BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1768


Chapter 1768 – Mastery

Any large sect wanted to get their hands on a magic treasure. Because once they have one, nobody would be their opponent in the Heavenly Demon Realm. And the day where they dominate the entire realm wouldn’t be far. But at the same time, these large sects were having a headache, they couldn’t find Zhao Hai at all! They don’t know where Zhao Hai was hiding. So even if they were eager, they couldn’t deal with Zhao Hai.

By this point, the people of the Heavenly Demon Realm suspected that Zhao Hai was a spatial ability user. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to appear and disappear without leaving any traces. 

The large sects were also convinced by this suspicion. But at the same time, the large sects were having a hard time. Zhao Hai was a spatial ability user with the ability to block attacks from an Immortal Expert. How could they deal with this person? Only once they get an accurate grasp of his trail would they be able to kill him. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

However, getting the traces of a spatial ability user was extremely difficult. In addition, Zhao Hai wasn’t in a fixed location. Nobody knew where his next target was. 

Zhao Hai was currently inside the Space as he was looking at the actions of the sects in the Heavenly Demon Realm. He knew that he had truly annoyed them this time. He plans to relax for some time inside the Space. At the same time, he would research Firegod City.

Zhao Hai didn’t know that it was precisely because of his actions that he escaped the pursuit of the experts of the Heavenly Demon Realm. Although the Heavenly Demons were unable to find Zhao Hai, after repeated deliberation, they came to a conclusion that Zhao Hai hasn’t left the area of the Cloud Demon Sect. Therefore, the Heavenly Demons sent their experts to the Cloud Demon Sect’s region and conducted a search for Zhao Hai. Once they found Zhao Hai, they naturally wouldn’t be polite.

Moreover, none of the experts came by transmission formations, nor did they coordinate with the other sects. All of them communicated to their own sects through message bats.

Because of this, Zhao Hai has no clear idea about how many experts were currently en route towards the Cloud Demon Sect. Moreover, he didn’t know how many Immortal Experts there were.

And just like what the sects guessed, although Zhao Hai already mapped a lot of places in the Heavenly Demon Realm, he would still appear in the Cloud Demon Sect’s region. He was most familiar with this area. But if he did appear, then he would definitely be discovered.

Unfortunately for the Heavenly Demons, Zhao Hai decided to hide in the Space. He was studying the Firegod City as well as his own dao avatar.

Zhao Hai already felt that his dao avatar has changed a lot due to the unity of his good and evil sides. Some of the moves of the original dao avatar were no longer suitable for the new dao avatar. Both Buddhist Techniques and Demonic Techniques were no longer efficient. Now, Zhao Hai was wondering what techniques would be compatible for him.

Zhao Hai wanted to integrate all of the techniques he knew. This way, his strength would be consolidated.

It has now been four months since Zhao Hai entered the Great World of Cultivation. In seven months he would be returning. And before he returns, he needs to increase his strength.

Don’t forget, Zhao Hai still has enemies in the Great World of Cultivation, especially the Myriad Demons Sect. They now had their eyes on the Black Tiger Gang. If the Myriad Demons Sect decides to deal with the Black Tiger Gang, then Zhao Hai wouldn’t just stand on the sidelines and watch. When the time comes, he would have to face the experts of the Myriad Demons Sect. However, the Myriad Demons Sect have been the kings of the Northern Divergent Province for many years. It was still unknown how many experts on Hu Shan’s level they have. Therefore, Zhao Hai wants to increase his strength as much as possible to guarantee the survival of the Black Tiger Gang.

Naturally, Zhao Hai doesn’t only need to guarantee the Black Tiger Gang’s survival. He also needs to consider its future expansion. The suppression of the Myriad Demons Sect could be considered an opportunity. If the Black Tiger Gang was able to grow despite the suppression of the Myriad Demons Sect, then they wouldn’t be afraid of anyone in the future.

Therefore, Zhao Hai needed to increase his own strength. He discovered that his combat methods were all over the place. He has close-combat techniques, long-range techniques, and formations. He would just use whichever was appropriate to his current situation. He needs a system to use these methods together.

Zhao Hai wanted to use this period of time to consolidate his fighting methods and make a system to use it. With the power of the universal scanner and the Space, Zhao Hai would design an attacking technique that was most suitable for him. Long-range, close-range, he needs a set of fighting techniques to maximize the usage of his strength.

This wasn’t easy. This was equal to creating his own technique. Moreover, Zhao Hai’s cultivation was mixed. Creating a set of techniques for his special cultivation wasn’t simple.

However, Zhao Hai decided to push through it. In his opinion, this was the most urgent matter that needed to be dealt with.

For Zhao Hai, whatever happens in the Heavenly Demon Realm wasn’t important. He was going to wait until he could leave the Heavenly Demon Realm. He was preparing for what would happen once he returned. Other things weren’t as important.

The Heavenly Demon Realm was currently busy dealing with the bug race. The few mother nests that were released by Julie have turned the world upside-down for the sects surrounding the Cloud Demon Sect. These sects already suffered heavy losses.

In the end, these sects had their Immortal Experts take action. Only then did they wipe out the mother nests. However, with how damage these sects suffered, they would have to recover for a long time.

But at the same time, the corpses of the bug race brought the attention of the sects. These beasts haven’t been seen before. It’s possible that they were completely unrelated to cultivators. After all, the Heavenly Demon Race was very big. Seeing one or two new beasts wasn’t strange.

However, for the Immortal Experts who have lived for a very long time, they had seen all kinds of things that the Heavenly Demon Realm could offer. Seeing the bug race caused them to have suspicions.

The Heavenly Demons analyzed the corpses of the bug race. In the end, they found that the bug race corpses were very useful. Although they were inedible, their bodies could be used to refine artifacts. This was a pleasant surprise for the Heavenly Demons.

The sects who lost a lot because of these bugs were able to get some compensation for their losses. 

However, the sects were still not happy. This was because they were unable to find Zhao Hai. They haven’t heard of him for a long time. It was as if he vanished from the Heavenly Demon Realm.

In fact, Zhao Hai was indeed not in the Heavenly Demon Realm. However, nobody knows this. The sects still believed that Zhao Hai had hidden himself somewhere. Therefore, the entire Heavenly Demon Realm were all looking out for Zhao Hai. This eased the pressure on the other cultivators of the Great World of Cultivation.

Of the initial 900 cultivators, only 100 of them remained. The rest had been killed by the Heavenly Demons.

The cultivators also discovered something wrong. No matter where they hid, the Heavenly Demons would always find them. They were almost chased down and killed. And whenever they move, they would always be careful of falling into the enemy’s trap. It almost drove the cultivators mad.

Although these cultivators were very strong and had experienced multiple battles, they haven’t experienced what they currently faced in the Heavenly Demon Realm. Their nerves were too taut and were close to collapsing. But if they relaxed slightly, they would be found and killed. This caused them to be exhausted all the time.

They had been like this for months. If they can’t relax, then they would turn crazy sooner or later. Even if they don’t become mad, they would turn into madmen who only knew how to fight.

But now that the sects were focused on hunting Zhao Hai, the pursuit of the other cultivators has decreased. The cultivators were given a rare chance to relax and take a rest.

In the following months, the sects continued to search for Zhao Hai but to no avail. Most of the sects already gave up. They were convinced that the person named Zhao Hai wouldn’t appear once again.

In these months, Zhao Hai researched his combat methods to the point of neglecting meals and sleep. Therefore, he has no mood to pay attention to the activities of the Heavenly Demon Realm.

Naturally, Zhao Hai’s harvests during this time were very good. Now, he has consolidated his techniques. With the help of the universal scanner, Zhao Hai was able to make five sets of techniques that were suitable for him. The first set was called the Hundred Beast Fist. Since Zhao Hai has a lot of beast dao avatars, his understanding of beasts was very good. And with the martial arts he remembered from Earth, he was able to create the technique. The Hundred Beast Fist was a set of fist techniques. If he wants to be ferocious, he could be ferocious. If he wanted to be stealthy, then then would be stealthy. It was an unforgiving technique.

The second set of cultivation techniques was called the Guanyin Palm. It was a set of palm techniques that wasn’t any less lethal compared to the Hundred Beast Fists. This was a set of palm techniques that was based on the Buddhist Techniques. But because of Buddhism’s merciful nature, the technique was more powerful when defending. However, this doesn’t mean that its offense was weak. It could kill if required.

The third set of cultivation techniques was called the Heavenly Demon Claw. It was a claw technique that aligned with the nature of Heavenly Demons. It was based on the techniques Zhao Hai saw on movies back on earth like the eagle claw. The technique was very vicious and was also very lethal.

The fourth set of techniques was called the Heavenly Demon Seven Killing Blades. Just by the name, one would know that it was a set of blade moves. Once a blade was drawn, it would need to draw blood. This shows the strong killing intent coming from the technique. Zhao Hai decided to use this technique conservatively in the future.

The fifth set of techniques was a set of movement techniques. It was called the Cosmic Stars Technique. It was based on the unusual movements of the Cosmos Technique combined with formations. When using the Cosmic Stars Technique, Zhao Hai would continuously absorb the energy of the stars in the formation. Then this energy would be integrated into his body. This movement technique was suitable for long-distance travel and ranged combat.

These five techniques were enough for Zhao Hai for now. Although these techniques were heavily focused on close-combat, it didn’t matter to Zhao Hai. Most of Zhao Hai’s enemies in his current level would fight in close-combat. This was because long-range attacks were no longer useful to these strong experts. Of the long-range attacks of Zhao Hai, only Firegod City was useful.

Especially now where battles include the use of dao avatars. Most dao avatars were close-combat fighters. Because of this, the set of techniques that Zhao Hai created were focused on close-combat.

Besides these techniques, Zhao Hai also handled another matter, and that was his dao avatar. Zhao Hai’s original dao avatar was his thousand-arm guanyin. Then it was combined with his demon avatar. Now, Zhao Hai’s dao avatar looked contrasting in nature. 

Zhao Hai didn’t like the state of his dao avatar. This was because the dao avatar revealed a lot of things about him. Take the thousand-arm guanyin for example, it was a blatant reveal that he was using Buddhist Techniques. There’s no need to mention his demon avatars, it was clearly the dao avatar of Heavenly Demons.

Revealing his current dao avatar was troublesome. After all, Zhao Hai has always shown that he has a beast avatar. If he suddenly revealed that he has a strange dao avatar, then people would be suspicious.

Zhao Hai doesn’t want to undergo such trouble. Therefore, he wanted a dao avatar that wasn’t too conspicuous. In the end, Zhao Hai decided to use his own image to create a dao avatar.

Having a dao avatar of your own image wasn’t uncommon in the Great World of Cultivation. Cultivators who have beast avatars when they were weak would change their dao avatars once they become stronger. Plenty of them would use their own image as a dao avatar. Therefore, it wouldn’t be strange for Zhao Hai if his dao avatar were to change.

However, Zhao Hai wouldn’t completely use his own image. He decided to copy the avatar inside his body but without the dao lotus. 

After multiple experiments, Zhao Hai was able to finally succeed. Now his dao avatar resembled the avatar in his taizhong acupoint. His dao avatar was a person wearing cultivator robes who was forming a seal with his hands. There was also a long black blade behind him.

When Zhao Hai’s new dao avatar was condensed, there’s only one month left before the one year period ends. Despite this, Zhao Hai wasn’t intending to go out. He needed to familiarize with his new dao avatar as soon as possible.


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