As soon as they heard Zhao Hai, Tie Zhantian and the others relaxed. It was a terrifying thought if Zhao Hai really killed 1 billion people. 

At this time, Zhang Feng opened his mouth and asked, “So, Little Hai, how many people did you kill with your own hands?”

Zhao Hai looked at Zhao Hai, then he smiled faintly and said, “One hundred million.”

Boom! Zhao Hai’s words were like a thunderclap in the minds of everyone present. All of those present had spilled blood during their path of cultivation. However, none of them could compare to Zhao Hai’s kill count. If their kills were placed side by side, they would look like merciful monks that prayed every day. In an instant, the way everyone looked at Zhao Hai changed.


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